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Postcode lottery experiences and test report - is the postcode lottery serious?

The postcode lottery is available in Germany Since 2016. It is part of an international community of Online lotteries, all of whom provide considerable parts of their income to be charitable purposes. The Deutsche Postcode Lottery is registered as a non -profit -recognized company with limited liability at the Düsseldorf District Court and also has one TÜV certification. You can use the seriousness of the Online Lotto provider So be absolutely safe.

the essentials in brief
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  • The basis of your participation in the postcode lottery is yours Postcode and a double -digit street code.
  • You need to participate Lose. DIE Height of the profit depends on the number of people who play in the postcode area.
  • If you register with the postcode lottery, you conclude Those from that you can cancel every month. With your loose supports your non -profit organizations.

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The postcode lottery, as the name suggests, is based on the Postcodes The teammate. If you decide to play with the postcode lottery, will Automatically a lot number, consisting of your postcode and one double -digit street code, generated. So, unlike 6 out of 49, you do not have the option of choosing your yourself.

Monthly then Different types of profits distributed to the randomly drawn postcodes and postcodes. For better understanding: Postcode describes the entire lot including the street detection.

When distributing the profits, the following applies in principle The more players in the winning postcode, the lower the profit is and vice versa. Pulls only take place with postcodes that actually take part in the postcode lottery in the respective month, which ensures that the Winned profits guaranteed will. For this reason, the postcode lottery does not have a jackpot that can grow.

Incidentally, there are none Postcode lottery app, but this is not problematic because the website also works well.

The postcode lottery differs in many points from the much more well-known lottery variants 6 from 49 and $jackpot. One of these differences is that you are Play the lottery online first off Register or must register. But this is not complicated and is quick:

  1. If you start registering for the postcode lottery, the most important thing comes right at the beginning - yours postal code. You have to enter this first. When you register, make sure that that you enter all data absolutely correctly And in particular with your postcode, no number rotary fits. After your postcode you give another one Valid Email Address such as Telephone number and agrees with the lottery regulations in order to continue. Before you do this, however, you have to state above the registration form how many loose you want to take part in the draw. You can here Up to three lots choose.
  2. In the next step you give more personal data, starting with your First and last names, on. You also have to precise address Specify and confirm them again via the corresponding field. Then you wear your Date of birth one and get to the next step.
  3. On the third page of the registration form you have to specify your payment details. You have the choice between Banking, PaypalandefinedandandefinedCredit card. Further Paypal Lottoanbieter there is also on the market. If you have entered this data properly, you will get to an overview page on which you can get all the information on yours again accuracy can check. If everything is correct, you can register for the Postcode lottery with one click "Buy now" to lock. Please note that you Participated directly in the lottery and have to pay the selected amount.

The possible missions on the postcode lottery are quickly explained: you can take part in the monthly draw with a maximum of three lots. A Lot costs 12.50 $What does your Monthly use no more than 37.50 $ can be. This is a system that I personally like, because it prevents excessive playing from the outset. If you play with more than one lot at the same time, your profit will be doubled or tripled if available.

Get off everyone 30 percent of the use of non -profit purposes made available. That means that when buying a loose monthly 3.75 $ for good purposes donate and at the same time have the chance of winnings. Aktion Mensch also follows a comparable system with its loose. The projects that the Deutsche Postcode Lottery supports include the Table, die Johanniter accident aid, die German environmental aid, WWF GermanyandefinedandandefinedSOS children's village.

With one lot you have the chance to win the postcode lottery several times every month. For one thing there is that monthly main prize of 300,000 $ For the winning postcode. If there are several teammates within this post code, the amount is evenly divided. On the other hand, the same amount is also 300,000 $, distributed monthly to the winning postcode. This means that all teammates also win with the postcode of the winning postcode.

In addition to these main wins, which are awarded once a month, you also have The chance of further profits every day. Because from Monday to Friday, two postcodes are determined in which each participant receives a fixed profit of 1,000 $. Every Saturday becomes A postcode determined in which every participant receives a fixed profit of 10,000 $. In addition, a BMW 1 Series will always be raffled off to one of the winners on the fourth Saturday of the month. Sunday will be in total 20.000 Postcodes a profit of 10 $ per lot distributed.

In contrast to other lotteries, no probability of winning can be determined in the postcode lottery. This is because the chance of winning changes monthly and depends on how many players buy a lot.

The German Postcode Lottery offers you only three different ways to pay your lots. You therefore have the choice between the entry of the amount by Debit charge, a payment with Paypal or the debit of the amount via a Credit card. In principle, these available payment methods are absolutely sufficient. The profits will be paid out via the same method that you also used for the payment of your lots, and the profit distribution takes place within 28 days after the draw.

Since you have a lottery Subscription Completes, you also have to unsubscribe from the postcode lottery by quitting it. the termination can be submitted at any time and then applies to the Folgemonat. The options for termination are the Telephone termination And a written, informal termination by email or post.

  • Telephone number for termination: 0800 - 800 66 80
  • E-mail-Address: [email protected]
  • Postal address: Postcode Lotterie DT Gemeinnützige GmbH, Martin-Luther-Platz 28, 40212 Düsseldorf

But make sure that the termination before the Closure deadline the next draw should have been received, otherwise it will only be valid in the next time of drawing.

The list of prominent advocates of the postcode lottery is quite remarkable. The Hollywood stars Emma Thompson, Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney have already expressed themselves very positively about the social work of the postcode lottery. Also ex-US President Bill Clinton, the tennis legends Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal as well as football world champion Toni Kroos.

New results of the lottery are added every month and the main prize rarely ends up twice in the same state. This also makes the lottery so appealing. For example, the winners came from Thuringia in 2019 in November, March and February. Happiness struck in Lower Saxony twice: in June and July. In North Rhine-Westphalia, residents were able to look forward to twice and once each in Baden-Württemberg and Berlin.

In hardly any lottery there are as many winners at once as with the postcode lottery. For example in February 2018. The winner plz 45357 was pulled and two districts of the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Essen were able to look forward to. In Essen-Dellwig and Essen-Gede, 39 inhabitants who had participated in the lottery were given a money gain. Overall, the Tried sum at 500,000 $that was then paid for the winners.

It is very positive to emphasize that Social aspect of the postcode lottery. A total of 30 percent of all starting contributions are brought to charitable purposes, which is a really remarkable sum. So you can not only hope for big profits here, but with your lot always guarantees something good. In any case, the provider is Absolutely serious and trustworthy. So if you want to try a slightly different kind of lottery, the postcode lottery is absolutely nothing in the way. Because even if you shouldn't win, you have the nice feeling of having done something good.

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