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Lotto go! Play online-experiences & chances of winning the online lottery


Why only twice a week Play the lottery onlineif it works every hour? Lottoland probably thought similarly when the provider the in -house lottery Lotto Go! has launched. You recognize here a lot of similarity to the classic LOTTO 6aus49, but some things are different enough to Lotto Go! to dedicate this separate article. We show you how exactly your Lotto Go! can play online why it is almost like the "real" lottery and for whom Lotto Go! can especially be worth it.

the essentials in brief
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You can only Lotto GO at Lottoland! play online

If you are looking for the Lotto Go! Online lottery, you will always be with Lottoland land. Because Lottoland has the new one Instant lottery launched and Only here you can exclusively hand in your tip notes - also by Online Lotto App!

How practical is it that Lottoland is one of the, if not the best lottery broker on the Internet. As always, you can find all the details in the detailed review, but some key points can certainly not hurt here:

Lottoland regularly has about 30 Online lotteries Around 50 different ones offer you around the globe on offer Rubble on, an online playbench and numerous sports betting. So you will surely get stuck with Lottoland for a long time, especially since you enjoy a operator of the best reputation that is in Malta has been licensed under the state under EU law.

The innovation is never neglected, especially not with the introduction of the GO! Lotteries, but also with the now very popular additional options "Double Jackpot" or the "Number Protection". Thanks to Lottoland, there is no longer any reason to potentially keep the lottery lottery boxes in your pocket.


The Lotto Go! The draw takes place by chance under its own banner, an exception to Lottoland. In most cases, Lottoland acts as a third party with bets on foreign lotteries. For example, the regular draws find $jackpot, KENO, Multi Keno, Brazilian Quina or the Megamillions On the official platforms and Lottoland simply takes over the processes and numbers. So you don't buy a real lottery ticket here, but close a bet on the corresponding numbers. Thanks to in-house, innovative insurance under EU law, profits are guaranteed at any time. If you create an account via online game, then you only pay 2 $ for something that would otherwise cost 10 $: three plain engines for Lotto 6aus49 and three more for the $jackpot wonderful discount at the start.

If you have ever filled up a lottery ticket in life at the kiosk, you can now easily Lotto Go! play online. Yet Before that, you need an account with Lottoland. This is available in simple steps if you click on "New Account" at the top right (read in our review).

Then you can do similar to that allen Online Casinos Enter money on your lottery account, but you can also buy your ticket in a similar way to the shopping cart in the normal online shop and then pay for a precise manner.

To now Directly with Lotto Go! to start, drive upstairs over "lotteries", Then click on "All lotteries" And look for the list. Then you will find the following ticket:


At the top left you can see the current jackpoth height directly, the countdown runs to the next closing date on the top right. Right below you can have a series of "QuickTipp", so randomly entered, fill up the remaining appearance or delete everything with the trash.

However, the actual fun lies in the six fields in the different fields Lotto go! Counting Select by hand. Here, too, you can generate random numbers with the magic wand and delete the series next to it.

This is how you proceed in detail:
  • If you have come up with a system (just as with Lotto 6aus49), then simply mark more than six numbers. If you are through with it, it goes into the lower area of the ticket.
  • First you can generate a lot number or, above all, select the last digit by hand. This is the extremely important super number that applies to all rows.
  • Below you click on how many draws you want to participate, with 24 the maximum.
  • To the right of this you can still take part in the participation in the three more raffles Decide (below the details) and finally determine which draw you want to start with.
  • That was already it and the bottom right is the button to "give up" the appearance in green. Here you can also recognize your game of game directly and very interesting on the left next to it in the Win-O-Meter, the percentage of you with this appearance.

This is how Lotto Go works! on-line


Lotto go! is largely a copy of the classic Lotto 6aus49, but has no connection and is not organized by the German state in particular. Instead of this the lottery numbers are generated by Lottoland by chance and at every full hour.

That would also be the decisive difference, because instead of only twice a week you can here Try up to 168 times a week to crack the jackpot. Incidentally, this is always taken over by the official lottery jackpot and thus relatively easily climbs into double-digit million amounts.

The base game is 6 out of 49 And so when it comes to Lotto Go! Winning quotas completely identical to the famous big brother. For the jackpot, all six numbers and the super number 1 out of 10 must be correct. Less strong combinations also bring you good money.

The second big difference to the lottery is in the lowest winning class, because you have Not a single number correctly typed, you will get your game back refunded. This is due to Lotto Go! Just like the real lottery with one $, but the 50 cents are eliminated Fee per lottery ticket.

You can play systems as normal, which may be a bit confusing for beginners first. Here you choose more than six numbers, we say seven. Seven different rows of six can be combined from these seven numbersthat are all sent into the race. You have seven chances of the jackpot, but you also pay seven $. With eight numbers you are already with 28 combinations.

