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Win in the casino | Can you really win money in the casino?

There are as many stories of large jackpots in the casino as well as doubters that it is actually possible to leave online casinos as a winner. There is no question that you can win in the casino. The way to the big casino profit can also be very exhausting. In this article you will find out how you increase your probabilities of winning for a profit.

the essentials in brief
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Win in the casino - these are the best games

Can you win safely in the online casino?

It is certainly a nice one Dream, with one Lottery To become a millionaire And then to live a carefree life. Some people also try to realize this dream of winning in the online casino - and you need a Safe online casino.

Professional player is the magic word.

But if this were so simple, every casino ginger would surely live in the saus and brewing and the casinos and casinos would be bankrupt. But what does that mean for the players?

Online vs. Offline: There are always higher RTPs online!

The mathematical advantage of a game provider cannot be expected, no matter how you turn or turn the equation.

The player always remains a disadvantage.

The online casinos live from their house advantage. With a certain cleverness, specialist knowledge of the individual games and of course the corresponding luck, players can win in the online casino.

Those: | © been cool

It is important to note that offline machines always have a much lower payout rate than online slots. Therefore, playing in an online casino offers compared to playing in one Play library Always a decisive advantage when it comes to winning high in the casino.

New slots with progressive setting strategies in the car game

Incidentally, you can now find this type of credit management just presented with some Play new casino. So they offer one progressive Setzstrategie in the car game.

In doing so, you set a percentage or another requirement on the basis of which the use should be changed automatically. The machine then calculates how the use changes - depending on whether you have won or lost - and adapts the use for you in every round.

Sounds interesting?

Check out the newer ones Every Studio Slots from, all of these "betting tactics" (Booster, Optimizer, Leveller oder Jumper). We can recommend the Wild Toro Slot or The Lab Slot. Both are fun and offer this set tactics.

You shouldn't confuse this with your personal credit management now. Personal credit management means that you set your missions manually.

The Slots from Elk Studios offer you the possibilities that your missions are automatically adjusted by choosing betting tactics. However, both systems are similar from the basis.

High RTP vs. Low RTP in slots: You have to consider that

The payout rate is abbreviated with RTP in English. Payout rates for machines are usually between 92% and 98%. In this small range of 5-6 percentage points we differentiate between machines high payout rate and machines with Low payout rate.

Automats below the 96.5% offer profits relatively rarely. If profits are spit out, these profits are usually high. The machines beyond the 96.5% usually fall into the video game slots category.

There are a variety of bonus games and extras here. So the player has the feeling that a profit is generated almost every turn of the rollers. That is the same. With the big difference that the profits are very low.

Example 1:
It may be that you have to take full risk in the casino because you have one Casino Bonus Free playing, which is not linked to sales conditions and in which you have to win as high as possible in the casino. Then the game at a machine with low RTPs would make sense.
Example 2:
With a classic deposit bonus that you play over a longer period of time using a bonus turnover, you have to try to play risk -free. The machines with payout rates 96.5% would now make sense.

You don't win them up, but regularly. So your total balance only slowly diminishes despite the ongoing game.

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TOP TIP: Use a 10 $ bonus without a deposit in the casino

For those who want to win without taking a risk, a so -called No Deposit Bonus is ideal. In some online casinos you can do 10 $ Bonus money without deposit benefit. Try it out!

Deposit deposits via your smartphone? Take a look at our guide Casino with Paybox deposit an.

The best providers for casino games with the highest chance of winning

Now that we have provided you with some basic information about winning the topic in the online casino, we are now going into detail.

we Go one step further here than many other comparison portals.

Because with every single game we explain which approach and tactics are worthwhile. And we present you a few players in videos who have already successfully made profits in casinos!

Win in the casino-most likely with these top casinos

  1. CashiMashi Casino
  2. Platinum casino
  3. Caxino Casino
  4. Nomini Casino
  5. Sunmaker Casino
  6. Amunra Casino
  7. Invoice
  8. Viggoslots Casino
  9. Push
  10. Wunderino
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Win with slots in the online casino: video game or purist slot-what is more worth it?

We have just mentioned it briefly in the info box: digital machines or slots differ in two categories. Here would be the so -called Videospielslots.

As a rule, they have one Payout rate of more than 96.5%. Different additional games and bonus functions expand the entire game.

