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Play Lotto 6 out of 45 online - the big guide to the lottery in Austria

Lotto 6 out of 45 is Austria's most popular lottery. It scores in particular High chances of winning, a very decent jackpot And innovative additional games. All important information about the Lotto 6 from 45 draws, Lotto 6 from 45 winning rates or chances of winning, lottery 6 from 45 statistics and differences to Lotto 6 out of 49, you read here.

the essentials in brief
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Lotto 6 out of 45 is the Austrian counterpart to the German 6 out of 49. The lottery game is similarly designed and designed and is quite comparable to the German variant. With Lotto 6 out of 45, there are 12 games to choose from on your lottery ticket. As expected, these include a total of 45 digits from 1 to 45. From this spectrum you look for each of the 12 boxes of 6 digits.

If you have typed these numbers, you can now choose between two draws. One takes place on Wednesdays and the other on Sundays. In addition to the drawing, you can choose the term. You determine how long your game is valid. Here you can choose several weeks at a time.


With the Lotto 6 from 45 lottery you need No additional number to get the main prize.

The Austrian lottery is still waiting other special features on. So you can one Lottery system game choose yours with yours Lotto 6 from 45 chances of winning significantly increased - But even more precisely. If you choose a system game, you also have to invest more use. There is also one Joker game, to which we will also come in detail below.

The Austrian Online lottery Pour around half of your income again as profits to the players. So if you have six correct Lotto 6 out of 45 numbers, you will be attributed to around 42 percent as proceeds. The Lotto 6 out of 45 is not the only lottery in Austria, but it is undoubtedly one of the most popular. Because of the simple design, even laypersons get the chance to play worthwhile.

Of course, all of this is not only ready for use in a lottery acceptance point, but also online.

6 out of 45
  • 12 play areas
  • 45 digits to choose from
  • 6 numbers per play area
  • 2 draws per week (Wednesdays and Saturdays)
  • Additional number
6 out of 49
  • 12 play areas
  • 49 digits to choose from
  • 6 numbers per play area
  • 2 draws per week (Wednesdays and Saturdays)
  • Additional number possible

If you want to use the Austrian LottoVariante 6 out of 45 online, it is important to choose a safe, reputable provider. German players cannot actually play the lottery in Austria. However, this works on the Internet by using a lottery platform that does not allow you to participate directly in the Lotto 6 from 45 draws, but practically enables a bet on the outcome of it.

So you have here not the security, under a state guarantee to set as it would be the case with a direct participation. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to sufficient regulation and good customer orientation. As with bookmakers and allen Online Casinos Unfortunately there are also some black sheep in this gambling area, which must be excluded.

If you have found a suitable provider, you have to register there. Registration is usually carried out in a short procedure. You only have to get some information about your person as well as your address, your date of birth and other basic data. After you have done this, you should get a confirmation by email.

Sometimes a verification link or a corresponding code will be sent to you in the course of this, which you will then click on or at the Online Lotto provider must enter. Only then can you log in with your registration data and play Lotto 6 from 45 online.


You will of course be displayed in digital form on the Internet. So that there are no confusion Most providers use the same layout as the real appearance. Now you simply tap your desired numbers with a click of the mouse or on your smartphone with a tap.

The highlight of the online lottery is that you can not only play very easily from anywhere-you usually even have the opportunity to place different additional inserts that are not available in the conventional lottery. In addition, we come even more precisely below.

With some reputable online lottery providers, you can also find out how high the specific lottery 6 out of 45 winning rates are during the filling of your glow. Finally, you confirm your tip by clicking on "Submit", "Submit" or a similar button and the lottery ticket is registered.

You pay your game like the sports betting portal or in Online Casino Austria About the common payment methods, such as Skrill, Neteller, Credit cards Or you just use the PayPal beim Online Lotto.

As with all real lottery variants, there are also certain times in the Lottery Austria a week when the lottery numbers are drawn and the lucky winners are certain.

Once the lottery Sunday Determined winning numbers every weekend at 7:17 p.m. Furthermore you have the chance to Wednesday to participate in a draw. Here the winning numbers are determined exactly at 6:47 p.m.

Of course, you can quickly find out on the Internet whether you have won. Both draws are also live im Web And also transferred to ORF 2 on Austrian television.

Regardless of whether you want to type in the branch or want to play Lotto 6 out of 45 online - you generally make a profit in the Austria Lottery from three properly predicted numbers. Whereby you increase your profit again with the correctly typed additional number - of course also with larger matches. The eighth winning class represents a special feature. It achieves it at zero (!) Right digits and the correct additional number.

Due to the significantly lower size of Austria, a remarkable jackpot is regularly formed in first place even with only 45 winning numbers and without a great number. Always stands in first place Minimum profit amount of one million $ ready. This may then be supplemented by the existing jackpot.

The special eighth rank will at least give you a profit amount of 1.20 $, which means that you "retain" the original fees of a single lottery game in Austria. If your Lotto Austria plays online, a game round can cost more, Nevertheless, the majority of the simple use is usually returned with the winning in eighth place.

All further profit ranks of proceedings with regard to the redeemed determination according to the totalizer principle. Accordingly, the participants - just like in the German lottery - cannot increase their chances of winning, but they can influence the amount of the probable profit.

If you do not only type the same patterns on the game certificate, you will receive the same pattern, in the event of success It is very likely to have a decent lottery 6 out of 45 profit quota.sofar,thetopprofitintheaustrian6outof45isexactly9,643,151.70$.thissumwasreachedonaugust12,2015.however,muchhigheramountsarestillpossible.

The Austria Lottery offers an attractive joker additive game that significantly increases your chance of being able to say after the draw: I won the lottery!

To take part in it, you have to select and tap the corresponding option on your lottery ticket. You get the opportunity to be part of the Joker game up to three times. Here are the Chances of winning the main prize with 1 to 100,000 enormously high, which is why we do that to you Highly recommend joker game.

You can also find out the current joker numbers from the conventional Lotto 6 from 45 draws, i.e. both in the Wednesday lotto and when playing on Sunday. In contrast to the classic Lotto 6 out of 45, the individual numbers can be repeated between 0 and 9 in the joker game.


If you want to play Lotto 6 out of 45 online, you generally benefit from excellent chances of winning. Here you can already with one Probability of 1 too well 8 million crack. With this value, hardly any other lottery can keep up. In addition, the general opportunities with 1 to 12 are excellent.

You even have the option of recruiting your chances of winning with a specific lottery system. This works by selecting more than the 6 out of 45 numbers required on the tips. This increases Property probability significant and also enlarged Such a system tip the chance to land in several profit classes at the same time.

Of course, we have taken a close look at the system option of the Austria Lottery, with the help of which you can significantly increase your chances of winning. So what happens if you just tick more than the minimally necessary numbers?

This is actually not a problem with the online lottery Austria. Simply select up to twelve numbers per field and significantly increase the likelihood of gain in millions.

The whole thing works as follows: If you set more than six crosses, all possible 6-series combinations of the selected digits are taken into account in the draw. The so -called system 0 - 07 is the easiest. Here the seven submitted figures cover seven 6-series combinations. So your fie -outfache is the likelihood of a six in the lottery!


In order to achieve this increase in opportunities, however, you also have to Seven times Apply - which of course is logical so far. In the following we have listed all available systems including the number of combinations and the applicable price for a typing field:

  • System 0 - 07, combination number 7, price 8.40 $
  • System 0 - 08, number 28, price 33.60 $
  • System 0 - 09, number of combination 84, price 100.80 $
  • System 0 - 10, number of combination 210, price 252.00 $
  • System 0 - 11, number 462, price 554.40 $
  • System 0 - 12, number of combination 924, price 1,108.80 $

We want to go into the example of system 0 - 07 again. If you have success, the systematic approach brings another advantage. Then you can occupy profit classes several times and/or collect additional profits from other classes. For example, if you correctly tap a five-match additional number with your seven crosses, you will end up in the winning classes 2 and 3 and also a whopping five in the fourth prize.

Playing Lotto 6 out of 45 online, in addition to the joker game and the system options, bring you even more advantages, from which the tipsters in the Austrian branches cannot benefit at all. Since you are online - At least as a person without Austrian citizenship or without residence in Austria -cannot take part in Lotto 6 from 45 draws, the online lottery portals offer the chance to bet on the outcome of them. This makes them very easy for the actual lottery game More profit features Add, which in turn unlocks you through increased inserts.

  • 1
    For example, if you want to win more than the standard jackpot of one million $ Option "Double Jackpot" decide. You can usually find a corresponding setting option directly on your digital lottery ticket. Thus, you doubled the sum of the basic jackpot in the first profit rank to at least two million $.
  • 2
    but that's not all. due to the excellent chances of winning, a lot of people - including internationally - want to play lotto 6 out of 45 online. but that also means an increased probability of several winners of the jackpot. various players have to share the main prize regularly, which means that this is of course lower than in the event of a single success. you can do that through a so -called Number protection option impede. This guarantees that you are the only one to be taken into account for a profit for your tapped digits or prevents other players from using your numbers too. In fact, this is about One of the most popular additional functions ever - And we also recommend that you think about their use before your tip.
  • 3
    In addition, are System inserts and subscriptionsHow it already offers the Austria Lottery by default, of course, particularly easy to set up online.

Yes, Lotto 6 from 45 play online is also possible via the smartphone or tablet.

In fact, this option is one Clear sign of the customer orientation of a provider. Because now most gambling fans give up their favorite games on the cell phone or tablet. If an online lottery provider does not take this into account, it may not be technically not up to date and beyond that.

So if you only get an inadequate mobile visualization of your winning certificate or you cannot use all functions of the desktop variant on the smartphone, we recommend that you think thoroughly about the choice of the provider. It may well be that this provider turns out to be little customer -friendly on a different level.


im Ideal for you will have a practical web app made available. You don't have to download it like a native application and install it on your device. Everything that has to be done is to open a conventional browser, enter the URL of the lottery portal there and the app begins to load.

Such applications also mentioned have many advantages. For example, they work completely system -independent and can therefore be used even on older devices. In addition, they generally work very resource -saving, which not only benefits weaker devices.

First of all, we have to differentiate between two scenarios: the direct tip tax and the tip output via private lottery providers.

  • If you Immediately Want to play Lotto 6 out of 45 online, you have to have at least one place of residence in the Alpine Republic.
  • In the case of a personal sham in an Austrian acceptance point, the facts look different: In theory, you can also play the lottery there. In practice, however, this is only possible if you either live close to the border or are on vacation or on a business trip in Austria.
  • online However, for practically every person there is the option About private lottery providers to participate in the lottery Austria. As you have already mentioned several times, you do not play directly through the Austrian lottery company, but rather closes Betting on the drawing output ab.

With the betting on the drawing output, the Specialty Accompanied that there can be a goal for the main prize in both the actual Austrian lottery and the online broker/betting provider. With the online providers you only get half of the actual quota.

Of course, this can be clearly read in the game conditions. In fact, this is not a real restriction, because you would also have to share your profit if you would play Lotto 6 from 45 online directly in Austria.

Should in the actual Lottery Austria nobody achieved first place, the online brokers pay the available profit fully as a quota. Of course there is no change in the jackpot of the Austrian lottery.

In Germany, the legality of participation in domestic and foreign lotteries about private lottery brokers is doubted. The state lottery company has been working against corresponding options for years or represents them as illegal. In fact, it is largely alone with its legal opinion. According to EU law, which of course also applies in Germany, betting providers and thus also private lottery providers are absolutely legal as long as they have a valid license. This can be Gibraltar or Malta go out.

Online lottery providers differ in part in part. Some portals provide a huge selection of lotteries, but hardly any common payment methods or even work without a license. Others, in turn, only have a relatively small lottery selection ready, but even cooperate with PayPal and offer 24/7 support.

We can already capture one thing at this point: there is no perfect online lottery provider. However, some portals are waiting in the vastness of the Internet that provide very good conditions if your Lotto 6 from 45 play online want. We recommend that you orientate you to the following quality features when you select.

If you want to play Lotto 6 out of 45 online from a non-governmentally regulated lottery provider, the most important quality criterion is a valid license. The approval of the Malta Gaming Authority offers one here, among other things guaranteed profit distribution, which is given by the state, for example, in the German lottery. Without a license, you cannot be sure that you are paid out at all.
Customer service should be as easy as possible, because of course questions and problems that must be clarified can always arise with the lottery. Ideal are one here Hotline and/or a live chat that at best 24/7 stand.
Lottery selection
The selection of the lotteries only comes in third place, as it is less important to be able to fill out as many different notes as possible than a Having security, really gaining profits. Nevertheless, providers with many and above all the most important, mostly endowed lotteries, are of course always preferable - although license and support are right.
Payment options
On the one hand, the payment options are a functional quality aspect. Because if there is little choice here and you may first have to register for a service, this is of course less advantageous. On the other hand, the cooperation represents high -quality payment service providers However, the security and seriousness of the provider also have a bit. Lotto brokers who cooperate with PayPal are usually very trustworthy because the payment service places high demands on its partners.
Technical security features
In times of Data scandals and GDPR Of course, your personal information from the lottery provider of your choice is definitely safe. SSL encryption is standard here.
There is no app that brings as good equipment as that Desktop-variants, this is a sign of bad customer orientation, because today the majority plays on online lottery fans.
Also from the Bonus offers, which is available from one or the other lottery provider, you can draw a lot of information about general quality. To put it simply, if the conditions are fair, it is probably also the provider itself.
Play conditions
All rules of the online service should transparently presented in writing be. At best, there is a comprehensive FAQ list in which you will find everything important. It is essential to quickly find the regulations regarding the jackpot payments in the event of a profit, the distribution criteria for several winners and the provisions for payout payments.
Social networks and reviews
Accounts on the social web and activities there are among the clear indications of the good quality of a lottery broker. If you have bad Lotto 6 of 45 experiences with a provider, you can be very much on Facebook and Co. create airwhich of course want to avoid the lottery brokers. The situation is similar with reviews on specific portals such as Trusted Shops and others.
Yes. You also have As a German the chance to tap 6 out of 45.however,youdonottypedirectlyontheaustrianjackpot,butontheoutcomeofthedrawing.
Absolutely. Nevertheless, when you choose the Internet, you should have one Lotto providerchoosethatoffersyouaseriousgameenvironmentandwillcertainlytransferthemoney,especiallywhenpayingandpayingout.

If you want to play the Austrian Lotto 6 out of 45 online, it is fundamentally easy. Even German lottery fans can find the game with a variety of lottery providers on the net, although it is actually reserved for citizens of the Alpine Republic.

Since this is not a state -regulated provider or you do not participate directly in the Lottery Austria about these services, but rather bet on the outcome of the relevant draws, you have to pay particular attention to the quality here. We recommend that you always to take into account quality factors listed above And also to take a look at our lottery provider comparison.

In the case of the right service, you can then benefit from all advantages of the Lotto 6 from 45 lottery, without having to worry about your missions and profits.

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