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NKL experiences and test report 2022

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  • Very high and daily profit distribution
  • Full state guarantee and care
  • 1001 benefits from cruises to private island
  • Heavy introduction to the complex schedule
  • High price
  • Exclusively the NKL lotteries on offer

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Lottery offer


Lottery offer

The northwest German class lottery (NKL) was launched in 1947 and thus before the founding of the Federal Republic as an institution of public law and today forms one of the Main legs of German lottery culture. In this article, I primarily explain the complex game principle of the NKL, but also take the website apart and share my divided into ten categories Nkl experiences With. Let's start.

NKL lottery

Above all, there is the main lottery, which is played twice a year over a period of six months. The 144th edition started on April 1, 2020. Unfortunately, the NKL is very detailed and divided into numerous individual options that I cannot explain everything in detail here. Fortunately, everything is explained relatively understandably on the page and after a few draws you have everything on it. Important for you at this point: The lottery offer at the NKL is limited to the NKL lottery and the NKL pension lottery in the next section. You cannot do that here classic Play the lottery online, still participate in one of the countless global lotteries. There are also no additional offers such as casino games or sports betting.

In six months of the lottery, six classes are played for the main prizes per month. If you get a lot with the seven -digit profit number buys, this is valid for the entire class. If you buy a lot, if the class is already running, you will still pay the same price, otherwise the fixed payment of all profits would not be possible. Because unlike the lottery, there is no totalizer principle here, according to which the profits depend on the operations. The possible profit continuously increases from month to month and luckily is not taxed in Germany.

The jackpot is played once per class (month), which is a casual 16 million $ in 6th grade. Every Friday there are the weekly draws that are difficult to remind game77. And finally there is a draw every day, in which alternately one million $ or 100 times 10,000 $ are released. If that is not enough, for the waiting for non-benefits and an extra income, and for a little more commitment you also take part in the million-joker game, in which the million can go 230 times over the counter. Yes, it is complex and I didn't even mention the pension joker. But everything is also very lucrative. About 50 % of the missions go back to the players and Each lot has a hit probability of 54 %. Every profit is also guaranteed to be played.

Nkl-interest lottery

Fortunately, the second mainstay, the pension lottery, becomes much easier for beginners. Here too the basics: As the name suggests, you can win pensions that can even be inherited until the end of the term. A baseless brings up to 10,000 $ per month for 5 years, a superlos even for 10 years, and 200 pension gains are played out a month. The draws are weekly, the profits increase per week, so that you can get in for the same use later. Unlike in the main lottery, there is no arsenal of additional winning opportunities. In order to make the matter more confusing, 900,000 bonusless people are released every second week of the lottery, which in turn go into the race for you.

Seriosity & security


The NKL is as serious as a lottery can only be serious. The merger with the SKL to the GKL connects the 16 federal states, which ensure state guarantees. The data protection is outstanding and you can make settings at the bottom left at the bottom left and view the complete history. For addiction protection, the "Playoff" app and a free hotline are offered and the enormous range of information is also provided for PDF download. The random number generator was checked by the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering. I don't have to go into much more detail. The enormous payments actually sound too good to be true, but in this case they are definitely. The NKL is as serious and safe as the sacred Lotto 6aus49 is high.

Costs & fees


It is quite expensive to be part of the NKL, but if you look at the huge payouts, the price is entirely justified. About half migrates into the hands of the federal states, which can be regarded as a fee, the other half goes into the guaranteed payment of over 1.6 billion $. Fall per payment Up to 3.95 $ extra for winning list and postage. A lot costs 160 $ per class (month) And depending on the wallet, you can split up to 16 shares. So 10 $ is the minimum deployment for which you play at 1/16 of the profit.

You can also combine the parts of different lot numbers. For example, with a 4/8 with four different eighthless, for example, which gives you 4 x 20 = 80 $ for a general probability of over 96 %. The million-joker game with its 230 million chances costs 28 $ a month. A baseless in the pension lottery costs 10 $, The superlos for twice the term according to 20 $.

