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Lotto systems: Which lottery system is the best?

If you want to play the lottery online, you can either tick your favorite numbers on a ticket or significantly increase your chances of winning with a system tip. We show you which Lottosysteme There are and how you can increase your chances of winning to win the jackpot.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: DIE best lottery provider For lottery system games.
  • Chapter 1: Lotto can be The volume systems or Subsystems be played.
  • Chapter 2: advantages and disadvantages via full systems and subsystems.
  • Chapter 3: Further Lotto strategiesthat you should know.

Best lottery providers for lottery systems

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Which lottery system is the best?

  1. Voll system 007
  2. Voll system 008
  3. Voll system 010
  4. Subsystem 609
  5. Subsystem 626

Lotto systems: This is how full and subsystems work in the lottery

The system certificates are not only for the player itself, but also for the Online Lotto provider very interesting. Because more and more players have been choosing a system certificate since the introduction of the system tips.

Become Two different options offered:

  • The full system
  • The subsystem

Both systems are the same in terms of procedure and both are also suitable for Lottery. Because even if systems look complicated at first glance, no special knowledge is necessary to play with a full system or a subsystem.

With a Online Lotto App The systems can be played comfortably on the go or at home on the sofa with a smartphone and tablet.

The full system and its way

Although the system tip seems confusing, it is How it works very easy.

The difference between a normal tip and Full system tip is quickly explained:

  • With a normal ticket you can only six numbers Mark with a cross.
  • With a full system tip you can Between 7 and 26 numbers Select.

More numbers can be played in full lottery systems, but what each additional cross The price for the ticket is also increasing. Your chances of winning increase many times over. However, there is no 100 percent guarantee for lottery systems.

Below we put them Best lottery systems shortly before:

Lotto full system 007

Here you have the option of choosing 7 numbers that you can type in 7 different combinations. With these 7 numbers you cover all possible combinations. Instead of 7 fields on a ticket you just have to 1 Fill out the field.

Attention: You don't have any real advantages here
Only a few combinations are played. You do not save through these lottery systems Fees, Still costs for the tip. You can only save time.

Lotto full system 008

With the full system 008 you can now select 8 instead of the usual 6 numbers. This results in 28 different combinationsthat participate in the draw.

If you would like to play these 28 combinations normally, you would have to fill out three games and also pay the fee three times. That protects them Credit card definitely not. Here too, as for other lottery systems, all possible combinations are automatically selected.

Attention: increased chances of winning
With this lottery system not only the chances of the jackpot, but also the one on the Smaller profit classes elevated.

Lotto full system 009

As you can already assume, you can choose 9 numbers, which automatically result in 84 combinations. Thereby You save yourself the filling out of 7 lottery stones.

Attention: have an eye on costs
Due to the increasing number of combinations and the increasing chances of winning, the price naturally increases. A little more than 80 $ You have to pay for a game in the full system 009.

Lotto full system 010

When it comes to that Best lottery systems in the world goes, the fully system 010 inevitably comes up. With the maximum of the full system you play all at once 210 possible combinations. Of course, this also has a proud price of more than 200 $.

Accordingly, the full system 010 is primarily in Top communities played to keep the costs per person in a manageable framework.

Note: This is how it works
For example, if you tap three correct numbers in the fully system 010, you will receive total 35 times the win of class 8 (3 correct) and can quickly regain the cost of the certificate. In principle, as with a normal appearance, you have to select enough correct numbers. You then have 10 instead of 6 options.

The advantages and disadvantages of the full system in the lottery

Advantages at an overview:
  • Score five hits five correct
  • Higher chances of winning for the JackPot

A glaucoma at a glance:
  • You play with more combinations, you still have to choose the right numbers.
  • Even with five or six correct ones, a profit is not guaranteed
  • Higher game missions necessary

The subsystems in the lottery

The principle of the Subsystem is similar to that of the full system. If you choose a subsystem, you rely on more than the regular 6 numbers.

However, the subsystem not all possible combinations. Instead, it is determined in which ratio the winning opportunities are best compared to use and the corresponding fields played.

Info: Alternative designation for subsystems
The subsystem is also used as VEW denotes what an abbreviation for "shortened closer choice" is.

In the following we put you The most popular subsystems before. Which system cuts best here cannot be answered here either. Unfortunately, everyone has to clarify this question for themselves. Because all systems have their advantages and weaknesses.

Lotto subsystem 609

In this variant of the subsystem, she selects a total of 9 different numbers. But are only played 12 of the possible combinations.

This has the advantage that you have a tip with this system Only 12 $ fee costs. But even if all the right numbers are under your tips, you will not necessarily win the jackpot.

This Disadvantage Do not bring all lottery systems, but all the lottery parts systems.

Lotto subsystem 610

The names of the different subsystems may have a somewhat confusing effect on the lottery, but once you understood what it is all about, you understand quickly, what is meant.

In the part system 610 10 numbers selected and 30 random combinations played for a corresponding use of 30 $.

