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Slots with low variance or volatility - best low volatility slots and strategies

Slot machine fans want to win-and as often as possible. Low variance slots, also called slots with low volatility, make it possible! We introduce you to the most popular low volatility slots, show how you reliably recognize low variance slots and offer you many other useful facts on the subject!

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Casinos with lots of low variance slots

Elcarado Casino Elcarado Casino experience report
  • Filter function for volatility
  • 24 Software-Provider
  • Huge selection of low variance slots
Slotsmillion CasinoMost of the games Slotsmillion Casino experience report
  • More than 2,200 slots
  • 50 Software-Provider
  • Many low-variance classics
Kashima CityNewcomer Cashimashi experience report
  • More than 600 slot machines
  • Top provider of the industry
  • I-Lizenz
Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • Volatility filter function
  • 2000+ Slots
  • Good support
Boom Bang Casino Boom Bang Casino experience report
  • 20 Provider
  • Enormes Slot-Portfolio
  • Best low variance slots from NetEnt
Frank & Fred Casino Frank & Fred Casino experience report
  • More than 500 games
  • Ten software providers
  • Five volatility filters adjustable
Platinum casinoGratisbonus Platinum casino experience report
  • Huge selection of slot
  • Enjoy a good reputation
  • Licensed in europe
Wunderino Casino Wunderino Casino experience report
  • More than 30 slots with low volatility
  • Category for High Volatility Slots
  • A lot of security and customer service
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  1. starburst
  2. Red Hot Gambler
  3. Take Olympus
  4. Wild Diamond 7x
  5. Diamond Blitz
  6. Aloha! Cluster Pays
  7. Ruler of Egypt
  8. Big Apple Wins
  9. Super Lion
  10. Demi Gods II

There is actually More than 800 different slots with low volatility on the market. Of course, it is not possible for us to introduce you to all these titles more precisely. Some particularly popular Online casino games We would like to recommend this area.

Starburst: The most important facts at a glance
  • Volatility: low
  • RTP: 96,09 %
  • Offerer: NetEnt
  • Appearance date: November 12th, 2013
  • Play: 5 x 3
  • College lines: 10
  • Operations: 0.01 to $ 100
  • Maximalgewinn: 50.000 x
  • Bonus-Features: Respins, Expanding-Wilds
  • Free spins: no
  • Jackpot: no

Starburst from Netent knows pretty much everyone who has already dealt with online slots-and for many players, the game forms the entry into the colorful world of the Real money slot machines.

No wonder, because that Starburst Slot is uncomplicated and therefore already offers itself for beginners. In addition, it also comes with a high max-win of 50,000 times and offers a small variance.

This means, Newcomers can collect profits quite often And, if things go really well, even clear out very massively.

Starburst basically works with 5 rollers and 10 paylines, which are rated on both sides. The Sticky Wilds-Re-Spin Feature is particularly worthwhile, in which special expanding game can remain over several rounds.

There is all and more with a very good one Online casino payout rate von 96,09 %.

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You can find darburst in the Boom Bang Casino.

Take Olympus: The most important facts at a glance
  • Volatility: low
  • RTP: 95,49 %
  • Offerer: BetSoft
  • Appearance date: 02/18/2021
  • Play: 5 x 4
  • College lines: 50
  • Missions: 0.10 to 40 $
  • Maximalgewinn: 2.328 x
  • Bonus features: free spins, multipliers, mystery symbols, wilds, scatter
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Jackpot: no

Slot machines and ancient Greek mythology-that fits together very well for a lot of slot fans. Take Olympus from 2021 also uses a corresponding topic and is already one of the very hot candidates to be one of the absolute classics of the low variance slots sooner or later.

Not only his exciting story is likely to convince many players-in particular, it is the diverse bonus features that show a lot of potential.

Betsoft has his machine and his players Different free play functions as well as different wilds, mystery symbols, multipliers and more donated.

A Max win of 2,328 times can jump out for you. The variance is low, so that on your way to the main prize, many small profits.

