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Lottobay - experiences and test report 2022

No bonus
No bonus
  • All important lotteries
  • Easy navigation of the website
  • Convincing customer support
  • Serious provider
  • Mobile version not satisfactory
  • No new customer bonus available
Very competent customer service
With its somewhat old -fashioned design, Lottobay does not necessarily offer something for the eye, but can convince with a ample selection of lotteries. Here you can also join a syndicate to increase your chances of winning. Customer support is very reliable. Here I feel in good hands!
Jessica, 25, enthusiastic casino player

How we test providers

Registration We the provider and give you a step-by-step instructions!
Bonus We activate the bonus & show all conditions!
Customer service We test customer service with different inquiries & share the service times!
Payments We make real deposits and withdrawals & go through the account verification!

Lottery offer


Lottobay's offer

Lottobay is one of the numerous providers for Online lotteries, the Lotto partners. In addition, Lottobay has the option of both NKL winning numbers To type as well as four state, large lotteries. In the following we have compiled our Lottobay experiences and want to answer the question of whether it is worth registering with Lottobay for interested parties, what the positive aspects of the provider are and where a few improvements are still required.

At the beginning it should be said that Lottobay does not represent and offer foreign lotteries on his side. If you are looking for such a provider, you are unfortunately wrong. The provider specializes in German lotteries. Due to the resulting somewhat circumcised variety of lots of lotteries, it is possible to find itself very easily and quickly on Lottobay. In addition, the smaller offer is significantly shortened the loading times of the page, which you lead to a customer -friendly appearance.

6 out of 49: Of course you also have the possibility on one of the largest and most popular lotteries in Germany at Play the lottery online to enjoy. With 6 out of 49 you have to tap a total of 6 digits from 49 different numbers and also type the super number properly. The drawing of the numbers also takes place twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays). On your ticket you also have the option of playing super6, game77 and gambling spiral. To do this, you don't even have to leave your ticket but get all the relevant information directly displayed. We find this variant very user -friendly.

Happiness spiral: Some customers call them Gamble spiral also pension lottery. This name comes from the fact that you have the option of winning a monthly pension of 7,500 $ with this lottery. That is also the Nkl interest riots recommended (here to the Nkl experiences). In order to win this pension, you have to type 7 digits properly, there are only 6 numbers, which coordinate with the drawing still wave 100,000 $. After all, you can still get 10 $ with the correct final number. In addition, the lucky spiral regularly waves with different special education. You can already place a tip at the lucky spiral with a use of five $.

$jackpot: The $Jackpot is one of the most used lottery and the numbers continue to rise. One of the main reasons for the growing encouragement is that the jackpot is always above 10 million $. To crack the jackpot, you only have to type 5 numbers out of 50 and also have the two $ numbers correctly on your ticket. Here, too, it is possible to be able to record the existing odds at a glance immediately. If you don't want to play any special numbers, you can also use the quick tip option. This generates 5 random numbers and accelerates your tip process enormously and the option does not cost any additional fees.

KENO: With this lottery you have the opportunity to win 1 million $. And the best thing about it is possible every day. At Keno you can set different inserts, which in consequence also have a say in your level of profit. To play Keno, you have to select at least 2 and a maximum of 10 numbers in each typing field. A total of 20 numbers are then determined for a Keno draw. The positive is that it is also possible with Keno if none of the drawn numbers match those on your ticket. In addition, Keno regularly advertises with various special education that always keep the lottery modern and exciting.

Additional offers at Lottobay

Unfortunately, Lottobay cannot show any other lotteries in his repertoire, but there are various additional options that could definitely address the numerous players. With the option of the permanent game, the customer takes part in a certain lottery until the subscription is canceled. A subscription continues for 52 weeks, and it is also very practical that the fees incurred are debited regularly and in good time from the player account. So you no longer miss a draw.

Spiel 77: That Spiel 77 Can be booked in addition to the lotteries. Here you have to select 7 more numbers. If your numbers are drawn, you wave 177,777 $, but not enough. If only 6 numbers have been typed correctly, you can still look forward to 77,777 $.

Super 6: The Super 6 can also be chosen as the lotteries already mentioned. All you have to do is select the right box on your ticket and you take part. With a game of 1.25 $, it is possible to win up to 100,000 $. Another positive aspect is that the chances of 1: 1,000,000 are significantly better than the classic 6 out of 49.

Spielgemonschafts: If you choose a Lottobay game community, you can be happy that you have very easy to increase your chances of winning. One Syndicate comprises a group of a maximum of 40 players. This means that a total of 140 rows of play are played per draw. The profit made is then evenly divided among all 40 participants in a consequence.

