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High roller casinos and VIP casinos: The best addresses for frequent players and other important information on the topic

High scooters do not play with cent amounts. You risk a lot to win a lot. In order for you to be able to go through your game profitably, you also have to Good conditions for your purposes find. You can read here which high roller casinos or VIP casinos are really recommended and what you should still know about!

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: We think we think Best game platforms for Casino Highroller before.
  • Chapter 1: Crypto casinos are often the best high roller casinos - Especially in Germany!
  • Chapter 2: High scooters can In good casinos for VIPS numerous benefits to get.
  • Chapter 3: Online casinos with high Live Casino Tischlimits are often interesting for high scooters.

Recommended online casinos for VIPS

Slot casinoBitcoin Casino Slotum casino experience report
  • High welcome bonus up to $ 3,500
  • High rollers are considered with reload bonus
  • 3- to 4-digit premiums with VIP status
Billion Casino Billion casino experience report
  • VIP cashback every month
  • Personal support for VIPs
  • Many goodies in the VIP program
Boo Casino Boo Casino experience report
  • VIP cashback for high scooters
  • Cashback for $ 5,000
  • High welcome bonus up to $ 1,000
Euslot Casino Euslot casino experience report
  • Special bonuses for VIP promotion
  • 4x 100% to $ 1,000 with VIP status
  • Special high-scooter bonuses possible
Nomini CasinoBitcoin Casino Nomini Casino experience report
  • High welcome bonus
  • Up to 15% as cashback for VIPS
  • Special bonuses for active high scooters
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What is a high scooter and how do you become a high scooter?

Before we go to the best high roller casinos, advantages for VIPS and Co. Two important questions Clarify: What is a high scooter at all and how do you become one?

  • 1
    First for the definition of high scooters: High scooters are players who regularly set large sums. It is not uncommon for these casino customers to make a living with gaming at machines and (live) table games. But they usually don't just risk a lot of money. They play with special strategies that enable them to certainly make such large operations.
  • 2
    So you become a high scooter: In order to be considered a high scooter, you must definitely break out of the classic "in between" in between "and can regularly play with strategy and, above all, the necessary change. Most casinos understand high scooters who play a lot and also implement a lot of money in the casino. So put your focus on it - but with brains, of course.

Our top 5 best high roller casinos

Players who set a lot regularly are always looking for good high roller casinos. These are exactly such game platforms that have at least one of the previously listed factors:

  • High deployment limits
  • Lush payment limits
  • Strong bonuses
  • Very good equipped VIP programs

Casinos that offer at least one of these criteria can already be interesting for high scooters. Of course we would like to help. Therefore below Our top 5 of the best casinos for high rollers on the market.


Invoice is now an absolute mainstream casino. It all started in 2012. The originally Scandinavian company behind the casino noticed early with a new design and many fresh ideas at the slot fans. In addition, fair conditions and a completely good service.

It didn't take long for the first high scooters to be aware of Casumo. The limits are presented well to this day. You can Enter up to 20,000 $, get yours Winned normally within 24 hours and have access to one extensive VIP program.

According to the operator statement, around 12 million valuables are awarded in the latter. In addition, players get more than 31,000 rewards. There is a lot of in it for high-scooters.

  • Like to read ours right away Casumo experiences, to get more information about the offers of this online casino.


Cloudbet was actually ahead of his time in his 2013 live gear. From the beginning, the betting provider with online casino has only made games with crypto currencies possible. Credit cards, e-wallets or even transfers were and are not an option for payments.

Anyone who gets involved in crypto currencies-we recommend this due to their simplicity and security more and more-get one at Cloudbet Huge game selection Under very high operations and with almost unlimited win (keyword "progressive jackpots").


Push Served - as the name suggests - mainly the German -speaking market. To this day, however, one takes away from a game that runs exclusively under a German license.

International casino fans can have up to 10,000 $ paid out at once. Profits are on the account within around 24 hours via e-wallets. And the VIP program offers, among other things, the chance of a personal account manager, exclusive offers or Higher payment amountsthat are even faster in the account.

Unfortunately, not all goodies also apply in German -speaking countries, there Drückglück since 2021 officially according to the new German regulations for online gambling. In particular, the once high limits of the live casino are likely to be difficult for many German high scooters. You can no longer play live games in this country.


Celibacy is a real jack of all. Here you will find a large game portfolio from all conceivable genres. On top of that, there is a good, sometimes curious selection of sports betting.

