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Lotto24 - Experience and test report 2022

No bonus
No bonus
  • Additional options for the profit increase
  • Wide range
  • Convincing mobile version
  • Customer support works very professionally
  • PayPal as a payment method
  • No welcome bonus
Serious and broad lottery provider
The range of lotteries is very wide and white to convince. I particularly like to play the full systems to increase my chances of winning. So far, this has worked perfectly. Payouts were processed reliably and quickly. What is particularly strong here: PayPal is available as a means of payment!
Matthias, 38, professional player

How we test providers

Registration We the provider and give you a step-by-step instructions!
Bonus We activate the bonus & show all conditions!
Customer service We test customer service with different inquiries & share the service times!
Payments We make real deposits and withdrawals & go through the account verification!

Lottery offer


The offer of Lotto24

The provider Lotto24 offers its customers the most part classic Lotteries, another, additional offer cannot be found. In addition, the operator of the site clearly focuses on the $jackpot and the classic German lottery 6 out of 49. If you are looking for foreign lotteries in addition to the missing additional offer, you will unfortunately be disappointed on Lotto24. However, it should be said that the operator still has a few alternatives. Here, for example, the NKL and SKL are to be mentioned, Keno and the classic Gamble spiral But you can also find Lotto24.

6 out of 49: This lottery is still the most popular within the Federal Republic. The lottery is drawn every week on Wednesdays and on Saturdays. Lotto 6 out of 49 is a particularly important lottery for Lotto24, since thousands of joys are placed here every day. To crack the jackpot, you have to type a total of 6 numbers from 49, in addition, the additional number must also be correct. If you succeed, you will wave several million $.

You can already acquire a game certificate with a deployment of 1.60 $. If you want to book further options, for example the game77, Super6 or the lucky spiral, it makes Lotto24 very easy for you. You can already select the different additional options with a single click. You can also decide directly by clicking whether you want to participate in both draws within the week or whether you only want to play at the draw on Wednesday or Saturday.

$jackpot: Another very popular lottery is the $jackpot. This lottery is playable across europe and is used regularly by a variety of players. The jackpot quickly exceeds the single -digit million range and is therefore particularly lovely. The chances of winning that you can calculate at the $jackpot are around 1:95 million. This represents a slightly better value than it can be found, for example, at 6 out of 49. In order to clear the $jackpot correctly, you have to succeed in typing 5 numbers out of 50 properly and also correctly finding the two $ numbers on your ticket.

German television stake: A particularly positive point of the German television voter, which has prepared its special reputation, is the fact that around 30 percent of the income generated will benefit social projects. So it happens that more than 300 different projects can be promoted every year. The big main depreciation takes place after six weeks. Here it is possible to win a lifelong monthly pension of 5,000 $, the weekends also offer a total jackpot of at least 130,000 $.

Keno, NKL and Co: Lotto24 also offers other interesting lotteries that you can like. The lucky spiral, for example, waves a monthly immediate pension of 7,500 $. Keno is another popular lottery, in which, unlike other lotteries, you cannot have a number right. The duolotto is a very interesting game system. Here you will be able to take part in two large lotteries with a single glow. You have the option of both 6 out of 49 and $jackpot at Play the lottery online to select.

If you tend to be for them NKL or SKL Interest, you will also find it here at Lotto24, but at this point it is to be said that Lotto24 is not the operator of these lotteries, but that you can be forwarded to an external page with a click on the lotteries and can hand in your tip there . Lotto24 is therefore only a kind of mediator for NKL and SKL. Click here for ours Nkl experiences.

Additional offers at Lotto24

Full and part systems: Of course you will also find partial and full systems on Lotto24. These increase your chances of winning enormously. It is also possible to accept the offer to accept a typing community. It is also possible to commission a long -term license here. So you can easily take part in a lottery for several weeks in a row without having to give up a ticket every time.

However, if you are looking for an international lottery or possibly also speculate on a casino offer, we unfortunately have to disappoint you. Lotto24 is very goal -oriented in its offer and cannot convince with a special width of different activities. Here we still see some optimization potential.

However, there is another features that we liked very much. It is possible to type random numbers on Lotto24 via QuickTipp. This is only possible if you want to play 6 out of 49 and can accelerate your betting process massively. So if you don't want to type special numbers, the quick tip is a good option in our opinion.

One last, very practical offer is the so -called Jackpotjäger. This option plays a certain lottery until the jackpot was cleared by a player.