This happens on a Paytable from 5 rollers and 4 rows or 50 paylines. The payout rate is 95.49 percent.

You can find Take Olympus in King Billy Casino.

Aloha! Cluster Pays: The most important facts at a glance
  • Volatility: low
  • RTP: 96,42 %
  • Provider: Netent
  • Appearance date: 03/25/2016
  • Play: 6 x 5
  • College lines: cluster
  • Missions: 0.10 to $ 200
  • Maximalgewinn: 2.000 x
  • Bonus features: cluster, free spins, respins, wilds, scatter
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Jackpot: no

As the name of this games already says, Aloha is! Cluster Pays about a cluster machine. That means there are 6 reels and 5 rows, but no classic paylines.

You clear in this slot by Cluster from at least 9 identical symbols created. That was a real novelty in 2016 when the game was published. In the meantime, NetEnt and others have Slot machine manufacturer A whole series of cluster machines released, although Aloha remains unsurpassed for many cluster fans.

This is partly due to the attractive free play feature, in which you can collect up to 12 spins. During the Freimehs, the low-playing symbols fall continuously from the rollers-and in the end you only play with the symbols with the highest rating.

Aloha! Cluster Pays has a good payout rate of 96.42 percent and a low variance.

You can do the slot in the Rabona Casino spielen.

Ruler of Egypt: The most important facts at a glance
  • Volatility: low
  • RTP: 95,7 %
  • Provider: Lady Luck Games
  • Appearance date: 15.09.2020
  • Play: 5 x 4
  • College lines: 20
  • Missions: 0.20 to 30 $
  • Maximalgewinn: 100 x
  • Bonus features: free spins, pick-bonus game, multiplier, wilds, scatter
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Jackpot: no

Book of Ra or also book of dead Everyone knows slot fan. Both games still have a huge fan community, especially because of their simplicity and their very good chances of winning.

With the great popularity of these top Egypt slots went and is still accompanied by the fact that many over the years New casino games their topic and mechanics have taken up and partially packed.

That is also with Ruler of Egypt the case. However, the slot has a rather comic, fun character and does not take itself too seriously. In contrast to his large role models, this is also a slot with a low variance.

You play him on a Paytable from 5 rollers and 4 rows with 20 paylines. You can set between 0.20 and 30 $. It can jump out as a profit until 100 times your mission.

Ruler of Egypt is very popular, especially because of its diverse but simple bonus functions for an Egypt slot. Among other things, you can Up to 30 free spins Received and there is also a pick feature!

Demi Gods II: The most important facts at a glance
  • Volatility: low
  • RTP: 95 %
  • Provider: spinomenal
  • Appearance date: 07/09/2018
  • Play: 5 x 3
  • College lines: 50
  • Missions: 0.50 to 500 $
  • Maximalgewinn: 150 x
  • Bonus-Features: Freispiele,, Multiplier, Expanding-Wilds, Moving-Reels, Scatter
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Jackpot: no

With Demi Gods II it has another slot around ancient Greek mythology in our Casino games list made.

The game developer Spinomenal burns down a real firework of free spins - or, as it is aptly called in the slot, offers a real free spins journey. Not less than 4 Free-Spins-Features Expect you where you can benefit from moving reels, expanding game, multipliers of up to 150 times and some more.

In addition, there are always multipliers of 2 x or 3 x in the basic game. If 5 falls, your use will be multiplied 150 times.

You basically play Demi Gods II on one 5 x 3 Paytable with a whopping 50 paylines. You can set between 0.50 and 500 $. The payout rate is 95 percent.


With the expressions of "volatility" and "variance", the same means the same thing at casino games-they relate to the risk that is associated with setting in a certain game.

Especially with slots, the variance shows how often players make a payment. In addition, the variance provides a certain information about the amount of revenue that can then be expected.

The best way to do the difference is directly on slots with low volatility and Slots with a high variance illustrate.

Bring slots that have a low volatility relatively frequent revenues, but the amounts obtained are usually only low to medium high.

