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Play the superenalotto online - chances of winning, payout & experiences with the Italian lottery

The world is getting together more and more and so for many years it has not only played its popular superenalotto lottery for many years. Being since 1997 The lucky balls pulled three times a week, who can now also make you rich in Germany, Austria and USA through the various Internet providers. The trademarks of Superenalotto are the high jackpot sumsthat can arise from the fact that the chances of winning are comparatively low. In this article we clarify all the subtleties of the game and of course show you exactly where you are super alotto Play the lottery online can.

the essentials in brief
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Lotto provider with superenalotto

TheLotter Thelotter experience report
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  • Worldwide courier for Lotto notes
  • No commission on profits
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If you send a ticket at, an employee will go to a local acceptance point at Superenalotto USA, buy your lot and scan it for your documents. This unique courier service Costs noticeably more than with the rest of the pseudo levy Online lottery providers, but then you also take part in the state lotteries. However, no further commissions are calculated on possible profits.

Only at you actually take the different ones Online lotteries part. - At you go in Over 40 lotteries Over the entire globe, spread over the big jackpot hunt. Also the Lucrative additional lottery "Superstar" we only have with discovered. (Further below you read what exactly that is and why you play additional winning combinations here.)

The also very strong provider Lottoland Instead, asserts itself as "Second lottery". You play exactly the same lottery variants here, but basically bet only on the really drawn numbers without really being involved in the raffle. For this you have the exclusive lottery at Lottoland Lotto Go Or the American Online lottery American Lotto!


We chose Thelotter as number 1 because the provider offers a really great well -being package for all Lottofans:

  • 1
    In addition to the lotteries, there are also different at Top communitiesthat enable you to spread a wide scattering of your missions. You don't get the entire jackpot anywhere, but you only pay a correspondingly smaller share of the use.
  • 2
    In the context of "Lotto packages“There are also exciting discount actions for you in combination of individual certificates and Top communities ready.
  • 3
    At there are also almost 20 Rubbellosis with immediate gains Up to 150,000 $. You have to do without casino games, but since 2002 you have completed your notes here with a fully serious and various certificates.
  • 4
    The strong mention also deserve the strong Online Lotto Apps For AndroidandefinedandandefinediOS as well as the motivating VIP-Club. For each deposit in your account and the immediate payment by credit card, you can collect VIP points, which bring you various offers, especially a global discount of up to 20 %.

The ticket does not differ significantly for the five providers mentioned above, so that we can describe as a measure of things. First of all, of course, as always, you need a corresponding account with the provider And then either have to deposit some money in advance or you use the shopping cart like in the normal online shop. As always, you will find details in our detailed reviews. The lottery ticket to type the superenalotto then looks like this:

And so you play superenalotto:
  • You can see the current jackpot height and the countdown up to the closing deadline for the next draw. The different rows then form the heart of your tips. If you Superenalotto plays, you have to 6 Select from the 90 numbers. You either look for this freely or click on "Quick Tip" and let them generate it by chance.
  • Pro tipfeld Become you 2.50 $ (including courier fee) calculated, Five fields You have to at at least play. The costs of the second lotteries are lower, but then you don't get a real ticket.
  • If you have your numbers together, only click on whether you want to play this appearance individually or for multi -drawings. There is already a 15 % discount for five draws and decide on a subscription, every tenth lottery is free.
  • Then you only send your bill into the race by clicking, pays comfortably at the cash register and an employee of the Italian branch goes to the kiosk in time before the next draw and buys the lot. It really couldn't be easier.

For SuperEnalotto SuperStar If you select another number of 90 possible on the corresponding note. That will cost you 1.25 $ more.

Superenalotto 6 out of 90:AndAndAndAndno
Minimal number of row:51111
Maximum number of row:256205012
Price per row:2,50 $2 $ 1,50 $1,99 $1 $
Fee per certificate:0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $
Discount:bis 25 %no20 % in permanent subscriptionno10 % in permanent subscription
SuperEna Max:nononoAndno
System:up to 14 numberscount to 20up to 16 numbersnono
Typical communities:AndnoAndnono
Participation until jackpot cracked:nonononoAnd
Participation in the minimum jackpot:nonononono
Double jackpot:noAndnonono
View the chance of winning:noAndnonono

6 out of 90 - it is nothing more. Where other lotteries are complicated, Italian lottery remains in the style of the "Dolce Vita" on the connoisseur side. 90 numbers are in the typing field, you will stroke six of them And hopefully as many of them as possible. As with many other lotteries, you can improve your chances of winning by either for one Systemtipp (See "Sistemi Integrali (Ridotti), Basi e Varianti" or "MultiTella") decides or several tips, for example, also delivered via typing communities. A subscription can also help, as you can no longer miss a draw and sometimes even get a discount.

In the following table we have listed the resulting winning classes and the approximate profits. In addition, you will find out all chances of winning.

It should be mentioned as a special feature of Superenalotto that here the Focus strong on one as great as possible jackpot is placed. With a Minimum amount of 2 million $ It always starts and a nice part of the missions are added to each draw (60% global payout rate).

Due to the enormous number of 90 balls (in Germany it is only 6 out of 49) it is likely to be very low, which is extraordinary high volatility promises, i.e. the very rare distribution of a very high jackpot.

