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Live Casino Game Show: Play with real live dealers in the best live casinos 2022

First it was the classic casino, then the Internet Casino came and that then remembered its roots as a live casino. In the meantime, almost all online casinos have one or the other Live-Casino Gameshow on offer. We introduce you to the most popular shows and provide you with the suitable providers for live casino games shows.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: This Casinoanbieter offer you the best live casino games shows.
  • Chapter 1: We put them Best assessing evolution gaming games before.
  • Chapter 2: Another live casino provider that should be on your game show list: playtech.
  • Chapter 3: Also discovers the exciting ones Pragmatic play Live Casino Gameshows.
  • Chapter 4: Our Top 3 the best live casinos presented.

Strong casino providers with live shows

Cloudbet CasinoBitcoin Casino Cloudbet Casino experience report
  • Numerous games shows available
  • Evolution, Vivo and Ezugi
  • FLYS
Ninecasino Ninecasino experience report
  • 10+ Live Casino Game Shows Available
  • Operations of only 10 cents possible
  • Wide evolution portfolio
Playzilla CasinoBitcoin Casino Playzilla Casino experience report
  • Game shows of 5 providers
  • Inklusive Evolution, Pragmatic & Ezugi
  • Additionally more than 300 live tables
LocoWin CasinoNewcomer Locowin Casino experience report
  • Live games from 3 providers
  • Large selection of evolution shows
  • All known Pragmatic live shows
Slotimo Casino Slotimo casino experience report
  • 8 Provider im Live-Casino
  • Very versatile games show offer
  • Various cryptocurrencies allowed
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Die Live-Casino Gameshows von Evolution Gaming

That you nowadays almost everyone Serious online casino It is hardly surprising that Evolution Gaming Live Casino can experience. Finally this provider is considered True pioneer in the industry.

After more and more online casinos appeared on the Internet, Evolution Gaming to transfer the true live feeling to the World Wide Web. At the end of 2018, the first online casino live games show came with Dream Catcher Evolution on the market.

The portfolio is constantly growing, so reason enough to present you the current gameshow range from Evolution. Sent daily from various studios, that are in europe and North America - For example in Riga (main studio), on Malta and in Bucharest and Vancouver.

Crazy Time: A crazy show awaits you

Overview: Crazy Time
  • Publishing year: 2020
  • Payout rate: 95,50%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,10 $
  • Maximum use per round: 2.500 $
  • Play round: 30 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 25.000x

Crazy Time is based on the concept of the successful live casino games show Dream Catcher, which we will discuss later. Admittedly, the game concept cannot be seen straight away, But the live host takes you confidently through the rounds.

The process is very similar to Dream catcher. The wheel of fortune offers 8 betting options. As soon as the moderator turns the wheel, The top slot mini game also starts. This slot machine with two rollers determines the multiplier and a field for which it then applies. The flapper on the bike gives the win.

After the main shoot are sometimes Various bonus features activated:

  • Cash Hunt: Here you embark on the hunt for multipliers by "shooting" symbols that you choose with the cursor, like a shooting range from the fair.
  • Pachinko: A ball falls down in this bonus game. The place where the ball lands determines the multiplier.
  • Coin Flip: This is a digital coin toss in which a certain multiplier is assigned by chance.
  • Crazy Time: The eponymous bonus game definitely provides the main attraction of this casino games show. If the feature is activated, each of the 64 bonus fields is a hit. With a little luck, you can reach multipliers of up to 20,000x.

Monopoly Live: A reference to the popular board game

Overview: Monopoly Live
  • Publishing year: 2019
  • Payout rate: 96,23%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,10 $
  • Maximum use per round: 2.500 $
  • Play round: 45 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 500.000 $

The most famous board game in the wheel of fortune version is now considered Gameshow classic. The game was equipped with a modified shape of the Dream Catcher wheel, which attracts with additional instant gains and multipliers. You make it into the 3D bonus round, it goes on the monopoly playing field with dice and it can get really lucrative.

The game runs as follows: You tap on a wheel of fortune on where the bike comes to a standstill. The wheel of fortune has 54 fields of the same size, of which 48 fields are filled with the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10. If the bike ends up here, you get a profit according to the payment table.

Meet you one of the two Event fields, there is one Event card. This can either bring you cash prices or multipliers. Cash goes to all players, the multiplier is re -turned and this multiplier counts on the profits of the following round.

