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Play World Millions online: chances & experiences with the lottery

The World Millions Loslottery, which has existed since 2017, is only available online. The jackpot is between 50 and 130 million $. The chances of winning with a single lot are better than the lottery "6 out of 49". Like you Play World Millions online we explain to you in this guide.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: World Millions is one Special lottery The online provider Lottoland and Lottohelden.
  • Chapter 1: Find drawings Weekly, Thursday and Sunday.
  • Chapter 2: It awaits you 11 profit classes.
  • Chapter 3: The Keno additions 5 and joker+ determine that Profitless.
  • Chapter 4: So you get Step by step To your lucky.

Provider with World Millions in the portfolio

Lottoland Lottoland experience report
  • Founded in 2013
  • Over 13 million customers
  • First -class lottery offers
Lottohelden Lottohelden experience report
  • On the market since 2012
  • Low fees
  • User -friendly website

When World Millions started in 2017, they spoke Online lottarian Lottoland and Lottohelden from a real "lottery revolution"-not wrongly. Finally, the lottery, which consists of eight digits, promises with The highest jackpots in europe.

It started with weekly jackpots of 50 and 100 million $. In 2019, Lottoland and Lottohelden adjusted the rules of the game for World Millions Lotto again. Since then the XXL jackpot can open up to 130 million $ increase. In addition, three new winning classes were introduced.

At World Millions you don't type lottery numbers. Instead, you choose an eight -pointed number sequence Between 000000,000 to 99999999 and, similar to the lucky spiral, gets a lot.

You can of course Play several lots online And so increase your World Million chance of winning. World Millions do without further additional games. The lottery is rather simple, but it has it tough with the jackpot distribution.

Playing World Millions online was originally only in 11 countries possible:

  • Deutschland
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Czech Republic
  • Australia
  • Brazil

Other countries such as South Africa have been added over time, as is the case with others Online lotteries how euromillions or $jackpot is always the case.

World Millions:
So World Millions are one worldwide Joint lotterythat is by no means limited to europe, but can be played internationally online. Thanks to her jackpot, she attracts more players than many national lotteries.

The draws of the profitless are carried out twice a week, each on Thursday and Sunday evening.

Strictly speaking, the World Million Movement will find 19:30 o'clock instead of. The results are available online at 8:00 p.m. at the latest - at least the providers promise.


At Lottohelden you can buy your lot on the drawing day until 6:00 p.m. At Lottoland there is even the possibility to play World Millions online on Thursdays and to place tips. Sunday is also around here 6:00 p.m..

Regardless of whether you want to play your lucky figures at World Millions, such as your eighttail date of birth or the numbers by random selected:

According to the Lottoland and Lottohelden, each lot number becomes Only award once per draw.

Your So the lot is unique. But this also has consequences that you should consider:

  • Secure you Your desired smile early! By selecting and buying your lot in time. So you secure the corresponding sequence of digits. So you do not run the risk that another player will play with your desired smile.
  • At Lottoland you can Duration of your loose set to. You can play your bill either a week or 2, 4, 8, 26 or 52 weeks at a time. With such a subscription or permanently, your digit sequence remains with you and cannot be taken over by anyone.
  • Positive side effect of the lot number that is only awarded once: you can almost enjoy one Pay protection. There is no division of winnings. Since nobody else can play this besides you, you don't have to share the jackpot in the event of success.

The absolute novelty of the World Million Lottery is the high Jackpot from at least 50 million $. A distinction is not made between Thursday and Sunday education. If the jackpot is not cracked on Thursday, it grows on Sunday, and vice versa.

The jackpot can A maximum of 130 million $ Reach before starting again at 50 million $. The increase in the jackpot differs. According to our World Million experience, it is less than 10 million $ per draw.

For comparison: This means that the World Millions Jackpot is still higher than the $jackpot at 130 million $, which can grow to 120 million $ in March 2022.

Overall, World Millions offers you 11 profit classes to pre -fixed odds and fixed profit sums. You bet on the lot to be determined and you will be in accordance with the winning plan guaranteed profit rates paid out.

In addition to the jackpot with 8 correct end digits, you can already with 7 correct end digits to Lotto millionaire become and win 1 million $.