You can make maximum inserts above the market level. In addition, the operational limits are extremely individual. You don't have to expect any restrictions from the casino. The game providers set the limits. You will also be in terms of live casino or jackpots unmounted. Everything on one card - no problem (if the table gives).

Furthermore, payments under an hour are the rule and there are hardly any payout limits. Last but not least, both conditions are due to the fact that 22bet increasingly Crypto money transfer has prescribed. But you can also use conventional currencies.

  • In our 22bet experiences You can find many other useful information about this online casino.


Rabona is a rather young game platform, especially compared to the first casinos. It only saw the light of the online world in 2019.

The "fresh wind" can be recognized, among other things, on the clear slope Crypto currencies. When paying with these, high scooters get particularly good limits and the bookings are also very quick, even with high amounts.

In the meantime you have at Rabona firmly anchored in the hearts of the high scooters. There are no further reasons for this in addition to the one just mentioned: there are no general operational limits. Even with the profit limits, it is exclusively the game providers who set the rules. Professionals have free trains at slots, jackpots and live casino.

Diverse players should only keep an eye on the limits for the payments. Rabona keeps that at maximum 20,000 $ a month. However, the sum also depends on the respective VIP status. The more you play, the higher the limit. The best conditions for high scooters.

Crypto casinos: The best high roller casinos or VIP casinos

Reine CRYPTO-CASIN, such as Cloudbet, or hybrid variants, such as Rabona, have various clear advantages. Some of the very central benefits are actually especially interesting for high scooters.

For the following reasons, game platforms with crypto currencies are often ideal high roller casinos.
  • High or no payment limits: Conventional payment methods in online casinos always have certain limits. Even game platforms that are not restricted for the German provisions often rely on the limitation of around 5,000 $ for deposits. Withdrawals are also capped in this area. In the case of crypto currencies, on the other hand, there are often no limits for account charges. And also payments are also very high limits - if at all limited.
  • Fast payments: Deposits are booked immediately with most modern online casinos with almost all methods. An exception here and there is the classic transfer. However, even with otherwise good providers, payments can take two, three or even more days. You have to be particularly patient with credit cards. With a crypto currency, however, you usually get your profits within minutes.
  • Hardly any payment fees: There are still payment fees in online casinos. For individual payment methods, even some of the very big names levy on the casino market. It becomes particularly painful when percentage values apply. Especially with high scooters, which not only set a lot, but of course also win a lot, a delivery of two or three percent can already cost a lot. The proceeds are significantly reduced. As a rule, crypto casinos do not charge any fees on payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. There are at most minimal sums that result from the blockchain transaction themselves.
  • Security through blockchain technology: The blockchain is a very safe system in itself. There are not even banks or other institutions that you can influence directly. Transactions are practically hacker-resistant. Fraud is also not an issue. This is undoubtedly interesting for High scooters, who normally handle large sums for which they want maximum protection.
  • Anonymity through cryptos: Cryptocurrencies are very safe and even anonymous. In principle, no personal data is required for the transactions. There are no necessary connections to your bank account, a credit card or an e-wallet. This is very important for high scooters, because with correspondingly large winnings, which also also enter into regularly, are probably also associated with considerable tax burdens. High scooters who live from their game are obliged to pay income tax and, if necessary, further taxes. If crypto currencies are used, the topic is at least better regulated.
  • Arrange restrictions in Germany: Crypto casinos generally work under a license from overseas. The top addresses for the German market have a serious license in Curaçao. This means that you can whistle the German regulations about game restrictions and deposit limits. High scooters do not have to worry about being restricted in their game for license reasons.

Best Casino VIP services: What are the advantages of diverse players in casinos for VIPS?

The online casino VIP services are actually very similar from game platform to game platform. Almost every casino with VIP program has special bonuses for loyal players on offer that customers can get depending on the status.

In addition to some other standards, there are always again more special online casino VIP prices. This includes, for example, exclusive competitions and tournaments in which frequent players can dust high real assets, travel or the like.

Short excursus to the relevance of VIP Casinos for High Roller:
Why are good VIP programs for high scooters so interesting? The question is actually easy to answer. High scooters not only play high sums, but also comparatively often. And in particular, those who often make operations benefit from a VIP program. As a rule, high-scooters do not primarily aim to get far up in such systems. They rather use them by the way and, in addition to their high profits, can practically automatically collect a wide range of goodies.

