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Play video poker online: tips on casinos, rules, strategy & tactics

Playing video poker online has become increasingly popular in recent years and captivates a number of casino fans. The classic video poker was created by the Five Card Draw poker variant. We take a close look at video poker, give you many important tips and tricks and show you the best online casinos for exciting poker machines.

Worth knowing about video poker online
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  • With us you will find the best Online Casinos For video poker
  • DIE Card combinations for video poker compact and at a glance
  • Video poker is in many different variants Available and ensures a lot of fun, excitement and variety
  • Here you get many valuable Tips and Tricks For video poker
  • Through video poker with Strategy Can you significantly reduce the house advantage of the online casino

Play the best casinos for video poker online

Playing video poker with real money provides a lot of fun and excitement. To actively participate, you have to register in a casino beforehand. Here you will find a large selection of safe and Serious online casinoswhich provide you with many varied poker machines.

Play the best casinos for video poker online

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If you ask yourself how to work video poker, we can already calm you down at this point. Video poker is subject to very simple rules And can therefore also be played very easily by beginners. The rules are easy to understand and contain some foundations that may already be from the classic Online Poker knows.

Before you start a round machine poker, you have to first choose your use. The placement of the use in Online casinos with real money usually takes place through jetons or through coins. Since there is no real live dealer on a poker machine, you will Then assigned five different cards through a random generator. Now you have the choice which cards you want to keep or would rather swap. If you have made your entries, the selected cards are automatically replaced for an exchange. The evaluation of your hand then also finds fully automatic instead of. Depending on your card combination, you will receive the possible Casino profit paid directly.

Video Poker Online is therefore not only child's play, but also particularly comfortable, since all steps from you can be easily carried out via the keyboard and All calculations and withdrawals within a few moments can be carried out by the poker machine.

To be able to play successfully online, you have to Of course, master the various card combinations in sleep. This is particularly important so that you can always make the right decisions during the game. At this point you can find the card combinations in a video Poker Casino and you can study them in advance.

  • Couples: Couples are the simplest and simplest card combination in the video poker. Two couples are always made from four cards. Logically, two cards must be identical.
  • Drilling: A drilling is the next higher combination with the video poker and is formed from three identical cards.
  • Street: A street arises if you have five cards in a rising order on your hand.
  • Flush: With a flush you have to have five cards on hand, all of which can show the same color.
  • Full House: You can benefit from a Full House if you have both a drilling and a couple in your hand.
  • Quadruple: A fourling is created as soon as you have four cards with the same value. The color of these cards, on the other hand, does not matter.
  • Straight Flush: The Straight Flush is the second most valuable card combination and consists of a normal flush and a street.
  • Royal Flush: The Royal Flush is the dream of a video poker player and the best video poker card combination. The Royal Flush is created just like the Straight Flush - but must compose the highest cards in a deck.

In a video Poker Casino you have the opportunity to use many exciting variants. There is now Numerous versionswhich can also differ in the rules of the game. Which variant is really the best is of course also related to your personal preferences. Nevertheless, we want the most widespread versions in Online Casinos Introduce more precisely.

  • The variant Jacks or Better is by far the best known version and will be in numerous Good online casinos made available in excellent quality. Jacks or Better is also known under the name Draw Poker. If you want to play Jacks or Better Video Poker online, you just have to Boys or a better card combination in your hand have to generate a profit. Jacks or Better therefore convinces with very simple regulations, which means that we can definitely highly recommend this variant for beginners.
  • DECES WILD is another known variant, which you will often find in a video poker casino. This version includes a special feature, through which you can also benefit as a player. The poker deck and the rules are like the classic video poker. However, the difference is that additional 2 cards are integrated into this game, which take a wild function and thus Replace other cards be able. This means that there is the possibility to get many exciting and profitable card combinations.
  • The joker poker variant is also particularly popular among players and is often offered in a video poker casino. As the name suggests, it is In addition, the joker's card was integrated into the respective deck. The deck consists of a total of 53 cards. The joker has the ability to replace all cards of each rank. This ability also applies to all colors, which can result in attractive card combinations very quickly.

A video poker strategy is particularly useful so that you Set precisely to the respective game situations can. Depending on which cards you receive, different The online casino strategy are used. One planned and structured procedure In any case, it is important, regardless of whether you are sitting alone on your computer or want to play video poker with friends. For this reason, we now want to go into more detail about different game situations so that you can already get important indications of your strategic approach.

For example, if you get five weak cards allocated, you should in any case replace your entire deck. However, if there is also a high value card in between, it is advisable to keep this card on your hand. In general, you can already remember that it is fundamentally recommended To keep cards with a high value, even if they have a different color. Of course, this also applies to all image cards such as the Bube, Dame and King.

If you get a flush with four cards, a scooter with three cards or even two boys or better, you should definitely Only replace the remaining cards on your hand. Also only exchanges the remaining cards if you are already one Received drilling or fourling have.