But even with a real end or initial number, she is already winning a profit. Strictly speaking you even win with zero hits, since the last number of your loose in the winning classes 10 and 11 may differ from a number of drawn value.

The following table shows All important details To the winning classes and the World Millions odds:

Profit classProfitChance of winning
1: 8 end digitsJackPot
Mind. 50 My. $ /
Max. 130 my. $
2: 7 end digits1 mine. $1:10.000.000
3: 6 final digits100.000 $1:1.000.000
4: 5 end digits10.000 $1:100.000
5: 4 end digits1000 $1:10.000
6: 3 end digits100 $1:1000
7: 2 end digits30 $1:100
8: 1 Endziffer15 $1:10
9: 1 initial number10 $1:10
10: Endziffer +15 $1:10
11: Endziffer -15 $1:10

With 1: 100 million, the World Million's chance of winning on the main prize is comparatively high - for example 1.5x higher than the classic lottery. As the following overview illustrates, only the $jackpot is waiting for the jackpot with an even better chance:

Profit classes:
At the start of 2017, World Millions originally had only 8 profit classes, which referred exclusively to the final digits. After criticism of too low profit opportunities in relation to the lottery price, the profit classes 9 (starting number) and 10 and 11 (final number neighborhood +1/-1) were added. Today the online providers promise Lottoland and Lottohelden: On average, every 3rd wins.

Participation in the Lottery World Millions is currently only possible with two providers: Lottoland and Lottohelden. Here you get an overview of what distinguishes both providers and what distinguishes them.

Lottoland is one of the largest private lottery provider with betting license.

More than 13 million players are registered with the online provider.

Large jackpot winnings such as World Millions or US Powerball are secured and paid out via international insurance companies. The World Millions Payment is therefore guaranteed and For players from Germany tax -free.

Lottoland offers the Participation in over 25 international lotteries on. The online provider has invented some younger branches such as World Millions or Multi Keno. This is how the offer continues to grow.

The portfolio includes, for example:

  • Which UND Mega-Sen (Lotteries from Brazil)
  • Irish lottery
  • El Niño (Spanish Epiphany Lottery)
  • El Gordo (Spanish Christmas Lottery)

Lottoland is among others by the state gambling supervision in Malta, Great Britain, Ireland, and Australia checked. As an EU citizen you can also completely from Germany Legal about Lottoland play online.

After our Lottoland experiences If the website is very user -friendly and tip taxes are also easy to understand for beginners.

A notice:
At Lottoland there is an excellent one Online Lotto App For download!

Lottohelden has been an active online lottery provider since 2012 and has his Seat in Malta. Like Lottoland, Lottohelden belongs to the european Lotto and Betting Ltd. Although both providers the same owner have, according to your own statements, they work very independently.

As Lottoland the World Million Lottery in Spring 2017 Lottohelden followed in June 2017.

The website could have us in our Lottohelden experiences in your Clearity and user guidance a little better than that of Lottoland.

Lottohelden Compared to Lottoland in the just more than 20 lotteries offered mostly on larger additional options and games.

  • 1
    First you decide How many looseyouwanttoplay.atlottolandyoucanfillupupto10lotteries,upto5forlottohelden.
  • 2
    Now you define your eighteen digit sequence. You choose your desired slumber either yourself - by entering the keyboard at Lottoland or by clicking on the arrows at Lottohelden - or per Quick Tippfrom,sobychance.youcanhavetheworldmillionsnumbersdeterminedagainandagainwithasimpleclickuntilyoulikeit.
  • 3
    Next you decide in the selection menu whether you are at the Thursday, Sunday or both draws take partwant.atlottoheldenyoucanalsodeterminethedateyouwanttoplay.
  • 4
    Now you decide on the Duration youroffspring.remember:eachlotisonlyforgivenonce.thelongeryourruntime,thelongeritisguaranteedthatthechosenlotnumbercanbeplayedbyanyoneelse.withlottoheldenyoucanchooseupto8weeks,atlottolandyoucanalsoplayinapermanentsubscription.
  • 5
    In the end you just have to go to the Sign-and-out buttonclickandyourworldmillionslosendsupintheshoppingcart.ifyouarenotyetregisteredwithlottolandorlottohelden,youhavetocreateauseraccountbeforehand.

