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Play Keno online-online casinos and lotteries with Keno

Keno is one of the oldest games of chance in the world. The origins of the Keno can be found in China, but Keno has also arrived in Germany and in the european online casinos in the course of the 20th and 21st centuries. To get you as best as possible their First Keno game certificate In the following article, we have examined all aspects of the course of the game and the online lottery providers as well as online casinos, where you can gain your Keno experience on the Internet and Keno Play the lottery online can. There is also more information here Multi Keno.

the essentials in brief
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Online Lotanbieter mit Keno
To the experience report

  • Keno is played immediately

  • Very comprehensive lottery offer

  • Free payments and deposits

To the experience report

  • The Plus5 option is also at Keno

  • Keno present

  • Very variable missions at Keno

To the experience report

  • Keno available

  • Instant lottery feature

  • Many big lotteries

The best German Keno providers on the Internet

KENO You can basically in Two different variants to play. On the one hand, the usual variant in the form of a game certificate is available at various reputable companies in Germany, and there is also the opportunity to play Keno online as a slot.

1. The best online lotteries with Keno

In the first place, the now numerous German lottery providers are to be mentioned on the Internet. Names like Lottoland, and Tipp24 Lotto Have now been on with their portfolio Online lotteries can establish and impress on the Internet not only by extremely fast tip duties, but also by low Processing fees. Simply create your own account and select your individual system.

So that the newcomers among you easily have a detailed impression of the winning options and different Use heights of 1 to 10 $ Get, the companies listed will provide you with detailed profit tables and computers. In this way, you can plan any profits or make modifications on the game certificate before submitting the ticket. And for the simple submission of the ticket, we recommend one Online Lotto App.

In addition to your numbers, you can also use the lottery providers mentioned Option Plus-5 Activate on your game certificate. This is comparable to the Game 77 or the great 6 And can bring you a daily profit of up to 5000 $ for an additional use of 0.75 $. All your tickets must have been placed up to 10 minutes before the start of the daily draws.

2. The best Keno online casinos

Various online casinos have also got on a taste and have recorded isolated Keno slot machines or some Keno variants in their casinos and live casinos. At this point we have to note that the financial winning opportunities are significantly limited. Nevertheless, various Keno reports from now experienced players can be seen that the slot machines are a good start. The fact that you can also understand all the paylines and missions with play money and do not take a financial risk should you be able to make a positive right.

The known variants include Lucky-, Cash-Wond Mind Why. In the live version, on the other hand, you cannot play gambling online.

How do you know that it is a reputable Keno provider?

In search of a reputable Keno provider, you will be presented with the same problems as, for example, when choosing a reputable sports betting provider or Online-Casinos. So how can you recognize a reputable Keno provider? The following two criteria according to which you should make your selection are known and we have put together short and concise for you.

1. Valid happiness of happiness

Essential when choosing the correct Keno provider is the right license and valid concession of your provider. Be sure to make your online casino one Valid happiness of happiness from an EU state has or better even from TÜV has been checked. In the footnotes of the website you will recognize the valid licenses of your online casinos, whereby we can expressly highlight two EU licenses. On the one hand, this would be the license of Malta Gaming Authority (s) And on the other hand, the happiness license of the Gambling Commissioners in Gibraltar.

2. Certified random generator

A good gambling license already assures you regular and unannounced exams on the part of the respective gaming authority, but we see it as an absolute must that your Keno online casino can also present you a certified random generator. As with the aforementioned happiness gambles, a look at the footnotes of your online casinos helps. In some cases you will be on one RNG (Random Number Generator) Meet what corresponds to a certified random generator. This cannot be influenced by the online casino and thus ensures a fair and safe drawing.

Online-Keno tips and tricks

In contrast to many other games of chance or lotteries such as the Gamble spiral is Keno still rather unknown And is therefore less observed by the older players among you. However, sit down with the course of the game Operations and the chances of winning Different, you will surely be able to recognize some advantages over other lotteries and games of chance.

This is how online keno works


The basic rules of gambling are quickly explained. In the German and regulated variant of the Kenos are 2 to 10 numbers from 70 numbers to choose. In the daily draw, 20 different numbers are now drawn and ideally the numbers should also be among these numbers, you have previously selected yourself in your bill. Your possible profit is not only based on the amount of the selected numbers, but also on your entire use.

