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Play Irish Lotto online: Everything about top providers, drawings and chances of winning

The Irish Lotto 6 from 47 offers attractive chances of winning. With 1: 10.7 million, the jackpot chance is 13 times higher than in the German Lotto 6 out of 49. But that's just one of the advantages of the traditional lottery from Ireland.

the essentials in brief
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The best lottery providers with Irish lottery

Lottoland Lottoland experience report
  • Provider of the Irish lottery
  • Serious license & award -winning provider
  • More lotteries with lucrative jackpots
TheLotter Thelotter experience report
  • Irish lottery available
  • Malta Gaming Authority license
  • A total of approx. 50 lotteries in the portfolio
Lottohelden Lottohelden experience report
  • Provider of the Irish lottery
  • Data security through TÜV Saarland
  • Competent and friendly support

Since 1988 the Irish lottery is played on the green island in Ireland. Today's 6 from 47 lottery quickly rose to one of the most popular and largest number lotteries in europa on.

A possible success factor?

Like no other national lottery in europe, the Irish lottery has Again and again invented and modernized:

The Irish lottery started as 6 from 36 game.

Over the years, the pool to be typed has been increased. You have been typing since 2015 6 out of 47 numbers per playing field.

But also the Profit ranks Were again and again customized - With higher profit sums to the benefit of the lottery players.

The jackpot is included at least 2 million $.

Most recently, the fixed jackpot heights of the double additional game Lotto+ were increased to 1 million $ and 250,000 $ in 2018.

Comparable to the German Lotto 6 out of 49 the numbers in the Irish lottery every Wednesday and Saturday evening drawn.

For you that means:
  • Respectively Around 7:55 p.m. the lottery is played live in the capital Dublin under notarial supervision.
  • In Germany you can expect the results of the Irish lottery because of the time shift around 9 p.m.
  • The participation of the game on the Internet is from Germany depending on Lotto provider possible until 7.30 p.m. or 7.45 p.m.

There are no differences between the draws on Wednesday and Saturday:

Process of the drawing:
  • Are pulled out of a drum first after the other 6 winning numbers.
  • Then the rest of the number pool 1 additional number determined. This is called bonus number in the Irish Lotto.
  • The additional number is not necessary for the jackpot win, you already crack it with a simple six.
  • In 4 out of a total of 8 profit classes, however, you increase your profit sums with the correct bonus number.

Immediately after the main depreciation, the Irish lottery is still Additional game Lotto In both profit lines separately drawn.

It differs clearly from the German Game 77 and great 6, which enable further profits in their own profit lines as end -digitless parallel to the main lottery.

Because the Drawings of the Irish additional game of Lotto+ 1 and Lotto+ 2 Run identically to that of the main lottery:

It will 6 out of 47 numbers a bonus number drawn.

In the end, a total of 3 drawing results, each with 7 (6+bonus number), are available.

Participation in the additional game is not a must to play Irish lottery. You decide. At the online provider Lottoland, the additional game Lotto+ costs you with a correspondingly selected option 1 $ per tipfeld. If you play about 3 plugers, that's an additional 3 $ with Lotto+.
For comparison with game 77 and Super 6:
  • Participation in the German game 77 also costs you 2.50 $ per glow, the Super 6 option again 1,25 $ pro Tippschein For 3.75 $ you will also be there with a double competition. The Irish Lotto+ remains up to 3 plugers under the price of game 77 and Super 6.
  • Lotto+ offers 2 times 8 profit classes From 6 correct to 2 correct bonus number. The final figure lottery game 77, on the other hand, only comes on 7 winning classes, super 6 on 6 winning classes. So it is a total of 16 winning levels In the Irish Lotto+ 1 and 2, 13 stages in the German game 77 and Super 6.
  • With Lotto+ 1 you play with a probability of 1: 10.7 million One 1 Million $, with Lotto+ 2 with the identical opportunity around 250,000 $. With a comparable probability of 1:10 million, only at least 177,777 $ in the highest profit level are released in the game 77, at Super 6 (at least 1: 1 million) a maximum of 100,000 $.
  • OUR TIP The Irish lottery statistics of the past few years shows: Over 90 percent of the players also take part in the additional game Lotto+. For further favorable chances of winning and profits, we can only recommend the Irish additional game if you want to play Irish lottery online.

The jackpot in the Irish lottery always starts at least 2 million $.

If the 1st profit level is not reached by any tipper, the jackpot increases from drawing to drawing up to a covering of around 19 million $.

When the jackpot has reached its maximum number, it remains until it is cracked. If several players meet the jackpot, this is shared.