All Lotto Go are listed here compactly! Chances of winning, with Lottoland, unlike Lotto 6aus49, decided on fixed odds (except for the jackpot), which are therefore independent of the operations made:

I6 correct + super numbersJackpot (same height as in real)1:139.838.160
II6 correct100.000 $1:15.537.573
III5 correct + super number10.000 $1:542.008
IV5 correct1000 $ 1:60.223
V4 correct + super number100 $ 1:10.324
VI4 correct40 $1:1147
VII3 correct + super numbers10 $1:567
VIII3 correct5 $1:63
IX2 correct + super numbers2,50 $1:76
X0 correct (super number doesn't matter)1 $1:2,3

So that you can actually feel the complete lottery feeling, Lottoland also offers you at the same time Label Go!, Super6 Go! and Gamble spiral Go! on. You activate these draws by clicking and automatically uses the ticket number.

All three variants work exactly like the official raffles, but also take place at every hour. It is always about the fact that you have as many end digits as possible, i.e. always a number more starting on the right.

The costs are 2.50 $ for Spiel77 GO!, 1.25 $ for Super 6 GO! And 5 $ for the luck spiral go!, so everything exactly as in real. Different numbers for the individual classes are always drawn in the lucky spiral, for the other two there is only a fixed number every time. Here are the relevant profit ranks:

IAll 7 numbers correctAt least $ 177,777 1:10.000.000
IIThe last 6 numbers77.777 $1:1.111.111
IIIThe last 5 numbers7777 $ 1:111.111
IVThe last 4 numbers777 $ 1:11.111
VThe last 3 numbers77 $1:1111
VIThe last 2 numbers17 $1:111
VIILast number 5 $ 1:11
IThe last 6 numbers100.000 $1:1.000.000
IIThe last 5 numbers6.666 $1:111.111
IIIThe last 4 numbers666 $1:11.111
IVThe last 3 numbers66 $ 1:1111
VThe last 2 numbers6 $1:111
VILast number2,50 $1:11
VIIAll 7 digits correct10,000 $ monthly pension for 20 years1:10.000.000
VI6 correct end digits (2x)100.000 $1:500.000
V5 correct end digits10.000 $1:100.000
IV4 correct end digits1000 $1:10.000
III3 correct end digits100 $1:1000
II2 correct end digits25 $1:100
I1 correct end digit10 $ 1:10

The main difference is in the play at every hour, not only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So as an impatient player you have less waiting time and still get the same jackpot - over and over again. The processes, prices and payout rates of the three additional games are exactly as in real, but At Lotto Go! Saves your 50 cents processing fee for the appearance.

In return, however, you will find that the profit ranks of the main variant are sometimes significantly below those of the state lottery. So a lot is reduced by smaller winnings, but of course there is a reason: the tenth prize rank. In over 43 % of cases you will receive your use back, so you only lose if you have exactly one or two numbers correct. This benefits the players who act a little more carefully and want the chance of the jackpot, but otherwise prefer to get smaller profits and often get the assignment back.

So it is the case that In the Lotto Go! Statistics almost every second appearance wins (or at least without loss), while with Lotto 6aus49 it is only about every thirtieth tip.

The inventors had the idea that this frequent "reset" of the notes reduced the frustration moments and that the lottery playing simply feels happier. On the other hand, many only arises when they have five or even six correct ones and only get half or even less. The festival rates prevents you from not having to share the distributions (except for the jackpot) with anyone.

All tips and possible Online Lotto strategy Let yourself go on Lotto Go! transfer. However, two considerations outside the actual game come into play: First of all, you play with official German legal sovereignty at 6aus49 and are protected accordingly and your profits are safe. Lottoland moves from Malta at least in a legal gray area, but is also able to pay you your funds at any time through the large -scale insurance.

Lotto taxes In both cases, you do not pay for gambling profits. The last point could at least briefly unsettle the careful among you. With the state's lottery you can regularly see the balls in the drum, at Lottoland the drawing is hidden. Here is a "Random and Insured Number Generator (Ring)", which is certified and licensed in Malta, which you simply have to trust, but to all of our lottery country and Lotto Go! Experiences can also definitely trust. This random generator is subject to regular controls that are obliged to offer lotteries.

Of the Lotto go!iscompletelyanalogoustothelotto6aus49,whichmeansthatyouchoose6outof49numbersandasupernumberof0to9.aseriescosts1$.spiel77go!,super6go!andluckspiralgo!.
Between Lotto Go! and Lotto 6aus 49 are the following Main difference:lottogo!takesplaceateveryhourthroughacomputer-generatedseriesofprofits.thelowerprofitranksarelower,butyougetyourusebackifyoudon'thaveanumberright.
Lotto go! Is a product of Lottolandandiscurrentlyonlyofferedhere.
Lotto go! Is a pure one Online gamblingandthereforedonotallowyouanystrategies.asalways,however,itisadvisabletoplayasone-timenumbersaspossiblesothatyoudon'thavetosharethejackpot.

Actually, it was not necessary to reinvent the Lotto 6aus49, which is so firmly anchored in German culture, especially since Lottoland also presented this in parade reform. But you wanted to be creative and so you can now do the Lotto Go at every hour! play online.

This instant jackpot has its fans and we think that it can be worth giving up a few rows several times a day, since almost every second certificate does not generate any losses due to the tenth profit class. The jackpot is still not grasping purely mathematically, but the chances are noticeably higher than if you only hope for the balls twice a week.

It is also nice to see how even with lotteries, where happiness and almost not at all, the game determines, an alternative was created that demands a different kind of player. Just look at it and maybe you are still a big lottery go today! Winner. Maybe again an hour later.

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