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Play 77 and Super 6 online-rules, profit classes & differences in the lottery variants

The lottery is still in the heart of the German gambling. In the meantime there is a large selection of good, reputable online lottery providers where you can submit your game bills every day. But what does this mean for that Game 77 or great 6? Can you also have the additional lotteries on the Internet at Play the lottery online? In the following article we have put together everything you need to know on this topic and go into the central question where you can play Super 6 and Game 77 online.

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Lottoland Lottoland experience report
  • Game 77 and Super 6 in the portfolio
  • Very large offer
  • Also well implemented mobile
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  • Simple hooking to participate
  • Game 77, great 6 and lucky spiral as an addition
  • 10 % discount on a long -term license
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  • Game 77 and Super 6 directly on the homepage
  • Simple catches at 6aus49
  • Good information page
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  • Game 77 and Super 6 as a separate menu item
  • Overview page for numbers and statistics
  • Live stream of drawing
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The game 77 is an additional option in the Lottery 6 from 49 (not to be confused with the Austrian lottery 6 from 45). The first variant of today's game 77 in Germany was held for the first time in 1967. Together with the Gamble spiral the additional lottery for financing the Summer Olympics in Munich was played in 1972. For this reason, the lottery also called itself the Olympics lottery. Already two years after the Olympics in Munich original version of the game 77 set And converted into the current version of the game 77 on January 1, 1975. The pioneers among the federal states were the city of Bremen and North Rhine-Westphalia. After other federal states had recognized the success and additional income, all other federal states quickly followed up and took the game 77 as an additional offer Online lottery to.

In contrast to the original version of the game 77 (also known as four -digit end digit lottery), today's version is equipped with seven digits. Every Wednesday at 6:50 p.m. and Saturday at 7:50 p.m. the draws take place nationwide. You can use the draws at ARD or ZDF as well as on the Internet, live live.

Now we come to your possible profits in the game 77. In total, you will find 77 different winning classes in the game. Your Lottery is therefore dependent on the correct number of digits drawn and whether these seven numbers correspond to the order. The more numbers now match, the higher your profit. So it is not enough if your numbers match those of the drawing. The order of the numbers must also be identical. In order to illustrate the rules and winning opportunities in game 77, we have shown all the figures in the following table. Since the profit classes are fixed profits, you can know immediately after the seven digits draw how high your possible profit is.

classCorrect numbersMinimum profitprobability
715,00 $1:10
6217,00 $1:100
5377,00 $1:1.000
44777,00 $1:10.000
357.777,00 $1:100.000
2677.777,00 $ 1:1.000.000
17> 177.777,00 $1:10.000.000

as the Column "probability" shows that they stand Opportunities for a profit Not so bad of five $. For a relatively low use of 2.50 $ per game certificate, solid and long-term additional winning opportunities for the ordinary lottery are possible. However, there is one for the winning classes, albeit a very unlikely exception. If it happens that more than 50 winners have the right lot number in the highest winning class, then is the maximum profit amount limited to 177,777 $. Accordingly, only a maximum sum of 8.5 million $ is paid out. If the jackpot is not cracked, this amount increases by another 100,000 $ at each draw.

Thus, the amounts not paid out do not go completely into the jackpot as usual. If the jackpot is not cracked 12 times in a row, it will be paid out in the 13th draw in the 2nd winning class. For example, this rare case occurred on February 12, 2020. After the jackpot could not be cracked 12 times in succession, the complete jackpot was divided into 15 winners from winning class 3 with only five correct end digits. Instead of the ordinary 7,777 $, the 15 happy winners each won 563,701.60 $.

The difference between the Super 6 to the game 77 is that you only have to type the last 6 digits properly. The drawing of the Super 6 also takes place every Wednesday and Saturday and can be followed live. The last 6 digits of the number, which is under the appearance, now count on your bill. So you will not find an extra number for the Super 6 on your game certificate. Both additional lotteries use the 7-digit number. The numbers of the Super 6 go from 000001 to 999999. In the respective drawing, a 6-digit profit number for the Super 6 is now drawn.

The Super 6 is also an additional option in lottery 6 out of 49. The origins of the Super 6 can be found in the great success of the game 77. A good 17 years after the game 77 was launched nationwide, the Saarland tried to generate another source of income and invented the Super 6. After the system was very well received by many players and similar to how the game 77 was used, all other federal states adapted The game system gradually. Together with the game 77, Super 6 generates one Sales of more than 1.5 billion $ annually in Germany.

Like the game 77, the weekly draws find everyone after the lottery education Wednesday at 6:50 p.m. and Saturday at 7:50 p.m.