In contrast to the German Lotto 6 out of 49, you need the Irish Lotto No additional number to crack the jackpot. With 6 correct numbers you have similar to that of Lotto 6 from 45 in Austria the highest profit level. The German 6 out of 49 is required for this.

You can already reach the lowest profit level with 2 correct of the bonus number.

To achieve the general chance of reaching any profit class with the Irish lottery is 1:29.

The online provider Lottoland uses the gathered experience to show which sums you can win on average in which winning class:

At a Game use of 2.20 $ per tipfeld In the lowest winning level you get your commitment with approx. 3 $.

Even with 3 correct numbers, you will receive four times your mission as a profit with around 10 $!

Profit classChance of winningAverage profit
1. 6 correct1 : 10.737.573at least 2 million $
2. 5 correct + bonus number1 : 1.789.596that. 100,000 $
3. 5 correct1 : 44.740that. 1500 $
4. 4 correct + bonus number1 : 17.896that. 150 $
5. 4 correct1 : 918that. 50 $
6. 3 correct + bonus number1 : 688that. 25 $
7. 3 correct1 : 54that. 10 $
8. 2 correct + bonus number1 : 71that. 3 $
Record profits:
  • The biggest jackpot win in the Irish Lotto 963,441 million $ and was in 2008 by one Typical community of 16 work colleagues obtained an Irish quarry. However, they had to share the money.
  • The highest single profit was 717,717 million $ in 2010.
  • On average, there is with the Irish lottery 24 new millionaires per yearthat win the jackpot with a six.
  • Lotto gains in Ireland are tax -free and become too 100 % paid.

In european comparison with the most popular Online lotteries out Germany, Austria, USA As well as the europe -wide draws in the $jackpot and euromillions, the Irish lottery is very impressive. It scores with ...

  • ... one Low price per tipfeld From 2 to 2.20 $, in which only the German and Austrian lottery is below it.
  • ... his jackpot principle of the Simple six without an additional number, that is only available in the lottery in Austria.
  • … his High jackpot chance, which is 13 times higher than the German Lotto 6 out of 49 and 9 times higher than the $jackpot

In contrast, the multinational lotteries such as $jackpotandefinedandandefinedeuromillions More profit classes.

At the View of the 2nd winning level With 5 correct and the number of bonus, the Irish lottery loses a profit of only 100,000 $ against the German or American Lotto in attractiveness.

Irish lottery facts
  • Logo:
  • Use per tipfeld: 2 to 2.20 $
  • Jackpot principle: 6 out of 47
  • Jackpot height: at least 2 million $
  • Jackpot-Chance: 1: 10.7 Mio.
  • Profit classes: 8
  • Getting profit 2nd winning class: approx. 100,000 $ (5 correct + bonus number)
Lotto 6 from 49 (Germany) facts
  • Logo:
  • Use per tipfeld: 1 $, a one -time 0.50 $ fee
  • Jackpot principle: 6 out of 49 + super number
  • Jackpot height: at least 3 million $ (Saturday), at least 1 million $ (Wednesday)
  • Jackpot-Chance: 1: 140 Mio.
  • Profit classes: 9
  • Getting profit 2nd winning class: approx. 500,000 to 1.5 million $ (6 correct)
Lotto 6 from 45 (Austria) facts
  • Logo:
  • Use per tip: 1.20 to 1.50 $
  • Jackpot principle: 6 out of 45
  • Jackpot height: at least 1 million $
  • Jackpot-Chance: 1: 8 Mio.
  • Profit classes: 8
  • Getting profit 2nd winning class: approx. 25,000 to 100,000 $ (5 correct + additional elements)
American Lotto (USA) Facts
  • Logo:
  • Use per tip: 2.50 to 2.75 $
  • Jackpot principle: 6 out of 42 + lucky number
  • Jackpot height: at least 2 million $
  • Jackpot-Chance: 1: 31.4 Mio.
  • Profit classes: 8
  • Profit sum 2nd winning class: at least 900,000 $ (6 correct)
$jackpot (europe) facts
  • Logo:
  • Use per tipfeld: 2 to 2.50 $, a one -off 0.50 $ fee
  • Jackpot principle: 6 out of 50 + 2 $ numbers
  • Jackpot height: at least 10 million $, max. 90 million $
  • Jackpot-Chance: 1:95 Mio.
  • Profit classes: 12
  • Getting profit 2nd winning class: approx. 400,000 to 6 million $ (5 correct + 1 number of $)
euromillions (europe) facts
  • Logo:
  • Use per tipfeld: 3 to 3.50 $
  • Jackpot principle: 5 from 50 + star numbers
  • Jackpot height: at least 17 million $, max. 190 million $
  • Jackpot-Chance: 1: 140 Mio.
  • Profit classes: 13
  • Getting profit 2nd winning class: approx. 100,000 to 500,000 $ (6 correct + 1 star number)

In international comparison, Irish lottery is good.

