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The biggest profits in online casinos

Anyone who plays in an online casino naturally has the hope of making a profit and thus increasing their paid credit. It is clear to everyone that this cannot always work. But every now and then it happens that Win the player enormous sums when playing in the online casino, usually on slots with progressive jackpot. In the following you will learn more about the largest online casino profits in recent years.

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These are the largest casino winnings ever

The largest known casino profits in history come from MegaBucks Slot, a slot machine that is very popular in America and regularly forgives profits in the double -digit million range. Since this machine is not available to German players and the progressive jackpots in casualties in casualties, I focus on profits here Online Casinosthat you can also get at any time.

Winner John Heywood
18.9 Mio. Bei Mega Moolah
  • The biggest online casino win of all time comes from the slot Mega Moolah from Microgaming and was achieved in 2018. The sum of the profit amounts to an incredible 18,915,872.81 $. The winner of this world record jackpot achieved this sum on an Android smartphone and with a use of just 0.75 $ per shoot.
17.8 Mio. Bei Mega Moolah
  • The Mega Moolah Slot from Microgaming has already made some players about millionaires over time. The second largest profit in an online casino also comes from this machine. With a Sum distributed in 2015 of 17,879,645 $ The British winner set up a new world record at the time, which was only able to be exceeded by the same slot to this day. By the way, the lucky winner Jon Heywood played with the minimum insert of only 0.25 $ per spin.
17,8 My. Bei Mega Fortune
  • The biggest profit in the history of the slot Mega Fortune Von NetEnt was distributed in 2013. the The profit amount was a fabulous 17,860,868 $. A player from Sweden won this enormous jackpot at the time.

The biggest casino profit in Germany

The largest known win of a player from Germany dates from November 2017. The player made it to the progressive jackpot of the Netent game Mega Fortune to crack and could a profit of 4,450,725 $ drive in. The progressive jackpot was in Casino$ won, for which you can also find a report on this page.

Which games promise particularly high profits?

If you want to make really big winnings, you have to choose the right game. Basically Of course, the biggest profits wave to Slots With progressive jackpot. Of course, other slots also offer you large profits, usually depending on the amount of your use. To win several hundred thousand or even millions of $ in one fell swoop is only possible to Jackpot slots. If you want to win one, when choosing the online casino, you should make sure that jackpot is offered. However, these are not always displayed as a single rider in the menu, but you can almost always search for the name of the slot and find the jackpot games.

The best jackpot slots - our top 5

Since most jackpot slots are quite similar, it is often one MADEPRIAGRAGE, at which you want to try your luck. However, some of these slots have already made a name for themselves as a millionaire maker. We have put together our top 5 here:

1. Mega Moulah

As already mentioned, the highest profits were made with Mega Moolah. The slot plays with a safari topic and places five reels with three rows and 25 lines for profits. With the monkey symbol you get 15 free spins with a triple multiplier. With the jackpot gap you can crack one out of four jackpots. The missions of the Microgaming-Classic starts at 25 cents. The return-to-player value is 88.12 %. You can play the slot in many casino, but we recommend that to you Alf Casino.

2. Mega Fortune

The Highlife-Schicki-Micki slot from Netent takes place with five reels, three rows and 25 paylines. Mega Fortune shows you a potential foretaste of your life after cracking the jackpot: There is Luxury symbols Like rings, limousine and watches. The yacht is the wild symbol, champagne is the scatter and then there is the fortune wheel symbol. Three bonus bikes bring you the chance of one of three progressive jackpots. Here the RTP value is 96.6 %. Your Mega Fortune plays best Casino Gods.

3. Hall of Gods

With Hall of Gods you dive into the Viking mythology one and try to get directly to the lake monster on the five reels, three rows and 20 paylines on the gods Odin, Thor or Loki. That is the wild symbol. If this appears, you have to destroy 12 shields and then have the chance of one of three jackpots. The RTP value is relatively high at 95.5 %. in the BetVictor Casino Can you try the slot.

4. Joker Millions

Yggdrasil Gaming brings you a classic fruit slot with Joker Millions, mixed with the recurring joker. On five reels, three rows and 25 paylines, you have the chance to make a win on this Jackpot Slot. Joker Millions promises you a 94.30 % return-to-player.

