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Cash4Life - information, experiences & winners of the special lottery

1,000 $ a day and for a lifetime: Anyone who plays Cash4Life has the chance of a lifelong immediately pension-at an affordable price. We will inform you about the exciting US lottery Cash4Life.

the essentials in brief
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  • Cash4Life Places a lifelong pension of 1,000 $.
  • That Game principle Works similarly to the German lottery. You select five digits an additional room.
  • DIE Profit are played out. With just one real digit, a profit is already possible.
  • Participation is cheap at only 2.50 $ per field.
  • You have to go to your profit at Cash4Life no taxes

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now Best lottery provider to compare!

Cash4Life is a fairly young lottery that has only existed since 2014 and has been played in nine US countries since 2018. The special charm: with this Online lottery In the truest sense you have the chance of cash for life.

The main prize includes one Lifelong pension of 1,000 $ And that per day! A very tempting price that makes the lottery in the USA and so popular worldwide.

1,000 $ a day, that is 365,000 $ annually! A brand new Ferrari is easy (costs around 300,000 $) or you invest in a pretty house according to your taste. In the nationwide average, this is already available from 320,000 $. So there is even something left for a long vacation (or more).

And that's only the first year. You can imagine what you can treat yourself if you get this sum every year and save a part.

In the meantime, German lottery providers also have how Lottohelden or Lottoland, Cash4Life on offer. With the online providers you will receive your ticket for only 2.50 $ per field and can easily and conveniently hand over your tips online. You will also find a very good one here Online Lotto App before.

Since the drawing of Cash4Life in Germany only takes place in the early morning, you also benefit from the automatic determination of the profit Online Lotto provider. Once you have won, you will be surrounded by email about your luck and will receive your profit without deductions in your bank account.

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As tempting as the great jackpot of other lotteries is, a million gain can overwhelm any lucky guy. The advantage of an immediate pension is therefore clearly obvious: If you win the price, there cannot be a highly skilled concerning. Nevertheless, you have taken care of your life and can fulfill your dreams.

  • With the main prize, you will receive a daily profit payment of 1,000 $.
  • The profit payment takes place for a lifetime - guaranteed.
  • You will also get a lifelong profit in the second team of winnings.
  • The game principle is very simple and resembles the well -known Lotto 6 out of 49.
  • According to official information, the probability of winning is around seven times higher than on other lotteries.

In have Gained in the lottery And now ask yourself how you should proceed? In our counselor Let us explain to you what you have to pay attention to when gaining a lottery!

Become on the game ticket from Cash4Life - Similar to the German Lotto 6 out of 49 - Terred numbers. Five figures between 1 and 60 have to be marked on the app. A sixth number is referred to as the so -called cash number and checked between 1 and 4. This number corresponds to the additional number in the German lottery. To clear the main prize, you have to correctly predict five of the 60 digits and one of the four cash balls

To your Online casino profit opportunities To increase, you can increase the number of your typed fields and up to ten plug -in Play the lottery online choose. Our tip: with a permanent license (for example at You no longer miss a draw.

The draw takes place every Monday and Friday in the US state of New Jersey. Because of the time shift, we will receive the numbers the following Tuesday or Friday at 3 a.m. Early risers or night owls can draw in the official Livestream pursue.

The closing date is every Monday and Thursday at 2:30 a.m. German time.

Tipp: Anyone who has overslept the official draw can also be the numbers at any time online check.

Statistics: On the official Cash4Life website you will find an interesting one Statistics. There, for example, the frequency of all previous winning numbers and the rarest numbers are presented.

In contrast to many other lotteries, the winnings at Cash4Life in nine Profit classes paid out. The first two classes can look forward to a lifelong pension of 1,000 $ a day or 1,000 $ per month. The chances of winning are quite high compared to other known lotteries.

Especially since you not only have the chance of the main prize, but you can also get other attractive cash prizes. Even in the lowest profit class, you will get your commitment back and have a good chance of playing cash4life without losses.

Here you can see the possible profits and the respective chances of winning:

Profit class Meeting Profit Chance of winning
1 5 correct + cash ball $ 1,000 daily 1:21.846.0485
2 5 correct $ 1,000 per month 1:7.282.0164
3 4 correct + cash ball 2.000 $ 1:79.4404
4 4 correct 500 $ 1:26.4803
5 3 correct + cash ball 100 $ 1:1.4713
6 3 correct 20 $ 1:4902
7 2 correct + cash ball 10 $ 1:832
8 2 correct 4 $ 1:281
9 1 correct + cash ball 2 $ 1:13

All lottery players from Germany are allowed to breathe a sigh of relief. If you can call yourself a happy cash4life winner, you don't have to Lotto control Spire to your profit. However, if you create your profit profitably, you have to pay taxes on the interest that arose in this country.

With the high profit amount, the question is often asked: How many cash4life winners are there? The answer is: many! However, there are still no cash4life winners from Germany. As the New Yorker Polizistin Edna Aguayos A fortune teller in the amusement park over twenty years ago, she hardly dared her ears: she should play the lottery regularly because she was waiting for a lifelong profit for the young woman.

In the firm conviction of winning the lottery one day, Edna showed stamina and invested in lottery pose for over twenty years. In summer 2014 the time had come: With five correct and the cashball, the happy winner secured $ 1,000 a day - for the rest of her life.

One would think that Edna would have had long enough time in recent years to think about the possible profit. The winner sees it differently: First of all, she wanted to go on vacation extensively and consider what should happen to the money.

The experiences with Cash4Life have proven to be very positive. Even if the lottery has not existed for long, it is enjoying a growing fan base and is also happy to be played outside of the United States. Cash4Life is organized by the state and is absolutely serious - so you don't have to worry about a tip. The comparatively low commitment as well as the attractive profit grading.

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