You can read what you can expect from online casinos with VIP program below.

Special bonus offers for VIPS

Bonus offers can be very diverse and bring absolutely profitable profits. Almost every casino has next to one Welcome bonus Other deals in the program that gives players in the long term and should of course also keep them on the shelf. Whether they really are really worthwhile depends on the bonus conditions.

If there is a VIP system, there are typical match bonuses, free spins, Cashbacks etc. In almost all cases, special rules. High rollers can be here, for example percentage deposit offers get for very high amounts. Deals over 2,000, 3,000 or even more $ are possible.


Another classic is one with the status rising VIP cashback. This means that the more you play and the higher you climb in the VIP program, the greater the sum that you can get back from your losses from the casino.

A similar procedure applies to free spins and other bonuses. The more you set and the more you do this, The more you get from the respective casino when it comes to bonus offers.

Higher limits in the VIP system

Limits are always a central topic for high-scooters. If they are not correct from the start, corresponding professionals will hardly play at the online casino in question. Certainly, no high scooter will only play to rise in a VIP program, to get a better limit.


On the other hand, high scooters are almost Flyed everywhere with any limits. Good and serious casinos without limits are practically not found.

If a game platform generally has attractive limits for high-scooters and then there is still the online casinos VIP service, this is of course Absolutely welcome point.

Casino managers are not stupid:
They react promptly when someone regularly sets high sums. Such players then sometimes have the opportunity to benefit faster from high VIP limits. This is not surprising, because frequent players also mean increased profit potential for online casinos.

Casinos with VIP customer service

Not only when it comes to big sums, it is important for players to receive all -round good care. The technology and the online world offer an enormous number of advantages, but also as many pitfalls. Questions and problems with machines, table games, payments, verification or even in bonus conditions are the order of the day.


It is not uncommon for appropriate concerns to only be solved with the support of an employee of the casino. Depending on the scope of the difficulty, this sometimes even takes quite a long time. If there is no close and continuous support, can the joy of playing or the profit potential quickly suffer enormously.

After all, high deposits or lush profits are endangered or if an important strategy is not to be applied, it looks all the more critical.

Diverse players who are on top of that with large amounts often get special support. It is not uncommon for a Personal account manager turned off that looks after everything important about the respective account. This is often even accessible around the clock. In order for you to benefit from such an intensive online casino VIP customer service, it is generally necessary to achieve one of the last levels.


Bonus offers are sometimes referred to as gifts, but this is rarely correct. Because you almost always have to do something to maintain a deal or benefit from it.


Online casinos would like to secure themselves with corresponding bonus conditions. This always remains a good chance of collecting yourself. This is only legitimate, because of course these are companies that somehow have to finance their services.

Nevertheless, sometimes there are real gifts from casinos. As a rule, however, a lot has to happen. Top vips can receive such attention. You then mostly got through a extraordinary game frequency excellent.

The gifts are very different:
Von Free spending without sales conditions Almost anything is possible up to the online casino VIP trip.

Competitions, tournaments etc. with high prices

Many casinos offer Competitions with non -cash prizes or tournamentsin which players can compete. Both the normal prices of raffles or similar actions as well as the competition within conventional competitions can be very tempting.


However, such offers are less interesting for frequent players who may also put a lot of money. For them, just don't jump out enough. This applies both on the profit and the fun level.

However, things look different within a VIP program. Here are sometimes Tournaments or competitionsthat are tailored to the needs of professionals - and which can only be used by those. The right VIP status is decisive.

Similar to the gifts, the orientations can be completely different:

  • Some casino always switches tournaments for high scooters with large cash prizes.
  • Others even send their best poker high scooters to an online casino VIP trip to a real poker tournament.

Faster payments

We all want to get our profits in the online casino as prompt as possible. With new providers in particular, there is often a certain fear that they may not pay a rewarding proceeds. After all, you have heard or read so many times.

But even with established game platforms, it is becoming more and more exciting the longer a payment.


Imagine now that you have played with a very high sum and won an immense amount. at Payout times of several days Even experienced high scooters can become nervous.

Now such waiting times are rather rare today, but that does not apply When it comes to larger sums. Because then the classic transfer is still often the means of choice, since this can be transferred the most credit in many places under the conventional payment methods.

  • Remember, we recommend cryptos as a means of payment for high-scooters to make faster payments.