Show the other fields "Dice 2x" and "Dice 4x". Here it will 3D bonus game unlocked. This is how you reach the actual monopoly feature. Mr. Monopoly takes your diced steps on the field. The street on which it lands decides on your additional profit.

  • Our tip: Uses the function more often „Bet on all“, because in this way you have more chances of a hit.

Dream Catcher: Dreams come true here

Overview: Dream Catcher
  • Publishing year: 2018
  • Payment rate: 96,58 %
  • Minimum use per round: 0,10 $
  • Maximum use per round: 2.000 $
  • Game round: 40 seconds
  • Maximated: 500.000 $

That Classic wheel of fortune has opened the market for casino games shows. In this game you have to guess whether the wheel of fortune on number 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40 ends up. The payments are accordingly.

Of the Bonus-Spin-Multiplikator X2 or even X7 increases the fun of the game, which is offered to you by the motivating moderator and the various camera perspectives.

The game principle is very simple:

  1. You tap the field that you suspect and hope that it will come.
  2. If another field is hit, you lose your use - but that's just fair.
  3. If you are correct with your forecast, the number fields will increase your profit, which can increase even further due to the multipliers.

The Lightning Game Shows: enormous profits possible thanks to multipliers

Overview: Lightning Roulette
  • Publishing year: 2018
  • Payout rate: 97,3%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,20 $
  • Maximum use per round: 5.000 $
  • Play round: Around 55 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 500x

Evolution Gaming has some of his games shows for the casino with the so -called Lightning Feature fitted. It is a multiplier that can multiply your profits.

At Lightning Roulette, the random generator comes into play after you have made your missions. An algorithm selects one to five numbers that with one Multiplier of up to 500x be provided. If you are on big winnings, you should focus on Plein bets.

Overview: Lightning Dice
  • Publishing year: 2019
  • Payout rate: 96,21 %
  • Minimum use per round: 0,20 $
  • Maximum use per round: 2.000 $
  • Play round: Around 60 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 1.000x

at Lightning Dice is played with three standard cubes as usual. You try to predict the total of the eyes. The Lightning feature also begins here after the end of the operation. At least one flash number is determined per round and with one Multiplier of up to 1,000x fitted.

Overview: Lightning Baccarat
  • Publishing year: 2020
  • Payout rate: 98,76%
  • Minimum use per round: 1,00 $
  • Maximum use per round: 2.000 $
  • Play round: Around 30 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 500.000 $

At the Lightning Baccarat 20 percent of the missions are calculated as Lightning side bet. As with normal baccarat, you can tap the player, the bank or on a draw and also place side bets. In the lightning round, up to five cards are pulled to you one 2x to 8x multiplier grant.

Overview: Lightning Blackjack
  • Publishing year: 2021
  • Payout rate: 99,56%
  • Minimum use per round: 1,00 $
  • Maximum use per round: 5.000 $
  • Play round: Around 50 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 25x

And then there would still be Lightning Blackjack. Since you can make massive profits with this Live Casino Game Show, a 100 percent flash fee is charged in addition to the actual game. If the hand wins, await you always a 2x to 8x multiplier, which, however, is only activated in the following game round.

Deal or no deal live: quasi a remake of the well-known TV show

Overview: deal or no deal live
  • Publishing year: 2019
  • Payout rate: 95,42%
  • Minimum use per round: 1,00 $
  • Maximum use per round: 4.500 $
  • Play round: About 5 minutes
  • Maximacked up: 500x

Deal or No Deal Live is based on the show known from the TV. The live variant is quite similar to your model and hardly reminds of a casino. In advance you have to qualify for the round on a kind of RNG-controlled slot machine before it is called "Deal or no deal?".

In the Qualification phase You have to bring three golden rows together on a wheel of fortune. Since this is not always very easy, you can simply increase your use to get up to two more rows. This is followed by the price increase phase, in which random multipliers increase the potential winning of a case or even more cases to 5x to 50x.

The suitcase opening phase is then pending. The goal is to assess whether the amount of money in the closed suitcases is higher than the bank's offer. A certain amount of money for its content is offered to you after each case opened. Then the question arises "Deal or No deal“.

Mega Ball: A must for every bingo fan

Overview: mega ball
  • Publishing year: 2020
  • Payout rate: 95,4%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,10 $
  • Maximum use per round: 100 $
  • Play round: 90 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 1.000.000x

It is very fresh in the business Colorful bingo show Mega Ball. 51 colored balls fly through the drum and have to form rows or gaps with your loose bought in advance. At the very end, the eponymous "Mega Ball" is drawn, which enables you to benefit from a multiplier up to one million.

