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Play at an online casino abroad: Is VPN the solution?

Germany is not the only country with gaming laws. If you are in one Online casino abroad If you want to be active, you also have to expect restrictions-both from the state side and through the casino agb. Below we'll tell you which rules abroad apply, how you can use a VPN for online casino and whether this is permitted at all.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Our online casino Provider table With liberal attitude to VPNs.
  • Chapter 1: That's how it works Gamble from abroad out.
  • Chapter 2: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) Displays the online casino a wrong location.
  • Chapter 3: DIE Legal location to casinos in Germany in a nutshell.
  • Chapter 4: How to avoid online casinos Territorial restrictions?
  • Chapter 5: Possible Consequences When using VPN.

The best VPN casinos for stays abroad

Bizzo CasinoNewcomer Bizzo Casino experience report
  • VPN use explicitly permitted
  • Top game offer
  • Many attractive bonuses
Casinia Casinia experience report
  • Play via VPN allowed
  • 1a selection of games
  • Bonus: 100% to 500 $ + 200 FS
Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • No problems with VPNs
  • Over 6,000 games on offer
  • 100% bonus up to $ 500 + 200 FS
Cloudbet CasinoBitcoin Casino Cloudbet Casino experience report
  • Provider tolerates VPN use
  • Up to 5 BTC welcome bonus
  • Do not use transaction limits
7Signs CasinoNewcomer 7Signs casino experience report
  • Gambled via VPN service allowed
  • 7 different new customer offers
  • 24/7-Support
22Bet CasinoBitcoin Casino 22bet casino experience report
  • Use of VPN possible
  • Games from over 75 developers
  • First -class payment portfolio
BitstarzBitcoin Casino Bitstarz experience report
  • Use of VPNS not prohibited
  • Versatile range of games
  • Customer service 24/7 Available
8 CasinoBitcoin Casino casino experience report
  • VPNs are tolerated
  • 100% bis 1 BTC Bonus
  • Krypto Casino
Volcano vegas Vulkan Vega's experience report
  • VPNS not explicitly prohibited
  • Wide range of games
  • Attractive loyalty program
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Online casino abroad: What happens when I am on vacation?

Gaming in a personal favorite casino works wonderfully at home or on the smartphone. If you go to the Baltic Sea or the Allgäu, you also don't need this article. Because as long as she stays in Germany does not change legally, nothing.

It can be problematic if you leave Germany!

The legal situation around gambling is already one in this country complicated matter. But what happens if you are on vacation and there are completely different laws again? At least in terms of feeling, it cannot be that you can play on machines in Stuttgart or Nuremberg and suddenly not in Dubai.

If you are on vacation or when traveling and want to play in a certain online casino, you should first check whether players from your country of residence are approved.

Regardless of whether you are logging into an existing account or creating a player account in a new online casino: If you access the casino website from abroad, the casino and players deal with the respective for the first time Register country.

Gaming in other EU countries is possible without any problems

If you spend your vacation in an EU country, for example to USA, Greece or Spain, you can play in the online casino of your choice without hesitation.

  • Because of freedom of services applicable to the EU The online casinos can offer gambling in all countries of the european Union if they have an EU license.

But it does not have to be around A German lucky license act. This is also possible with a license from Malta or Gibraltar and even with a happiness of happiness from Curaçao.

In non-EU countries, other provisions often apply

The situation is different if you travel to a country outside the EU.

  • In many countries they fall Gambling rules significantly strict out. This applies in particular to Muslim countries such as Qatar and Kuwait, but for example to China and numerous other Asian countries.

If you stay in a corresponding country, you have to expect that you cannot access the websites of the online casinos.

Play abroad using VPN in online casinos

Topics like VPN and Proxy-Server may sound very technically. However, you should consider what advantages are connected: Using VPN you can pretend as if you were in Germany.

Technically, this is not a problem and you do not need any special knowledge in the field. Once installed, you simply play virtually With a German IP addressE and suddenly the contents of the casino will be displayed again.

Only whether that Online casino with real money This tolerates and paid out the profits can be answered anything but general - but more on that later.

Note from the editor:

Using a VPN for online gambling can also be worthwhile for players who are in Germany. After all, many online casinos of German gamblers only provide slots due to gambling legislation. If you play out with a fake IP from another country-such as Scandinavia-suddenly jackpot slots, table games and the live casino are available again.

What does a VPN do?

Don't worry, we are not too detailed, there are other advisors. We're interested in All online casinos And if you want to "trick" a little there, then we are with a "Virtual Private Network“Arrived, short VPN.