A good example of a so-called video game slot with a variety of bonus games is rocket. In contrast, stand Classic purist slots.


We talk about machines few rollers, few profit symbols and the waiver of bonus games or other extra functions. Players enjoy the ongoing spin of the reels and do not want to be interrupted by small profits.

If a profit falls, it tends to be rather high here.

But be careful: if you look at the whole thing mathematically, we only talk about minimal percentage differences.

What were the highest profits with digital machines so far?

  • 1
    Mega Moolah - 18,915,872.81 $
  • 2
    Mega Fortune – 17.860.000 $
  • 3
    Arabian Nights – 8.600.000 $

How can you now Strategically proceed on machines, to be able to win high in the online casino in the future? There are players who use very personal tactics here. They usually consist of playing on three different machines:

Once a machine with relative High casino payout rate. A certain daily capacity is played on that.
If things go well and the profits are enough, players then buy a so -called bonus game at a second machine.

Automats such as the so -called White Rabbit Offer you the opportunity to automatically switch to the bonus game against paying an increased use. You do not have to make a certain prize symbols now, but pay for it. With luck, this generates Bonus game Then another ordinary profit.

At the third slot, a machine comes into play that Many profit options offers. For example, we recommend the Game of Thrones or Narcos Slot if you are one of the series fans. That is the so -called Back-up-Automat. Depending on which approach you are pursuing, this is used.

The back-up machine could be used, for example, if the daily gains exceed a certain value. Alternatively, this back-up machine can also be used if, for example, at the machine with the numerous bonus games a losing streak Experience and not win much, i.e. to replace the second machine with the bonus game.

Then you end the daily capacity of the machine with the increased number of lines.

There is no fundamental prize strategy with which you win higher. You have to set yourself a system that works for you personally. At the same time, the fun should not be neglected.
In the guide on the topic earn money in online casino For example, we'll tell you which approach Use our slot enthusiasts editors. You can orientate yourself on this or get inspired by her if you develop your own strategy.
We also have a guide that explains how you earn money online with poker can.

Risk games are replaced by new bonus games

At the beginning of the digital machines, they offered the opportunity to switch to a risk game with a profit.

Players had the opportunity here To increase the round profit or to lose completely at the same time. These risk games were usually relatively boring. Either you had to climb a risk manager or predict a card color. Everything is not very contemporary.

If you already know a little with digital automatons and also offline slot machines, you know that, for example, the game manufacturer Mercury had implemented the so -called risk managers with almost every of its machines.


In the newer video game slots that offer many bonus games, the bonus games basically replace the risk game. And at these machines there is no longer the possibility to put every profit again in a risk game.

A notice:
Quality Slots with risk managers We have summarized elsewhere.

Win with Jackpot Slots in the online casino: take with you every day or leave it left?

At this point now an important note to be able to win in the online casino: There is still a third category at digital machines. We are talking about the so -called Jackpot Slots.


We now explain the whole thing relatively simple: Every player who plays on this machine feeds one Total Jackpot. At certain machines, the jackpot can grow on a double -digit million amount.

With every spin you have the opportunity to get this millions. However, we talk about a percentage probability of winning that resembles a six in the lottery.

Nevertheless, that shouldn't prevent you from to play certain daily capacity on these machines. It is basically the same as with the lottery ticket: you have to give it every week if you want to take the chance to become a millionaire.

Jackpot slots: The highest profits in the slots with millions of jackpots

2.50 $ and in return almost 3.4 million $ richer? Don't you think? With the Jackpot Slot Mega Fortune, this was possible at Casumo in March 2018.


A strategic game with these jackpot machines is not possible. You could proceed as follows: If you strategically play on the digital machines and you have a decent in one day Profit have brought in, then you use one small percentage of this amount to play at the jackpot machine.

But even if yours In one day just bad luck Had and your winning strategy did not work, you do not do without that on this day to play at the jackpot machine.

For this you set a minimum number per day. 10 spins with a minimum insert are certainly a meaningful approachto at least rudimentary every day Online casino profit opportunities Taking with you, never having to work again.

And the online casino does not work much faster than the jackpot of such a machine.

The highest jackpot wins on slot machines

The probability of winning to become a millionaire with a shooting of the rollers and never have to work again is not that unlikely.

