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Play luck spiral online-Best online lotteries for the special lottery

The lucky spiral is One Lottery of the German Toto and Lottoblock And has been playable for several decades. It is a number lottery in which the numbers for the individual profit classes are pulled separately. In the following article you can learn about the lottery, get an insight into the happiness spiral of other players and read how their lucky spiral Play the lottery online can. You can also find out where you can play the lucky spiral online.

the essentials in brief
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Online lotteries with a spiral of happiness
To the experience report

  • Additional options

  • Happiness spiral can be played separately

  • Special encryption

To the experience report

  • Glücks spiral likes to refer to the pension lottery

  • Glücks spiral costs 5 $ per lot number

  • License from Lower Saxony

To the experience report

  • The possibility of a profit of 7,500 $ in the lucky spiral

  • Glücks spiral also as a "pension lottery"

  • High security through SSL encryption

Where can you play the lucky spiral online?

In principle, you can find the spiral of happiness wherever you can play the lottery. For example, when you visit a kiosk, you have the opportunity to buy a lot for the lucky spiral. If you don't feel like giving up your bill in the shop every week, you can too Simply get a lot online for the lucky spiral online. This works for all known Lotto providers in the web. We have listed a selection of the best providers where you can play the lucky spiral online.

What does participation in the lucky spiral cost?

If you choose a regular lot at the Glücksspirale, they are for it five $ due. Then there are then Processing fees of sixty cents per. There is hardly any savings potential. Only if you play with your lot for several weeks, you can do a little save money, because processing fees are only incurred once.


In addition to the normal lot price, there is also the option in some federal states to only play with half or fifth. That enables you Participation in the lucky spiral from one $. On the other hand, you can get a fifth of the profits with a fifth of the loose. In the case of the main prize compared to the main prize, the proportionate notes are certainly a good alternative.

The profit spiral's profit plan

A large part of you can guaranteed one or the other advertising campaign of the lucky spiral, in which there was talk of 7,500 $ immediately - for a lifetime. However, the dream of a secure retirement has been over at the Glücksspirale since 2018. Because now there is a whole instead of 7,500 $ To win 10,000 $ monthly pension; However, only for 20 years.

So that this payment is still sufficient for a life, one would have to be already in retirement at the time of profit. Incidentally, this change is justified by the fact that a lifelong payment cannot be ensured due to the low interest rates on the financial market. An excuse for avarice in my eyes. The profit plan that has been in force since 2018 provides for the following profits:

Profit class I10 $
Profit class II25 $
Profit class III 100 $
Profit class IV1000 $
Profit class V10.000 $
Profit class VI100.000 $
Profit class VII$ 10,000 per month / 20 years or $ 2,100,000 Immediate payment

This is how a draw in the lucky spiral works

The lucky spiral is a so -called Numbernlotterie. This means that it depends on the number of the appearance you have acquired. The various, which can be viewed in the table above Profit classes Relate to the end digits of the lots. Accordingly You already win in the lowest class if the last number of your loose is correct. You can choose the seven -digit number of your loose yourself.

(Quelle: Tipp24)

Contrary to the expected assumption, a seven -digit number is not determined once in the lucky spiral, on the basis of which you can then check whether and in which winning class you can record a success. Instead, for each individual Profit class determined its own number. Therefore, it is possible that you will make a win in the second class, although you did not hit the final digits of the first class. The only exception to the drawing always taking place on Saturdays is the sixth profit class. Two different numbers are pulled here. The theoretical chance of the main prize is 1: 10,000,000 and is therefore a bit too low for my taste in view of the maximum profit amount.

Glücks spiral Experience of players and winners

Making large winners of the pension lottery is almost a thing of the impossibility. Where every now and then one or the other Lottomillionär can be found and interviewed, all winners of the lucky spiral seem to have been submerged in the witness protection program. A surely understandable, although unlikely behavior with so many winners who can clear the main prize every year. Since it unfortunately not possible war, a winner of the lucky spiral Unfortunately, I cannot tell you at this point about the experience of a happy spiral of happiness winners.

However, there are all sorts of frustrated players on the net who accuse the spiral of happiness a lot of things. But that is absolute nonsense because The lucky spiral is an absolutely serious lottery, the promised profits paid and otherwise acts completely seriously. It doesn't matter whether you play the lucky spiral online or buy a lot at the kiosk. There is nothing to shake about the seriousness of the lucky spiral!

Meanwhile, criticism can certainly be practiced about the low distribution amount. Because, according to official information, just 40 percent of the income is distributed - while a whopping 16.33 percent are kept as "expenses of the organizers". Even the allegedly so extremely social commitment of the happiness spiral is not really special on a closer look. 27 percent of the income is scheduled income yields and thus grants for the German Sports Association. In the classic Lotto 6 out of 49 However, 23 percent of the income is also used for such purposes. At least from this perspective, my happiness spiral experiences are not quite as rosy.


A brief overview of the history of the lucky spiral

What most are known as a pension lottery today, started in 1969 with the aim of finishing the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972. The 1974 World Cup was also supported with parts of the revenues of the lucky spiral. Actually, the lucky spiral should have disappeared again afterwards, but still remained and supported with shares of the profits of the profits of social projects, primarily the German Olympic Sports Association, The Federal Working Group on Free Welfare Care and the German Foundation for Monument Protection.

TIPP: Here is more information about Nkl interest riots. Or read everything directly to our Nkl experiences.

  • Was introduced in 1969 to support the Olympic Games financially
  • Remained even after 1974 despite other planning
  • Supported with parts of the profits since the 1970s, various institutions

Conclusion: Glücks spiral in the downward spiral?

The income of the happiness spiral is slowly but steadily returning, the changed profit plan ensures smaller and less likely main prizes and the social aspects of the spiral of happiness are only a little larger than in the classic lottery 6 out of 49. The lucky spiral seems to be in a downward trend condition And we in the editorial team are not really convinced of the current concept. Actually social lotteries like that Postcode lottery Or the chance of really high profits with adequate commitment as with the $Jackpot are by far it would be far from being. But if you want to play the lucky spiral online, of course nothing speaks against it.

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