Lotto subsystem 612

Accordingly, it looks like the 612 subsystem as follows: You select a total of 12 numbers, which then open 22 random combinations be distributed.

So you can pay with more than with the subsystem 610 and Play at a cheaper price. At the same time, however, the likelihood of losing the right numbers increases.

Lotto subsystem 616

The subsystem 616 allows you to 16 numbers to select. Here is played with a whopping 112 combinations, which naturally increases the price for this subsystem significantly.

Nevertheless, you are far from All combination options to use.

Lotto subsystem 622

If you choose the choice of lottery systems for the subsystem 622, you may 22 of the 49 numbers selectthat are then used for a total of 77 combinations.

So you draw Just a very small part of all possible combinations and should therefore not be disappointed if, despite a large amount of real numbers, only a few profits.

Lotto subsystem 626

The tip of the subsystem is certainly the system 626. As the name suggests, You can do more than half of all available figures here, namely 26 pieces.

In this variant is with 130 The combination played, which also has its price.

Lotto subsystems 710, 711 and 712

They are less popular Subsystems 710, 711 and 712. Here, too, you can choose 10, 11 and 12 numbers.

The difference in part system 610 lies in the fact that you System 710 with more combinations plays.

So your chances increase, in the case of the correctly typed figures to make a profit. At the same time, the partial systems in question also become more expensive.

The best subsystem we still can't name. But we can give you a recommendation from the editorial team:

Basically they offer Variants with more combinations In this way, that they mean greater probabilities for hits.

These advantages and disadvantages have subsystems in the lottery

Even if in many cases the personal taste or rather the gut feeling is important in the tip of the tip, there are a few aspects, that speak for the choice of a subsystem And some points that are more likely to speak.

Advantages at an overview:
  • Variety selectable on game systems
  • Multiple profits possible
  • Only one Scorer necessary
  • Additional lotteries

A glaucoma at a glance:
  • Possible combinations limited
  • No free selection the combinations
  • High game missions

Are strategies such as the Lotto Cross Act or the Lotto Cross Law table?

If your special systems, such as that Lotto cross lawwant to try it out, nothing speaks against it at first.

You don't always have the same with Lotto strategies significantly increased chances of winning, however, these are usually not less. The same applies to the lottery systems.

You are with your tip on the same level of opportunities as the players who see the setting of random numbers, their birth date or their personal happiness as the best lottery strategy.

You should keep in mind that the Lotto Cross Act and some other methods are not (statistically) declared valid. That means there is no mathematical proof of thisthat an application of the strategy really brings you an advantage.

DIE Practical equal opportunities for random numbers Of course, leads to the question of whether you should really accept the effort that the creation of a Lotto Kreuzgesetz table brings with it?

The following:

  • In our opinion, it is definitely worth trying these and/or other strategies. The diverse Experiences of our editorial team show that an advantage here can arise.
  • In any case, it makes sense to know the methods at least and to pick the points that For personal game behavior are most useful.
  • On the other hand, you shouldn't be too much on the Lotto Cross Law, other lottery strategies or Lottosysteme leaving.
  • There are recommendations from the network that advocate the use of large sums to raise the opportunities. However, this can quickly become financially critical. Consider it im Lotto no profit guarantee are.
  • All lottery lovers who prefer a simple style of play without a strategy, systems or their own selection of numbers and station wagons should be their luck with the socially inspired Lottery with postcode to attempt.

The most popular strategies for Lotto-from the cross law to Delta system

Now we want you too In addition to the lottery systems, introduce further strategies more precisely - at least the most popular and most promising.

These are very clear:

  • The cross law
  • The shared fields
  • The magical square
  • The delta system

The Lotto Cross Act-that's how it works

The so-called Lotto Cross Act and the associated Lotto Cross Law table are among the most popular tricks at all.

Various draws are compared or placed on top of each other. the Numbers that now form a cross together, should be the likely figures of coming draws.

So if you want to play according to the Lotto Cross Law, you go as follows before:

  • 1
    You have to align your numbers so that the resulting Form a cross forms. But what numbers are the right ones now?
  • 2
    To find out, you best sit down and Eureen PCbefore you fill out the ticket. Creates a table based on the numbers 1 to 49 and prints them out. If you do not have a computer or printer at hand, you can also easily record the Lotto Cross Law table. With regard to the arrangement, make sure - no matter which way you go - to create the table with 49 columns and 6 different rows.
  • 3
    Now cross the digits of the last six lotteries. Each series of your Lotto Cross Law Table stands for a drawing day. It is now important to make out which of the numbers were drawn in at least two consecutive weeks. Then mark it in a different color.
  • 4
    Now pull a border around the same digits. Transmits them - if necessary - even further down. Finally, you pull off the horizontal bar of the cross on the left and right so that the cross shape is completed.
  • 5
    In this context, the Lotto cross law states that the Chance of drawing the middle number of the cross is highest. The figures that are around the center also have an increased probability of occurring.

