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Coin Master Free Spins get 2022: Tips for Coin Master Spins for free

Diligent coin master players know the problem with certainty: Again and again the spins go out and you have to wait a full hour for five more attempts or buy additional spins for real money. Of course, the question arises whether there are other options for Coin Master Free Spins get. You can find the answer in our guide.

the essentials in brief
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  • Overview 1: Alle Coin Master Corner data at a glance.
  • Chapter 1: The Coin Master Game briefly explained.
  • Chapter 2: In 5 simple steps yours Increase freespins sums.
  • Chapter 3: These online casino offer you a good one Coin Master Alternative.

An important clue:

Even if the game does not officially aim for minors, many young players are still attracted. If you are under the age of 18, please leave your fingers from this game and all online casinos, because Gambling can make you addicted And is not for minors!

Interesting facts about Coin Master

Coin Master: The most important facts at a glance
  • developer: Moon Active (Israel)
  • Publication date: 2015
  • Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Aging: From 16 years
  • language: German and many more
  • Number of downloads: 100+ million

The Coin Master game principle explains: What do you need coin master free spins for?

The goal of Coin Master is to build virtual villages. The game currently includes more than 350 levels, which lead you to the Vikings, the Incas and the Orient, among other things.

In order to complete a set and move on to the next village, you have to build or collect buildings. For this you need so -called Coins, the virtual game currency. You get this at a one -armed bandits, using Coinmaster Free Spins, which are therefore elementary for the progress of the game.

You will also receive coins for many actionsthat you do in the game. This applies, for example, to raids on other villages, in which you can even increase the prey using your pet.

With Coin Master free attempts: There are numerous options

To get Coin Master Free Spins, you don't have to do anything, since every player account everyone Hour five free attempts be credited. That is 120 Coin Master Spins a day. However, note that a maximum of 50 free Coin Master Spins are saved.

So that no free shoots expiresoyouhavetologintothegameatleasteverytenhours.

You also have the option To win additional coin Master Spins at the slot machine. To do this, three blue capsules have to appear next to each other. If you are on more free spins, you can increase the use. However, the likelihood of clearing free tests when turning the slot remains the same.

In fact, there are far more options available to get turns. So you don't necessarily have to spend money and buy coin master spins. Since yours Contacts on social networks are of crucial importance for additional spins, it is advisable to register in the game on Facebook.

Five ways to additional Coin Master Free Spins

  • 1
    to invite friends
  • 2
    Get free spins from friends and teammates
  • 3
    Tap through social media bonuses
  • 4
    Pay attention to bonus actions in the app
  • 5
    Complete villages and card decks

Below you will receive some explanations of the tips on how to Casino App Simply can get to additional coin master spins.

1. Charge your friends!

A very profitable way to get Coin Master Free Spins is there Invite friends to Coin Master. This works as follows:

  • 1
    Click the main menu
  • 2
    Select entry "Invite friends"
  • 3
    Tap the green button with the inscription "Invite"
  • 4
    Select the app - for example via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram possible
  • 5
    Share invitation link

For every invited friend who Tutorial completed, your progress bar rises. Whenever the bar is full, you get a gift. As the first premium, you already get 50 free spins for Coin Master (German version).

If a friend connects via Facebook, you will receive an additional 30 Coin Master Spins free of charge. You can collect free spins for up to 250 friends, i.e. tap a total of 7,500 coin master free spins in this way.

2. Let friends and your Clan Coin Master Spins send you!

With the help of your friends you can go to numerous more free spins - and also to coins - for Coin Master. All people with whom you are connected to the game have the opportunity to give you an additional spin every 48 hours. With the feature you can collect up to 100 experiments every day.

Consequently: The more people you are networked, the more free tests you tend to get.

If nobody or hardly anyone in your circle of friends should play Coin Master, it is advisable to look for groups for the exchange of gifts on Facebook or Reddit for Coin Master.

If you want to dust off for free attempts for Coin Master, you should also at best - at best, of course, at best every two days - Spread gifts. This does not have an impact on your own inventory. However, you can motivate your teammates to send yourself Coin Master Spins and coins.

In addition, it is possible every eight hours 10 Coin Master Free Spins to request teammates. All you have to do is type on the button with the spin symbol. However, you can only join a team from level 10

3. Have a look at Coin Master's social media pages every day!

On the social media channels of Coin Master - especially on Facebook - you can keep yourself Secure free shoots and also coins.

