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No bonus
  • Very serious and safe
  • High-quality
  • Convincing mobile app
  • Live chat and telephone support
  • Payment from 5 EUR
  • Limited offer of lotteries
  • No paypal
Not the biggest lottery selection, but still worthwhile works very professionally due to the official partnership with lottery and the website is well structured. Compared to the competition, I can submit my tickets here for a very low fee. I recently used the provider on my cell phone and could not find any restrictions compared to the website. Thumbs up!
Antje, 20, Casino-Bloggerin

How we test providers

Registration We the provider and give you a step-by-step instructions!
Bonus We activate the bonus & show all conditions!
Customer service We test customer service with different inquiries & share the service times!
Payments We make real deposits and withdrawals & go through the account verification!

Lottery offer


The offer from

It must be said that if you are looking for foreign lotteries, you will unfortunately not find what you are looking for on The provider only represents domestic lotteries, but can also show different additional offers that can increase your chances of winning. In addition, the website is very clearly designed, so that there are also complete newcomers in the world of Online lottery It will just be right to find itself on the page of This clarity also influences the short of loading times on the page.

In the following part we want to introduce you to the most important lotteries of the provider:

6 out of 49: Of course, on you also have the opportunity to play one of the most popular lotteries in Germany. With 6 out of 49 you have to tap a total of 6 digits from 49 different numbers and also type the super number properly. The drawing of the numbers also takes place twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays). On your ticket you also have the option of Super6, Spiel77 and Glücksspirale at the Play the lottery online to select. To do this, you don't even have to leave your ticket but get all the relevant information directly displayed. We find this variant very practical.

Happiness spiral: Many call them Gamble spiral also pension lottery. This title comes from that that you have the opportunity to win a monthly pension of 7,500 $ in this lottery (more about the alternative Nkl interest riots Or directly to our Nkl experiences). In order to achieve this pension you have to type 7 numbers correctly, there are only 6 numbers that match the drawing still wave 100,000 $. After all, you can still get 10 $ with the correct final number. In addition, the lucky spiral regularly waves various special education. You can already place a tip at the lucky spiral with a use of five $.

$jackpot: There are a total of 17 countries that participate in this europe -wide lottery. This guarantees the players a minimal jackpot of a total of 10 million $. Such a guarantee naturally also affects the number of players, and so it comes that the $jackpot is becoming increasingly popular. In order to clear the jackpot here you have to type a total of 5 numbers from 50 properly and have an additional 2 additional $ numbers correctly. Here you also have the option of accelerating the tip process with a quick tip. Random numbers are then generated by a click of the mouse.

SKL: With the SKL, there are a total of two game periods with a period of six months. If you get a whole lot, you have ten lots in the following (here everything about the SKL profit opportunities Experienced). However, it is also possible to purchase the shares individually. The winning figures are determined publicly daily. The jackpot thus adds up from round to round and is played out in the end. If you do not have to go to a game period later, you still have to pay the full lot price.

Additional offers at

Although we have not found any other lotteries in our test on, the provider can continue to score with different additional options and increase your chances of winning a little. For example, you have the option of continuing to submit your ticket through a so -called "permanent game". This happens until you cancel your subscription. The big advantage of this is that you can no longer miss a jackpot and no draw and the amounts incurred are automatically debited.

Spiel 77: If you decide to play 6 out of 49 or play the spiral of happiness, you also have the opportunity to do that Spiel 77 to choose an additional option. A total of seven digits are determined in this solution. If all the numbers match on your certificate, 177,777 $ will be wave. But you don't go away empty -handed even with six real numbers. The game 77 reward you with 77,777 $.

Super 6: With a single catch on your ticket, you can also participate in the Super 6 draw. There is only an additional fee of 1.25 $ for this. However, the additional profit is 100,000 $. However, it must be said that the chances of winning are 1: 1,000,000, and therefore significantly higher than you are used to from other lotteries.

SKL euro-Jokes: With this additional option you have the opportunity to play the lottery for a whole month. There is a new draw every day. A total of 15 million $ and more will be distributed in a total of 123,274 profits. This requires a monthly participation amount of 10 $. However, if you want to increase your chances of winning a little, it is of course free to buy several lots.

SKL dream joker: This additional option is broken down into five different winning levels. A large number of profits are distributed at the SKL dream joker. For example, winners have the chance to decide themselves whether they want a new car or a cash profit of 50,000 $. Another choice is a cash profit of 5,000 $ or a vacation trip. In addition, with smaller profits, it is also possible to have them paid out between 50 and 500 $ in shopping vouchers. There are also regular special draws at the SKL dream joker, which you can give you different trips or cars. So there is a wide field of various winning.

