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TIP24 - Experience and evaluation 2022

No bonus
No bonus
  • Many big lotteries
  • Various certificates stand for security
  • Instant lottery feature
  • Convincing mobile website
  • No live chat
  • Hotline only occupied on weekdays
  • Small selection of means of payment
  • No new customer bonus
Convincing offer
The offer of the tip24 website definitely convinced me. Here I can choose between the large and well -known lotteries and also play Keno or try the lucky spiral, for example. The website is largely clear.
Antje, 20, Casino-Bloggerin

How we test providers

Registration We the provider and give you a step-by-step instructions!
Bonus We activate the bonus & show all conditions!
Customer service We test customer service with different inquiries & share the service times!
Payments We make real deposits and withdrawals & go through the account verification!

Lottery offer


The offer from Tipp24

Tip24 offers its customers alongside the classic Lotteries Also a few interesting additional options and other games with which you can try your luck. If you call the page for the first time, you will look forward to the tidy and well -structured offer. Because here you will find all the important points straight away without a large training period. We would like to briefly describe what tip24 offers you in the following article.

6 out of 49: Of course, the German dearest lottery is not missing even with Tipp24. The lottery has already made many people into millionaires and captivates the players every Wednesday and Saturday. In order to be able to call the jackpot its own, must 6 out of 49 and match an additional number with the draw. However, the chances of this are only 1: 140 million. For this, a field can already be played for one $, whereby 14 fields are available on a ticket. Tip24 calculates 0.50 $ per ticket. It does not matter whether you have only filled out one field or 14 fields. If you want you can also play 77 or super6 on the same appearance Play the lottery online And increase your chances of a profit.

$jackpot: The $Jackpot is also finding more and more fans in Germany, which is probably due to the guaranteed jackpot of 10 million $. If this is not cracked, it can increase up to a maximum sum of 90 million $. Since 17 countries participate in the lottery, this is usually quite quick. The chances of winning here are even 1:95 million.

The official draw will take place in Helsinki on Fridays at 9:30 p.m. and you are already there for 2.50 $.

Happiness spiral: DIE Gamble spiral Can you either play together with 6 out of 49 or select alone. With a deployment of 5 $, you have the chance of a monthly pension of 7,500 $ every Saturday. Tip24 calculates a service fee of 0.60 $ here.

Cash4Life: Cash4Life Go a different way and is still quite fresh from the provider Tipp24. The main prize here is 1,000 $, which the winner receives the rest of his life. And this every day. To do this, you have to pay 5 and correctly checked a cash number. If you have only typed 5 of the numbers correctly, you will still get 1,000 $ for the rest of your life. However, the sum is then paid once a month. Certainly still a nice pocket money. In addition, the chances of winning on the main prize here are 7 times higher than with German Lottery 6 out of 49.

Additional offers at Tipp24

For the respective lotteries that you can find at Tipp24, some additional options can be chosen, which we would like to perform briefly here.

Spiel 77: With some lotteries that can Label The additional option is selected and the main prize here is 177,777 $. The lot is crucial for this on your ticket.

Super6: With the lot number from your ticket you can also play the Super6. Here are the last 6 digits of the lot number. If these are drawn, you will get 100,000 $ with a chance of 1: 1,000,000.

RUBBELLOSE: For a small game in between, the scratch -nose are certainly suitable, which also attract with nice winnings. These can also be through the Online Lotto App be played.

Typical community: If you want to take part in a topping community, you can choose between a normal or system license. The numbers can be checked by you at any time, since TIP24 is very transparent here. Before the drawing takes place, you will also receive an email in which all tip prices are listed again. If you win, you will also receive an email or SMS depending on the setting that you can do in your customer account. Fees are not calculated for participation in the typing community.

Volume system: With this system you can choose between 7 and 12 numbers instead of the usual 6 numbers. This automatically plays different combinations with just one appearance. If you now have 6 correct ones, you will also receive the profit from 5 correct. This naturally increases your opportunities many times over. However, the ticket is also much more expensive. The price depends on how many numbers you tick.

Elfriga: To be able to participate in the 911 league you are five times goalkeeper and five times shooter. Alternately you shoot the goal or have to choose a corner for a corner that you want to jump to to stop the ball. If you win the round against the system, you wave up to 10 $. Once you have played five rounds, you automatically place yourself in the 911 league that ends on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. If you are in the profit ranks at this time, you will receive another prize. A nice change for in between.