The game works in detail as follows:

  1. You first buy bingo cards.
  2. Various packages are offered for this, up to 400 cards are possible.
  3. Then 20 of the 51 balls in the lottery drum are pulled.
  4. After the main round there is one or two mega ball bonus rounds, with one 5 times to 100 times multiplier On a slot roller.

Complete a line through a bonus number, the multiplier is charged with the entire card. In all other cases, the number is considered a normal ball.

Super Sic Bo: One of the most popular dice games also available live

Overview: Super Sic Bo
  • Publishing year: 2019
  • Payout rate: 97,22%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,20 $
  • Maximum use per round: 5.000 $
  • Play round: Approximately 25 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 1.000x

That Casino dice game Sic Bo also gets a new coat of paint at Evolution Live. In terms of the ambience, however, the game can hardly be identified as a games show. The cubes roll as usual, but different Bet spots are provided with multipliers and increase the action.

The classic Sic Bo Rules are the basis of the game. So you have to predict which numbers are rolled. Here, too, the multiplier comes into play. Because if the cubes are on the roll, multipliers are randomly placed on the field. This partly promise Until 1,000 times the profit. If the field lights up with the multiplier, the profits are multiplied.

Side Bet City: The right live casino games show for poker fans

Overview: Side Bet City
  • Publishing year: 2019
  • Payout rate: 96,69%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,50 $
  • Maximum use per round: 100 $
  • Play round: Around 40 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 100.000 $

Just like Marty McFly in the movie jumps back to 1985 and experiences there Exciting hours in Las-vegas-neon-pokerraum. The main actor at Side Bet City is a standard poker deck with 52 cards. The playing cards are mixed again after each round.

First, the players and the dealer receive three cards. Then four community cards are interpreted. You can't only on hand with 3, 5 or 7 cards bet, but also on "all lots" - that is, that all of your hands lose.

Our tip:
Doesn't rely on "everyone loses" because this is the most unlikely variant.

Playtech is also around the casino games shows

The second top provider in terms of live games shows casino games is in any case the provider Playtech, the Evolution Gaming in the Playtech Online Casinos can imitate a lot of success. According to our experiences, casinos with Playtech games shows in this country are difficult to find.

The provider playtech originally comes from Estonia, but now has his company headquarters on the Isle of Man. Streaming is primarily from the impressive 8,500 square meters of studio in Riga.

Buffalo Blitz Live: Playtech's most popular casino games show

Overview: Buffalo Blitz Live Slots
  • Publishing year: 2020
  • Payout rate: 95,96%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,40 $
  • Maximum use per round: 2,00 $
  • Play round: No information
  • Maximacked up: 300x

This Live Slot is the perfect symbiosis of live entertainment and slots hinge. Strictly speaking, the often female hostess only acts as your extended arm at the machine, but through charm, wit and the sophisticated backdrop, it is a bit more than the typical online slot machine.

So the gameplay is quickly explained, because you actually gamble at a machine without pressing the lever yourself. This does the lady who stands next to the slot machine. What should not go unmentioned: In addition to a scatter, the game includes one WILD-Symbol in the form of a diamond that can appear on the rollers 2 to 6.

Spin A Win: A classic games show with a wheel of fortune

Overview: Spin A Win
  • Publishing year: 2018
  • Payout rate: 97,22%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,10 $
  • Maximum use per round: 500 $
  • Play round: Around 50 seconds
  • Maximacked up: No information

What Evolution Dream Catcher is for Playtech is the spin a win Cycle wheel with 53 fields. This is also about values 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. The gambling is upgraded by the multipliers X2 and X7. Three side game operations similar to roulette (odd, straight, multiplier) complete the live experience.

The game principle could not be easier here either:

  1. First of all, you make your missions on the fields you prefer.
  2. Then the wheel of fortune is turned.
  3. If this comes to a stop on a multiplier, follow further rotation until the wheel shows a winning number.

Quantum Roulette and Quantum Blackjack: High multipliers curl

Overview: Quantum Roulette
  • Publishing year: 2019
  • Payout rate: 97,30%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,20 $
  • Maximum use per round: 500 $
  • Play round: Around 50 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 500x

The studio shines in cosmic shades of blue, the roulette kettle or the Blackjack table are in the center Croupiers become entertainers. There are no flashes here, but it does Quantum multipliersthat make individual fields or cards particularly worthwhile and at the same time are the main difference to the classic variants of blackjack and roulette.

