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Cashlib casinos - the best alternatives for online casinos with cashlib 2022!

One of the most modern prepaid payments on the Internet was cashlib for a long time. However, this changed due to the Brexit and there have been none since then CashLib Casinos More for German players. Fortunately, there is no shortage of alternatives - you read more about that in my test report.

the essentials in brief
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  • Overview: There is no more cashlib casinos, But casinos with good alternatives.
  • Chapter 1: DIE Reasons, Why Cashlib said goodbye to the German market.
  • Chapter 2: Alternative payment routes, that you can use instead of cashlib.
  • Chapter 3: We put you Good casinos with top alternatives before.
  • Chapter 4: DIE Payment processes With Cashlib, simple, quick and safe.

Very good casinos with cashlib alternatives

Kashima CityNewcomer Cashimashi experience report
  • Small selection of payment service providers
  • Skrill and Neteller are there
  • Top-CASHlib-Alternative paysafecard
PushExclusive bonus Drücklück experience report
  • Large selection of the means of payment
  • Minimum payments from $ 10
  • E-wallets as alternatives to cashlib
Nomini CasinoBitcoin Casino Nomini Casino experience report
  • Many payment methods
  • Width variety of means of payment
  • z.B. paysafecard, ecoPayz & Neosurf
Wunderino Casino Wunderino Casino experience report
  • Good alternatives with high limits
  • E-wallets like Ecopayz or Skrill
  • paysafecard als Nr. 1 Alternative
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No cashlib casinos for Germans: These are the top payment alternatives

  1. ppaysafecard
  2. E-Wallets
  3. Cryptocurrencies

Basic information about cashlib

Cashlib is one Prepaid payment method,whichhasfocusedononlinecasinosandthegeneralpaymenttrafficontheinternet,especiallyinUSAandthenetherlands.

Cashlib's principle is based on the idea of the Paysafecard and should therefore be familiar with German customers. Similar to the Paysafecard, you can buy a 16-digit cashlib voucher on the Internet in order to then use it as a means of payment in the casino.

In contrast to the widespread Paysafecard not available in Germany.

Otherwise you can select amounts between 10, 25, 50 or 250 $ for your cashlib voucher. The charge generally only takes a few minutes, so that your credit lands directly on your casino account. In the case of a deposit in the Cashlib Casino, there are also no fees.

The cashlib duration of the deposits can therefore compete with the best means of payment on the Internet. Even e-wallets do not offer faster deposits.

However, you shouldn't take your deposit for too long. Cashlib wants the acquired vouchers to be used immediately. So the cashlib vouchers have one Validity of six months.

If acquired vouchers are used for payments in the cashlib casino after six months An amount of 2.50 $ monthly pulled off the voucher. Low deposit heights in particular are endangered and could theoretically expire within a few months.

Pay attention to possible third-party fees. Online shops or portals can charge fees for the purchase of a cashlib voucher.

What payment alternatives are there for CASHlib?

Even if it is certainly a shame that no cashlib of casinos can now be used by German customers, the head should not be inserted into the sand.

In Germany in particular, a market has developed very early, which offers great cashlib alternatives with the corresponding properties:

  • Anonymous deposits and withdrawal options
  • Safe and quick transactions
  • Usable without extra fees

In order to be able to help you with the decision, we now have for you Three sensible alternatives for cashlibic deposits collected.

Paysafecard - The Best Cashlib Alternative in Germany!

First of all, it goes without saying Paysafe to call. With the Paysafecard you have been able to make anonymous deposits in the online casino for more than 20 years.

While the success story started in the small local kiosks or lottery assembly points, Paysafe has blossomed from a prepaid payment variant to an e-wallet over the years.

This means that not only deposits are currently possible. Payouts of up to 15,000 $ are executable.

  • The respective cashlib limits can also be transferred to the Paysafecard, so that there are really no disadvantages for you when using the Paysafecard over cashlib.

E-wallets as cashlib alternatives

Second, the e-wallets are to be mentioned, which have been able to clearly dominate the market in recent years.

E-wallets promise you Lightning -fast payments on ideal conditions as well as individual customizable safety regulations.

For example, if you have decided on cashbic deposits due to the anonymity, you can also use a similar principle by Skrill or Neteller use.

Because if you deposit with your e-wallet at an online casino, only send your data linked to the e-wallet. This includes, for example, no bank details.

  • So you do not have to specify your bank details on the Internet and thus keep at least a small part of anonymity.

Bitcoin - pay safe and anonymous

Something besides the ordinary payment methods has another payment option with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies of your choice, which greatest possible anonymity guaranteed.

Certainly, despite the growing popularity of the cryptocurrencies A niche offer, which will hit deaf ears, especially among the older generation.

There is nothing to complain about with regard to security and particularly high payouts.

In contrast to Cashlib Casinos are Bitcoin Casinos also much easier to find. Nevertheless, it should be noted that this is not a traditional payment modality.

  • The established top addresses of the scene in particular continue to defend themselves, so that new online casinos are particularly suitable for you.

Best Cashlib Casino Alternative: Our Top 3

In addition to alternative payment methods alternative CASHlib Casinos be used.

We have prepared three online casinos for you, which can offer a balanced payment portfolio and thus offer themselves excellently as alternatives to cashlib casinos.

Cashimashi as an upscale newcomer

Let's start with a rather new face among German online casinos, namely Cashimashi. It is that Cashimashi experiences After no cashlib casino, but there are sufficient alternatives to customers.