Seriosity & security


The seriousness and security

You can see that tip24 is a reputable provider at many points. One of these points is, for example, that the Zeal Group is based in Hamburg, Germany with the Tip24 brand. Another is that all data that is transmitted is subject to 256-bit SSL encryption. This type of encryption is also standard for many banks today. TIP24 also has two certificates that were exhibited once by TÜV Saarland and the Secure Global Sign.

Furthermore, the provider is one of the oldest lottery providers on the Internet and paid more than 47 million $ in profits to its customers in 2015.

A notice: The Zeal Group took over the German online lottery mediator Lotto24 in May 2019 and has no longer offered second lotteries since the business model change on October 15, 2019.

Costs & fees


Costs & fees

Tip24 for the delivery of the lottery ticket a processing fee of 0.50 $ is completely ok. As an additional service, for example, you will receive a free profit notification via SMS. You can of course save if you fill out a whole ticket and not just a field. Finally, the fee per note and not per game is calculated.

Payment methods


The payment methods at Tipp24

If you have registered with Tipp24, you would like to make a tip immediately. However, the payment options offered to you are quite lean. You have the choice between Sofortüberweisung and banking, Visa or Mastercard. Unfortunately, e-wallets or the popular PayPal are not offered.

If you want, you can get a weekly game limit. This is to prevent the gambling addiction. However, this can be changed again at any time. However, you have to put up with a little waiting time. To fill up your player account, just have to log in and choose the lottery that you want to play. If you want to hand in the ticket, the number method that you have stored when you register. If there is credit on your customer account, this is first used for use. For example, if you have deposited visas and direct debit, you can select between the two methods with any tip.

Optik & Design


Design and functionality

At first glance, you can see from Tipp24 that you really thought about designing the website here. According to our tip24 experiences, new players can quickly find their way around. Already on the homepage you will be informed about the winning options of the individual lotteries and you are within a few seconds when you are lending. Once you have chosen a lottery and selected it, you will receive all the relevant information that is important for this lottery.

Our TIP24 test was also able to show that the submission of a ticket is completely easy. Around the appearance, you will find all available options at a glance and you can immediately see when the lottery closes of the lottery is. This is also shown by an ongoing countdown.

Registration in a few steps


The Registration in a few steps

With Tipp24 you must of course first register before your first game. However, our experience report shows very clearly that you have no difficulties here. The registration is done with just a few steps and you can hand in your first tip. Nevertheless, we would like to show you briefly again in which order this happens:

  • Already on the homepage you will find the menu item "Register" in the upper area. As a new customer, you will now choose the point "Register now" in the next step.
  • Now enter your email address and choose a password.
  • In the next field, personal data such as address and age are now queried.
  • If this point is done, you still have to confirm that you are at least 18 years old.
  • Now only select the payment method and you can get started.

Your data is now compared with the information from Schufa. However, no asset query is carried out here. Only the personal data is queried here for legitimization.

Bonus for new customers


Bonus for new and existing customers

In our tip24 experience report, we unfortunately found that you will not get a welcome gift or a bonus at Tipp24. Once you have registered, you will always get emails in which a free tip is offered. For this reason, you should always check your mailbox.

Customer service & support


Customer support

The tip24 support can be described as exemplary. You can choose from a free telephone number, a form and the option of reaching support by email. The hotline can always be reached Monday to Friday. Unfortunately, you will not find a live chat on the provider's pages, but this can be overturned due to the free telephone number.

With problems that arise, however, it is worthwhile once you first go to the FAQ area. Most of the questions are already answered in detail here.

Mobile offer


Mobile offer

There is hardly a provider who still on a mobile offer for Online gambling can do without. More and more players want to access the page on the go or during the lunch break and give a tip or find out about their own statistics. So you also have the option of checking the lottery numbers on the go.

With TIP24 you have several ways to use the offer with your smartphone or tablet. There is a special tip24 app for Android users. Users of other operating systems can access the mobile website that has been optimized on the smaller screens. On the mobile website and in the Tipp24 app you will find all the offers that you also know from the desktop version. You can submit your ticket, apply for deposits and withdrawals or register.

Overall rating


Overall rating

That Tipp24 is serious cannot be questioned. The license that Tipp24 has had for many years and the issued certificates from independent companies will certainly speak for the provider here. In addition to the big lotteries, you will also find small games for in between and a few instant lotteries.

The support actually leaves nothing to be desired. Perhaps it would be to be criticized that there is no live chat or that the telephone hotline can only be reached from Monday to Friday. However, this is like whining at a high level. The TIP24 app or the mobile website are also highly recommended.

The only real point of criticism is the range of payment methods. There is a little too little choice here and one or the other player would certainly want PayPal or e-wallets like Skrill.