Almost every six months becomes one of the Large millions of jackpotsofamachinecracked.

A happy player will then be happy about an XXL win. After that, the jackpot is fed again by payments of missions. As a rule, it takes a few days for it to reach a decent million value again.

The highest profit ever paid for such a jackpot machine was 13 million $. The lucky winner from Sweden secured profit with a use of just a few $.

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Roulette: The timeless classic with tactics options

We have already mentioned it briefly: If there is a game where you can win more in the online casino, then the timeless classic roulette.

Whether as Online casino table game Or in the live casino - there is hardly any New online casino, which dispenses with the offer of the game with roulettead and tableau.

Roulette is one of the few games of chance, the players a 50% probability of winning offers, which enables a planned approach.

If you take a closer look at the roulettead, the numbers alternately have the colors black and red. Only the zero has a green color.


If you are in one Roulettevariante Plays, at which the missions are repaid at the meeting, plays a gambling that offers a 50/50 probability. More Roulette online Elsewhere.

And a game with such a probability of winning always offers the opportunity to safely win with a setting strategy. The profits are relatively low because you have to start with low use so as not to push the table limits.

Reading recommendation:
Click here for our guide Table games without limit.

The entire Strategic game can be described as rather boring but offers the opportunity to win safely. To win less high, but to win it safely.

Professional tip:
For example, if you are one of the players who primarily play strategically on the digital machines and operate a tactic presented by us, you could To expand the roulette game with a setting strategy.

And especially on the days when she experiences a losing streak. Let's assume that you lose continuously. In other words, you have already played 15 $ of your daily capacity of 20 $.

She assumes that you will also gamble the remaining five $ and certainly have no desire to watch the machine. Then you could now take the 5 $, and with these Online Roulette spielen.

With the setting strategy you will generate a safe little profit. With a lot of effort, for example, you can re -enact 5 $ and minimize your loss of daily loss.

German, American and American roulette

The "zero" is the decisive advantage of the casino. Since the “zero” is awarded twice in American roulette, the house advantage increases.


The payment rate is then only 94.74 percent. The names of German, American or American also stand for it, in which Language at the respective table gilt.

As you can see at a roulette table, you can find out when you look into the Paytable or game instructions of the table.

Blackjack - a guarantee of high profits to this day

At the classic card Blackjack is the advantage on the side of the casino the slightest. In casing banks, the payout rates are over 98 percent. Strategically clever players take advantage of this low minus and successfully put the bank under pressure during the game.

However, the house edge cannot be completely discussed with the blackjack. Around the BlackJack There are also tactics to be able to win in the online casino as high as possible.

You have to deal with topics such as the so -called Blackjack tables deal with.

These are strategic guidelines in which card hand and at the same time with which dealer you have to proceed how.

If you strictly stick to this system, it offers you a way to actually win high in the casino with blackjack. Corresponding high missions provided.

Live games on the advance-new releases such as Dreamcatcher, Deal or No Deal, Monopoly, Crazy Time & Football Studio

Currently, new publications of Evolution Gaming and Co. The hearts of German players. These include the wheel of fortune Dreamcatcher, Deal or No Deal, monopoly Live, Crazy Time Or the football studio. The games all have one thing in common: they are looked after by a live dealer.


As a rule, take these games in the Best live casinos many gamblers at the same time. There is a very special mood and action. You should definitely try it out.


Try out yes, but less to be able to win high in the online casino: Because because With strategic options it looks very poor here. None of the games offers you the opportunity to work with a 50/50 option and use a classic setting strategy.

Those: Rabona

On the other hand, we talk about Online money gameswhere it is quite possible to work with higher operations. But even with these games, we suggest that you only expand your schedule and do not use it as the basis for a tactic.

Bonus rollover & game weights-you have to know that

At this point a brief note: In online casinos you have to fulfill the respective sales conditions for the free spins of a bonus. As a rule, individual games are weighted differently.

Especially the games in which you can safely win in the online casino, such as roulette, are often of the Terms of sales excluded or only weighted very low in percentage (mostly between 5 and 15%).

If a game has such a percentage weight, it is not suitable for fulfilling the sales conditions.