Seriosity & security


The seriousness and security

The serious occurrence and the safe and encrypted treatment of the stored customer data is one of the most important topics and can decide whether a potential new customer is registered on the lottery page of the provider or not. After our test, we can easily claim that Lottobay is a safe and serious lottery provider. On the one hand, this is proven by the fact that the official licenses of Dutch ministries come, and on the other hand, Lottobay has a Trusted Shop's certificate. This once again confirms the special quality and the review by an external service provider. Lottobay has a quality badge of the TÜV Nord, which can definitely be trusted. There are a variety of different evidence that the company is serious and secure with customer data.

Costs & fees


Costs and fees

Every ticket that you submit has a processing fee of 60 cents. This amount is present with almost all lottery providers and corresponds perfectly to the standard.

Payment methods


The payment methods at

Of course, Lottobay also has a large repertoire of different payment methods. In addition to the classic credit cards (MasterCard and Visa), the customer also has the option of direct debit, bank transfer and also via PayPal. Further Lottoanbieter mit Paypal can be found here. The last variant in particular stands out, since it is used by a large number of customers, but most lottery providers are missing. The offering of PayPal as a payment method is therefore a big for Lottobay. If you make a deposit, no fees will be incurred and depending on the selected payment method, your credit is already available to you on your customer account.

If you then gained profits, you have two options. You can continue to use the money earned and leave it on your player account at Lottobay, or you have the amount transfer to your bank account. This is also very easy, but is handled by a trustee because it controls the flow of money.

In the event of profits up to 500 $, the amount will be paid to your player account immediately if the profit exceeds the mark of 500 $, the amount will be transferred to the bank account immediately. However, this process can take up to a week. Do not be put off by this period of time, a slightly longer processing time is completely normal and occurs with almost all lottery providers. In addition, it is good to know that a payment at Lottobay is also completely free and no fees are incurred for you.

Optik & Design


Design and functionality

Our test at Lottobay has shown that the design on the provider's website is very reduced and therefore also clearly contributes to a clear and simple navigation on the page. All lotteries are already clearly shown on the homepage. The lottery ticket can also be filled out very easily and quickly. A small point of criticism that we want to lead at this point is that a lot has to be scrolled on the start page, here may still be a bit of a need to revise in the design of the site.

Then if you have found your desired lottery and get to the ticket, it will be presented very clearly and in a clear size. With a click of the mouse you can then select your desired numbers and also have the option of having random numbers selected by random generator and thus speeding up the tip process significantly. The movement of the certificate is then done with a single click and therefore very easy to understand, so that even complete beginners should not have any problems to hand in the ticket.

Registration in a few steps


The Lottobay registration in a few steps

Registration on the Lottobay website is very simple and should be explained a little more closely below. If you call the Lottobay page, you can immediately click on the "Register" inscription button. This is in the left area of the page. In the following step, your personal data and your desired username are called up. In order to then check your age of majority, this data will then be sent to the Schufa. However, you have to agree with this process beforehand. However, the review is limited to the age review, so your financial situation is not illuminated. After just a few minutes you should receive an email with your password and can start with the lottery.

Bonus for new customers


Bonus for new and existing customers

If you are looking for a large new customer bonus, we unfortunately have to disappoint you at this point. Lottobay does not offer a bonus for newly registered customers, nor for existing customers. Here we still see a little room for improvement in order to be in the lottery and Online casino comparison to be able to position better.

Customer service & support


Customer support

Lottobay's support was completely convincing. The numerous positive customer reviews on the page also speak for this. If the page or your tip does not work correctly, you can speak to one of the numerous employees using the customer form, your request by email or via the free hotline. The hotline convinced us primarily because of the short waiting times and the very competent employee. Before you use these methods, however, we recommend that you search the Lottobay FAQs first. Answers are already given here for the most asked questions, so that you can help you the fastest here.

Mobile offer


Mobile offer

Most providers of lottery games have no mobile Online Lotto App, but support your customers via a mobile website. This is exactly how Lottobay deals with the topic of the mobile offer. It is therefore only possible to access the page by the browser on the smartphone. However, this site is very confusing due to the significantly smaller screen. There is still room for improvement here.

Overall rating


Overall rating

In conclusion, it should be said that we are very satisfied with the overall picture of Lottobay. The largest and most popular lotteries are offered by the provider and the navigation on the side is so easy that even beginners will quickly find themselves right. However, the mobile performance is still expandable. The customer support offered, on the other hand, is really impressive and offers many different and high -quality help options. We can therefore recommend registration with Lottobay in any case. The page occurs safely and seriously and has something in store for everyone.