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Buy gambling stocks - which casino actions are profitable?

Gambling shares make a great start for long -term experts in the scene First experiences on the stock exchange what. Which casino stocks are available at all and from what point in time you should definitely buy shares - you can now find out all of this information in our guide.

the essentials in brief
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  • Various online casinos, sports betting providers and providers of gambling software are represented on the stock exchanges of this world.
  • The courses of the respective gambling shares sometimes indicate serious differences in their Course on.
  • The state Gambling contract the casino shares in Germany will have a strong influence - the outcome and winning opportunities are completely open!
  • The Las Vegas Casino share of the Las Vegas Sands (LVS) is the most lucrative share in the industry and shows the big winning opportunities on.
  • Casino stocks can also be in Deutschland are and are listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

Are stately winnings with gambling shares possible?

Before we give you some examples and ideas for gambling gambling investments on the stock exchanges of this world, we would of course like to take the opportunity shortly afterwards that you have the opportunity to have your own Knowledge of the online casino area to use for further purposes. While you are with any Operating strategies in the online casino Always take the rather high risk of pulling the shorter against the casino, you can use strategic share buying the constant growth figures of the Online Casinos use for you.

Although this is also a matter of speculation with no profit guarantee, you are the only driving force. Ultimately, you sit on the longer lever and can freely decide whether you have a stock of one Online gambling Buy, hold or sell companies.

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The fact that the speculation and buying of casino shares can definitely be profitable, you will be at the Las Vegas Sands (LVS) A share can recognize. This is rather irrelevant for the online gambling market, but with its course of the course it is ideal why Speculations in a healthy degree absolutely worth it. One of the leading Las Vegas Casino stocks collapsed massively in the course of the financial crisis in the USA. Something similar now happened with Casino shares from Macau.

While the Las Vegas Casino Aktie their Maximum value with 95.82 $ Only reached months before the financial crisis, the securities collapsed massively and the course reached an incredible 1.92 $ during its descent. Although the Casino share is no longer in the spheres of its maximum, Nevertheless, Las Vegas Sands keeps up in the area of the 45-50 $ brand. The Las Vegas Casino share is an ideal example of how you can make a decent win on the stock exchange with gambling companies.

Which online gambling companies are profitable?

Of course we also want to help you a little first experience To be able to collect and want to give you some positive examples of gambling shares that have been able to stick to the trading market stable in recent years. We deliberately only have Serious online casinos And concentrated the stock corporations behind these standing stock corporations and have deliberately left out any provider. Because for the first steps on the stock market, it is simply easier to focus on a division of stocks and companies. Here we therefore have three recommended shares of companies that operate gambling platforms:


First we point out the stock of Bet-AT-Home. Originally founded in Austria in 1999, the sports betting and casino provider went to the stock exchange five years later listed on the regulated market of the Frankfurt stock exchange. Accordingly, Bet-AT-Home is one of the first companies for Online money games From the German -speaking area that took the step to the stock exchange. Since its foundation, the company has been on more than five million customers look back and It is one of the most successful gambling companies in Central europe.

As you can see on the chart, the course of Bet-AT-Home has some massive differences. While the first ten years have been rather quiet and the course calmed down after a furious beginning, the share price grew rapidly from spring 2016. One of the main reasons for this was very stable sales figures Above all that Bet-AT-Home classified as a prime standard and in the course of it included in the SDAX in February 2017 has been. In the summer of 2017, the Gambling share is therefore scraping on the 150 $ brand. Even if sales have been declining since then and the share has also lost a lot of driving, Bet-AT-Home presents Furthermore one of the most interesting casino stocks AM Markt Dar.

A notice:

888 Holdings

Our last stock is an absolute top provider of the scene –888 slots! 888 slots belongs to the 888 Holdingswhich was founded in Israel in 1997. Since then, the 888 Holdings has had an absolute success story and is one of the nowadays Absolute market leaders in the area of online gambling. With Over 25 million registered customers - If significantly less active customers- the company was able to win several awards and is therefore according to various expert and customer reports One of the most trustworthy gambling providers. At the end of 2005, the 888 Holdings took the step to the London stock exchange.

The course of the 888 Holdings underpins the situation and the good state of the company. After the first few years had a negative trend, you can have a clear one when looking at the chart from 2012 Trend reversal Recognizing which in a maximum value of the gambling share resulted in 3.68 $.