Overview: Quantum Blackjack
  • Publishing year: 2020
  • Payout rate: 99,47%
  • Minimum use per round: 1,00 $
  • Maximum use per round: 500 $
  • Play round: Around 50 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 1000x

How do the Quantum work multipliers? Become roulette in quantum Up to five positions with 50 times up to 500 times multiplierwhose value is increased by the Quantum Boost. With the Quantum Blackjack you can benefit from up to three multipliers (3x, 5x or 10x) each.

Live Hi-Lo: A card game classic as a live casino games show

Overview: Live Hi-Lo
  • Publishing year: 2015
  • Payout rate: 96,45%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,20 $
  • Maximum use per round: 1.000 $
  • Play round: No information
  • Maximacked up: 100x

In this card show in front of a wooden wall, you have to demonstrate your oracle skills again. A card is pulled by the host and you should predict whether the Next card higher, deeper or equal ("snap") is. Each option has its own quota and as always you can talk about the chat with the live dealer and friends.

At live hi-Lo you get one Starting card for orientation. Then you have to decide whether the next card is higher or lower and determine your use accordingly. But you can also type which game card will appear in the next round.

The dealer then draws three cards that are not uncovered, and then a fourth game card that depends on everything. Finally, the evaluation and profit distribution take place, before the next round starts. The drawn card acts as a orientation card in the new game round.

Casino Gameshows from Pragmatic Play Live more and more available

Presenting all live casino games shows would go beyond the scope of this article. While NetEntandefinedandandefinedMicrogaming More likely to focus on live table classics can only be found sporadically in the live casino such as Lucky Streak, Vivogaming and Absolute Live Gaming. At this point it may still be noteworthy, which is still with Bet on Numbers and KENO two more well -known games shows.

With Pragmatic Play or Pragmatic Play Live, however, there is another live provider that we do not want to withhold from you.

In the past few months in particular, the number of casinos in which all or almost all of Pragmatic's casino games can be found significantly.

The game developer was founded in 2007 as top games and in 2015 in Pragmatic play renamed. Originally, the company's portfolio primarily comprised slot, but for some time now numerous live casino tables and one or the other game show.

Pragmatic's live studio, launched in 2019, is located in Bucharest in Romania.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland: a mix of a wheel of fortune and slot

Overview: Sweet Bonanza Candyland
  • Publishing year: 2021
  • Payout rate: 96,95%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,20 $
  • Maximum use per round: 3.000 $
  • Play round: Around 40 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 20.000x

Sweet Bonanza Candyland falls into the category "New Casino Game Shows", because the game was only released at the end of 2021. In detail, the live show is one Combination of Money Wheels and the popular slot Sweet Bonanza.

As with other wheel of gaming games, your task is to predict the field, on which the flapper stops. The Sweet Bonanza Rad is made up of 54 segments, which mostly show the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10. Five of the fields trigger special or bonus functions:

  • Sweet Spins Symbol (1 times): You will receive a defined number of free spins, for which the reel setup expands to 6x5. The feature was also equipped with a cascade profit function, which means that profit symbols are removed from the rollers to make room for new symbols.
  • Candy Drop Symbol (2 times): Here a Pachinko bonus game is triggered, in which the dealer drops a ball with which you collect multipliers.
  • Sugar Bomb Symbol (2 times available): This special symbol rewards you with a random multiplier that can be up to 100x.

Mega Wheel: Optimally suitable for new players and purists

Overview: Mega Wheel
  • Publishing year: 2020
  • Payout rate: 96,50%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,10 $
  • Maximum use per round: 1.000 $
  • Play round: Around 40 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 500x

As the name suggests, Mega Wheel is inspired by classic wheel of fortune formats. Thanks to specially trained moderators, gaming almost comes up with the feeling that you would take part in a TV game show.

Due to the simple rules, inexperienced gamblers will have fun with mega Wheel. In addition, the Live Casino Game Show does not use all bonus functions, which will certainly also be happy about nostalgic.

As with Sweet Bonanza Candyland, this exists Cycle wheel from 54 fieldsbut which the numbers 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 show. If you are correct with your forecast, you will receive the corresponding profit.