There are opportunities for the online casinos to speed up high transactions (also with a bank transfer). However, these are also associated with increased effort. Therefore, they are usually only offered for those players who bring the most profit to the respective platform.

And these are once again diverse high scooters, which are correspondingly high on the VIP level.

Online casinos with high Live Casino Tischlimits

Game platforms for high scooters often have high Live Casino Limits. Many high scooters use corresponding tablets to implement their sophisticated strategies and thus collect really lush. You can read everything you need to know about online casinos with high live casino carpenters in a compact form!

  • Quality Recognize casinos with high table limits:

How High Roller rates a good casino with high carpenters is of course subjective. In the area of the really high stakes in particular, very differentiated personal preferences come into play, because you want to make money in the casino after all.

However, there are some general factors that (should) take into account all high scooters if you choose a casino with high table limits. In any case, this includes a valid license, suitable limits for your own preferences, an advantageous payout policy and separate tables for high scooters.

  • Know different table limits per provider:

With live games there are as with Slots, Scratchcards, Bingo and Co. various software providers. In fact, all of these providers not only offer different games, but also their very own table limits. Evolution Gaming is generally known for very high limits, but also at NetEntandefinedandandefinedplaytech can sometimes be set several thousand $.

  • Tischlimits per casino:

It may well be that some online casinos require different limits at tables despite identical software providers. In this context, for example, it is also common that there is a Limitation to a one -time use are.

In this case, for example, you can only play a certain sum with roulette in a game round.

  • Roulette is particularly attractive for high scooters:

Roulette Generally offers high table limits. In addition, very worthwhile high-scooter game strategies can be used at roulette tables. This includes the doubling strategy/martingale strategy.

  • Check carpentry in the casino:

If you don't want to register at first, you can A look at the terms and conditions Or give an existing FAQ area. Unfortunately, limits are rarely recorded there.

A second variant leads over the information area of the possibly existing VIP or loyalty program. There, in various casinos, increased limits for participants in the respective system are advertised. If you don't find it there either or there is no corresponding program, the Contact to support the solution.

Often you either have to be satisfied with an approximate number or register directly in the casino. In the latter case, you can of course see the operating limits yourself in the games.

  • That is why there are carpenters at all:

The higher the use, the greater the possible profit. Some professional players can sometimes hardly resist the temptations in the casino. Often your own limits are exceeded, which of course often goes hand in hand with problems.

Casinos as well as players can suffer high losses. On the one hand, limits apply to the self-protection of the casino operators and on the other hand the safety of the players. This applies both in online casinos and in real casinos - for example in Las Vegas.

  • Central advantages and risks of high table limits:

High scooters can of course also win a lot at tables with high limits. In addition to this primary advantage, extremely worthwhile strategies can often only be carried out with high and/or repeated operations.

The biggest disadvantage is that high scooters in the intoxication of the game at tables with high limits quickly forget your own limits. Massive game problems can result.

FAQ – High Roller Casinos

Sea Definitionareyouhighscootersifyouplayonastrategicbasiswithveryhighoperationsandgainlargeamountsofmoneyincasinos.
Yes, there are quite a few high scooters that are from gambling in slots and Play tablelife.however,veryfewpeopleare,becausemostplayersaresimplytoohigh.
First and foremost you need a Casino,whichashighornolimitsaspossible.accordingly,youarenotoronlyverylittlelimited.thelargecryptocasinosonthemarket,suchascloudbet,areverygoodaddresses.
Quite - but only if you really play constant and disciplined for years to to earn money in the casino.ifyoudonottakecareandunderdifferentiatedstrategies,itcanevenbedangerousquickly.gameproblemsarenotuncommonforprospectiveprofessionals.
The be-all and end-all is always the right money management. This means that you do healthy risk management and never set money that you don't really overlay. A task that is currently for Beginnerisdifficult.

Conclusion: High roller casinos have many facets

Since the high rollers are professional casino players, it is all the more important from the beginning only with trustworthy Provider with a top game selection to take part. In our casinos presented, you will therefore find a number of generous welcome offers, promotions and loyalty programs for VIP players. In the end, we recommend that every Highroller only consider providers who reflect the appreciation of the VIP players on offer.

If you take into account the high roller casinos/VIP casinos from this guide and tips around them, you have one Good information basis for high operations with lush profits. Also do not forget to deal with specific high-scooter strategies. Therefore always starts carefully and never away from your financial possibilities!