And here is the coronation:

The additional game Lotto+ 1 and 2 With its additional 16 profit classes Is unique in european comparison!

With two other draws, your types of taps get a 2nd and 3rd chance.

So if you went away empty -handed, you can still 2 more times for profits to hope. These follow you fixed profit plan and do not have to be shared.

When submitting several tippules, profits in all 3 draws are not unrealistic.

For classification:
  • In a european comparison, only the special distributions of the jackpot can Spiel 77 Expose the profit sums of the Irish Lotto+ 1 (1 million $) and Lotto+ 2 (250,000 $).
  • The Austrian 6 out of 45 also offers a +supplement game at the online provider Lottoland, but this is limited to only 4 profit levels.
  • That too Lot addition Joker in Austria and USA does not come close to the 1 million extractance of the Irish Lotto+ 1.
Profit classProfit plan Lotto+ 1Lotto+ 2 profit plan
1. 6 correct1 mine. $250.000 $
2. 5 correct + bonus number5000 $2500 $
3. 5 correct500 $250 $
4. 4 correct + bonus number50 $25 $
5. 4 correct20 $10 $
6. 3 correct + bonus number10 $5 $
7. 3 correct3 $3 $
8. 2 correct + bonus number2 $2 $

On the Internet you can also use Germany reputable online providers Comfortable, problem -free and above all Play legally Irish lottery online.

We put them 3 Top provider on the Internet in which you conveniently online from Germany from Irish Play the lottery online can:

  • Lottoland
  • The Lotter

All three are With licenses from european countries Equipped and thus controlled and regulated. Lottoland, for example, has its own betting license from Ireland, so that you can easily play Irish lottery online here.

Mostly the online providers offer you the Participation in the respective lottery as a bet an.

For you that means:

Your purchase does not acquire a game certificate.

Rather, you bet on the drawing results.

This has the advantage that the online providers too Own game variants and game options how a double jackpot can create.

Only The Lotter says that your figures are promised with your figures via corresponding branch offices in the respective country of origin of the country Lottery original game notes to buy in your name.

A copy is loaded in your player account.

Lottoland Is one of the largest private online lottery provider with betting license. More than 5 million players are registered with Lottoland.

Among other things, the company is from the state Gambling supervision in Malta, Great Britain, Ireland and Australia.

Lottoland offers participation Over 25 international lotteries an.

Large jackpot profits as with WorldMillions or US PowerBall are secured through insurance. the Payment of all profits is guaranteed.

There is also a first class Online Lotto App.

Founded The Lotter in 2002. The private company is also located Malta.

The Lotter wants to be more than an online lottery and betting provider. The company sees itself as Lottery broker, in which it claims to be more than more than 20 branches worldwide has.

The Lotter buys from his branches on behalf of its players Original lottery boxes in the respective country of a played lottery.

The Lotter offers participation in round 50 worldwide lotteries on. The Lotter has already paid profits of the equivalent of almost 90 million $ to its players.

  • OUR TIPMore information about the Customer service, deposit and withdrawal modalities or the mobile app applications The online lottery provider can be found in our linked, detailed Experience and test reports.

The game principle of Irish Lotto 6 out of 47 with its two draws on Wednesday and Saturday evening as well as its odds is the same for the three online providers Lottoland and The Lotter.

Still there are a couple Differences and special featuresthat you should know before you choose one of these providers on the Internet.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • The cheapest Play your Irish lottery online with a use of 2.20 $ per tipfeld At Lottoland And at The Lotter you have to play at least 4 plugs of 5 $. This means that you can only play Irish Lotte at The Lotter from a minimum deployment of 20 $.
  • The attractive one Lotto addition stands to you Only with Lottoland to disposal. The Lotter does not offer this option.
  • At Lottoland you can additionally around the Irish lottery Double jackpotandefinedandandefinedWith numbers protection to play. You can also choose which upcoming drawing you want to participate.
  • The Lotter grants with a Tip tax with subscription terms from a month Discounts in the game.
  • Systems you can play with all 3 online providers.

If you want to play Irish lottery online, that's Fill in a ticket Absolutely comparable to filling out a lottery, also familiar lottery ticket 6 out of 49.

Pretty intuitive.

And another : you play at Lottoland and The Lotter Web portals in German.

