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Simple casino games - games with a low house advantage in the online casino

How do you recognize a simple casino game? And what can you actually imagine? These questions are often difficult to answer. We want to help you with the search! Now read which games in the online casino according to our experience simplest casino games are and which casinos with one Low house advantage decorate.

the essentials in brief
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Let's start directly with that House advantage, the most important term when it comes to the topic Online casino with a high chance of winning goes. Before we give you all the details about simple casino games, we want to explain the house edge to you in more detail.

The house advantage is basically meant that Online casino payout ratethat goes to the online casino from a potential use of 100 $. If, for example, the information is given to you that the house advantage is given at a casino game with 2.4%, you will theoretically receive a profit of EUR 97.60 with a constant use of 100 $. The remaining 2.40 $ are obtained from the online casino in accordance with the house advantage of 2.4 %.

Of course this is only one percentage guideline, who can vary from the game round to the game round and from customer to customer. What the house advantage does not indicate, however, is the possible profit amount in a casino game. The house advantage is only one Indicator of the statistical probability a profit from a game from the Casino games list of the provider.

Accordingly, the house advantage is the decisive factor for whether a casino game is to be assessed as simple or difficult.

The obvious problem with this:

Not all casino games indicate which house advantage awaits you in the respective game. For this reason, we have now prepared some examples for you. They show you the Best casino games with a low house advantage, which thus Simple casino games can be categorized.


First of all, it applies, of course Online Blackjack As a simple casino game to call. Blackjack is known among experienced players in the casino for the fact that you can use solid money management and disciplined skills at the table House advantage between 0.5 and 2% can hold. Of course, we are not talking about the options for counting card, because this is simply not possible in the online casino. But certain Blackjack rules will tell you in the lobby whether it is worthwhile to set larger money sums.

Note, however, that Blackjack is one of the few casino games that is depends on your knowledge and your security in dealing with the cards. Black Jack is only a simple casino game if you have previously run through longer test phases, either with smaller inserts or in play money mode. Experience has the master here.


Certain variants of Online Roulette be counted. The house advantage of roulette depends on the green number pocket, i.e. the zero,. Here is also the serious difference between the european and American roulette:

While in the european roulette there is only a green number pocket on the tableau, you will be at the American variant Discover a green zero and a green double zero. This one number pocket is already sufficient to make a comparably simple casino game a much greater challenge. Accordingly, the house advantage increases at American roulette to 5.4% on, while the european (as well as the American) variant with a house advantage of 2,7% operated.

So you are simply looking for the SIMPEST VERSION THIS Roulettes, then definitely no way on the european version over. If you couple the house advantage of 2.7% with a solid basic knowledge and also an existing overview of possible operational strategies, you can Roulette as a simple casino game regard. Not least because of this, roulette is completely removed from the sales and bonus conditions of the online casinos in most cases.


Many players wrongly assume that Real money slot machines Simple casino games are. But if you take a look behind the sometimes colorful facade of the respective slot machine games, you will only find out on the mathematical probabilities that Slots by no means one of the simple casino games can be counted.

Often a simple look at the RTP-Wert to be able to assess the attractiveness of a slot. The RTP value shows how much the player is released mathematically with a use of 100 $. Basically, this should be over 97 % lie, but this is not the only criterion (more about Best RTP slots You can find out here).

Slots also face several paylines and a low Variance or volatility the low variance indicates that you can expect profits more often, even if these in contrast to Slots with high volatility not so lucrative. Among other things, these slots can make much more sense for that Implementing the Casino Bonus be used.

We should show positively that the Attractiveness or simplicity of the slots is clearly communicated will play than with many other casino. The information from the variance or the RTP values directly in the online casino would be desirable. In most cases, however, you can find out these numbers within a few clicks on the website of the possible providers-or in the detailed information about the game.

As you can certainly imagine, counts Online Poker Play mathematically to the simplest casino. The reason for this? You only compete against other players at the poker table and have the classic poker No house advantage of the online casino to note. Nearly All online casinos Will you one fixed fee Calculate per pot or per tournament. However, these are comparably low when you look closely.

Nevertheless, we recommend a direct Online casino comparison, after all, you want to play at an online casino with a low house edge and comparably low fees to make most of your money. As the reason for the sometimes fluctuating fees, some give New online casinos different costs for maintaining the technical infrastructure.


