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Play American lottery online in Germany: This is how US Powerball works

The US number lottery Powerball scores with a minimum jackpot of $ 40 million and attractive chances of winning. While the lottery was previously only offered in the USA, you can now also easily play American lottery online. You can find out below how US Powerball works exactly and which providers you best give tips.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: We put them Top online lottery provider for US Powerball before.
  • Chapter 1: US Powerball is that American lottery "5 out of 69 1 out of 26".
  • Chapter 2: With online lottery providers you can take part in the US education from Germany.
  • Chapter 3: Of the Jackpot is limitless, the other profits and chances of winning always the same.
  • Chapter 4: Large -scale have to be taxed in the USA will.

The best online lottery providers for US Powerball

Lottoland Lottoland experience report
  • US Powerball available
  • More than 25 lotteries
  • Also playable via Lottoland app
TheLotter Thelotter experience report
  • Offers US Powerball
  • Up to 25% discount possible
  • Over 50 lotteries in the portfolio
Lottohelden Lottohelden experience report
  • Provides US Powerball
  • 20% discount on permanent notes
  • 20+ lotteries for players

When it comes to filling out an online ticket, the American Powerball of the Multi-State Lottery Association (Musl) is just as easy to understand as the well-known German "LOTTO 6aus49“Plus super numbers or the european number lottery $jackpot:

US Powerball works on the principle 5 from 69 1 out of 26. This means that you choose five regular numbers from 1 to 69 and an additional number-the decisive Powerball number-from 1 to 26. Powerball profit numbers are drawn live every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. . The local time in Germany corresponds to early Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday morning 5 a.m.

If you want to play American lottery online, you have to go with you depending on the provider Lotto costs of $ 3 to $ 4 per tipfeld calculate. The submission deadlines, the number of plain engines to be played, typing system note or in topping communities as well as other bonus and discount campaigns can differ from lottery providers to lottery providers.

The Powerball Jackpot is in any case at least $ 40 million. The chance of winning is around 1: 292 million. If the jackpot does not fall, it is not a limit. It then increases from drawing by drawing by at least $ 10 million.

  • In 2016, the global record gain of $ 1.586 billion was distributed to three tipers.

Apart from the jackpot Fixed profit rates and sums at Powerball, they are determined as in advance. With 5 correct without Powerball number, there is still one million dollars in the 2nd winning class. On the lowest levels 8 and 9-1 correct Powerball number or only the additional number-at least $ 4 are waiting for you as a profit.

Profit classProfitChance of winning
1: 5 correct + powerball numberJackpot, minestens 40 mio. $ (ca. 35 mio. $)1:292.201.338
2: 5 correct1 Mio. $ (900.000 $)1:11.688.053
3: 4 correct + powerball number50.0000 $ (45.000 $)1:913.129
4: 4 correct100 $ (90 $)1:36.525
5: 3 correct + powerball number100 $ (90 $)1:14.494
6: 3 correct7 $ (6,40 $)1:580
1: 2 correct + powerball number7 $ (6,40 $)1:701
1: 1 correct + powerball number4 $ (3,65 $)1:92
1: 0 correct + powerball number4 $ (3,65 $)1:38

With PowerPlay, the American lottery also offers you an additional game. For a dollar or one $ extra, you will receive the chance to multiply your profit on profit stages 2 to 9.

There are the following factors:

  • X
  • ZKS
  • hch
  • 5x
  • 10x

Which factor comes into play will be drawn separately before each draw. Only the jackpot cannot be multiplied in the power play. In addition, the 2nd winning class is independent of the drawn multiplier "Only" doubles to 2 million.

Step 1:
First you choose the number of Plug. Usually there is also the possibility to place only one tip. However, there are also providers in which you have to fill out at least three plugs. Depending on the lottery provider, you can play up to 25 tips at once, but also choose a system license.

Step 2:
After that you have to Numbers mark. Choose here 5 from 69 off, then the additional Powerball number from 1 to 26. Which numbers you play is entirely up to you. According to statistics, the 26 are most frequently pulled, and the 6 as a powerball number. At the Quicktipp A random generator automatically selects the numbers.

Step 3:
By setting a check mark, you determine whether you With or without power play plays. The additional game, which can increase your profit, is sometimes also called multipliers.