Since only six digits play a decisive role in the Super 6, your probabilities of winning on the jackpot are a little larger, If the maximum profit sums also decrease proportional. Similar to the game 77, the order of your digits is the factor for your profit amount and your possible winning class. So that you get an impression of the different profit sums and the different percentage chances of winning, we have prepared all the important figures for the Super 6 for you in the following table.

classCorrect numbersMinimum profitprobability
612,50 $1:10
526,00 $1:100
4366,00 $1:1.000
34666,00 $1:10.000
256.666,00 $ 1:100.000
16100.000,00 $ 1:1.000.000

Due to the lower profit sums and probabilities, the Super 6 use is only 1.25 $, half of the game 77. The paid profits of the Super 6 are about 44 percent of the contributions paid for the additional lottery. All profit classes are the same here. Of course, there is also an important exception to the Super 6: If more than 100 players have the same bill number and thus prove profit class 1, the amount to be paid is limited to 10,000,000 $. Since all profit classes have been fixed, you can check your game Super 6 profits immediately.

The differences between the game 77 and Super 6 are not too serious. For both additional lotteries, an automatic combination of numbers is generated on your game certificate, whereby you can adjust them individually, you should play Super 6 and Game 77 online. The number combination is valid for both game 77 and for super 6. Accordingly, Super 6 and the game 77 are the same numbers. So you cannot determine a separate number combination for one of the two additional lotteries, not even on the Internet. However, the deployment heights differ significantly. While you have to shell out 2.50 $ per game certificate for the game, the Super 6 option only costs 1.25 $ per game certificate.


Especially those of you who have not yet had any experience with the lottery in Germany, often ask whether you can only play the game 77 or whether you have to activate the Super 6 at the same time. While many players have automatically and without thinking about it for many years, it is indeed it is that, it is indeed that you can make the decision yourself. You can therefore play either game 77 or super 6 or select or deactivate both at the same time.

In the meantime, it is child's play to get off the Internet at various Online lottery providers To fill out and submit. Unfortunately, many of the game societies and their websites are not yet known on the Internet and some are serious compared to the best online lotteries in Germany. Therefore we have a brief overview of Three exceptionally good and reputable companies on the Internet compiled for you:

Lottoland is one of the most popular and serious game societies in the field of lotteries on the Internet. Here you canGerman lottery as well as Super 6 and game 77 play online. In addition, other lotteries from all over europe are available. Among other things, the Lottoland offer also includes the $ and World Millions, the $ jackpot or Lotto Go! as well as their own live casino and various lotteries, including Keno and Multi Keno. The complete offer from Lottoland is also on your mobile devices thanks to the native Online Lotto App to use. The processing fee is 0.50 $ per ticket. The new one at Lottoland is also the American lottery American Lotto. There is also the Brazilian lottery Quina.

With Tipp24 another alternative is ready for you. The headquarters of the Company with a focus on the German market is in Hamburg. TIP24 also took over the Lotto24 company and is trying to always offer you innovations and a diverse offer in addition to the classic lotteries. A great and innovative feature at Tipp24 is, for example, Topping community. The processing fee is also 0.50 $ per ticket at Tip24, whereby you will be notified free of charge via SMS via any profits after a draw.

Is a european alternative among the best online lotteries in Germany Playeurolotto. Here, too, you can play Super 6 and Game 77 online (and all important German lotteries). There is even waiting for the new customers among you New customer bonus, which enables you to use a risk -free game: If you do not make any profits, Playeurolotto will reimburse you your first assignment. We have smaller deductions to Playeurolotto because of the comparatively high Processing fees. Pay attention to the information, such as additional processing fees of 1.50 $ per lottery, etc.

After a long discussion in our editorial team, our conclusion about the game 77 and Super 6 is only average. The somewhat older editors in particular are used to making the crosses in the game 77 and the Super 6, while the younger ones have so far been more apart from the lottery in Germany. However, some positive aspects of the game 77 and the Super 6 can be found on the Internet. One of the most positive aspects is in any case that you have yours compile your own number combination can. In the next door kiosk, this will automatically be attributed to your game certificate. If you are interested in the lottery, you should consider the different fees of the different lottery providers on the Internet. According to our experiences, these vary greatly.

Basically, each of yourself has to decide whether to spend 7.50 $ a week for game 77 and Super 6 or prefer to use the money elsewhere. Solid profits are quite possible in the lottery. Nevertheless, we find that there are other options on the Internet to make significantly larger profits with these sums and also have more fun. It is also a shame that lottery providers No bonus offers to have. In our view, this is the main reason why lottery companies do not oppose stings on the Internet Sports betting providers or Online-Casinos see. In matters transparency And clear information about the winning opportunities can, however, cut out a disc from the lottery companies in particular.

Other providers where you can play Super 6 and Game 77 online:

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