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No bonus
  • No own commitment
  • Advertising can be ignored
  • Risk -free
  • Far -reaching use of personal data for advertising purposes
  • Seriousness not 100% clear
  • Chance of winnings very small

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Lottery offer


The offer from

I have a special kind of provider in this LOTTY TEST put to the test for you. Lotty is A very interesting competition operator from Hamburg. The system is simple: You do not have to deposit anything, but accept advertising and can take over a million $ every day in a lottery education. It's actually just as easy as it sounds, but of course the question of the Seriousness of such a provider. In the following I present my thoughts on Lotty's lottery concept.

Participation in the Online lotteries From Lotty is for you completely free, so you never have to deposit real money at any time. The lottery itself is very similar to the well -known Lotto 6 out of 49, but has nothing to do with this state lottery. Lotty or the Hello Mail Interactive GmbH from Hamburg behind it is the sole organizer of the drawing. You can take part in a new draw every day and activate one lottery ticket per person. Take deadline is daily at 4 p.m. and all correctly cast notes of the last 24 hours are now around the million. The drawing itself takes place in the exclusion of the public and the drawing results are published at 6 p.m. You will then find out by email whether you are one of the happy winners.

The mathematical trick with the lottery number

With the known 6 out of 49, a super number between 0 and 9 is drawn to the six numbers, which reduces your chance of winning for the jackpot by a tenth. Your ODDs are then mathematically around 1 to 140 million. Lotty works almost the same. You also select six numbers from the 49 available, but the super number, which is called Lotty number here, also comes from the remaining lottery pot, so it can also be between 1 and 49. That sounds after an insignificant change, but the lottery number opens up 43 options and thus reduces the initial opportunities for a forty one too rough 1 to 600 million. So you have a more than four times as much chance of the big win at the Saturday or Wednesday or Wednesday Lotto. But you have to invest money beforehand.

The clear payout system

As is well known, you don't look into a gifted Gaul, so I want to go into mine Lotty experiences Don't complain about the low chances either. You just need A lot of luck, but this is also normal for a lottery. Now there was always talk of one million, but what can you win in detail at Lotty? A demand for support resulted in this Simple profit distribution scheme:

  • $ 1,000,000 for six correct and correct lottery number (Chance 1 to 600 million)
  • 1000 $ for six correct without the correct lottery number (chance 1 to 14 million)
  • 5 $ for five correct without the correct lottery number (Chance 1 to 55,000)

The million and $ 1,000 are divided among several winners, the 5 $ keeps it completely. You see that the Lotty lottery is one very high volatility owns. This means that you only win extremely rarely, but then all the more. Low classes do not exist, so unlike the real lottery, three correct ones are worth nothing. Note that the small provider does not have one or several million in stock, which is why he understandably paid out the profit amount in installments. For you, this means 300 months, i.e. no financial worries for 25 years and continuously $ 3333 in the account with a final rate of $ 3433. The website is wrongly advertised with a body or immediate pension that can even be inherited. From a legal point of view, this has nothing to do with a pension and pensions cannot be inherited either.

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Seriosity & security


Then the most important point comes here in mine LOTTY TEST. Is this system really serious? Can that work? Can Lotty conjure up a million without play inserts? Here I had to research for a long time and get an idea of this offer myself. And indeed: you don't really risk anything except for an advertising. Let's start with the legal classification. Lotty does not require any operations or other fees and is therefore not considered an online casino. Hence Lotty does not need any Gambling license And can develop freely in the German legal area. What Lotty is instead is a Competition operator. Such such a financially demands nothing, but is then bound to his promise of profits. A GmbH in Hamburg is responsible for Lotty that meets all government requirements and is available to you as well as the German authorities with a full address as well as telephone number and email. I see no reason to doubt the seriousness of the substructure.

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Does advertising financing work?

However, a serious operator can still drive a shingle and present you a fraudulent system. But here, too, I just have to say that Lotty doesn't want to get your money at all. You are not forced to And if you don't win, you just don't win. But what is to be held of advertising financing? Especially in recent years, the trade in data and generating clicks has become a valuable industry. Lotty will generate a tiny cent broken part of the advertisers from the clicks. There are also numerous advertising emails, where I in mine Lotty experiences would have expected more. Incidentally, the Lotty website itself contains practically no advertising. For the partner companies, advertising is a lucrative business, for Lotty the trade also and for you the big prize in the end. In my eyes, this is a solid business model. Since the million will only be picked up very rarely and only a few thousand $ a month will be picked up, anyway, the system should actually work. The question is at best what is going on with such a small provider in 25 years and whether your profit is also insured. Lotty speaks of a "renowned insurance" in the FAQ.