For example, this applies to the Paysafecard payment method. at Kashima City Can you do your deposits and withdrawals via Paysafecard.

In addition, stand with Neosurf Or alternative e-wallets available to other sensible alternatives to cashlib.

Großes Angebot an E-Wallets im Vera& John Casino

If your focus on cashby, alternatives fall on various e-wallets, then you are at the Vera & John Casino at the right address.

In the case of traditional payment methods and deposits by bank transfer, a minimum amount of five $ applies. This is particularly appealing for the low-scooters among you.

Grundsätzlich liegt der Fokus des Zahlungsportfolios im Vera& John Casino auf den E-Wallets. Neben Neteller, Skrill and Trustly, for example, can also muchbetter or ecopayz according to the Vera& John Casino Erfahrungen be used.

First -class cashlib alternatives at Nomini

As the last alternative to the Cashlib Casino we would have that Nomini Casino.

At Nomini you have more than 10 different deposits with solid limits. The provider Nomini also specializes in solutions away from the established scene.

Accordingly, payments by cryptocurrency and also via cash-to-code and Mifinity are feasible. Especially Cash-to-Code Is the Nomini experiences After a first -class cashlib alternative.

Are payments in the online casino with cashlib safe?

Without a doubt, Cashlib is serious And will guarantee you safe deposits. The deposit is significantly safer than the acquisition of the cashlib voucher. Because while you have to provide your personal data when you acquire the cashlib voucher, this is not necessary in the cashlib online casino.

To deposit, simply use the 16-digit code, so that even an SSL encryption technology is not necessary in principle, since no confidential data is not transmitted during the deposit process.

It is best to follow our research and only register with one of our tested Online Casinos.

The advantages of the best cashlib of casinos

  • The greatest possible anonymity by using a 16-digit code for deposit
  • No further registration for an e-wallet or transmission of your own bank details
  • Control availability of the deposit amount
  • Financial control due to the use of a limited cashlib voucher
  • No fees within the first six months

Pay the disadvantages of paying cashlib in the online casino

  • Unfortunately no availability of cashlib in German online casinos
  • Cashlib payments not possible
  • Acquisition of cashlib credit only via the Internet
  • Deposit sums with cashlib limited to a maximum of 250 $
  • All Cashlib Vouchers are taken after six months with a fee of 2.50 $ per month

Step-by-step instructions: Pay in the online casino with cashlib

So that we can briefly bring you closer to how easy a deposit via cashlib in the online casino is theoretically, we have put together a short step-by-step instructions for you for you.

If you stick to the following steps, yours should Cashlib deposit concluded within 30 seconds Will - as soon as Cashlib Casinos exist again in Germany!

Step 1: Register in the Cashlib Casino

  • First register in a cashlib casino and activate your account. After the login, go to the cash register immediately into the deposit area.

Step 2: Select Cashlib as a means of payment

  • Now make sure that Cashlib is available as a deposit in the cashlib online casino. If you also use a cashlib casino bonus, you have to consider additional restrictions on the deposit and, if necessary, purchase a higher cashlib code.

Step 3: Enter the cashlib code

  • Now you start with the deposit. Now select the value of your acquired cashlib codes and enter the 16-digit cashlib code.

Step 4: Confirms the cashlib deposit

  • Finally, you only have to wait for the confirmation of your deposit by cashlib. If these are carried out and your cashlib voucher is valid, you can start immediately with your paid amount in the online casino.

Step 5: The payment starts

  • Are up to date no cashlib payments possible. If you would like to apply for a payment, you have to choose an alternative payment method and thus transmit your bank details to the cashlib casino. It is worth using a payout that does not charge any further fees.
In order to avoid any delays in the payment, you should only make your payment with a payment method that has already been used beforehand.

Questions and answers - cashlib casinos

No, Cashlib has withdrawn since Brexit and is currently in German online casinosnolongerusablefordeposits.itcanbequestionedwhetherandwhentheprepaidpaymentservicereturnstothegermancasinosandinwhatformthiswilltakeplace.
Yes, there was only a handful of CASHlib Casinos.foralongtime,wunderinowasthefirstpointofforfastanduncomplicatedcashlibicdeposits.manysmalleronlinecasinos,whichalsofocusedoncryptocurrencies,werealsoknowntorelyoncashlibvouchers.
No, unfortunately not. In contrast to competing prepaid variants, Cashlib has not modernized its payment methods, so that only cashlibic deposits are still possible. For Cashlib paymentstherefore,alternativepaymentmethods,suchasaclassicbanktransfer,mustbeused.
The acquisition of Cashlib credit was on the Internet directly via the website of CashLibpossibleandalsoviavariousportalsinwhichyoucanbuyvouchersorvouchercodes.cashlibcouldalsobepurchasedoccasionallyonselectedkiosks.
No, not only are no deposits via cashlib possible, but of course this also concludes any forms of a possible cashlib Casino Bonusout.inthepast,paymentsviacashlibhavequalifiedfortherespectivebonusoffers,butexclusivecashlibbonuscampaignswerenotknown.

Conclusion: No cashlib casinos in Germany, but there are strong and serious alternatives!

The impending Brexit had already significantly downloaded the number of licensed cashlib of casinos in Germany in the course of 2020. So do you want Maximum anonymity And a high level of security for your payments in the online casino, you have to look for alternative payment methods in any case.

Ideally, the Paysafecard in Germany established the safest alternative in the local kiosks and later on the Internet. In deviation from the missing cashb fees, however, any fees must be accepted when paying via Paysafecard.