Significantly better chances of winning and lower house advantages await you at the Video Poker. Here too it is important to ensure which Art des Video Pokers you play. Some versions, such as Jacks or Better, can enable you to have a crystal -clear numerical advantage that lets the house advantage shrink to well below 0.75 %. Here one also speaks of one Full Pay Video Poker, which refers to the payment tables.

With 9: 6, the interpretation ratio for boys or higher is given, which one House advantage of only 0.46 % is equivalent to. If you compare this, among other things, with a payout ratio of 9: 5 for boys or higher, the house advantage rapidly increases to 1.55%. We therefore recommend checking before the start whether the Video Poker Slot is a so -called Full Pay Video Poker version. With a house advantage of only 0.46 %, video poker could be clearly described as a simple casino game.

Finally are still Why online and more Online lotteries to call. Let's briefly do it: In no way should you see Keno or lotteries as simple casino games. Of the House advantage With Keno and Lotteries is dramatically higher than with any other game Online casino real money. This can be roughly with 27,5% to calculate.

There are simply no safe profits, since significantly more probabilities are thrown into the already big pot of probabilities.

If you want to approach an online casino instead of simple winning and strive for the highest possible profits, then these games, like Keno, are definitely worth a short variety during the normal game session.

Now that we have examined the respective casino games with a low house edge, we naturally also want this with the respective Online Casinos make. Which casinos can score with a particularly low house advantage and an amazingly good payout rate? To answer these and other questions, we have for you here Listed two online casino with a very attractive house advantage have been able to advertise in recent years and therefore too The best online casinos counting.

First we put you Karamba before. Karamba is as Serious online casino on the market since 2009 and is now one of those companies that are in our Online Casino Test Cutting down steadily. In addition to a large range of games from Play more than 900 casino, which is basically tailored to slots, your chances of winning at Karamba are relatively high.

As a new customer you can also have one at Karamba Karamba Bonus in the amount of 200 $ and another 100 free spins achieve. While a 100 percent bonus and 20 free spins are available for a slot of your choice for the first deposit, an offer of 20 free spins will be made for your second and third deposit. Here it goes to our Karramba experiences.

Before we come to your most important questions and our final conclusion, we want to briefly with two again Myths in the online casino to clean up.

1. Myth: Can progressive operational strategies promise long -term profits?

  • No way! No progressive operational strategy can promise you long -term profits, since this is only tailored to an RTP value or the corresponding house edge. No matter what promises you get or how flawless the reports of self -proclaimed experts in the scene may also look like, there is no profit security in the online gambling.

2. Myth: Can Money Management and Tips have a direct impact on the house advantage?

  • no Even with perfect Money Management and perfect moves, you cannot have a direct influence on the house advantage. The house advantage of every online casino is the margin with which every provider denies his profit. This is set and can never be influenced. It is therefore important that - if you should be on the greatest possible profit for yourself - you pay your attention to casinos with a low house advantage and comparatively high payout rates.
Simple casino games are usually with a low House advantagemistake.thismeansthatyourchancesofwinningarehigher,whilethechancesofwinningtheonlinecasinoarelower.inthelongrun,youwillstatisticallymakeprofits.
A simple casino game is defined by a house advantage of less than one percent. Two casino games are primarily to be mentioned, namely BlackJackandvideopndefinedjacksorbetter.youwillalsorecognizethisfromthefactthatbothgamesareoftencategoricallyexcludedfromtherespectivebonusandsalesconditions.
Online casinos try your absolutely best to cover up the respective house edge for the respective casino game. According to our experience, the top addresses of the scene are most transparent and give next to the RTP values for the slotsalsoyourownpayoutratesfromlastyear.

We hope that our article about simple casino games could give you some useful tips and tricks. Even if it undoubtedly easier Online casino games are, If you do not indulge in the illusion and assume that they can promise you a profit. No online casino in the world has to give away money. Our editorial team also agrees: does as much research as possible to a casino game to distinguish simple casino games from less lucrative.

Are you not sure whether the respective casino game is interested and your level of knowledge is sufficient for longer game sessions? Then it makes sense to have some rounds in Test mode without real money to play. Also check whether the respective house edge can enable solid profit options.

The prime example of the european and American roulette has repeatedly emerged during long discussions in our editorial team. Why should you use American roulette, for example, if the house edge is significantly higher here and your chances of winning are smaller? Remember - even if the game sessions in the online casino are more fun: By omitting some casino games, money and time can also be saved. And in the end, we have two things in the end: more fun and more profits!

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