Two reasons for leaning back, two for doubt

It has a little bit of detective game to work out the seriousness of lottery. That shouldn't be alone. Two thoughts encourage me to think. If Lotty has already made thousands of winners happy - where are they? I haven't found anyone in forums yet. And then of course it is not good for the matter that the winnings are simply published and we no access to the Random generator to get. Lotty shows you all the previous drawing results including statistics, whereby I cannot see at least no suspicious patterns. However, there are two positive aspects of this, because the advertising partners used are often more well -known names with good reputation that would certainly not participate in a fraud. I also bothered to look for a few of the winners' pictures on the Internet and indeed only on or a comparable portal of Hello Mail found. So no freely available stock photos were used for invented characters.

Costs & fees


At Lotty there are no costs or fees for you.

Payment methods


Since your money will never deposit at Lotty, this category is unnecessary. But I can tell you what happens if you have actually won Lotty. The winnings up to $ 1000 are paid out in cash or by check, which is a bit dubious for me. The "immediate pension" then hikes on your bank account every month. Formally, this then runs in such a way that you have to report within two months, otherwise the profit will expire. You will then receive a form in which you can enter your correct data again and sign the right to participate. Here you also agree to pay for possible taxes (although there are currently no taxes on competition gains). The "risk management company" then checks everything and calls for you an official document for Confirmation of identity on. All of this should be quite smooth.

Optik & Design


The design of Lotty is Very simple, almost internet -like antiquated held. On the right the countdown runs to the next draw. The general background is white, different areas are yellowed and the contrast form purple elements. There is only very few graphic elements and sub -pagesthat lead to further content. Information on data protection or the conditions of participation appear as overlay. So it can also be recognized quickly for the "Lotty Mo" where it should give up her numbers and somehow reminds me of a crossword newspaper from the kiosk. The offer looks more deceptive than it should be. A modern website with a professional design would generate greater trust right from the start. But the performance fulfills its purpose and cannot be compared to that of a real casino anyway.

Registration in a few steps


This is how you come to your lottery

A player account can only be set up at Lotty after filling out the lottery chest. You will be promised "3 clicks for the million”. This is how it looks for you at Lotty:

Bonus for new customers


A Casino Bonus Of course, Lotty does not forgive, but also there does not seem to be a comparable bonus offer. The provisions mentioned that registered users can use exclusive additional opportunities by specifying additional personal information. So you will be rewarded for the fact that you let the advertising be cut even more. This option was not apparent for my account. Maybe Lotty will come up with the time, maybe this species exists Lotty Bonus But not at the moment.

Customer service & support


You can Hello Mail GmbH by phone and email, but then you will reach the office and no customer advisor. Instead, Lotty offers you Only the possibility of a form on. So you can't call and a live chat is not available, but but Very good FAQ. The (actually outdated) form is basically an email with name, your address, subject and message as well as a short (and quite ironic) anti-spam query. Think Lotty experiences After you will be answered on the same day, but customer support is so non -transparent that I don't want to generalize it. Here, too, modern customer service would drive out my doubts faster.

Mobile offer


Lotty works on the smartphone a little more modernbut still remains at HTML base level. The individual areas appear among themselves and you have immediately the tip of the tip at a glance. I cannot determine whether this was specific or the side just looks like this on the phone. The clarity remains just like the simplicity, only there are practically no feelings. At the desktop you can still see the lucky ones winner And Karsten from Wesel, who took over his mother's pension. the Online Lotto App On the other hand, it is just a much too yellow sober, albeit functional string of the content.

Overall rating


That was all mine Lotty experiences For the pure lottery provider without Online Casino, that is not one, but still promises you the big win. I can't say really bad about Lotty because you know about the conditions of participation with a little research. This means that you have a chance to win one million $ in the lottery and only have to endure advertising campaigns. At Lotty you don't risk a single cent and can still be rewarded, whether with 1000 $ or at least 5 $ or one of the many material prizes in the raffles. That is the possibility of one Lotty Bonus Without advance payments and the good business concept to operate a lottery through advertising measures. I come to the conclusion that all of this quite serious is, even if I have described my doubts in detail. If you have no problem with spam and trust the data protection guideline from Lotty, then you can go hunting for the million every day. Under no circumstances is it possible to lose money here.

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