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Play Slingo online: The most popular Slingo games & the former best Slingo Casinos

While most casino fans mainly play slots that work according to the classic game principle, some other users are more interested in innovative or unusual games. For example, if you want to variety, so -called Slingo games are available. However, these are currently not available in Germany. Exactly what it is and why you don't just Play Slingo online we explain in this guide.

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Slingo is one Combination of one Slot and bingo. This can already be seen from the name of the game, because the term represents a box word (Slingo = Slfrom + bingo). The basic goal of the Slingo is to complete lines on the field-like field.


The game was Developed in 1994 by Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia. To market their innovative game, the two founded the Slingo company, which was acquired by Realnetwork in 2013. As a result, the brand belongs - meanwhile as Slingo Originals Described - today for the Gaming Realms PLC, a London gaming company.

Even if Slingo games are not too well known in Germany, the innovative games around the world are very popular. There are already worldwide More than 50 million people who have already gambled Slingo.

Already knew?
Even if the company's focus is undoubtedly on Slingo Games, the Slot machine manufacturer Just as conventional slots such as Pigasus as well as Dragon’s Gems and table games like Blackjack. In addition, Slingo is also successful outside the casino world, because there are also various PC and smartphone variants of the game.

If you want to play Slingo online, of course you have to know the gameplay. Although there are different versions, the games always work according to the same principle. The playing field consists of a 5 × 5 card grille with numbers and a roll with 5 reels that shows you digits after each rotation. If you hit a number, the corresponding field will be filled in in the grid.

You will receive a Slingo when you have filled out a complete line - horizontally, vertical or diagonally -. Logically, the higher the profit, the more rows of it. With some games you even activate a bonus round when you reach a certain number of lines. The additional round enables you to collect cash or a multiplier. In this way you can sometimes multiply the payout amount.

How many turns are available to you ever-in, differs from game to game. Most of the time you can turn the reels 10 times. If you want to continue playing, you can buy additional turns. But be careful: the additional rotations are increasing with increasing number. So you have to weigh whether the feature is worthwhile in a specific individual case.

In addition to the digits, there are 4 special symbols at Slingo games that happen to appear on the roller. To what extent the individual symbols influence the game, the following overview shows:

  • Joker: You can transform a number in the corresponding column into a completed field.
  • Super-Joker: You can convert a number on the field into a hit.
  • Devil: The corresponding column is blocked in the respective rotation.
  • Free round symbol: You will receive an additional rotation.

Do you want to play Slingo for real money? In order for this to be possible, you basically need a user account in a Slingo online casino. However, as a German player, you currently have the opportunity to play Slingo at a limited extent. For this you have to be in one Casino without German license Register because Slingo is currently not available for players with a German residence in casinos who want to receive a German license.

However, you are able to Online casino games Using the following ways to play the games:

First you have to get one Create user account. Simply follow the instructions in the registration form. After you have a player account, you make one Deposit. Calls up the cash register area, select the preferred one you preferred Online casino payment method from and verified the payment.

However, keep in mind that the KYC process (identity examination) is only due for numerous providers before you Online casino real money can deposit. This fact goes back to the new State Treaty, which comes into force in mid -2021. You will receive more information about this in our guide Online casinos Germany.

Usually you can access the credit immediately after the deposit. If the casino has not yet checked your identity, this procedure is now pending. On the other hand, if you are already verified, you can immediately use the gamble online to start.

As already mentioned, the new state of gambling for the regulation of the German gambling is in the house. This is currently ensuring that many casinos have to limit their offer extremely and that German players, for example, do not live a live casino or in general Casino table games be allowed to offer - if you want to keep your chance of a "German license". Many online casinos currently offer you only pure slots. Since Slingo is not a pure slot, it may be that some casinos do not currently provide these games for players residing in Germany.

There is also a demo mode for the games of the provider Slingo Originals. This means that you don't have to gamble for money. You can also To play virtual $. Logically, there is no possibility to be paid out profits. But the risk of loss is also 0%.

The play money mode is not only suitable for users who want to play without real money. The mode is also suitable for newcomers. By initially only playing play money, you can do the corresponding Game and his Get to know features risk -free.

As a modern provider, Slingo Originals has his games Optimized for mobile use. So you can also play online with smartphones and tablets. For some gambling providers, this works via Online Casino App. However, most online casinos provide their customers with a web app that you can access via your browser.

The portfolio of Slingo Originals currently includes 25 Slingo Games. The offer includes both classic design games and theme -specific productions. For example, there are Slingo versions of deal or no deal, monopoly and Britain got talent. In a Slingo Casino you will usually not find all the games of the provider. This is simply justified by the fact that some games from the Casino games list are more popular than others. In the following paragraphs, we will show you which productions of the studio are the best games:

Overview: Slingo Rainbow Riches
  • RTP: 95,60 %
  • Offerer: Slingo Originals
  • Publication date: 27.08.2018
  • Matchfield: 5 x 5 card grids + 1 roll with 5 rollers
  • Paylines: 12
  • Calls: 0,50 $ bis 100 $
  • Maximacked up: 100.000 $
  • Bonus-Features: Wild symbol (joker), blocker (devil), bonus round
  • Free spins: And
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: medium

Slingo Rainbow Riches is one Colorful game variantthat is based on the popular Irish slot Rainbow Riches. The card grille consists of 5 x 5 fields, so there are a total of 12 paylines (5 horizontal, 5 vertical and 2 diagonal lines). You can turn the rollers per buy-in 10 times.

Now we are already coming to the first special feature of the game: After you have used all 10 rotations, you can Buy further turns - and as many as you want. The price of an extra shoot depends on the Casino profit opportunities away. So you can complete lines even after the regular game.