5. Empire Fortune

Her Empire Fortune plays on five reels and a total of ten lines. It is a game of Yggdrasil Gamingthat calls you to the royal Middle Ages. Four bonus features open up the chance of three progressive jackpots. The RTP value is 94.3 %at Empire Fortune. in the Turbico Casino The game is already waiting for you.

RTP values from Jackpot Slots

As you can already see from the RTP values of the slots presented, the RTP values of the jackpot slots are not always high. Is that bad for you? With classic slots rather yes, not with jackpot slots. Because this already requires the logic behind the progressive jackpots. Finally, they have to be filled so that the profit can also be higher.

How does a progressive jackpot work?

A progressive jackpot is usually related to a casino network. This means that wherever the respective slot is offered, a certain part is paid into the pot. Usually a certain percentage of each assignment is fed to the progressive jackpot, which can be obtained from a player within the network at any time. Slots with progressive jackpots are therefore not tied to a single online casino.

In addition, progressive jackpots have no capping. This means that the sum of the jackpot can increase as long as it is obtained until it is obtained. There is no compulsory release. A significant difference to internal jackpots is also that The height of progressive jackpots is not based on the selected use. Although the chance of winning a progressive jackpot with increasing use usually increases minimally, it can also be obtained with minimal use.

When choosing your slots, you should also note that there are differences. The classics are almost all progressive jackpots in which the profit amount grows and grows and grows until it is finally cracked. It is not clear when that happens. The situation is different with so -called "must drop jackpots" or "daily jackpots". A limit is set here (end of the day or a sum). Before this limit is reached, the jackpot is cracked. This is guaranteed by this type of slots. Accordingly, the profit amounts are lower.

What happens in the event of a jackpot win?

Even if the CHANCEto win a progressive jackpot is admittedly low, since the question arises as to what happens in the event of cases. Suppose you actually win a millions in an online casino-what happens then?

Getting a progressive jackpots is not one regular casino win. This means that you cannot have the money paid out immediately. First of all, it must be checked whether there is any form of manipulation. If everything is okay, you will receive your profit, but not from the online casino itself. As already described above, a progressive jackpot is fed via a network. The money therefore comes directly from the developer of the corresponding slot and will then be paid to you regularly via your casino account. This is also a good thing, because some online casinos would not be able to pay enormous sums out of their own pocket.

So if you win a progressive jackpot, you may have to be patient, but on the other hand you can be sure that you will receive your money. Of course, the profit sums in a jackpot game also blow up the maximum payouts of the casinos. These then no longer apply and the payment is often checked more precisely and delays accordingly. It is similar with the lottery when you clear away. You can read in ours how you keep your nerve in this extreme stroke of luck and go at the cleverly Guide to high lottery gains.

Increase the chances of high profits

A lot helps a lot. This is a widely widened misconception, especially with Jackpot Slots. So that you can make really big winnings in such games, it is unnecessary, high missions to place. The past has proven that it is often the small missions that happen to trigger the jackpot. For this reason, it can make sense to play with smaller missions on these slots in order to get more chances of winning a jackpot with the same budget. However, there is no further tips for playing on machines with progressive jackpots. Because tactical waiting is also a fallacy. After all, the jackpots are distributed absolutely by chance and cannot be released several times or over a long period of time within a short time. However, it is important, as always, that you only play in online casinos with a valid license.

Use bonus if allowed

If you want to increase your budget a little, you can also use a bonus in some exceptional cases. If you then crack the jackpot with the increased budget, the bonus conditions will no longer cause you any problems (for example, the rollover should be easy). However, there are not many bonuses that allow them to Can use jackpot games for free spins. These are usually excluded. How we find out which The best online casinos are, read in our report on the Casino evaluation criteria for our online casino tests.

Conclusion: The big profit usually comes all suddenly

Again and again it happens that individual players make extremely high profits through progressive jackpots in online casinos. Of course, this cannot be the rule, even if everyone has hope for such a profit. Even when playing on slots with progressive jackpot Have a budget in view And do not let the enormous profit amounts to be tempted to disproportionate missions. In the case of a jackpot win, it is helpful to first process the whole thing in peace and not to let yourself be carried away into emotional actions.

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