After a small slump in the stock, the 888 Holdings could Stabilize again thanks to new innovations. This includes, for example, the new orbit technology, which can not only make the gaming experience at 888 slots more individual, but also faster. The 888 Holdings also constantly expands its portfolio of licenses and tries to open up new target markets. Hold many stock market experts The stock therefore takes into account the innovative approaches and the size of the company for undervalued.

888 is no longer available for players from Germany!

The difficulties in acquiring gambling shares

As you certainly recognize from our three examples, There are often stock corporations behind known gambling brands that have the same or a similar name to their main brand. Of course, this makes it relatively easy for you to associate the respective company with the known main brand. However, this is not always the case, which is why deeper research is definitely useful.

Pay special attention to New online casinos And their belonging to a larger group. Many of the new online casinos are now used as niche products by larger corporations in order to be able to open up further target groups with alternatives in addition to their classic casino offer. So check in the footnotes of each unknown online casinos, Which group it is And whether this can have positive or negative effects on the parent company in any form.

Will the new state gambling contract have serious effects on the course of the share?

Before we come to our FAQ, of course we would like to briefly on the effects of the new state gambling contract in Germany enter. Will the effects on the casino stocks in Germany be felt rather positive or negative? Since we also do not have a glass ball, we cannot make a precise forecast for this, but even after several discussions in our editorial team, both positive effects and negative consequences and minimally falling course courses are conceivable.

You will receive more information in the guide Online Casino legal.

DIE advantages are very clear in the Regulation and liberalization of the market to see. Since the market in Germany is very unregulated, it is often not really recognizable which online casino stands for quality and which dubious online casinos you should avoid. With a German gambling license and a state authority that tackles the regulation of the online scene, serious companies within the industry are of course a clear winner. In the course of this-as you can see from the return of the Gauselmann Group and the reintroduction of visa payments in online casinos-find some providers and Online casino payment methods Your way back to the online casinos.


On the other hand, the strong restrictions in terms of preventive measures against a possible gambling addiction and of course a small one for player protection are a small one obstacle. Since the new state gambling contract provides that yours Deposits limited and should be limited to a maximum of 1,000 $ per month, of course there is a large question mark behind the large sharks or high scooters of the scene. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how the gaming contract will affect these players. The same is that National Sperrdatei Another question mark with some open questions.

So is absolutely openhow the gaming contract will affect the companies and the Casino stocks Germany. Scene experts initially expect a small increase for the listed gambling shares, but a medium or even long-term forecast is simply not to be made. There are too many variables for this and at this point it is not exactly known how the online casinos want to find solutions for the limited deposits. Therefore we consider the current phase for online casinos and their casino stocks for incredibly exciting, especially speculation for different scenarios possible are.

FAQ - gambling stocks

As a gambling shares you have different companies on ours Online casino comparisontodisposal.theselectionofgamblingsharesextendsfromtheparentcompaniesbehindtheonlinecasinostothesoftwareprovidersintherespectivecasinos.
As in the online casino, timing and a healthy financial Bankroll Managementessentialinstocktrading.youcanpurchaseyourgamblingsharesonvariouswebsites.itisthereforeinyourhandhowlongyouwanttoholdyourgamblingsharesandatwhatpointintimeyouwanttorepelyourcasinostocks.
Yes, he will! The new state gambling contract (GlüstV) will come into force on July 1, 2021 and will regulate the complete gaming market on the Internet for German space. In addition to a German license, new preventive measures against gambling addiction and for Responsible playimplemented.itremainsopenwhichchangesintheonlinecasinoaremadebythecorporations.

Conclusion: With your scene skills, also achieve active profit on the stock exchange with casino!

Finally, we would like to note that we find this topic incredibly interesting and see it for players as a great way to earn additional money with their knowledge. Because your longstanding Online casino experiences And you can use your own expertise in online casinos to develop a trading strategy of gambling shares based on knowledge, and therefore ideally Another lucrative source of income to generate.

The step to the stock exchange or to trade with stocks is often difficult and requires some planning and research. But why not just keep going where you stopped in online casinos? Thanks to modern platforms for trading with gambling shares in Germany, you can gain first experience and do it whether your specialist knowledge make comparatively confident decisions.

Nevertheless, of course, we don't want to be unmentioned that shares are also used when trading with gambling financial risks accompanied. Any Strategies on how they are advertised on the Internet and which promise you the blue of the sky and safe profits are generally not serious. Even when trading with gambling stocks Financial budget put. In our editorial team, too, some also deal with stocks and were able to record good profits. So try your luck, because even the biggest trader started once!

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