Seriosity & security


The seriousness and security

Before you choose a lottery provider, the question of the security of the data and the serious appearance of the provider is often one of the most important questions and can decide on registration on one page. First of all, you should pay attention to whether the desired provider has the necessary licenses, these are a decisive indication of the seriousness. At, however, you do not have to worry about this. has all the necessary licenses for the company. This was awarded by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Transport in Lower Saxony. The commissioned supervisory authority is also the district government in Düsseldorf. If you still worry about the careful treatment of your data, we can also calm you down here. uses the latest security mechanisms that are used worldwide. All data transmitted to the server are encrypted. Your data will therefore be handled well and safely. In order to reinforce this impression, the provider has a certificate from Thamkt. The company thus certifies further security measures and thus once again assures its security standards.

Costs & fees


Costs & fees

The provider charges a processing fee of 0.60 $ per completed ticket. However, this is completely legitimate and often the case with lottery providers. So do you want something save money, so you should play as many games as possible of a certificate.

Payment methods


The payment methods at

After our test, we got the impression that the provider's payment options are quite limited. On you have the opportunity to choose between Giropay, direct debit, the common credit card providers and a classic bank transfer. There is still potential upwards. In addition, it must be said that a bank transfer takes a certain amount of time for processing. The remaining payment options enable you that your amount is available to you after a few minutes and you can get started right away.

If you have decided on a direct debit, your account will usually be burdened the following day. It is important to mention that there are no fees when depositing in the account. However, make sure that your maximum credit in your player account is 1,000 $.

In our test, we have had the experience that a payout is handled through a trust dealer. In the event of a profit, the amount will be credited to your account as soon as possible. You can order a payment with an amount of 5 $. However, if you want to pay a larger amount (from 5,000 $), you have to make this application in writing, or you have to verify yourself using your signature. If you do not do this within the next three months, you will lose your claim to have your profit paid out.

Optik & Design


Design and functionality

The presentation and design of the website makes a very well thought -out impression. We found ourselves very quickly here and new players should be able to easily navigate through the site. All winning options of the different lotteries are already displayed on the start screen and immediately inform about the most important content of the different lotteries. In addition, you will receive more detailed information as soon as you have chosen a lottery.

During our test, we also found that it is also very simple and easy to submit the ticket. All possible options that you can select on your appearance will be clearly shown to you and are easy to choose. Using a countdown, you will also show when the acceptance deadline of your appearance is reached within the lottery. You are always well informed.

Registration in a few steps


The Registration in a few steps

If you have already registered with a lottery provider, you may be surprised at that the registration process is so complicated. In a first step you register as usual and have to specify your account connection here. In a second step you will receive a activation code via SMS. You will then receive the final registration confirmation in the coming days via registered mail.

  • After clicking the registration button, you have to provide your personal data and the mobile phone number.
  • Then you get an SMS with the activation code.
  • You will receive the registration confirmation sent by registered letter.

We find this procedure quite time -consuming and unnecessarily complicated. Here, too, the provider could improve a little.

However, it should be emphasized that the submission of your ticket is very easy after a successful registration. Here, even complete beginners in this field will simply find themselves right.

Bonus for new customers


Bonus for new and existing customers

Every potential new customer often looks for possible bonus promotions for registration. Unfortunately, both new and existing customers are disappointed on For neither groups there is a special bonus campaign.

Customer service & support


Customer support

Customer support also plays an important role in choosing a lottery provider. Both the accessibility, language and the different options for ing is crucial. You have the opportunity to via phone or via a live chat and describe your situation. In addition, you can of course also write an email that will be processed as soon as possible. It is important to mention at this point that both the live chat and the telephone support on Mondays to Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Mobile offer


Mobile offer

The mobile presence of the provider is unfortunately a bit limited. Unfortunately, your mobile devices have to do without a app. However, there is a replacement, because the provider has a well -functioning mobile website, which enables you to hand over your tip tickets on the go. After our test, we would say that this is a very successful alternative.

Overall rating


Overall rating

We cannot let any doubts about the seriousness of The provider is very professional and deals responsibly with the data of its customers. Even if the offer of the different lotteries is a little limited, we can hardly find a larger flaw. The additional offer and the other options are also solid and make a high -quality impression. However, we would like a slightly larger range from