Payment methods


As usual from the numerous lottery partners, the payment methods also fall in Nkl test extremely thin. The very large payment portfolio is probably only available from the Online Casinos Or the international lottery giver. At the NKL you buy your lots directly, so you don't put on a special account that you have to deposit on. So it runs like Amazon or Zalando and you can order your order by direct debit (with direct debit authorization by post), transfer or credit card (VISA, $card/MasterCard, American Express) pay. The profits then go back accordingly. If you prices, you do not pay any surcharge for postage, transfer, employment taxes, etc.

Optik & Design


Optics and design play in the Nkl experiences Practically no role, or you can use it for a purpose and do not want to create major effects. Everything is good black/gray on white readable, the subdivisions are conclusive and here and since some symbolic images loosen up the matter. Of course, it is beautiful, especially when naming the winnings Underdogation with positive photoswho wake up in me. The striking red dot of the logo can also be found in the main menu, which is always a nice self -reference. Everything works as you expect, not much has to be mentioned here either.

Registration in a few steps


As already mentioned, you need the NKL no user account and therefore no registration. You just buy your lot and that goes as follows:

Bonus for new customers


A NKL Bonus for new customers or a bonus offer that is always a good Unavailable And also not intended. So there are no free or discounts, especially. Just see the daily chances of winning and the countless times in which one million or more are drawn than the universal NKL Bonus an.

Customer service & support


I don't have any Nkl experiences With the support, I introduce me to an expert person on my side as extremely helpful to get access to this lottery offer. The information material on the page is for the general service issues exceptionally extensive And is actually enough to understand the lottery with all its subtleties. Nevertheless, despite the simple design, there is some confusion that disappears after a few draws. Ultimately, it is a lottery and you don't have to understand everything. Just activates that Profit number subscription by email And you read directly whether and what you won, no matter where it came from.

A compact introductory video that already explains some things in advance are noteworthy, a good glossary from A to Z and a lot to the history of the lotteries in northern Germany, surprisingly starting in Baroque 1612 with Hamburg's first money profit payment. For personal support you can write an email to customer [email protected] or edit the form. You can reach an employee in Hamburg at 040-63291027, unfortunately only during the week from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., on Fridays only until 1:30 p.m. Since the offer is only aimed at Germans and the draws are timeted accordingly, I let this go through in exceptional cases - But not the lack of a live chat.

Mobile offer


Let's end it Nkl test With a look at the mobile offer. Buying a Lotterielos is certainly not quite as relevant on the way to play a few blackjack hands on the train, but nowadays there are accessibility on all conceivable devices for a reputable Online Lotto provider a must. Here the NKL did not bother to offer an app for download, but is limited to the Presentation at the mobile browser. Everything works out perfectly. As always, there are a few shifts and adjustments to the small touchscreen, but ultimately hardly any noteworthy change that would be unexpectedly for you.

Everything works, everything is available, pure from mine Nkl experiences I would recommend you to try the desktop PC at the start and to inform you with more overview there. Getting started is difficult enough, so I want to have restricted image areas and a lack of multi-tasking, as is inevitable on the smartphone. But later you can wonderfully in the Online Lotto App Buy and see the winning figures. Then in my opinion it no longer plays a role in which device you become active.

Overall rating


The NKL is a permanent institution in Germany and, even after over 70 years, has lost none of its attraction, which is somewhat surprising in view of the difficulties of entry. But in the end you don't have to understand everything in detail with a lottery and then convinces us of the NKL with fantastic winnings. Up to a million $ are released every day, factual prices and instant pensions that it crashes. The main jackpot at the end of the half-year cycle is another 16 million $ and for 28 $ more you have the chance of 230 times a million more. Indeed, the NKL are guaranteed to create millionaires And you can get in at any time, even if the operations are a bit higher. You can dream with a lot of the NKL, so get started, dream and win.


You play 100 % serious and safe. The NKL is a state product that provides profits with a guarantee. Instead of as in the LOTTO 6aus49iftheprofitsarenotdeterminedonthebasisoftheoperations,butarepublishedinadvanceinamandatoryscheduleforhalfayear.everyprofitisalsoguaranteedtobeplayed.