Superenalotto chances of winning
I6 correctJackpot (73.3 Mio. $)1:622.614.630
II5 correct + jolly number595.000 $1:103.769.105
III4 correct51.000 $1:1.250.230
IV3 correct360 $1:11.907
V2 correct27 $1:327
VI1 correct5,50 $ 1:22
--Any profit 1:20

You will be in the list.Jolly number" noticed. This actually installs a little difficulty, but you have no additional effort. If you have not cracked the jackpot with six correct numbers, but at least sank a hit five times, you can still hope for the Jolly number. This is basically what was the additional number in the German lottery. A seventh ball rolls out of the machine and complements your series, then you have a still considerable profit.

However, the Jolly number in the Superenalotto profit rates has no influence for the other profit ranks. To attack the main prize, is your superenalotto Chance of winning Just at 1 to 622.614.630, so much worse than with most other lotteries (the German 6aus49 is 1: 139,838.160, so about 4.5 times as good). However, there is no forced exposure and no limitation accordingly.

In the meantime the Additional superstar draw established, which is currently only offered by in Germany. While a normal tip price beyond the Alps costs one $, there are also 50 cents for the superstar number, i.e. a total of 1.50 $ in the local acceptance points. At you are included with EUR 3.75. In addition to the six superenalotto, you choose a superstar number that can be completely from 1 to 90 again. So already used numbers are irrelevant. This is comparable to the super number in Germany and accordingly the drawing in USA takes place from its own boiler. These are the now valid profit classes:

Superstar profit classes
VII 6 + SuperStar Super bonus of $ 2,000,0001:56.035.316.700
VIII5 + Jolly number + superstarSuper bonus of $ 1,000,0001:9.339.219.450
IX5 + SuperStarPrize money for 5 correct x 251:112.520.716
X4 + SuperStarPrize money for 4 correct x 1001:1.071.626
XI3 + SuperStarPrize money for 3 right x 1001:29.404
XII2 + SuperStarfix 100 $1:1936
XIII1 + SuperStarfix 10 $1:303
XIV0 + SuperStarfix 5 $1:138
--Any profit1:90

So you reproduce the profits in the respective ranks, but of course the probabilities decrease enormously. This is then recommended especially for player types who go to the big spots of money and do not take it too much to heart, very often nothing or very little. On site in USA (also on the real lot via there is a last prize rank in the form of four numbers ("Quadrato Magico"). With a chance of 1: 500, these numbers match the numbers typed within a number of you, which brings you 25 $ as an immediate profit ("Vincita Immediata"). Let's summarize all of this, then you come at the Play superenalotto online On a statistical profit expectation of about 1:16.

In our provider research on the subject of "Typing Superenalotto online" Two interesting variations noticed the official lottery, which we would like to introduce to you at this point:

  • 1
    Superenalotto Max (offered by 47) Since 2014 there have been superenalotto Max, which uses the same numbers and the same concept as superenalotto, but (even) generates considerably higher jackpots (from 90 million $). This is possible through a slightly changed superenalotto payment, but above all due to the increased fee of around 3 $.
  • 2
    Superlotto (offered by Lottohelden) Superlotto is practically superenalotto Germany. Because in the lottery introduced in this country everything is basically as usual, the same numbers are also used, but you will be reimbursed half the use if you meet one. In terms of price you are there with just one $ and this time the profit heights (except for the (original) jackpot) are fixed.

Finally, there is a short overview of Superenalotto: The Italian lottery Superenalotto has existed since December 1997, its predecessor Enalotto (hence the strange spelling) dates from 1950 and is considered the most famous Italian lottery because it is the various regional branches united. Until 2009 the numbers were drawn from seven different cities, Today the draw takes place centrally in Rome on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8 p.m. And can be followed online in the recording.

Superenalotto is one of the most difficult lotteries worldwide and really rarely cracking the enormous jackpot. In summer 2019, this was achieved by an anonymous tipper from Lombardy in parade form, because this won With 209.1 million $ the largest lottery jackpot so farthat was ever distributed in europe. Then you can only congratulate the best known unknown superenalotto winner.

The largest payment until then reached the sum of 177.8 million $ after the jackpot had not been cracked for eight months. 70 lucky guys were very happy in 2010 and then annoyed themselves about the 69 others. At this point a word about gaming tax would then be appropriate. There are 12 % taxes on lottery gains of over 500 $ in USA, including your notes from In Germany, profits are tax -free.

If you want to play Superenalotto online, you just choose 6 out of 90 numbers and hope for your luck. A "jolly number" can replace the sixth correct and with the SuperStaradditionalprofitrankscanbeunlocked.
Above theLotter.comrealnotesfromUSAwillbetaughtyou,butasusualyoucanalsobepartofthesecondlotterieslottoland,lotto247andlottoheldenatsuperenalottoanditsoffshoots.

As a conclusion of all our superenalotto experiences, it can certainly be said that not every gambler is happy to type in a foreign country and then rarely make a win. In this case, there is a lot of lotteries with lower volatility like superlotto that was invented for you. However, we think that for all other super alotto is a good point of , because the low chances, the three -time raffle per week and the non -existent forced release, a lucky guy every few months becomes a tenth or even fifth billionaire. That sounds like something. Let's go, 6 out of 90, it is nothing more. Get off!

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