The second noteworthy characteristic of this Slingo Deluxe variant is the Bonus the higher you climb, the more lucrative the bonus feature is. Which bonus game is activated depends on how many rows or columns you could complete by the end of the game (including additional rounds and free spins). With 5 slingos you can choose between 3 desired fountain, for example, which give you multipliers. If you get to the Pot of Gold Bonus (12 Sllingos), you can Use even thousands of times!

Overview: Slingo Lucky Streak
  • RTP: 95,00 %
  • Offerer: Slingo Originals
  • Publication date: 14.09.2020
  • Matchfield: 5 x 5 card grids + 1 roll with 5 rollers
  • Recunciation lines: 12
  • Calls: 0,20 $ bis 200 $
  • Maximacked up: 40.000 $
  • Bonus-Features: Wild symbol (goblin), blocker (cross)
  • Free spins: no
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: medium up to high

Slingo Lucky Streak represents the new one Flagship Game des Providers the game programmed in classic Slingo design has only been in Online Casinos Ireland also devotes and also devotes itself thematically.

The essential innovation of the new game version is that there is no predetermined number of turns. Instead, you start each Game round with two life. If you do not hit a number in one shoot, you lose a life. However, you get life back if you can fill out a field with a cloverleaf in the following attempt. However, it is not possible to collect more than two life. With this feature, the new game ensures even more thrills than its predecessors.

A bonus round was dispensed with at Slingo Lucky Streak. There is again a game and a super wild symbol, but this time in the form of a goblin. If you succeed a full house (complete field filled), you will receive the 200 times. Incidentally, with this version of the game, you also have the opportunity to purchase any number of extra turns.

Overview: Slingo Ante Up
  • RTP: 94,90 % - 97,10%
  • Offerer: Slingo Originals
  • Publication date: 21.08.2020
  • Matchfield: 5 x 5 card grids + 1 roll with 5 rollers
  • Recunciation lines: 12
  • Calls: 0,20 $ bis 25 $
  • Maximacked up: 12.500 $
  • Bonus-Features: Wild symbol (J-symbol), blocker (cross)
  • Free spins: And
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: medium up to high

Slingo Ante Up is also one of the developers' new productions. In contrast to other Slingo Originals games, you have the Option to set the number of rotations. However, there is no possibility of acquiring additional laps at the end of the game.

Normally, 10 shoots are also played. However, you can also go down to 9 turns, as a result you have to pay less use. Are on the top Up to 16 attempts possible. If you choose the maximum, the buy-in is 15 times as high.

What also speaks for this variant: With a full house, the bank pays you the 500 times use out. You can set up to 25 $ per game round and therefore win a maximum of 12,500 $.

Note from our editorial team:
The enforcement guidelines of the Gaming State Treaty announced for 2021 in October 2020 have led to some upheavals in the online casino world. Numerous Slingo casinos have already adapted to the new guidelines. As a result, you can in corresponding Online game stores Set a maximum of 1 $ per round.

There is no strategy that guarantees you a profit. Finally Slingo is one Online gambling. Nevertheless, casino fans who play Slingo online can Influence the probability of success to a certain extent.

The wild symbol represents a first way to increase your profits. If one appears, you should Always fill out the field, which closes you closest to a Slingo. For example, if you have the choice between a line with 2 and a line with 3 hits, you will therefore set the cross in the row with 3 bingo hits. Of course, the same applies to the super game symbol, in which you have completely free choice.

The second Slingo trick refers to the additional rounds. To maximize your successes, you should only use the feature if you are only missing a number in one line or column and you have already made some slingos. As a result, the effort is usually only worthwhile if you With the help of the extra round, increase the profit or unlock a bonus feature can.

In order to be able to play Slingo online, you need a provider where the provider's games can be found. And as already mentioned, this is not possible for Germans at the moment. But the lack of Slingo Casinos doesn't mean that you have to do without fun. Because there are a lot of casinos with a great selection of slots that make you forget Slingo very quickly. Here is our top recommendations:

MR Bit is another online game library with Slingo, in which you can do this slot in one unique quality can play. With mr bit you can do everything completely Risk solos in the demo mode spielen.

In addition, over 150 live casino games are available. Therefore, I am definitely sure that the right slot machine at MR bit will be there for every taste. You can find out more in ours Mr bit experiences.

Known from television advertising, Drückglück has now made a name for itself throughout Germany. The image as a digital arcade fits like the fist on the eye and is underpinned by the provider with a lot of slots that remains unmatched by many competitors. You can at more than 2,500 slots Drücklück experiences collect. A good mix of modern, bright slot machines and almost simple old classics. Until you finished the slots here, you have forgotten Slingo again.

At the moment you can only do Slingo as a player with a residence in Germany Casinos without German licensespielen.
A special Slingo Casino Bonuswecouldnotfindourresearchinthecourseofourresearch.sincethegamesareassignedtotheslots,youcanalsouseordinarybonusestoplayslingoonline.
Yes, you can also play Slingo in online casinos with smartphones and tablets. Usually you use the browser of your end device to go to that mobile Casinoaccess.
With Slingo Originals, only one provider focuses on Slingo Games. At the moment, the developer studio's portfolio comprises around 25 versions of the game. However, offer deutsche Online Casinosusuallyonlyafractionofit.

With his innovative game concept, Slingo is not only suitable for bingo fans, but also for players who are not interested in standard slots. DIE Casino payout rate Falls up as high as with conventional online slots and Slingo Games enable you to win. Which Slingo variant brings most fun is of course a matter of taste. However, you can currently only play Slingo with real money in a few casinos, as many casinos cut their offer for Germans on pure slots.

100% to 500 $ + 50 free spins
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