What many of the Keno initially put off are sometimes complicated profit matrases or unknown terms for novices, such as for example Keno-Type 4. As a rule, the respective types are the number of your selected numbers. For example, if you go into the race with five numbers, your game certificate will be marked with the Keno type 5. However, if there are 8 numbers, you play the Keno type 8.

In the end, the Keno type is crucial about how high your maximum profit can be. The reason for this are those in advance defined odds, what a serious difference to the lottery with the best Online Lotto provider represent. Thanks to the fixed odds, you can calculate exactly how high your potential win can be, while you have to wait and see how many other winners have typed the same as you have typed.

Which Keno type is the best?

Of course, the answer to the question of which Keno type is ultimately the best and most profitable is controversial. Whether the Keno type 5 or even the Keno types 8, 9 and 10, in which you even have the opportunity to cut profits without a correct number or retain your use-there is no clear guarantee of success in the long run. Various reports about playing Keno on the Internet give you different answers to your questions. Which Keno type is the best for you? This is also based on your operational budget and your risk and risk.

We can therefore only give you the tip that you have your first experiences Slots Collect and after a while with this knowledge, give your game notes on reputable German companies online. Of course, it should be noted that it is still a gambling. No matter what Keno experience reports you may read on the Internet, no matter how high the possible profits are promised there, there is no regulated gambling a winning guarantee. Nevertheless, experienced Keno experts repeatedly give the advice to play several numbers with lower operations and also constant and also to play the same figures.

No separate bonus offers for Keno

Before we come to our conclusion, we would like to point out that Keno in the area of the Online gambling takes a special position. In plain language this means that you no exclusive Keno bonus should expect. You can not expect such a bonus as a new customer or as existing customers. While the German lotteries on the Internet start without a bonus program so as not to endanger their core business in the kiosks, the vast majority of online casinos close all variants of gambling from theirs Bonus and sales conditions out.

You should therefore definitely check at your online casino how the respective rules regarding the operations with bonus credit for Keno have been determined. If you do not find any answers when you do your own research, we recommend ing customer service. In the end, we know it from various customer reports: there is nothing more annoying than one online Casino Bonusthat cannot be used for your favorite slot.


The situation in Germany

In Germany too, Keno was able to establish itself without any major problems and has been completely licensed in all German federal states since 2013. While the first federal states, such as Hesse, licensed Keno at the beginning of 2002, some federal states waited a long time with their decision. Keno in Saxony-Anhalt was licensed on March 4, 2013 And has been offered regionally across all lottery companies since then.

Many of you will have identified February 2, 2004 as the starting date. The first official Keno education took place in Germany on this day. At this point, however, only players and their tips from Saarland, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate were permitted. All draws were held from Monday to Saturday. Only after several federal states had pronounced their approvals has an official Keno education been ordered on Sunday evening since June 13, 2010. Since then, the Keno Education has been held at 6:30 p.m. every evening in Wiesbaden in Hesse by means of the Lotterie-Treuhandgesellschaft mbH Hessen.

Among other things, the aim of the whole project was to inspire a significantly younger target group for the regulated gambling in Germany. In Germany, Keno was thus used as a modern version of the lottery, which can also be underpinned, for example, by the fact that the Keno education is all determined by software and that the two working computers have been connected to the course of the current by solar technology. You can follow the respective draws live on the German Keno homepage every day.

Conclusion: gain your first experiences with Keno

Playing Keno online has never been as easy as today. Be it the classic Keno slot machines in your online casino or the game notes at one of the numerous German companies or the opportunity to play Keno online here-all the paths are open to you. In our editorial team, too, there are some editors who had not yet gained any experience with Keno, but were very impressed after a few test rounds at the slot machines and have now also given some game bills on the Internet.

With one Chance of winning From 1 to 84 million, the advantages of the chance of winning from 1 to 140 million are obvious with the classic lottery in Germany. In any case, we can recommend you to gain your own Keno experiences. In the meantime, there are enough companies on the Internet where you can place your game notes and collect your profits in legal and safe ways. As long as you check whether it is a reputable company before your registration, you are definitely on the safe side. Keno is fun and offers significantly more profit options and strategists than the classic lottery. Therefore, test it and tell us how your personal Keno initially failed.

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