Let us take a 10%weighting as an example. If you set 1 $, it fulfills 10 cents of the sales conditions. For comparison: If you set 1 $ at a machine with 100% weighting, you will meet 1 $ of the sales conditions.

These different weights are related to how much you can influence the games through tactics or planning.

Now there is a big exception here: Special live casino bonus offerswhere the live games are actually 100% weighted. These are rare. But we found them for you and put them in the guide to the best Live Casino Bonus Offer!


Baccarat - many players avoid this exotic one wrong

Have you ever from Online Baccarat heard? No? Then you feel like a large number of German -speaking gamblers. The game is a real exotic. Therefore, it is only offered by relatively few casinos.


Gambling is particularly popular in the Asian and Chinese region. One could speak of a combination of roulette and dice game. If you want to win Baccarat high in the online casino, you have to understand the complex set of rules before you Credit card pulls out. Then you try a simplified version of the game.

Baccarat is particularly popular in Asian space

There are a few games of chance that don't really go through the ceiling, especially in German -speaking countries. The baccarat just presented is one of them. Quite different in Asian space. The game is one of the most popular games of chance there.

The fact that only a relatively few gambling players play the game does not serve as an advantage, on the contrary: a small number of players gives casinos not to rent the corresponding games.

Craps-The US cube fun can also ensure high profits

In the United States, every child knows the craps of the dice game. In German -speaking countries, dice fun in online casinos is more of an exotic.

Not many German -speaking gamblers rely on the dice game and deal with it Playing craps online.


We talk about a pure gambling that is difficult to increase its profits with tactics or planning.

American lucky knights love craps

The dice game is also so popular in the United States, because it has its origin in the American ghettos.

On the streets of many large US cities, it is still one of the popular leisure activities of young adolescents. In the German -speaking countries, however, the dice game has not really prevailed.

Lotto and Bingo - Lotto absolutely take with you and tap others than the rest! Bingo only if you are English!

When we talk about the topic "Win in the online casino", then we have to do a few words about the Gambling Lotto and Bingo Get rid of.

Play the lottery and win money?

With the lottery there is the possibility to become a millionaire with just one appearance and minimal use. However, the probabilities of winning to make a six in the lottery and thus maintain the millions of gain are in a very low percentage area.

But if you don't want to do without your chance of a carefree life without work Lottery ticket to submit. This gives you the little chance of becoming a millionaire. This is similar to the jackpot machines that we have already presented to you.

The most important thing is that you use numbers in your lottery ticket that are not used by any other tipper. Otherwise you will share your million profit with other players. And of course you want to avoid that.

Playing online bingo is more likely to avoid German players. Gambling is particularly popular in England. Since there are no such exorbitant profit options at the Bingo, this game in terms of “winning in the casino” is rather not relevant.

International lotteries offer three -digit million profits!

And if we are already on the subject of the lottery: You should know that you are much more Online lotteries can participate when you know that from your lottery manhnia. As a rule, the local lottery assembly points only support the state Lottery 6 from 49 and similar offers.

With the online offers you can also take part in American Powerball or other international lotteries. Then they offer you weekly three -digit million profits And are much more lucrative than the German offers.


Therefore, it is certainly worth considering if you regularly play the lottery not to choose the 6 from 49 lottery, but a US lottery, during the week after week, three-digit million amounts are drawn.

You are particularly looking for deutsche Online Casinos? Then read our guide article here!

The best winning tips for online casinos: How to increase your probabilities of winning

Basically, there are exactly two ways to win in the casino.

One would be that happiness means well with you. In other words, you spontaneously play a jackpot slot and win the millions of jackpot.


The other option is to try to increase your own probabilities. At the Online gambling It is the case that not every game depends entirely on happiness or random generator.

There are gambling through Training, planning and tacticscanbeinfluenced.inotherwords,inthegamesyoucanincreaseyourprobabilitiesofwinningtowininthecasinointhefuture.

A first important step would be to find out about the individual games and the available profit options. And this is exactly where our guide comes in.

Tactics for profits in the online casino: martingale, doubling or personal system?

You want in all Online Casinos Win high? Without a suitable tactic, you don't even have to try to maximize your profits in the online casino. Because if your plays without a plan, we talk about pure gambling.

Whether you win or lose depends solely on your personal happiness or on the random generator of gambling.