But first the basics:
If your browser connects to your casino, IP addresses will be replaced. Whether Germany, Austria or USA: Your whereabouts are firmly anchored in your IP. If you stay in the Federal Republic, you will always throw your inquiries into a German mailbox and the casino will then provide you with the content intended for Germany.

If you want to change this content, be it for activation in this country blocked games or just to see the German page version again, you activate a VPN in your browser.

This is ultimately a Middleman (Server):

  1. You still throw your inquiries into a German mailbox, but then only sends them to a mailbox abroad.
  2. From there the letter then reaches the casino, but this time with the postal stamp of the other country.
  3. This means no different than being veiled for your IP address to overcome territorial restrictions.

A VPN is easily installed

Unlike in the pioneering times of the Internet The use of a VPN is now very easy become. There are free ways, but we recommend the plenty of commercial software not least because of the increased security and reliability.

For example, the opera browser has a VPN option from house, which, however, offers quite limited options. NordVPN If we are the best VPN service, since everything is right with this provider.


However, there are numerous other recommended VPN service providers, for example:

  • Expressvpn
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • Surfshark

If you have installed one of the VPN programs, you will be shown in detail how to best activate the service. After you have set up the virtual private network, you can surf as normal and that VPN on or off as required.

We looked around a little in the forums and can recommend you as a virtual country Finland or Norway. This seems for many Serious online casinos To work, sometimes you have to log in from Germany and then update the page with Finnish IP.

Play on an online casino abroad via VPN: This is how it works

Using a VPN for online casino is quite straightforward in and of itself. The following overview shows how you are doing this in detail:

  • 1
    Step 1: Complete the subscription to a VPN service
  • 2
    Step 2: Install VPN application
  • 3
    Step 3: Activate VPN
  • 4
    Step 4: Play in the casino

Can VPN services be used legally? - that is what the laws say

From a technical point of view, it is not a problem at all to do it as if you are sitting in front of the screen in another country. But can you at all?

  • In Germany, the pure use of VPNs is of course legal.

In many areas it would no longer be possible without. But logically, what is prohibited remains prohibited in the Federal Republic. So you shouldn't use a VPN here either To break laws. In the following we do not talk about money laundering or other illegal activities, it's all about our popular gambling.

Logically, you have to be the same in other countries hold into the legislation there. For example, if you are in Saudi Arabia or in many other Muslim countries, gambling is clearly prohibited there. A German sticker on the forehead does not change anything.

Hence our tip:

  • Always inform yourself- best before you start- about the legal situation in the holiday or travel destination, because ignorance does not protect against punishment.

Despite the new State Treaty, the legal situation remains unclear to a certain extent. According to the StGB, the event of gambling is punishable if there is no official approval. However, one is often of the Maltese authority MGA exhibited, which also has an effect on Germany under european law.

But what we can say:

If it is possible in Germany to play online in a casino and you are then in a country that also allows this (especially within the EU), then you can also play over a German IP in the online casino abroad and everything stays as usual.

a notice: In the guide "Online Casino legal“You will receive more information on the State Treaty of Gaming.

Do the online casinos allow VPN programs to be used?

Gambling is still a gray area, which also applies to the use of VPN services. The casinos must meet certain editions And also adhere to license law requirements, i.e. operate geoblocking accordingly. The online casinos themselves determine whether they allow VPN services-unfortunately often not too transparent for you.

  • Even if we cannot give you a general formula, it is clear that you will never have several accounts or have one several times via VPN online Casino Bonus may tap.

The bonus conditions are more the reason for a restrictions by proxy servers, less playing itself. Because even if it is actually not officially allowed: Playing with VPN brings an advantage for all parties - i.e. you, the casino and the developer. Of course, something else has to be in the terms and conditions, but who will check that at the end?

Which route The best online casinos We found out in this regard by dealing with many customer services:

  • We received a clear announcement, especially when the VPN use was clearly prohibited.
  • Often there are no clues in the terms and conditions and the employees do not know whether you can play in the online casino via VPN.
  • In rare cases, the information implicitly invites you to use.

Since it often remains uncertain whether you can disguise your IP, we advise you against VPN Casino in case of doubt.

Online casino abroad: With these providers you can use a VPN

Three excellent VPN casinos for gaming abroad

Unfortunately, in our experience there are not too many VPN-friendly casinos. For most gambling providers, support explained to us that you shouldn't use VPNs. Nevertheless, we were able to find some VPN casinos. We will tell you which three providers have particularly convinced us below.

Bizzo Casino: up to $ 400 bonus & 150 free spins for new players

In the online casino test, the Bizzo Casino achieved a first-class result, which is why the provider founded only in 2021 is one of the top newcomers.