New casino games shows: always up to date with us

The world of online casinos never stands still, because of course the gambling providers and providers always try to expand or improve their offer. Below we will introduce you to the most interesting new casino games shows.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt: Slot-Entertainment als Live-Gameshow verpackt

Overview: Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt
  • Publishing year: 2021
  • Payout rate: 96,56%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,10 $
  • Maximum use per round: 1.000 $
  • Play round: Around 90 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 20.000x

At Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt from Evolution Gaming you go in search of the missing treasures by El Dorado. Unlike the Netent Slot Gonzo’s Quest you have to guess which field the treasure is under.

First, you place operations on one or more stones. Then you define the number of tips. You can uncover up to 20 of the 70 fields. If you find the treasure, you can look forward to a thick profit.

After the collective phase is complete, the so -called starts Prize drop function. Prices now fall from the stone wall (provided that there is an opening), the value of which is between +3 and +100. The price fields combine with randomly selected stones, which makes them more valuable. In the top row, multipliers of up to 10x can also appear.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland: Cycling wheel gameplay with three bonus features

Overview: Adventures Beyond Wonderland
  • Publishing year: 2021
  • Payout rate: 96,82%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,10 $
  • Maximum use per round: 1.000 $
  • Play round: No information
  • Maximacked up: 500.000 $

With Adventures Beyond Wonderland, Playtech has developed another live casino game show with a wheel of fortune Thematically inspired by the bestseller "Alice in Wonderland" is. Some figures from the book were even integrated into the game that you encounter in the bonus rounds.

They are also with this game Additional features most interesting that we want to go into more detail below:

  • WonderSpins: You will receive a certain number of free spins with two additional lucky bikes that can bring you money profits and multipliers, among other things.
  • Magic Dice: In this bonus game you have to climb a special field. If you succeed, you will be optimally rewarded with 200 times.
  • Mystery Bonus: If the feature is triggered, you benefit from multipliers. Either you get a multiplier price that is counted towards all profits in the bonus round or rain multipliers to the numbers.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Roulette Live: Only since the end of 2021

Übersicht: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Live
  • Publishing year: 2021
  • Payout rate: 97,29%
  • Minimum use per round: 0,2 $
  • Maximum use per round: 2.000 $
  • Play round: Around 50 seconds
  • Maximacked up: 2.000x

In order to integrate the “Who Weren Millionaire” brand into its digital game offer, the provider Playtech has put together a cooperation with Sony Pictures Television. The game is one Roulette version with elements of the popular entertainment show.

The game is not only reminiscent of the known quiz show. Various sound effects of the show were even included in the game. For Gambler, the live casino game show should above all Due to the high multipliers interesting be with which, according to our experience, up to five numbers are equipped.

The best live casino games shows

  1. Crazy Time
  2. MONOPOLY live
  3. Spin a Win
  4. Sweet Bonanza CandyLand
  5. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt
  6. Lightning Dice
  7. Mega Ball
  8. Deal or No deal
  9. Mega Wheel
  10. Quantum Roulette

Your game starts in 4 simple steps with real live dealers!

With the following steps you can start your live casino adventure directly and right below we will give you some tipsthat you should keep in mind to get the best possible game pleasure.

  • 1
    Step 1: You are looking for yourself about our Online casino comparison Your favorite casinos.
  • 2
    Step 2: Next, you can use our gradual instructions to create an account and fill your bankroll via the available channels.
  • 3
    Step 3: From then on, the live gamshow is nothing more than a game app in the general offer of the casino, often found in your own menu item "Live Casino".
  • 4
    Step 4: Just click in and the rest is pretty straightforward. Of course, the hosts will be happy to help with questions and general support runs as before anyway.

Special features of the games shows in the live casino

The main difference in the live casino is that More people are involved in your game. This brings you the advantage that you can talk to the croupier or other players at any time. Furthermore, the professional croupiers ensure a real casino atmosphere from home!

  • Unfortunately, no play money versions are offered in this category, where you can practice the processes. If you want to play games shows in the online casino, So have to play for real money.

To make matters worse, it also says "The Show Must Go On", which is why the next round starts even without your consent. If you want to avoid this pressure, you can Just watch the first rounds And get to know the shows or play the first-person versions. Instead of live images, only animations are whiz over the screen.