Without New customer bonus Or the discount campaign is the cost of Lottoland and Lottohelden the same: you pay 10 $ pro los and drawing.

  • 1
    Set number of Losfeld.
  • 2
    Enter World Millions numbers.
  • 3
    Select drawing days.
  • 4
    Determine the term of the loose.
  • 5
    Buy off.

The online lottery providers Lottoland and Lottohelden do not think of the winnerless freely. The drawing takes place state -controlled And is understandable for every tip.

The number of the respective winningless on Thursday and Sunday is based on a combination of two immediately beforehand Draws from other lottery companiesthat are not related to the two lottery providers.

Composition: number of the winningless
  • The first 4 figures of the eighteen World Million Wireless Additional lottery 5 of the German KENO Lottos together.
  • The last 4 figures of the eighteen World Million Wireless American Keno Added Lottery Joker+ together.

Both officially licensed lotteries in the country of origin are a kind of Game 77 or super6. The German Plus5 is determined by a five -digit and American Joker+ seven -digit digit sequence. If you want to follow the World Million drawing live, you should visit the website belonging to the lottery.

However, at Joker+ both Thursdays and Sundays can be found Two draws instead of. For World Millions, the number of digits drawn as a second joker+ number is always used. As a result, you bet at World Millions with your lot almost to the outcome of the Keno additions 5 and Joker+.

The following example illustrates this once Complement of the World Million Wallless And also plays through the profit classes.

The first 4 figures of the eighteen World Million Wileless The last 4 figures of the eighteen World Million Wileless
LotteryKeno additional lottery 5Keno additional lottery joker+
Sequence 7 0 7 8 4 4 8 1 8 0 7 9

Whether you win at World Millions depends purely on chance, since you can have no influence on the numbersthat lead to the winnerless. Nevertheless, there are a few tips that we can give you on the way.

At Lottoland there is an interesting one Additional option At World Millions. There you can only use a sequence of digits 1/10- or a 1/2-Los kaufen. Your use is reduced according to your share, at 1/10 to 1 $. Your profit amount is also reduced, for example in the 2nd winning class from 1 million to 100,000 $.

Your However, profit opportunities remain the same, regardless of whether you hold the 1/1 share on the lot or only 1/10.

Tip of the editor:
For example, if you buy a whole lot for 10 $, you can equal cost Also buy 10 1/10less and thus get higher probabilities.

Since every lot number is allocated once at World Millions, we advise you to ensure that you secure your numbers as early as possible. Especially when superstition is involved or you absolutely want to use your date of birth, Should you strike early, so that nobody can take away this lot number.

Lottohelden and Lottoland regularly have campaigns in which discounts or free tips are sometimes possible at World Millions. Keep special offers in the eye And subscribe to the newsletter, for example, so as not to miss these actions.

Lottohelden is particularly available for new customers often discounts Lose on World Millions.

World Millions is one International Lot lottery.youcanonlyplaythisonlinewiththeproviderslottolandandlottohelden.
At World Millions you buy a lot online with an eight -pointed sequence between 00000000 and 99999999. You can determine this yourself or choose by chance. Click here for Step-by-step instructions for the World Millions.
DIE World Millions drawingstakeplaceintheearlythursdayandsundayevening.youcanbuyyourlotonlineuntil6p.m.thewinningbarisdeterminedusingtwokenoaddedgames.eachlotnumberisonlyassignedonce.
The jackpot at World Millions always moves between at least 50 million $ and a maximum of 130 million $. This makes it one of the largest lottery jackpots in europe. There Each lot number only once per drawyoualsohavetosharetheprofitamountwithnoone.
In11 profit classesyoucanwinatworldmillionsatfixedoddsandsums.thechanceofthejackpotis1:100millionhigherthanthelottery"6outof49"with1:140million.

High profit amounts such as the maximum jackpot of 130 million $ in World Millions are always tempting and popular. So we connect the lottery to the American record lotteries US Powerball and US Megamillions, which allow much larger profits in the millions of millions.

Apart from the jackpot, they are In our opinion, profit quotas and opportunities scheduled too low. After all, a single lot already costs 10 $. We like to play a lot for the fun in between, but the expensive lottery subscription is not for us.

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