In most online casinos, the terms and conditions do not explicitly deal with VPN services-not so at the Bizzo Casino. The online casino is dedicated to VPNS in point 6 of its general terms and conditions:


In addition, a great new customer package with a 100% bonus up to 100 $ and 100 free spins (1st deposit) as well as a 50% bonus up to 300 $ and 50 free spins (2nd deposit).

Based on our personal Bizzo casino experiences There are numerous other reasons that speak for accounting. Above all, this includes:

  • Versatile casino offer: Slot machines, jackpot slots, table games and live casino
  • Rewards for all players: Recurring bonus campaigns, VIP club and slot tournaments
  • Support always accessible: Customer service occupied around the clock
  • Successful payment portfolio: Numerous common transaction agents and some cryptocurrencies

Casinia casino: 100% bonus twice 500 $ 200 free spins

Another gambling provider in which VPN use is tolerated is that Casino Casino. With this online casino you will receive a 100% bonus of up to 500 $ and 200 free spins on your first deposit. The minimum deposit required for this is only 20 $.

But we are sure that yours Casinia casino experiences will also be positive. For example, speak for the online casino:

  • First class selection of games: Slots, jackpot and table games as well as live tables
  • Numerous promotions: Bonuses available on a weekly basis + VIP club
  • 24/7-Support: Customer service occupied around the clock

Rabona Casino: First deposit is doubled up to $ 500 + 200 free spins

im Rabona Casino Can you also play via VPN Slot Games and Co. Although the gambling provider was only founded in 2019 and is actually more likely to be classified as a betting provider, Rabona has already made a name for himself among casino fans.

Positive Rabona Casino experiences Not only contributes to the exceptionally extensive range of games, which includes more than 6,000 games of over 75 developer studios. Rabona also performed very well in other rating categories:

  • Modern website: Contemporary design and user -friendly design
  • Attractive bonus offers: 100% to 500 $ and 200 free spins for new customers + promotions for existing customers
  • Excellent support: 24/7 accessible and fast response times
  • Many payment methods: Among other things, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies

Use of a VPNS: What punishment does you threaten?

In the meantime, it should be clear that there is no real legal certainty and that the operators unfortunately do not always clarify you. But what actually comes to you if you use a VPN unauthorized? We clarify you:

  • From the state side you don't have to fear punishment. As long as she stays in the legal frame, nobody will get with you apart from the casino.
  • Casinos can also be very strict. At least you have to expect your bonus gains. On the other hand, if the casino sees your actions generally as illegal, it even freezes your complete account and thus also your money and your profits.

That's why we advise you against VPNs

If you use a VPN, you almost always take the risk that your money will be drafted if the casino is aware of About your misconduct obtained. So you prefer to avoid the proxy if you want to play in the online casino - whether abroad or from Germany.

The problem can happen much later. If the gaming runs wonderfully, it will eventually come to Online casino payout. It can also work well, but sooner or later you have to verify yourself and also demonstrate your home country in this context. Then it depends on the goodwill whether you are rewarded with your play "in Finland".

FAQ - online casino abroad

With a "Virtual Private Network“youcandisguiseyourcountryoforiginandplayvirtuallyfromanothercountryintheonlinecasino.
It is best to buy the very good software NordVPN or ExpressVPN that you Installationmakeveryeasy.lateryouonlysetinthebrowserwhichcountryyouwanttoidentifyfrom.
With a VPN this is in principle possible and as long as you can legally pursue gambling in this country and the casino itself no restrictionprovidesthatnothingstandsintheway.betterclarifiesthisbeforehandwiththesupport.
A bypass of geoblocking via VPN is technically possible, but you move in a very horror Gray area.weadviseagainstthis,becauseevenifthegamingworks,wecanoccurinthecourseofverificationtofreezeyourprofitsandcorrespondingdisputes.
The use of a VPN is 100 % legal in Germany. Of course, you shouldn't do anything that would otherwise be prohibited in Germany. That Casino decides itselfwhetherandtowhatextentitallowsvpnuse.

Conclusion: Definitely do without VPN services abroad

Playing in Germany in online casino or playing table games in Germany - with a VPN this is technically feasible and sometimes even allowed under restrictions. In the end, it can be called: Play yes, but just don't win too much.

Since the casino agb usually does not respond to VPN services, you move in a gray area. With the reputable representatives, it can also happen that you played hard, but it only comes with the payment for data comparison and then all profits are gone again. Because of these reasons, we advise you against using a VPN.