When dubious offers promise you to help you with your help Fire the bank advantage Or can always win high, it is guaranteed to be fraud.

Rather, tactics in gambling means trying to minimize the happiness factor if possible. Completely eliminate, i.e. to take care of always winning high in the casino, is not possible.

Although that is not true either.

Especially with games like roulette, where-if we leave the zero outside-always there is a 50%probability of profit when putting on red or black, you can safely win with a setting strategy. On the one hand there is the so -called Doubling strategy.


In the case of it is always placed on a certain color and the use is doubled when used. In the end, at least you can win back.

Similarly, but not with a doubling, but a series of numbers, the so -called Martingale-System. Here, too, the profit is relatively low.

At the same time, it is the case that these tactics can happen that players encounter the table limits. We mean by table limits that online casinos only allow a certain maximum insert.

If the approach would now require to play a higher commitment, it would no longer work. Therefore, these tactics can only be played with very low valuable values.

This is the only way to prevent the table limit from entering the table at a constant pitch streak. At the same time it is a very boring game.

How do I win in the online casino? So you define a personal winning strategy

If you deal with the topic of how to win in the casino, this is the first step towards the winning strategy.

You no longer just want to be exposed to happiness when you play, but try too Strategically minimize the happiness factor.

This now includes different points that you have to fulfill gradually. On the one hand you have to in the area of the Continuing gambling and tactics.

You have fulfilled the first step by reading this guide. It is also important that you are able to use your credit sensibly. To do this, we now provide you with the so -called credit management or Bankroll Management before. This forms the basis for winning high in the online casino.

What about the tiresome topic? Fall in the event of profits in Online casino control or are they tax -free? The linked guide will provide you with the answer.

Win with bankroll management in the casino: Use the professional tool for the use of operations

Casino Bankroll Management means that the amount of your available credit determines, How much your daily losses may be at most and which operational height you should choose.

We try to explain the whole thing as possible using an example:

A sensible regulation would be the 5%rule here. You should use a maximum of 5% of the total estate as a use.

If you have 100 $, you can use a maximum of 5 $ per game. Let us assume that you will play 20 rounds at a machine and your credit will increase to 140 $ thanks to profits. Then you can now use a total of 7 $ per round instead of 5 $.

Let's assume that you have lost in the games and have only 80 $ overall credit. Then from now on you can only play with a maximum of 4 $.

As a rule, players use one here personally adapted mathematical formula. We used a relatively relaxed option and always calculated 5% of our total estate before playing the daily capacity.

This is a first step to split your own credit sensibly in order to be able to win highly in the online casino in the future. The higher your credit increases, the higher operations are possible and the higher profits you can generate.

The next step is to Daily loss maximum to determine.

Here you could do that, for example Four times your daily assignment as a daily loss maximum to use. With an assignment of 5 $, your loss maximum would be 20 $.

In other words, if you start with 100 $ and only loses, so that only 80 $ are still on the counter, it is over for this day. For your profits you have to No profit maximum determine.

Rather, with Hohen online casino, it is important to end your daily activities and not to lose the credit gained again with further missions due to the high serotonin emissions. But we also tell you how to do this in this article.

FAQ - to win all important questions and answers in the online casino

Although no tactics can guarantee you a profit, there are still various Profit strategiesasanidealhelpforasuccessfulstarttotheonlinecasinoandhelpyoudifferentiatebetweenlucrativeandlessworthwhilegames.
If we start from the house advantage of every online casinos, so it has to be very clear BlackJackbehighlightedasthemostworthwhilegameinthecasino.thepayoutrateis98%andplayerscanalsotakeadvantageoftheblackjacktableasapopulartool.
The be -all and end -all of every successful casino player is a healthy Bankroll Managementofyourownaccount.youshouldneithertrytoliveoveryourcircumstancesnorcompulsivelytowanttoquicklyeradicateanylosses.becauseemotionaldecisionsusuallyleadtoevenhigherlosses.

Conclusion: Win up in the online casino - with our tricks quite possible!

Just relying on the luck factor would certainly not be the right way. Orientate yourself a little on our specifications and try to get one for yourself suitable approach to find.

Always remember That we not only play in the online casino to win high, but also because we enjoy the online gambling game. Enjoy your playing time, because it is basically just as much worth it as you win in the casino.