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Play Multi Keno online at Lottoland - Higher Jackpot!

Multi Keno from the Online-Lottoanbieter Lottoland offers compared to daily KENO Two draws a day. Thanks to the attractive additional game , the jackpot of 1 increases 6 million $ per draw. In this article, we explain step by step how you can play Multi Keno online and where the differences to the classic Keno are.

the essentials in brief
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So you can play Multi Keno online

DIE Immediate competitions Keno and Multi Keno are number lotteries. They are not more difficult to understand than the classic lottery "6 out of 49". To the particularities However, count the tip you flexibly put together with variable inserts, different Keno types and solid profit rates.

While Keno game notes can also be handed in at lottery acceptance points, you can multi-keno exclusively with Lottoland play online. The online lottery provider based on Malta offers Best online lotteries from different countries around the world.

With the Multi Keno, each Twice a day from Monday to Sunday at 2 and 9.40 p.m. 20 numbers each drawn. The closing date for participation is at 1:45 p.m. and in the evening at 9:30 p.m. Overall, you have the chance 14 times within seven days a week Profits of up to 6 million $.

This frequency cannot offer you the classic Keno, which is pulled once a day at 7.10 p.m.

Lottoland offers the variants even more often Kenow and Keno 24/7, in which every four minutes are played by 1 million $ each.

However, the 6 million $ chance only offers you with the appearance with selected Plus addition. For this purpose, after the drawing of the 20 multi-keno numbers alone, it is drawn and pulled again under these alone. The number then determined is that Plus number. So no additional 21 (additional) number is drawn. If you also have the number in your profit field and the additional game selected beforehand, your winnings multiply.

Step-by-step instructions for the new Multi Keno Lottery

On the game certificate, you have the opportunity to select your winning numbers on a total of five tippules at both Keno and Multi Keno. While you can mark up to 10 (at least 2) numbers from a total of 70 at Keno, a typip of Multi Keno includes 80 numbers. This number is based on common game certificate and slot machines in Online Casinoswhere 80 also also played.

  • 1
    For each playing field, you decide on how many and what typed numbers you want to take part in the draw. There are to mark at least 1 and a maximum of 10 numbers. On the Quicktipp-Buttonandtheselectionofrandomnumbersisevenfaster.
  • 2
    According to your selection, you will be assigned to the Multi-Keno type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10. Every type has one own profit plan with fixed odds,,unlikethelottery"6outof49",yourpossibleprofitamountisalreadystatedwhenthetipislevyanddoesnotdependonhowmanyplayershavemadetherespectivewinningclass.
  • 3
    The profit rates are also based on the amount of the assignment, which you now determine the selection among the fields. Depending on your wish, you can gradually Play with a bet of 1 to 10 $.theselecteduseappliestoallfiveplayingfieldsandcannotbevaried.however,youonlyhavethechanceofthemaximumprofitof600,000$withadeploymentof10$andatthesametime10typednumbers.
  • 4
    Now you have to decide whether you With or without a option want to play. With the special additional game of Multi Keno you pay for double use, but at the same time multiply your winning opportunities at all levels.thejackpotwiththeadditionalgame10$isusedand10correctfiguresfrom10typesfrom600,000to6million$.
  • 5
    Finally, based on the date and the time at which upcoming Drawing And also how many you want to participate. The one -time participation is just as possible as that Completion of a subscription.
  • 6
    Step 6: im Win-o-Meterlottolandcalculatesyourchancesofwinningwhenthetipislevy.soyoucancheckatanytimehowtheprobabilityofwinningchangesdependingonwhetheritincreasesorfalls.

Differences from Multi Keno to the classic Keno

Multi KenoKENO
DrawingTwice a day
2 and 9.40 p.m.
1x daily
7.10 p.m.
Number fields20 out of 8020 out of 70
Tip numbers1 bis 102 bis 10
mission1 to 10 $1, 2, 5, 10 $
Additional gamePlus ( number) -
Double use
Plus -5 (game ticket number) -
75 Cent extra
JackPot6 million $ (with )
600,000 $ (without )
1 mine. $
Minimum goal for profit1 (von 1)0 (from 8, 9 or 10)
fees20 cents per $ use50 cents processing fee

In principle, Multi Keno applies: The more you tick and the more hits you score, the greater your possible profit is. Mostly the winning rates are in the higher hit area (6, 7, 8, 9 correct numbers) at Multi Keno above those at Keno, but in the lower hit area below.