The shared field-another lottery strategy

The so -called shared field may be in this summary around Lotto systems and lottery strategies not missing.

To apply it, you share your Lot box in four fields on.

And so it goes:

  • 1
    You pull a horizontal and a vertical line through the middle number rows. This results in the four fields around the center. You can now select six numbers from these fields. Two numbers should be selected from the crossed -out digits and one from each field.
  • 2
    So you put your game at hand and Subscribe the digit field. There are 7 fields in the horizontal and the vertical. So the cross is placed in the middle of the number of numbers. This is the column that contains the 4 and the number series in which the 22 can be found.
  • 3
    From the painted digits Now choose 2. It doesn't matter which these are, they just have to be crossed out. The remaining 4 numbers are determined from the fields that surround the center. It is not important here which fields the 4 numbers come from. You just have to make sure that one of the 4 other numbers is within the four areas.

The magical square-mathematical lottery strategy

The strategy of the magical square is mathematical nature. Here the tip numbers are selected exactly according to a certain square arrangement.

That makes The magical square out.

The special thing about these digits is that it is in every line, column and even diagonal The same result in their sum achieve. Maybe that reads complicated here? And that is the first time you the topic!

Nevertheless, this approach is one of the real classics in addition to the Lotto Cross Act and is still often used.

We can give you the relationships in the context of this general guide Only explain in a nutshell.

  • 1
    First of all, a square of the lottery grid of the lottery ticket with another square becomes, which 4x4 digits between 1 and 16 contains, replaced. In total, the numbers of the square result in 34.
  • 2
    If this square is inserted into the field of the ticket some digits from the original 49 decoupled, however, but there are twice available.
  • 3
    Now you add the missing digits with the numbers of the magical square that replace them. So you come up Certain numbers, which are actually always one of the most drawn digits in the lottery.

The Delta system-a lottery strategy based on statistics

The so-called delta system is supported Basically on statistical knowledge And in contrast to the Lotto Cross Act, mathematically.

It is also a somewhat more complicated lottery strategy that Users demanded more time and effort As other methods.

Tipp: Generators for the Delta system.
There are a few Generators of numbers on the netthat adopt this system as the basis and automatically spit the corresponding numbers.
  • If you do that Delta-System want to apply manually, you have to do the following:
  1. You choose a very low number - best under 9.
  2. Then noted Two digitsthat are between 1 and 8.
  3. You then determine a fourth lottery number Section as close as possible to the 8. This may be both lower and higher than 8.
  4. For the fifth and sixth number of tips you choose Sigits between 8 and 15. Here it is important to determine two figures that are not in the immediate vicinity.
  5. You are now recording all six selected digits together. In total, the number should Not larger than 49 Not exceeding the largest playable number in the lottery.
  6. The result should pay up to 15 less than the largest playable number, Have you made a good selection. With Lotto 6 out of 49, we recommend that the sum of the six numbers is between 34 and 49.
  7. If that Result is higher than 49, you should select alternative numbers. Then bring the digits to another, any order.
  8. Write down your final number of numbers. Do you have Now your delta numbers.
  • Now goes to the game certificate:
  1. On the game certificate you cross the first Delta number from the final sequence of digits. Does not change this number - This is the first lottery number.
  2. The second lottery number determines her by adding the first and second Delta number-so they add up the first two digits of the final episode. The sum of these two numbers forms yours second number for the game certificate.
  3. Your Third number of lotions is again the sum from the first three delta numbers.
  4. This pattern must be traced Until all lottery numbers are determined: The first four numbers of delta form your fourth lottery number, etc.

Questions and answers - lottery systems

no In fact, there is Systems or strategiesthatincreasethechancesofwinning.butthatdoesn'tmeanthatyoualwayscrackthejackpot.onlythechancesofathreesomeareincreasedverymuch.
No, with the Lotto providersyoucanbasicallynotplayforfree.however,manyportalsenableyoutoaccessthetiptickets,evenbeforeyoupaidmoney.soyoucanatleasttryoutthestructureofthesystemsandstrategies.
Many tipers swear by that Voll system 010andthesubsystem626.however,thegreatpopularitydoesnotmeanthatthisisthebestsystems.eachhasitsspecificadvantagesincertaincontexts.
That Lotto cross lawandthedividedfieldareusedveryoften.bothstrategiesareeasytouse.buttheycannotbeachievedwithreallyverifiableprofitadvantages.
Lotto systems make it possible to make far more tips in contrast to a normal ticket with only six tickable numbers - with one Full system tip between7and26.thisincreasesthechancesofwinningmanytimesover.

Conclusion: partial or full system? With lottery systems it is often only a matter of taste!

Since you can cover many different combinations with the partial or full system, Increase your chances of winning.

If you regularly play the lottery and give more than one appearance, you should use the advantages of Systemtippen take a closer look.

You should consider that despite the significantly higher operations and more, one Lottery It is not guaranteed - no matter which lottery systems you play. Above all, it is annoying if you despite all the right numbers in the game in the subsystem not achieved the main prize.