Step 4:
Finally, the various online providers offer you more Selection options. You can determine the drawing or how many draws you want to participate. Saturdays usually play more people Powerball than on weekdays. Tipping in the subscription is also possible as to select that you only participate from a certain jackpot size.

Step 5:
Then you are already finished. Now you just have to Give bill.

There are now a variety of lottery providers where you also from Germany American lottery can play online. They differ primarily in their additional options, the available bonuses and the costs incurred. The Powerball game principle, the jackpot and your chances of winning remain the same everywhere.

In the following we put the TOP 3 providers for US Powerball And their special features briefly.

a notice the editors:

  • What you have to pay attention to when choosing an online lottery provider and where it is worth playing the lottery Lottery overview.

at Lottoland Can you play US Powerball on 1 to 6 tipfingers at a price of 3.50 $ each. The PowerPlay option costs one $ per tip.

You also have the opportunity to complete a subscription so as not to miss a jackpot. But you can too Jackpot hunt Go - so take draws until the jackpot is cracked - and buy system shares.

After our Lottoland experiences But speaks much more for this provider, above all:

  • The portfolio includes numerous other lotteries
  • Megamillions, Lotto Brazil, Mega Sena and Irish lottery
  • Very structured Lottoland website and user-friendly
  • Tippabgabe per Online Lotto App is also easy to understand for beginners
  • Free tip for new customers (also used for US Powerball)

at TheLotter You will find over 40 other international online lotteries alongside Powerball. A typing field costs 4.59 $, the PowerPlay option an additional 2.30 $ per tip.

In contrast to most competitors, Thelotter is actually buying an original blanket with your tips in the United States, which is uploaded as a copy to your user account. So you have to at least 3 plugder Play as the rules of the game for Americans in the United States.

If you want to play American Lotto online at Thelotter, you can tap up to 25 fields and also play system certificates with all possible combinations of the specified numbers. Our Thelotter experiences But are positive for further reasons:

  • Systems are possible
  • For several Powerball education (with subscription) up to 25 percent Rabat
  • If you subscribe to the lottery, at least every 7th tip is free
  • Tipping and user guidance are very understandable
  • A help button guides you step by step by filling out the ticket
  • There are different bonus actions In addition to the classic German "6aus49" lottery, has $jackpot, euromillions And also US Powerball online.

You can play up to 10 tips of 3.00 $ each. Of course, at you also have the option of clicking on the additional game PowerPlay. After our experiences Additional options such as system tips and opportunities as well as a syndicate for Powerball can also be found with this provider.

Since we have only selected the best online lottery providers for you, there are also numerous other arguments for the account creation in the case of, above all:

  • As with all other providers, profits will not be paid to you in dollars
  • At the profit payment is always made in $
  • New customers are welcomed with an attractive discount for Lotto 6aus49
  • You can fill out 5 plugers for just one $ - even for people who want to play American lottery online it is worthwhile
  • Low fees

Differences between the providers

In the event of participation as a German citizen in the Powerball lottery in the United States, three types of online providers have to be distinguished:

  • 1
    With some lottery providers -such as Lottoland -you do not take part in the lottery with an original blinds, but bet on the drawn numbers with original quotas and profit sums.
  • 2
    The provider Thelotter, on the other hand, promises to acquire an original with your numbers on site.
  • 3
    Again, other online providers offer betting on Powerball education and their figures for their own odds.

Is it legal to play online from Germany from US Powerball? How do you get your winnings? After all, you handed in your ticket online and not at an acceptance point in the USA. These questions answer how seriously the online lottery providers work.

The fact is that Lottoland, and Thelotter Licensed in europe and guarantee you the payment of profits.

  • Purchase of the lottery ticket:

Thelotter, for example, sees himself as an intermediary between you in Germany and the acceptance points in the USA. Employees of the online provider buy an original US powerball ticket with your numbers and provide you with one Copy of appearance available in your user account.

Then you will find the official lot number and the barcode. The online provider assures that all rights to possible profits alone to deduct 100 % to you.

  • Profit notification and profit payment:

As soon as you make profits, you will be informed by email or SMS. Smaller profits are automatically on your User account transferred, from where you can have the money paid out at any time or continue playing with this money.

Larger lottery gains from $ 10,000 must personally on site in the USA can be redeemed at the respective acceptance point where your ticket has been handed over. Thelotter's customer service will notify you personally and discuss the modalities with you.