The counterpart to slots with a low variance are of course with high. Although these make you much less common, you are successful, but you are successful, the sum obtained tends to be all the greater.

Games with high volatility are naturally risky because you generally have to invest a lot of money before the cash register finally rings really loudly.

  • As a result, we recommend beginners to resort to low variance slots. These are ideal for quick successes and for a small budget, which is usually important for beginners. You can promptly earn a few $ here and don't have to work for a long time.

You do not need a larger budget buffer at machines with a low variance, because you hardly have to bridge larger dry spells until there is cash on the casino account again.

Basically, slots with a low variance are very suitable for spontaneous fun games. You can actually clear massive in many such titles.

Of course, you shouldn't expect a million jackpot here. If you are lucky, some of the machines with low volatility, such as Starburst or Aloha, but proceeds of several hundred thousand $ are included!

Slots should of course primarily be fun-and often the topic of the machine and its animations, music, bonus features etc. often play the first violin.

Nevertheless, it is quite smart and, last but not least because absolutely profitable - Exactly know what kind of slot you have in front of you.

A game that is so appealing so, if it is chosen incorrectly, cannot provide really good profit potential, which makes it less fun. For example, if you play a slot machine that has a high variance, quickly during the breakfast break, the likelihood is low that a noticeable or a profit will jump out at all.

The situation is similar when you are a slot beginner. If you accidentally choose a slot that has a high volatility, it may not give you any special fun because you will not record any proceeds for a long time. This can actually have a sustainable negative impact on all your desire to play.

Not there All online casinos Always stated whether it is a slot with a low volatility or a high variance, it is highly appropriate to be able to make a corresponding distinction independently.

Even developers of slots rarely provide direct information about the variations of their products. Some big players, for example Greentube (Novomatic), are quite transparent here, but other facts also provide us with several direct inquiries.

Fortunately, you only need a little experience, time and the right ones to recognize volatility Online casino tips From us!

  • 1st possibility: Of course, you can easily find out the variance of a slot via a long -term use of the game.

Of course you don't play real money right away, but in demo fashion. The faster you record profits here, the lower the variance.

  • 2nd possibility: players who want to know more precisely, we recommend a look at the Paytable of the Slot of choice. If you find a relatively large revenue overall, this is a clear sign that it is not a low variance slot.

This is only logical, because high profits can only be distributed relatively rarely, since the game developers and above all New online casinos otherwise would do a minus business.

  • 3rd possibility: The variance can be recognized even more precisely and faster by looking at the theoretical revenue amount of 4 same symbols on a payline within the payout table of the respective game and then comparing them with the possible distribution of 5 profit icons.

If there is a difference from 5 to 10 times, it is most likely not a slot with a low variance, but a machine with a high volatility.

Here is a small example:

SpielStarburstbook of dead
Profit 4x200 Coins1.000 Coins
Profit 5x250 Coins5.000 Coins
differenceThe profit at 5x bar icons is only 1.25 times of 4x barThe profit at 5x research icons is 5 times of 4x researchers
Yes, at least Serious online casinosofferyouamixoflowvarianceslotsandmachineswithahighvariance.
Slots with a low variance are usually not considered with an extra bonus. But it is quite possible to have a conventional one Casino welcome bonusoruseanyotherdealforslotmachines.lowvarianceslotsareactuallyalwayscompatiblewiththesalesconditions.
The variance or rather the knowledge of those is so important when playing because it decides whether a game can really bring profits and fun in the respective situation. For example are Slots with a high variancenotsowellsuitedforspontaneous,fastgaming.andveryrarelygainjackpothuntersslotswithlowvolatility.

If you have the maximum from your Online casino profit opportunities want to get out, you have to deal with the topic of variance or volatility! This is the only way you can do that right machines for every situation make up and always play under the best conditions.

At first glance, the relationships between the variance in slots appear very complex at first glance. Actually, all of this is not that difficult. If you look through the variance, you will play much more prudent and therefore more profitable. We therefore recommend that the information listed here and more Slot machines tips be sure to internalize.

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