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El Gordo - Experiences & chances of winning the Spanish lottery El Gordo

Every year on December 22nd, Lottofans of all countries look at Spain. Because here finds the biggest Lottery the world! You can find out everything about the well -known Christmas lottery El Gordo in our guide.

the essentials in brief
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El Gordo - the most important facts at a glance

  • The Spanish Christmas lottery has been taking place every December 22nd since 1812.
  • 100,000 lot numbers are awarded.
  • You can buy lots until 8 a.m. on December 22nd.
  • A whole lot costs around 200 $ - that's why Teetzellose (Centimo) is particularly popular for around 35 $.
  • The main prize is the El Gordo with four million $.
  • The chance of winning is 1: 100,000 significantly higher than with other lotteries.
The main prize wave four million $ at El Gordo. (Source:

El Gordo is the annual Christmas lottery of the Spanish Lotto Society Loterias Y Apuestas del Estado. The event has a long tradition and took place for the first time in 1812. In Spain, the whole country is looking forward to this special event and Lottofans all over the world are looking forward to the draw online. A huge, golden drums are pulled wooden balls with the engraved lot numbers. There are also as many balls in a smaller drum as there are prices. The highlight is the announcement of the so -called Fat - The main prize of the draw. El Gordo is so famous today because the lottery plays a first -class profit amount of over two billion $ and wins every sixth. It is not surprising that around 90 percent of Spaniards try their luck in the lottery every year.

Exactly 100,000 lot numbers are awarded annually for the lottery. The demand is always extremely high, which is why there are 170 copies of each lot number. Each lot in DIN A4 format consists of ten so-called tenths, Tenellous boxes that can be separated. This creates 1,700 lots that wear the same lot number. You can purchase the following variants of the proportionate loose next to the whole lot (1/1):

  • 1/100 Los
  • 1/50 Los
  • 1/20 Los
  • 1/10 Los
  • 1/5 Los
  • 1/2 Los

Closure deadline

In Spain, the entrance deadline for the lottery is set at 8 a.m. on December 22nd, because the draw starts an hour later. If you buy your El Gordo Los online, you have to be a little faster. On December 21st at 11:59 p.m., the sales outlets on the Internet close. However, this varies depending on the provider and you should definitely find out beforehand before you can buy the lots.

Tip: strike quickly!

The number of El Gordo loose is limited and each lot is very sought -after. Since the lots are sold out quickly, you should hurry.

It doesn't have to be a trip to Spain to take part in the Spanish lottery and Play the lottery online to be able to. In the meantime, the lottery is so popular in Germany that you can order the loosely conveniently online from home.

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Participation in the Spanish lottery is quite expensive. You can buy a whole lot for 200 $, on the Internet you will get your lot for around 250 $. In Spain, most participants share a lot with the family, friends or work colleagues. A tens of tens is already available for 20 $ and still has a good chance of winning. In Germany, these partialless ones are sold between 30 and 35 $ and are therefore a little more expensive than on site. The reason for this is the processing fees for the online service-for this you save a lot of effort.

The Spanish lottery El Gordo owes its level of awareness primarily to the large amount of profit. As the highest -dot lottery in the world, total profits of more than 2.3 billion $ are played out in several relays every year. Here you can see the winnings at El Gordo at a glance:

1x first prize (El Gordo): 4 million $

2x second prize: 1.25 million $

1x third price: 500,000 $

2x fourth price: 200,000 $

8x fifth price: 50,000 $

1,794x sixth price: 1,000 $

A great special feature of the Spanish lottery: there are further profits that are not drawn. Lot owners with adjacent lot numbers also have the chance of a win. These prices are staggered as follows:

Los number Profit
Lot number before and after the main prize 20.000 $
Lot number before and after second place 12.500 $
Lot number before and after third place 9.600 $
297 lot numbers that match the first three digits of the first three places 1.000 $
198 lot numbers that match the first three digits of the fourth places 1.000 $
2,997 lot numbers that match the last two digits of the first three places 1.000 $
9,999 lot numbers, the last number of which match the last number of first place 200 $

Not only the amount of the profits is impressive, the probability of winning on the main prize is also extremely good for the Spanish lottery. Every sixth starts and with a chance of 1: 100,000 there is the likelihood of clearing a profit, significantly higher than, for example, the Lotto 6 out of 49 (1: 140 million). Since the drawing only takes place annually, you should never miss the chance and get a ticket.

Miguel Cordoba Bueno, lecturer for applied mathematics at the University of CEU in San Pablo, examined the chances of winning the Christmas lottery more closely and came to the following result:

  • Losing 84.32 percent of the lots.
  • After all, 10 percent of the lot numbers get their use.
  • 5.68 percent of the lots win one of the prices. For comparison: that of the German lottery it is only 1.9 percent.
  • 69.7 percent of all income is distributed as a profit.

El Gordo drives up property prices: Due to the many tenth of tenths with the same number, entire families, teams and even villages can clear a six -digit profit. According to reports, this always leads to an enormous increase in real estate prices on site.

Once you have acquired your lot in Spain, you can apply for your profit directly from the responsible point of sale. For everyone who bought their El Gordo Los Online, it is even more convenient. The lucky winners usually receive an email with the winning notification within an hour.

You won the lottery - and what now? We have for you The best tips for lottery winners And reveal which mistakes you shouldn't make now!

Tip: Watch live stream!

Even if you may not speak Spanish, you should not miss the drawing of the lottery for several hours. The event is a very festive event and always associated with a high effort by the organizers. The lot numbers are traditionally sung by students who come from difficult conditions. This proclamation is a very special honor for the children. You can live on the draw every year Page of Spanish television pursue.

In Spain, the lucky winner of the lottery is clearly the tax office: the state collects a whopping 30 percent from the sales proceeds and thus takes up almost 190 million $ in lottery tax. While in Spain all profits from a profit amount of 10,000 $ must be taxed with 20 percent, the total profit amount in Germany goes to the lucky lotter. The Spanish lottery is therefore particularly worthwhile for participants from Germany. The decisive factor for taxation is the country in which the lot was bought. So if you want to take part in El Gordo, make sure to buy your lot from a German provider.

The incredible amount of profit and the high number of possible winners make the Spanish Christmas lottery a special feature. The experiences with El Gordo are consistently positive - the lottery is organized by the state and is therefore absolutely serious. If you want to try your luck with the most famous lottery in the world, you should do it and become part of this very special event.

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