In addition, there are also some Card combinations in which you no longer have to replace cards. Through these cards you have in Online casino best chances of winning and should no longer change this combination. We advise you for a street, a flush, Full House, Straight Flush and the legendary Royal Flush.

In addition to the various video poker strategies, there are also Some important tips and tricks, Which you should in any case master if you want to play video poker online. Of course, we do not want to withhold these valuable information from you and thus provide you with many other important rules of conduct.

  • 1
    Choose the maximum mint use: In any case, we recommend that you always play with the maximum coin value video poker to get the full value of the Royal Flush. Otherwise you will receive less coins for the same hand, which can definitely be avoided.
  • 2
    Pay attention to the payment tables: Before a game with real money, always take a look at the payout table and absolutely compares the values for the double double bonus games. There can be strong differences here. Without an exam you always play in the worse variant. Always get the maximum out of this feature.
  • 3
    Familiarize with the rules: Every video poker version has its special features and other rules. Therefore, it is particularly important if you familiarize yourself with the details in advance.
  • 4
    First test in peace: Before your video plays poker with real money, you should first practice intensively. Many New online casinos Also offer you video poker in a free demo mode.
  • 5
    Start with smaller inserts: If you want to start playing with the video Poker online, you should first use smaller amounts and always adapt them to the total size of your bank.

If you register in a video Poker Casino, you often have the opportunity From an exciting online Casino Bonus to benefit. Of course, primarily the deposit bonus for new customers is to be mentioned, which you can activate immediately after your registration through a qualifying transaction on your account. This additional capital is immediately available to you and can be used by you for different New casino games be used.

If you do the Play the bonus in connection with video poker online want to use, but you should always have before Take a look at the sales conditions of the respective online casino. In most cases, the missions for video poker are not taken into full amount to fulfill the bonus conditions. Sometimes a new casino bonus cannot even be used for this game at all. For this reason, you should familiarize yourself with the bonus regulations beforehand in order not to experience unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Tipp: Here video Poker bonus without deposit collect!

In many cases, Video Poker Online is not only available for you through the desktop version on the computer. With numerous online casino offering video poker, it is possible for you to play this game via a smartphone or tablet. Several Variants such as Jacks or Better are also in the Online Casino App ready. You can choose either a download app or for the mobile app. The mobile app offers you the advantage that you do not have to download and this application is compatible with all operating systems. In this way it is certain that you are too To be enthusiastic about exciting poker machines depending on the location can.

Video poker cannot look back on a long history compared to the classic poker. Of the The origin of this game lies in the 1970s in the USA. Since the first computers were only launched on the market at that time, Video Poker was not very important at the time.

However, this should change drastically a good decade later. In general, Poker was able to gain some importance and more and more players did not want to do without the rapid action at a poker table. However, many players had inhibitions to go to a local casino because at that time there was the risk of being called game addicted by the general public. This also made video poker more popular because casino fans could easily pursue their passion in their own four walls.

This positive trend in the video poker was also able to continue when the age of online casinos broke. The game gained more and more popularity And was also integrated into the portfolio of many online casino providers. In the following years were More and more variants for video poker developed And so the diversity of the machines is an integral part of the online casinos these days.

If you want to play video poker with real money, you certainly have the question of the house advantage and the Online casino payout rate placed. Of course we want to go into this more closely. Many casino players are the assumption that the house advantage of the casino in the video poker can be reduced to up to 0 %. However, this is not possible, since the online casinos naturally also want to earn their money through their games. However, we could already see that The house advantage can be reduced to a very low percentage of 5% to 0.5% And this increases your chances of winning significantly. Since Video Poker is more of a skill game than a pure one Online gambling If you have a skillful procedure, you have significantly better chances of achieving attractive yields in an online casino.

With the video poker you have the opportunity to drastically reduce the online casino's house advantage through skillful and intelligent playing. The probability of winning compared to the payment amount Play clearly into the cards and, like hardly any other game, is as positive as the video poker.

But also From a psychological point of view, of course, there is a big difference Between video and classic poker at a table. With the video poker you have significantly more time to think and have been on your own because you are do not analyze the game behavior of the other participants must. Many casino players therefore prefer video poker because they can concentrate in peace on their own approach.

Finally, we also want to enter into many questions from the casino players regarding video poker. At this point you will receive further important information and important tips on video poker in an online casino.


Through our detailed Online casino comparison we were able to get a very good impression of video poker. In our opinion, video poker is particularly varied because numerous versions are offered. We can play this casino game also recommend for beginners because the basic principle is very simple And the special regulations can also be learned very quickly. You also have the opportunity to get inspiration through video poker on the go and even activate a special bonus in many online casinos. We can therefore recommend participation in the video poker with a really clear conscience.

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