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Play Kenow online - Experiences & tips on Kenow Lottery Online

Kenow Play the lottery online - Lottoland's special lottery is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The reason: There is a draw every 4 minutes And with a little luck you can win up to 1 million $. As? We'll tell you that in this article.

the essentials in brief
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So that you don't click around the screen in your first attempt, we have one here Instructions for filling out the KENOW TIP STEP-BY-Step compiled. Of course, the source of the screenshots listed here is.

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As the name suggests, Kenow is the popular one Immediate competition KenoandefinedandandefinedMulti Keno based.

Kenow is offered by Lottoland, an online lottery provider Seat in Malta, who also Online lotteries as the American American Lotto or Lotto Go! different countries online as well as one Online Lotto App offers.

Kenow's principle of game is particularly simple and easy to understand. Only the winning classes are somewhat complex, but unchangeable (i.e. there are no fluctuating odds) and can be viewed at any time.

If you take a close look at Kenow, you will quickly find that this lottery is very similar to the well -known and popular Keno. However, the main difference lies in the winning opportunities and in the fact that Kenow only from Lottoland is offered.

While a draw per day takes place at the Lottoland Keno, the Lottoland Kenow takes place between 5:34 a.m. and 10:54 p.m. A draw every four minutes. This means that with this special lottery you have the chance of winning in the millions in this special lottery.

At Kenow you have the choice: there are 70 numbers to choose from on a typing field, from which Proceeded 20 numbers per draw will.

But you decide for yourself how many numbers you want to type. Overall you can Tix one to ten numbers per tipfeld. The usual principle applies: the more numbers you type, the higher your profit.

There are five tippules per ticket. You can also freely decide how many tippules you want to fill out. You are welcome to start with just one number on a typing field or with up to 10 different numbers on up to 5 tips. Additional numbers are not available at Kenow.

If you do not have any favorite numbers and find it difficult to choose the numbers, you can randomly have your lucky figures selected by the system. This is possible for a field or for the complete ticket.

Now all you have to do is determine the use and the duration of the ticket And you can start. On request, you can also complete a subscription so as not to miss a draw.

On this point, too, Kenow Lotto does not differ from the well -known Keno. If you want to play the Kenow lottery online, you can Determine operations yourself and choose amounts between one and ten $. Depending on the use, the possible profit amount changes. The use is specified at the bottom of the ticket.

The profit amount depends on the number of correctly typed numbers and on the selected use. When filling out the tippurder, you will show how high your maximum profit can be. The minimum profit amount is one $. You can win a maximum of 1 million $ at Kenow.

Since the Quotas always firm If you are immediately after the draw how high your profit is. It is also irrelevant for the profit amount how many players have typed the right numbers. Accordingly, you do not need any number of numbers here, just as it is offered as an additional function for some lotteries.


To the winning classes: At Kenow you can already win with just one correct number. If you only tick a number on the typing field, you will win as soon as this number is under the 20 drawn numbers.

So the chance for this is comparatively high. Finally, 20 70 numbers are pulled, so that Each number with a chance of over 28.5% wins. If you play with two numbers, both numbers must also be pulled. And the profit classes continue according to this principle, with the chance of winning decreasing with increasing number.

Overall there is Ten normal profit categories (1-10 typed numbers) with their subclasses (Number of correct numbers) and a special case (0 correct), which we explain to you at the end of this section.

In the event of three numbers, you will receive an attractive profit amount of 15 $ when using 1 $. You will also get a $ back in the event that you only have two correct ones from the three types.

You get the main prize of 1 million $ with a mission of 10 $ and 10 properly typed numbers. If you have typed ten numbers and only five of them are pulled, you will also get two $ credited. And so the different profit classes are divided into several lower levels.

The special thing: win with 0 correct
As with Keno, you can win at Kenow from Lottoland with 0 correct ones. If you have chosen nine or ten types of numbers and none of them are pulled, you get your double Use back. If you have typed eight numbers and not pulled the right one, you will be reimbursed the normal use.

Once you have won the Kenow online, you will automatically receive an email that tells you how high your profit is. You can now use the profit for other game certificates or have it paid out to a bank account. You don't have to tax your winnings from Kenow, since Kenow is classified as a lottery and thus fall on it in Germany no taxes an.

This special variant of Keno has exclusively Lottolandintheportfolio.
Of the Preisdepends,amongotherthings,onthenumberofyourselectednumbers.youcanalsovarytheuse:1to10$arepossibleperticket.

Kenow is based on a simple game principle without rigid guidelines. You can decide for yourself how many numbers per tipfeld you tap (1-10), how many plug-in per game certificate you fill out (1-5) and with which use you want to play (1 to 10 $). The draw takes place every 4 minutes. The main prize is 1 million $ each time. The special lottery from Lottoland is correspondingly attractive.

But be careful: the addiction potential is also quite high. Especially since there is 15 draws per hour, there is a great risk not to get out in time. We find: Playing Kenow online is really fun, but is more of an entertaining change for in between. If you want to regularly take part in a draw for a long term, KENOW is rather poorly advised.

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