Examples of the possible profit height
You will receive a profit amount of EUR 33.60, on the other hand, at 1 $ use and 7 correct figures of 10 types of Multi Keno, but only 15 $ for Keno. With 9 correct of 10 numbers, Multi Keno is already 2,400 $ in contrast to 1,000 $ at Keno. in contrast, the profit amount with 4 correct of 7 types of keno is 10 $, with multi keno only 96 cents. with the multi-variant, there is also no possibility of to win hits even with zero. At Keno, on the other hand, you get your simple, with 9 and 10 tapped numbers, your double use as a profit.

Overall, at Lottoland you pay for participation Multi Keno a surcharge of 20 cents per $ use. This makes 1.20 $ at 1 $ and then 12 $ at 10 $. Accordingly, the supplement and the chance of the 6 million jackpot cost you at least 24 $. At Keno it is Lottery fee Regardless of the selected use, a flat rate at 50 cents.

The option known from the Keno Plus-5, a five-digit sequence of digits on the game certificate, which enables profits up to 5,000 $ and to the well-known lottery additions Game 77 and great 6 Reminds, there is no additional one at Multi Keno.

Finally, in the following table you can see an exemplary comparison of the winning quotas of Multi Keno and Keno of June 16, 2020. The respective maximum profit per profit class is always given. For example, 6 correct in class 6.

Number of correct (class)Multi Keno profit
(Use 1 $)
Multi Keno profit
(Use 1 $ + addition)
Keno profit
(Use 1 $)
10 (in class 10)60.000 $600.000 $100.000 $
9 (in class 9)16.800 $72.000 $50.000 $
8 (in class 8)5.280 $31.200 $10.000 $
7 (in class 7)1.440 $5.280 $1.000 $
6 (in class 6)312,00 $1.032 $500,00 $
5 (in class 5)168,00 $432,00 $100,00 $
4 (in class 4)20,16 $92,16 $22,00 $
3 (in class 3)12,96 $51,36 $16,00 $
2 (in class 2)3,84 $28,80 $6,00 $
1 (in class 1)0,96 $21,12 $-

A general profit strategy or tactics cannot be explained in general at Multi Keno. It remains a lottery, a Online gambling. Nevertheless, there are considerations that you know and about which you should think about. Multi Keno finally offers one Diversity of combinations and profit classes. You determine your game of play how many and which numbers you want to type and ultimately can be how high your profit can be.

The system tip or that known from other online lotteries Tip playing communities there is no with the Multi Keno. After all, you are already playing your very personal one, own system.

If you have it on the jackpot, the maximum profit, you play the multi-keno type 10 with 10 numbers. But when looking at the chances of winning, it is not always advisable, depending on the assignment and the fixed profit rates, to go into full right away. Some Profit plans are more advantageous than others.

Larger profits and compared to the Multi-Keno type 10 also promise a higher chance of winning DIE Types 7 and 8. With 10 $ use and selected option, for example, 52,800 $ can be obtained with 8 numbers made of 8 numbers. With 8 out of 10 numbers played, the profit amount would only be 1,248 $.

Furthermore, the following applies: With 20 numbers to be drawn, for example, it is more likely to make 4 out of 8 figures than 6 out of 10. In the lower profit classes, the Probability of a profit higher, however, the profit amount is also correspondingly lower. The assignment you choose, however, always remains the same. Regardless of whether you tap 10 or just 1.

The specified special lottery with a option is only available on the Internet in this way Online lottoon stieter Lottoland. However, it should not go unmentioned that further multi-keno variants in Online-Casinos and also as Online Casino App can be found.

These usually differ only minimally and also rely on the logic of the immediate lottery on a number base. The additive specially invented by Lottoland is eliminated. In contrast, up to 15 numbers on a field, a card or on Real money slot machines be typed.


In the casino there is the possibility Several games at the same time To play and make a multi-variant out of the simple game. In addition, Keno tournaments or special multi-jackpot series can be held.

Free browser or app games like the popular Keno 4 Card also offer you the opportunity to familiarize you with Multi Keno. You can do the different types of the special lottery test, without playing real money at first. This is a good introduction to your multi-keno strategy.

Multi Keno is a variant of the well-known Keno lottery played twice a day. It can only be found with the online lottery provider Lottolandbeplayed.

Multi Keno von Lottoland is an interesting alternative to the classic Keno lottery. The advantages are already justified in the Multi name: With the additional game you play an increased jackpot of up to 6 million $. The flexibility of the multi-keno game in relation to the use that creates different multi-keno types and different profit stages More tension than in the conventional Lottery "6 out of 49".

You also have The chance to make profits twice a day And to get to your tips.

The multi-keno variant is well received in our editorial team. It is worthwhile for the quick tip in between, because hours of waiting for the next draw are a thing of the past.

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