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NKL pension lottery: loose, prices and profits

Do you want to treat yourself to a break or even retire? The path to financial freedom is rocky and hardly accessible with honest work. But there is an alternative - that Nkl interest riots. With a little luck you can one monthly Immediate pension of 10,000 $ to back up. The pension is paid for for up to ten years.

We have a little one for you NKL Pension lottery test carried out. How high are the NKL pension lottery chances? When will the winning figures be drawn? The answers are available in this article as well as in ours Nkl experiences.

the essentials in brief
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If you want to participate in the NKL pension lottery, you can choose between two lots of lots, the Baseless and the Super-.

The amount of the monthly pensions is identical. The difference is in the term: Those who win with a baseless or win will receive their monthly pension For 5 years. The Super-Los ensures pension payments In the next 10 years.

Baseless Cost 10 $, Super-Lose 20 $.

The loose is sold Only online,
a) On the website of the lottery company or
b) on selected cooperation partners.

The NKL pension lottery has been organized since 2009. It is the successor to the NKL Rentenjoker, which was held from 2005 as a supplement to the well -known northern German class lottery.

The pension lottery of the north German league is always in Time window played for four weeks, each from the first to the 28th day of a month. Overall become 200 pensions drawn, with the amount of the payments increasing from week to week. The profit draws are carried out daily. Anyone who bought a lot for the pension lottery will automatically be part of the draws throughout the month. Furthermore, every month in addition to the pensions 900,000 bonuslose drawn that entitle to free participation in the following month.

The lottery is not a typical lottery game. You cannot set any desired numbers. You can see on your Nkl pensioner a seven -digit number. If this is drawn in the draw, you have won.

We come to NKL pension lottery profit chance. What is likely can you see in the future as a "early retire"? The NKL pension lottery mathematically has a probability of profit of 1: 2100,000. You don't have to start with at this point, on the contrary. Compared to conventional lottery forms such as "6 out of 49“Is the profit expectation above average. Your risk of loss when playing the pension lottery is limited to the respective lot price, i.e. 10 $ or 20 $.

  • Kick tip: If you buy three lots for one month, including all bonusless people, a hit chance of 70 percent!

As described, there is daily Nkl pension lottery profit numbers. However, it is not played every day for the main prize of 10,000 $ per month. The pensions are awarded according to a precise profit plan. The NKL schedule looks like this:

The winning plan of the NKL pension lottery. (Picture: Profit schedule NKL pension lottery | © NKL)

The NKL pension lottery profit query is quite simple. A look at the Homepage of the lottery company is sufficient. The winning figures are published daily. The digits of the past days and weeks can be found in the archive.

If you like it even easier, you can simply enter your lot number in the upper area of the homepage. In the Nkl pension lottery profit query Will be shown immediately whether you won or lost.

In the terms and conditions of the lottery there are two other smaller details that are definitely worth mentioning:

  • Although it is a fixed monthly income for you, it is Lotto gain tax -free!
  • Furthermore, the NKL pension lottery can be inherited. If an NKL pension lottery does not survive the payment period, the spouses, children and/or other heirs benefit afterwards.

The North German class lottery (NKL) exists Since 1947. At that time, the founding members included the federal states of Bremen, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. The Saarland followed in 1960. After reunification, Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt were added. The business has been run from Hamburg for decades.

The organization "NKL" has not been available since 2012. Only the brand name is still available. There is a new society behind the lottery offer today that “Common class lottery of the countries ”(GKL). The network was created after the merger of the NKL and the SKL. All federal states are members. The GKL is headed by the main offices in Munich and in Hamburg.

For you this means that you play with a state lottery provider. Ergo - the Profits of the lottery are guaranteed by the state.

Excursus: the NKL and the SKL for additional profits
Compared to the main lotteries of the NKL and the SKL, the pension education is comparatively small. The NKL and the SKL are played twice a year in longer cycles. There are both every day Definitely profits worth one million $. after only money gains have been raffled over for many decades, there are now additional material prizes such as Dream houses, gold, trips or cars.

Anyone who bought a lot plays for a whole month. You cannot return your NKL winning certificate. So it is not possible to quit your NKL pension lottery.

In our FAQ menu for the NKL pension lottery, we have put together the most important questions about the lottery briefly and briefly for you:

no Seven-digit profit numbers are drawn daily, the pension pretended (loud Profit schedule)tolead.youhavetohaveallsevendigitsrightonyourlot.therearenopayoutclassesbelow.
Wer be part of the NKL pension lotterywantstoinvest10$forthebaseless.ifyouwanttosecureyourpensionfortenyearsinthesuccess,choosethenklworth20$.

The NKL pension lottery may not be Germany's top lottery, but it is quite attractive. Everyone is happy about a monthly payment of up to 10,000 $ (albeit limited to 5 or 10 years).

The risk of loss is very low at 10 $ or 20 $ per month. In contrast, the calculated NKL pension lottery is Chance of winning with 1 to 2.1 million above average.

It is also positive that you only have to buy a single lot and then automatically participate in the draw every day. As a result, with the NKL you have almost no effort for daily chances of winning for a whole month.

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