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The Polish Mini Lotto - tips and providers

The Polish mini lottery is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Here you can find out where you mini Play the lottery online Can what winnings await you and how you increase your chances with system.

the essentials in brief
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  • With the Polish mini lottery you have the chance of 100,000 $ every day.
  • That Game principle It works very simply: you choose 5 numbers from 42.
  • Plays mini-lottery with a system to increase your chances.
  • DIE low costs make the Polish lottery particularly popular.
  • DIE Chances of winning lies many times higher than the classic 6 out of 49.
  • We show you that best provider for the Polish mini-lottery.

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  1. Lottoland
  2. TheLotter

The Polish mini lotto has been very popular since 1976-still known as Express Lotek. So popular that the monthly draw over the years became a daily draw. Every evening at 9.40 p.m., the mini-lottery is being followed in front of the television and on the Internet. So Mini But if the profits of this special lottery are not: Up to 100,000 $ you can clear every day of the week. The draws take place in the mini-lottery in Poland Monday to Sunday-365 days a year. The low price and the frequent draw have made mini-lotto even more well known and more popular outside of Poland. By the way, you don't have to worry about seriousness and security. the Online lottery is strictly monitored and always notarized.

In order to tap the Polish mini lotto, you don't have to drive extra across the Polish border. You can simply with German providers, how Lottoland or Lottohelden, fill out and experience the winning numbers conveniently online. The advantage of the Lottoheld provider: Here you can make a profit from two correct ones, in Poland there is only three correct ones. In addition, some providers also offer one Online Lotto App on, with which the tip is even easier.

This is what the ticket for mini-lottery looks like. (Source:

Do you want to try your luck with the lottery now? Here we have the best lottery providers on the market for you!

Since the Polish Lotto has also been offered online in Germany, you have the chance every day for the big jackpot. Particularly practical: you can easily hand in your tips via your smartphone and Flexible along the way. It doesn't stay that way, because you have more advantages:

  • Automatic profit notification
  • Automatic profit payment
  • Participation possible over several weeks
  • Save your favorite numbers
  • Participation in topping communities

Mini-Lotto works according to the principle 5 out of 42. This means that from each of the twelve tippules, you select five numbers between 1 and 42. If you have typed five correct ones, the jackpot belongs to you. It could hardly be much easier, because there is no great number or additional numbers with the mini-lotto.

Mini lotto with system

If you tap more than five numbers, the lottery ticket automatically passes into a system certificate. This is how you increase your chances of winning by the system selected. For example, if you cross nine digits, all of them will be possible with it Combinations of five Tipped automatically and you have a correspondingly higher chance of a hit.


A regular game certificate always applies to the next upcoming draw. In addition, it is up to you how long and on which days of the week you want to type. You can define the runtime of your ticket up to 52 weeks - so you make sure that you do not miss the big jackpot with your tips. The Mini lottery weekly certificate. You can take part in the lottery for up to eight weeks. Which day a week you tap, does not matter. The chances are the same every evening and throw off the same profits.

Closure deadline

You can every day until 8.40 p.m. Submit to take part in the evening drawing. If you miss the closure deadline, your appearance does not expire, but automatically applies to your next selected match day. For example, if you have chosen the game days on Monday and Wednesday, your numbers will take part on Wednesday and Monday of the following week.

Tip: random

If you fill out your bill online, you can also give a random tip. The numbers are selected via a random generator. An attempt can be worthwhile and increases the voltage factor again.

Minimal use for maximum profits: The Polish mini lotto is unbeatable when it comes to costs. Every tip costs you Lottoland Only 40 cents, at Lottohelden 50 cents. You can already get a complete ticket with twelve filled tips for 4.80 $ or 6 $. Compared to other lotteries, the mini lotto is a real bargain.

You can find out in our extensive how you can significantly increase your chances of winning with lottery systems counselor! Also like you in Online casino best chances of winning achieved.

It actually makes a difference whether you participate directly in the mini-lottery in Poland or tap the online provider. At the Lottohelden provider, you wins five correct 100,000 $. Lottoland plays 70,000 $.

The 42 balls at the Polish mini-lottery are watched every evening. Incidentally, the chances of winning 5 to 42 are not that bad. The likelihood that you are piping the right thing is about 1: 850,000 with this lottery. For comparison: the chance of the jackpot in the lottery 6 out of 49 is around 1 to 140 million! Here you can see the profit sums and probability of winning for the different winning classes at a glance:

Profit class CHANCE
5 correct 1:850.668
4 correct 1:4.598
3 correct 1:128
2 correct 1:11

Even if most people think primarily of the big jackpot, you will get back many times with three real numbers.

Tipp: Are you looking for further options in the online casino? Read that Online casino experiences Some of our experienced players through!

If you win in the Polish mini-Lotto, you will automatically per Mail informed. The amount obtained is then either transferred directly to your account, depending on the request, or paid into your game account. You can also expect a main prize of 100,000 $ in your bank account in just a few days.

You have won the lottery and ask yourself what awaits you now? We have for you The best tips for lottery winners And reveal what you shouldn't do!

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