In addition, there is Raffle, in which significantly more coin master free spins can be dusted off. If you regularly drop by on Facebook and Co., you can even find a Coin Master 500 Free Spins Link (German page) from time to time.

The following overview shows how you can Social media channels from Coin Master got:

  • Facebook fan page
  • Official exchange group
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

In addition, become published daily links via third -party provider. You just have to click on this (logically on your smartphone), whereupon the game opens and you get the corresponding bonus. In this way you can secure both coins and Coin Master Free Spins without a subscription.

4. Use events and tournaments!

Another good opportunity to get additional free spins are they numerous bonus events and tournaments In the app. In addition to the normal gameplay, Coin Master offers you opportunities to collect more free spins. The more you play, the more you can win.

One of these events is the balloon madness. It refers to A funny and simple mini -game, with which you have to burst balloons. Sometimes the balloons also contain free spins.

5. build villages and complete card sets!

With the methods mentioned so far, you can already get numerous free attempts at Coin Master. However, there are two other options for getting to Free Spins in the Coin Master App:

  • Complete villages: If you have built all the buildings in a village or on a map, you usually get a few coins and free spins.

  • Complete card sets: If you manage to collect all the cards of a deck, you can usually get several hundred free spins through masses of coin master free spins.

Accordingly, the mainly prove to be worthwhile Map deckwho sometimes are difficult to get. Usually, with the help of your friends, this works quite well, with which you can exchange cards. Various groups on Facebook are also suitable for this, which specialize in the exchange of these cards.

Coin Master Hacks - is that possible at all?

If you are looking for additional free spins for Coin Master, you cannot avoid various search results that you have with absolutely safe Coin Master Cheats and want to lure dubious coin master on the left.

With such methods you should In principle, keep caution. Especially if you have to answer any questions before you get to the alleged hack for more Coin Master Spins, you can be absolutely sure that it is fraud.

There are enough opportunities to get Coin Master Spins - without registration on a dubious website.

On the other hand, if you really don't get ahead, you still have the option, Further attempts to buy in Coin Master Shop. There are often offers for this, so that you can receive more rewards than regular when you buy.

Real money casinos offer advantages over Coin Master

If you no longer find coin masters varied enough, then you should rather go on licensed deutsche Online Casinos Or change casinos with real money.

They almost always have a very good mobile representation for the cell phone and sometimes even their own app. The advantages are obvious:

  • Do you have More selection of games (Slots and often also roulette and Co.).
  • DIE regulation From online casinos more security offers you.
  • Of the Customer service is mostly easily accessible and trained.
  • DIE Waiting times On new attempts be eliminated.
  • diverse Methods and payment methods are available.

In which online casinos the registration is worth, you will find out subsequent.

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Our personal 5gringos casino experiences But are very positive for other reasons. The strengths of the casino also include:

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FAQ – Coin Master Free Spins

In the online gambling Coin Master you will regularly get free spins to Slot machinetooperate.attheslotyoucannotonlywincoinsforthestructureofyourvillageandattacksonotherplayers,butalsoothercoinmasterfreespinsandshieldsthatservetoprotectyoursettlement.
Every hour of your player account is automatically credited five free spins. In addition, you wave Coin Master Spins for many actionsinthegame.youcanalsobuyspinsforrealmoney.
Facebook offers you an important platform for Coin Master. You can send free spins to friends and exchange gifts and collecting cards. But there are still numerous More options,togetfreespins,forexampletournamentsandevents.
There are now many Facebook groups for the exchange of gifts that include Coin Master Free Spins or collective cards. If you network with other Coin Master players, you can do it every day up to 100 additional spinsreceive.
Yes, gifts and Additional bonusescanbefoundregularlyinthecoinmasterappandthereforehighlyrecommendedtodustofffreespins.alsohavealookatthesocialmediachannels,becausehereyoucansometimesfindacoinmaster300spinlinkorthelike.

Conclusion: Getting Coin Master Spins for free is not difficult

As you can see, stand numerous options available to get Coin Master Free Spins without much effort. Alleged hacks and cheats for the app are mostly fraudulent in nature and therefore to avoid. With a lot of Facebook friends, you can easily and permanently get many free spins for Coin Master.

It is also possible to buy further attempts at any time if you can't get any further. If you take the tips mentioned here, this will be hardly necessary be.