Three top casinos for your game show nights

As already mentioned, you will find these days Almost always one or the other game show on offer The online casinos. Evolution live in particular is widespread, but of course there are always smaller deviations which games are adopted exactly in the portfolio.

Our detailed tests always tell you in detail which Online casino games And which limits await you there. In order to make the search a little easier, there are now three more gratifying Good online casinosIn which you can implement what you have learned here.

Cloudbet Casino: 100% deposit bonus up to 5 BTC

im Cloudbet Casino You can find a first -class selection of Gaming shows from Evolution Gaming and Cricket was from EZUZUGI. The portfolio includes both popular classics such as Crazy Time and Monopoly Live, but also brand new games such as Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt and Crazy Coin Flip. In addition, some live tables of vivogaming are available.

Another highlight at Cloudbet is the welcome bonus, because on your first deposit you can secure a 100% bonus up to 5 BTC. It is gratifying that the operations on games shows also flow 10 percent in turnover. What after ours Cloudbet Casino experiences The following overview also shows for account creation:

  • No deposit and payment limits
  • Modern game offer
  • quick payouts
  • Both very low and very high operations possible

Ninecasino: up to 450 $ bonus and 250 free spins

Whether Crazy Time, Mega Ball and Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming or Sweet Bonanza Candyland and Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play: im Ninecasino Expect a Versatile portfolio of live casino games shows. Apart from the shows, around 350 live tables are also available.

Positive Ninecasino experiences Certainly also contributes to the welcome package, which was split on the first three deposits. You can tap a total of up to 450 $ bonus and secure an additional 250 free spins. Of course, the Ninecasino has more strengths, for example:

  • Wide range of games
  • Focus on player protection
  • Daily cashback
  • Support 24/7 (also via hotline) accessible

Playzilla Casino: 200% new customer bonus up to $ 100 and 500 free spins

That Playzilla Casino offers you Game shows of six game studios. Cooperation partners include Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play as well as EZUZUGI, Real Dealer Studios, Betgames and Hollywood TV. In addition, the portfolio also includes Lucky from Lucky Streak, which we do not see as live casino games shows.

You can also tap a casino bonus at Playzilla. Your first deposit sweeten the online casino with one 200% bonus up to 100 $. On top of that, there are 500 free spins that are released in 10 packages for over 50 days. What else speaks for the provider? After our Playzilla Casino experiences The casino scores primarily:

  • Varied casino portfolio
  • Different cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals
  • Numerous bonus offers for existing customers
  • Support occupied around the clock

FAQ – Live-Casino Gameshow

Whenever a dealer not only sits at the table in its function, but also leads through the rounds as a real moderator, you can speak of a games show. There are interesting concepts that are more reminiscent of a TV show than a casino. The market leader in this area is still considered Evolution Gaming.
No, as soon as you have a casino account with one of the many providers, you can also automatically on that Live-Casinoaccess.youlogintotheshowsaswellasineveryslotmachine.
The individual shows are provided by external providers, in which Evolution Gaming is currently considered the parade horse. The popular shows like Deal or No deal or MONOPOLY liveyoucanfindmanycasinoproviders.
Each casino operator specifies according to the alignment, but also according to the budget for license costs, which games he records in his collection. Therefore, it can happen that different casino games are available depending on the provider. Our shows which shows of the editorial team's favorites Overview with live casino games showson.
The limits vary from providers to providers, even if the same table is transmitted in the live stream. In the lobby you can quickly see which operating heights are available. These often start at 10 cents during the games shows and climb into the thousands. An example of this is Crazy Time.
You can roughly go from payout values between 95 and 97 percent, i.e. with very similar keys as with the countless slot machines. The roulette and blackjack versions even rank over it, such as the Lightning variants of Evolution.
Some games shows can also be used as an animated version gamble online,suchaslightningroulette,footballstudio,megaballanddreamcatcheratevolution.hereyougetthesamegamesandcanpushasomewhatmorerelaxedball,butdowithoutthenevertiredmoderator.

Conclusion: Live casino games shows are the next evolution in the online casino

Live games shows are primarily intended for those among you who do not stop at television before a game show and are increasingly picking up the listener there. The other casino fanatics are also offered a real show.

Above all, we like the variability of the Evolution Game shows. You can listen to the likeable moderators for hours, but also From now on to complete the perfect bet. Titles like Crazy Time or Deal or No Deal have long since had cult status.

Just open one of the many livestreams and like to see if this is something for you or you would rather remain loyal to the slot machines and table games.