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  • Clear website and app
  • Fixed loading times
  • High security through SSL encryption
  • Competent and friendly support
  • Small number of lotteries
  • Limited payment methods
  • High fees
Official partner of Lotto
Even if the competition is a golotto in some areas, I feel pretty comfortable when navigating between the menu items on both the computer and on the tablet. The page is quite fixed on both variants. With "Jackpotjäger" under the additional options I had a lot of fun and was able to make up for one or the other win.
Matthias, 38, professional player

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Payments We make real deposits and withdrawals & go through the account verification!

Lottery offer


The offer of golotto

Since the golotto is licensed, you will not find many of this provider Online lotteries. However, if our experiences are the right provider, according to our experience, is the right provider. When you call for the first time, you will notice that the design of the page is very reminiscent of the German lottery block. In our Golotto test, we once dealt with the offer, the payment modalities and much more.

6 out of 49: The most popular German lottery from 1974 inspires millions of people. Every Wednesday and Saturday you have the opportunity to take part in a draw with your ticket. The price for a tip field is 1 $ and as an additional option you can play the game 77, the Super 6 And select the spiral of happiness.

$jackpot: The high jackpot that is at least 10 million $ is certainly a reason for the popularity of the $ jackpot. Since the jackpot in every draw in which it is not played continues to rise, it can increase up to a total of 90 million $. If it is still not cracked, the profit is divided into the lower classes.

Happiness spiral: At the lucky spiral you have the option of a profit of 7,500 $, which will be paid out to you every month. This is also the reason why the gambling spiral is often referred to as a "pension lottery" (more about alternatives Nkl interest riots elsewhere - or directly to our Nkl experiences). The lot number is automatically serving the lucky number. If all numbers match the draw, you can look forward to a lifelong pension. Here, too, you have the opportunity to choose the game 77 and the Super 6 as an option.

Spiel 77: The maximum profit in the game 77 is 177,777 $ and the additional lottery cannot be played alone. Votes only 6 numbers with the additional option, you will still wave 77,777 $.

Super 6: Even the Super 6 cannot be played by you alone, but only in connection with a lottery. You can win the 100,000 $ with an additional use of 1.25 $.

Unfortunately, you will not find other lotteries with Golotto. Also scratched out or Instant lotteries Unfortunately, missing.

Additional offers at Golotto

Some additional functions can be used via the website or the Golotto app, with which you can increase your chances of winning. This includes, for example, the jackpot hunter. If you choose this option, your ticket will continue to be played until the jackpot has been cracked. As soon as this has happened, participation ends. For this reason, you have to remember that the tip has to give up again. If it takes too long, you can cancel the option at any time.

Even with the long -term license, you will no longer miss a draw in the future. This can be played for up to 52 weeks and the fees are debited from your account.

With the profit communities you can increase the chances of a profit. With the Lottery 6 out of 49 you can choose four tips and play with 49 other tipers. So together you give up 200 tips fields and together increases the chance of the jackpot win. If there is a high profit, the player with the right numbers will be paid 50 percent and the other 50 percent are divided among the 49 players. With a profit of 1 million, this would mean that you get 500,000 $ and the other teammates each 10,204 $. All winnings that are not subject to profit class 1 and 2 are completely paid out to the player with the right numbers.

A golotto system tip is also under discussion and is to be offered soon.

Seriosity & security


The seriousness and security

You certainly don't have to worry about the safety of your data or the payment of winning. The Neolotto Deutschland GmbH, based in Hamburg, is under the supervision of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labor and Transport. