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NKL or SKL: Differences, experiences and chances of winning

NKL or SKL - No matter which lottery you also choose, the chance of fantastic lottery gains is certain in any case. But what exactly do the two lotteries have to consider and what about your chances of winning? Here you will receive all the important information about this online lottery provider.

the essentials in brief
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How does the NKL lottery work?

The North German class lottery, better known as the NKL, is divided into six different winning classes. Every single class lasts one month in total. The NKL Starts on April 1st and October 1st anew.

As a player, you buy loosely assembled. You should always start at the beginning of the season, because even those who get on later have to Pay the last monthless. So the class lotteries are sure that players do not get in when the profits are the highest.

Always start directly on the first day with your participation in the NKL lottery. You cannot get a financial advantage through a later starting point.

Tension is definitely certain with the NKL, there The draws with this lottery take place every day. The draws are carried out by a payment generator and not by hand. Of course, this happens under state supervision.

  • You can therefore be sure that participation thinks according to Nkl experiences is absolutely safe and serious for you.

The NKL pension lottery as an excellent alternative

In addition to the classic draws the NKL offers you another variantthat you shouldn't ignore in any case. The NKL lottery also offers you the so -called pension lottery.

The difference to the classic NKL lottery:

  • With the NKL pension lottery, you will receive monthly distributions instead of a one -off payment for many years.

Here is one Immediate pension of 500 to 10,000 $ per month raffled. And that happens if the NKL pension lottery hits profit numbers:

  • The profit amount will be credited to you up to 10 years
  • From 10 $ game mission you are there
  • A baseless for the 5-year pension or a superlos, increases the chances of winning to the 10-year pension

By the way, the immediate pension is according to the NKL pension lottery test tax -free and inheritable. This also applies to the NKL Boesche pension lottery, which is not available for every online lottery provider.

Due to relatively small NKL costs, not only one generation can in many cases benefit from the lottery profit.

NKL lottery: the special gold education

With the NKL you cannot Only attractive cash prices to win. Due to the special gold education, real gold bars are raffled off to the participants.

Here will 1,000 gold bars output:

  • Each of these bars has an equivalent of 30,000 $.
  • The gold education only takes place on a certain day.
  • Gold bars are lucrative because the value of gold is stable on the world market.
  • A sale of the tested gold bars is possible at any time.

Participation in the NKL lottery is for you Through different loose possible. A whole lot is the most popular and particularly widespread variant.

In addition, there are also half a lot, fourth, eighths and a sixteenellos.

See the prices processing fees With the NKL lottery as follows:

  • 160 $ for a whole lot
  • 80 $ for half a lot
  • 40 $ for a fourth
  • 20 $ for an eighth
  • 10 $ for a sixteenthellos

As you can see, you can already go an NKL from a low commitment of only 10 $. In addition, I have a special tip for your participation in the NKL lottery.

Pairs ....
You have the opportunity to combine different lots. You can do yours So increase chances of winningFor example, by connecting three eighth fan (3/8 combination) of the NKL.

The special extra: the NKL million joker

If you participate in the NKL lottery, you can take part in an exciting additional round as a special extra. In addition to the classic draws, you can take on a small surcharge Nkl million joker part.

If you choose it, you stay with you for the entire term. The advantage are 230 additional chances of gaining a million Through more lot numbers. Here I will show you the comparatively small NKL costs for these increased opportunities.

From your own NKL experiences I can only recommend you to use this option.

  • 28.00 $ for a full lot
  • 14.00 $ for half a lot
  • 7.00 $ for a fourth
  • 3.50 $ for an eighth
  • 1.75 $ for a sixteenthellos

How do you get nkl lots?

To take part in the exciting NKL lottery, you have to first acquire at least one corresponding lot. Fortunately, this process is child's play and can be done by you as a few simple steps.

Participation in the NKL lottery is therefore for you Just a few moments away.

At this point I will now provide you with one exact step-by-step instructions And keep in mind how you can buy your preferred NKL directly:

  • 1
    First visit the official NKL website in the first step to select your lot there.
  • 2
    Then you can choose whether you only want to take part in the classic draws or whether you also want to take part in the NKL millions of jokers.
  • 3
    Then select your play classes and lot numbers. At this point you can also choose various lots combinations.
  • 4
    As soon as you have made your individual selection, you only have to provide the necessary information to buy the corresponding lot. At this point, information such as the first name, last name, date of birth, street with house number, zip code and location, country, telephone and email address is required.
  • 5
    Finally, you will find an overview of all information provided that you should check again before confirmation.
  • 6
    Then indicate the payment method through which you want to pay your lots. There are access to the bank, credit card or the classic transfer.
  • 7
    By confirming, you automatically accept the general terms and conditions of the NKL lottery.

How are your chances of winning the NKL lottery?

No matter whether NKL or SKL, you will only ask yourself great certainty how it is actually with yours Chances of winning the lottery looks.

10 $ use
  • At 10 $ per month, the chances of winning are at the NKL 54.6 percent.
Complete lot
  • Among other things, the NKL offers you the chance of a profit of 1 million $. Anyone who acquires a complete lot has one Hit probability of 1: 1,125,000.
  • If you want to crack the jackpot with 16 million $, your chances of winning the NKL are included 1:22.781.250.

In the following NKL profit plan overview Do you see how your chance of hit with the number of loose the NKL is increased:

Number of loose purchased Hit probability in percent
154,66 %
280,34 %
Special tip
With a lot combination, you can increase your chances of hit - according to the NKL - to over 91 percent. Even higher opportunities - namely 96 percent -You have a gambling strategy from a lot combination (for example 3/8) and a whole lot. This increases your chances of hit and have the option a full profit amount clear away.

In contrast to other lotteries, the NKL class lottery has a whole range of possible profits.

Next to 400 win over one million $amongotherthings,therearecruises,dreamtrips,carsandhouses.

Even A private island is among the possible profits. In addition, you can add the game to the so-called millions of jokers. Become Another 230 profits of one million $ forgive.

The so-called NKL pension lottery, which the happy winners a monthly pension of up to 10,000 $.

Of the Maximum profit in the NKL million game is 16 million $that are played out in the main deprivation at the end of the season.

Now I have already provided you with a lot of important information about the NKL. So that you have the exact comparison and can decide which offer is now the right one, I still have myself More precisely dealt with the SKL.

First of all, it is important to note that the SKL for South German class lottery stands.

As with the NKL, the SKL is also divided into classes: Exactly 6 classes With one month of term each.

The SKL lottery starts every year on June 1st and December 1st.

The process is like that of the NKL:

  • You have to buy lots to take part.
  • You also have to calculate the previous months here.
  • The draw is also carried out daily by a random generator.

To participate in the SKL lottery, you have to do just as with the NKL lottery, First the corresponding lots to buy. Here, too, there are various ways of how you ultimately design the purchase.

With the SKL you get a whole lot for 150 $. In contrast to the NKL SKLOs divided into tenths of tenths. You can also combine loosely in the SKL.

The different You can get lot sizes at the following prices a processing fee:

  • 75 $ for a 5/10
  • 30 $ for a 2/10
  • 15 $ for a 1/10

You can get lots of the SKL lottery not only in local branches, but also online from numerous lottery providers. Here you can find the biggest selection and can Buy a lot quickly and easily.

Now I will gradually show you how you A lot of the SKL Lottery can buy:

  • 1
    In the first step you have to call the SKL lottery website. On the homepage you simply click on the “Request” button to open the selection of the corresponding lots.
  • 2
    Now you already have the option of selecting the desired lots for your participation in the SKL lottery. Here you offer versatile options so that you can play at the SKL according to your personal ideas and wishes.
  • 3
    In order to acquire the loose of the SKL lottery, some personal information and details are required by you such as first name, last name, street, house number, zip code, location, country, area code and telephone number and email address.
  • 4
    As soon as you have given all the necessary information, you can confirm the purchase.
  • 5
    Now only the payment method is required. You can purchase your SKL loose either by direct debit or by classic transfer.
  • 6
    Only the final confirmation is missing. Click on the proposed button and at the same time take on the general terms and conditions and regulations of the SKL.

Since you not only want to buy loosely, but also want to win something, you are certainly also interested in yours SKL profit opportunities.

  • If you invest 10 $ a month in the SKL, you have a good SKL experience, because then yours are yours Chances of winning at 53.3 percent.
  • The SKL profit chances on the main prize, which can be between 1 and 16 million $, is significantly higher with 1: 3 million than in lottery 6 out of 49.

So that you can determine your chances of a profit as comfortably as possible, the SKL website has one Own opportunities calculator built-in. Here you simply click the product selection (and thus the use per month) and see the maximum profit and the chances of winning in percent.

This is in any case A very useful toolthat I can only warmly recommend especially for beginners in the world of online lottery.

Whether SKL or NKL - ultimately the focus is on profits among all participants. Because who wants to buy lots without them Chance of particularly attractive prices to have?

But at this point I can calm you down in any case. In addition to the very big litter, the SKL lottery also offers you the opportunity Many smaller and attractive cash prices to win.

Anyone who is included in the additional game euro-Joker has the chance of 5,000 $ and 1,000 $ pension per month.

In the course of the lottery you can at the SKL 251 cash prices worth one million $ get hold of. In addition, there is at least one million $ or 1,000 by 1,000 $ a day.

There are also numerous other cash prizes, of smaller ones Cash gains from five $ up to 7,500 $ Vacation money.

As a participant in the respective lottery, you will most likely ask yourself whether you can actively do something yourself, To increase your chances of winning?

Ultimately, a profit decides Only the respective draws. With a large portion of luck, the corresponding lottery numbers are pulled and help you to make an attractive profit.

Even if it No patent recipe for a guaranteed lottery win There have already been very useful in the past.

Finally, I would like to give you some important tips. No matter whether SKL or NKL - through these information you can create significantly better basic requirements.

  • Avoid pattern when submitting your lottery boxes:

Lotto boxes offer the best conditions for the To arrange crosses in appropriate patterns. However, I recommend that you waive this procedure.

The reason for this is simple: numerous lottery players are going on according to this principle. Should A corresponding pattern If you get out of a draw, your personal profit is significantly reduced by the large number of successful tipsters.

  • Do not tap on a specific date:

Many lottery players choose a specific date in creating their lottery tickets. The own Date of birth, the wedding date or the birth of your own children are particularly often used as numbers for the lottery boxes.

Conversely, this means that numbers used particularly frequently between 1 and 31 will.

I also advise you at this point, if possible to forego this data, since the numbers are also used by many other lottery players across Germany.

  • Swim against the stream:

Thanks to my own NKL experiences and SKL experiences, I can recommend foregoing frequently drawn numbers. To filter out this, you can easily take a look at the lottery statistics. Frequently drawn numbers are re -enacted by several participants.

You would certainly have a greater chance of winning, but this would be significantly lower. So it prefers to put on Numbers that do not occur as often, because then you can really clear up with a profit.

  • Dispensed with rows of numbers:

If you want to type at the SKL or NKL, you should on Do without rows of numbers. It is not uncommon for players to choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 on their lottery ticket, for example.

Also 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 and 49 are not unusual among lottery players.

  • Do not repeat lottery numbers of the past few weeks:

Even if you have never played the lottery, you will probably think that it is extremely unlikely that Exactly the same numbers can be pulled again within two or three weeks. This may also be the case in practice.

However, it often happens that lottery players repeat exactly the same numbers and believe in the great coincidence. Here, too, you have to win your profit Share with significantly more playersthan if you had put on other combinations of numbers.

Basically there are not many differences. the NKL Is the North German class lottery and the Sklthesoutherngermanclasslottery.however,thetwodifferslightlyinthechancesofwinning,winningandstartingtheterms.
DIE Costforawholelot,thenklamountsto160$processingfee.ifyouonlywanttogohalfalot,youpay80$.forafourthlessoneyouhavetopay40$andaneighthisalreadyavailablefor20$.asixteenthelloscosts10$.
One or the other is waiting for the NKL Millionsinthenkljackpotonyou.thesklhas251cashprizesofonemillionandotherminorprofits.therearealsonumeroussmallercashgainsandthepopularimmediatepension.
You can of course buy loosely on the classic path directly in a local branch. However, buying the lots is much easier and more convenient im Internet.forexample,theofficialnklandsklwebsiteareavailableforthis.theentireprocessonlytakesafewminutes.
Yes, the draws of the SKL and NKL are absolutely seriousandoffernoscopeforfraudorrip-off.alldrawsarealsocarriedoutunderstatesupervision.asalotteryplayer,youcanthereforebe100%surethateverythingrunsoutwithrightthings.

Basically it can be said that My experiences with NKL or SKL-free are mostly positive.

In addition to high profits, the Monthly immediate pension of the NKL Particularly interesting for many players. With both lotteries, you also have in addition to the big millions but also the opportunity to collect many smaller cash profits.

Whether SKL or NKL - Security and seriousness are sure to be sure. Lotteries have been established in Germany for many years. All draws are carried out under state supervision. Participation is therefore absolutely recommended for lottery fans.

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