Seriosity & security


The seriousness and security

The seriousness and the security presented, or the safe handling of customer data are essential characteristics of a lottery provider and can decide whether a potential new customer decides for a provider or prefers someone else. In our test we noticed no weaknesses in this area. Lotto24 has its licenses from authorities from the Netherlands and is also one of the numerous partners of Lotto and Toto. Lotto24 also has TÜV certification, exhibited by TÜV Rheinland. The Trusted Shops certificate also speaks for a serious appearance. If you have a problem with the provider or your site, we can also emphasize the German customer address, which enables you to get in touch by email or through the free hotline.

When encrypting your data, Lotto24 uses so-called SSL encryption, which corresponds to the highest safety standards. However, make sure that minors are excluded from the lottery participation.

Costs & fees


Costs & fees

There is only a fee that arises for each lottery ticket cast. This is a processing fee of 60 cents. However, such fees can also be found on various other lottery sites, so it is completely normal and understandable.

Payment methods


The payment methods at Lotto24

As for the different payment methods at Lotto24, it should be said that the provider represents all common payment methods. SEPA, PayPal, but also Visa and Mastercard are also to be mentioned here. However, if you choose a deposit by credit card, you should know that Lotto24 has set a minimum amount of 1.25 $ here. The deposit itself is then very simple and the money will be credited to your account immediately.

Further Online Lottoanbieter Mit PayPal You can find in the corresponding guide.

If you then have an increase in your account and want to pay it out, this always runs through a so -called trust dealer. Accordingly, you conclude a trust contract with the dealer if you pay a payment. An identity examination is carried out if your payment amount exceeds the value of 2,500 $. This is done by submitting the ID card and submitting a payment contract.

Optik & Design


Design and functionality

Of course, we also put the design to the test and tested how easy the navigation is through the side. We are very impressed by the appearance of Lotto24 in this area. The provider stands for a simple presentation, so that even complete newcomers will be found on the page very quickly. With just a few clicks you reach the different lotteries and can fill out and hand in your ticket straight away. As soon as you have chosen one of the different lotteries, all the necessary and knowledgeable information will be presented to you.

Registration in a few steps


The registration in a few steps

To register with Lotto24 you can already find the correct button on the start page of the provider with the "Register" button to register. Click on this and choose the new customer option. On the first page of the registration form, you have to enter your email address and your desired password. Your personal data will then be queried on the second page. In a last point you have to confirm your legal age and will then be forwarded to the different payment methods, which you can choose and then get started directly.

Your specified data will be compared in a consequence with the Schufa. However, no asset query is made. This is only about the control of your data.

Bonus for new customers


Bonus for new and existing customers

If you are looking for a big welcome bonus, we unfortunately have to disappoint you. Unfortunately, Lotto24 does not offer any special offers at this point, but can show up with a variety of other actions and features. For example, the jackpot hunter should be mentioned here. We have already introduced this to you. The jackpot hunter plays a certain lottery until the jackpot was cleared. We find this option very practical and can definitely recommend it.

Even if the different additional options will certainly be delighted with existing customers Welcome bonus Certainly also attract more new customers and let the Lotto24 continue to grow.

Customer service & support


Customer support

Of course, the support of a lottery provider is also existentially important. We experienced a very competent support in our test, which can be reached both by telephone hotline and via a live chat. If you decide to the email address, the processing of your question can be about 24 hours. However, we can definitely recommend support and were very well advised by the employees.

Mobile offer


Mobile offer

In the digital age, many customers also require a mobile offer, so it is possible to give up its notes on the go. This is also possible with Lotto24. While some other lottery providers only offer mobile browser versions of your site you can quickly find the free at Lotto24 Online Lotto App Download to always be up to date on the way. The app is suitable for all end devices with the Android, Windows and iOS operating systems. The app is structured as simple as you are used to from the browser version and offers all the functions that you already know from the home computer. Another practical service is that the app always informs you about each of your winnings via push message. In addition, you can also display the different tax dates and the associated jackpots.

The submission of your tips is also simple and intuitive, so you will find yourself very easy here. However, if you are not interested in the app, it is of course also possible to access the website via the mobile browser.

Overall rating


Overall rating

We felt very comfortable in our test at Lotto24. The provider occurs very seriously and can also prove by some certificates that the specified customer data are securely lifted and encrypted. The lottery offer on the page also offers the common, large lotteries and should hold a suitable lottery in their hands for each player. Even if there is no welcome bonus for new customers, there are different additional options that can make typing easier or can increase your chances of winning a little. We can finally speak for Daslotto24 because it offers a wide range and a very elaborated mobile service. If something does not work properly, the existing customer support is very professional and offers different options with the employees.