  • JackPot:

If you crack the jackpot, Thelotter pays yourself the flight and you take the profit within the set Deadline of 90 days personally towards. If several players have cracked the jackpot, the profit is also divided from US Powerball. However, this only applies to the jackpot, in the other classes the respective profit amount is guaranteed.

US citizens can also have the jackpot profit paid out as a pension benefit in 30 annual rates. You don't have this option as a player from abroad. You get one Immediate payment.

  • Taxes and other deductions:

However, profits in the United States must be taxed in the respective state where the ticket has been submitted. Thelotter buys your Powerball tips in the US state of Oregon. Profits of up to $ 600 are tax-free there. You have to do up to $ 1,500 as a non-US citizen Dissolate 30 % of the profit of taxes. From $ 1,500 profit, the tax rate is 38 %.

Another Special feature of American lotteries Like US Powerball is that further percentage will be deducted in addition to the tax in the event of a jackpot gains. Online lottery providers such as Lottoland, where you only bet on the respective draws, continue these deductions in the event of profits. Lottoland pulls 40 % of the advertised jackpot profit ab.

An example:
  • You are the only player from Lottoland, for example, the minimum jackpot of $ 40 million.
  • For the immediate payment 40 % of the profit pulled off.
  • It stays $ 24 million.
  • Then Lottoland is enough for the original US tax with a Deduction of around 35 % further.
  • In the end you win $ 15.6 million.
  • Da the online lottoanbieter Risk insurance Completing, the Powerball payment in Germany is guaranteed without buying an original certificate.

Even those who want to play American lottery online have the chance to crack the respective jackpot. As with the lottery participation on site, there is no limit in the United States.

Like US Megamillions, US Powerball is one of the lotteries with the world's largest win and is currently even keeping the world record. At the beginning of 2016, the jackpot reached the record of $ 1.586 billion before it was cracked.

The 5 biggest US Powerball Jackpots of all time:

  • 1
    January 13, 2016: Three types of tips from Florida, California and Tennessee win the world record jackpot in the amount of $ 1.586 billion. However, they had to share the profit. After the immediate payment, the winners were still entitled to around $ 327 million.
  • 2
    August 23, 2017: The jackpot of $ 758 million went to a 53-year-old woman from Massachusetts. With an immediate payment of $ 481 million, it is the highest individual profit in history.
  • 3
    March 27, 2019: with $ 768 million the biggest jackpot is cracked by only one winner. After deducting, the individual profit with $ 477 million is just behind the 2017 win.
  • 4
    October 27, 2018: Two winners share the Jackpot from Rund 688 million Dollar. They each remain 198 million dollars.
  • 5
    May 18, 2013: Again a happy winner who $ 590 million cracks.
In addition to US MultiMillions, US Powerball is one of the largest American lotteries. the Powerball rulessimilartothoseoflotto6aus49.however,youcanwinmuchlargerjackpotsatpowerball.
From Germany you can also take part in the draws from US Powerball via licensed online lottery providers. The top providers on the Internet such as Lottoland and The Lotter guarantee you the same Powerball profit sums and quotasliketheamericanoriginal.
With the US Powerball you type 5 out of 69 numbers 1 additional number of 26. With the additional game PowerPlayyoucanatleastdoubleprofits,atbesteventenfolds.thefactorisredesignedbeforeeachdraw.thereareatotalof9winningclasses.
US Powerball guarantees you a minimum jackpot of $ 40 million (around 35 million $). To the JackPotifthereisnolimit,itrisesfromdrawingtodrawuntilitiscracked.
Online lottery providers will immediately write you smaller profits in your user account. Larger profits may have to be redeemed on site in the USA. If you crack the jackpot, Thelotter pays you the flight. However, the United States demands one Tax on large gains,anotherpercentageisdeductedfromtheimmediatepayment.

Playing American lottery online is one for German lottery fans Exciting alternative - especially because of the high jackpots. The online lottery providers guarantee you the same jackpots and odds at the US Powerball as with the tip of the tip at a US annex.

Especially when the powerball jackpot rises and 300, 400 or even $ 500 million outbid, the temptation will also fill in a ticket in the editorial team. However, participation is a bit more expensive than the lottery "6 out of 49".

In syndictions and with systemic certificates you can do yours Increase profit opportunities. However, note that in the event of a profit Taxes and immediate payment deducted will.

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