  • 1
    First of all, you decide how many tippules you want to play. At Lottoland you can from 1 to 12 plugder select.thegameofthegameincreasesthemorefieldsyouplay.
  • 2
    Now you choose your favorite and desired figures. You have to check at least 6 of the 47 numbersbut you can also select up to 13 numbers in a typo. then you automatically play one but you can also select up to 13 numbers in a typobut you can also select up to 13 numbers in a typo. then you automatically play one then you automatically play one System licensewhich lottoland also shows you in a new typing field menu. im Quick-Tipprandomnumbersarequicklyandconvenientlymarked.
  • 3
    Next you decide whether you are for 1 $ per tipfeld on Additional game Lottowanttoparticipate. ifthefieldismarked,youautomaticallytakethelotto+1andlotto+2partonbothadditionalgames.
  • 4
    In the selection menu you determine the Datum, in which (first) draw you want to participate. you also decide how long you want to play your numbers. select from 1 week to a subscription or the option of Jackpotjagd.thisletsyouplayalongaslongasthejackpotrises.
  • 5
    lottoland grants you two more bonus steps. first, you can get one from the start Double jackpot to play. however, your commitment also doubles. second, you can do with Pay protectiontoplay.yousecurethefulljackpotheightwithseveralwinners.
  • 6
    Finally only on Hand over Click and your ticket ends up in your shopping cart. the Cost can you follow transparently at any time when you choose the tip. if you are not yet registered with lottoland online, you have to go to the game participation user accountinvest.

"Monday Million", "All Or Nothing", "Millionaire Raffle": In Ireland, besides the great Irish lottery More lotteries Tradition.

Since 2012 There is the "Daily Million" on the Green Island, which is strongly based on the game and profit principle of the Irish lottery.

On the Internet you can Daily Million currently exclusively with the online provider Lottohelden spielen.

And this is how Daily Million works:
  • At Daily Million you play for only 1 $ per tipfeld According to the solution principle 6 out of 39 numbers.
  • Every day, 365 days a year, there are two draws, every day at 3 p.m. and 10 p.m.
  • With a chance of 1: 3.2 million 1 million $ each every day in the jackpot on the lucky winner.
  • The number of bonus again serves as an additional number, which, as with the Irish Lotto, is not required for a jackpot win even at Daily Million. 6 correct are sufficient for this.
  • The number of bonus only increases the profit sums in the other 6 profit classes. You need at least 3 correct ones in the 7th winning class.

Incidentally, the drawings and jackpot height are strongly reminiscent of that German Keno-Lotto.

im Additional game Daily Million Plus Expect you1 Extra education instead of the draws known from the Irish Lotto Lotto+1 and Lotto+2.

At Daily Million Plus you can also use fixed odds for 0.50 $ per tipfeld 500.000 $ to win.

So far, the online provider has Lottohelden The Irish Daily Million Lottery exclusive in his offer. On the other hand, you cannot tap the Irish lottery on Lottohelden.

Lottohelden is equipped with a license from the Malta Gaming Authority and Licensed in europe.

The private online provider has been on the market since 2012 and is no longer limited to lotteries. Lottohelden also offers sports betting on offer.

Good to know
2015 be lot opted taken over by Lottoland, so you can ultimately type Irish Lotto and Daily Million with the two leading online lottery portals in Germany.
The Irish Lotto 6 out of 47 is that largest lottery in Ireland.likethegerman6,itisdrawnfrom492timesaweek,wednesdayandsaturdayevening.
Of the Jackpot at Irish Lottoisatleast2million$andgrowsupifthefirstprofitlevelisnotreached.thejackpotchanceis1:10.7millionhigherthanthelotto6from49(1:140million).
The additional game of the Irish lottery is called Lotto+.afterthemaindepreciation,therearetwootherdrawingsofthesametime:lotto+1andlotto+2withprofitsofupto1million$or250,000$.
The online lottery providers LottolandandefinedandandefinedThe Lotter Have Irish lottery in your offer and also enable the tip of Germany on the Internet from Germany. The provider Lottoheldenalsoleadstheirishlotterydailymillioneveryday.

The Irish Lotto 6 out of 47 is definitely one Attractive alternative to the German Lotto 6 out of 49. The jackpot does not reach unexpected heights beyond the 20 million $. Nevertheless, the start jackpot is quite decent with 2 million $.

Not to forget the jackpot chance:

It is 13 times higher in the Irish lottery lotto than in the German lottery. That a simple six without an additional number for jackpot gain is sufficient here.

But the whole special charm - and also fun - of the Irish lottery is clearly in the Additional game Lotto And the other two chances of big gains.

With just one ticket you play three independent lotteriesthat are all pulled. In the editorial team, we too cannot escape this more tension.

Since the additional game is particularly important to us, we play the Lottoland provider, which also gives us the Lotto+option.

So if you like Irish lottery, you should also be interested in Dailiy Million.

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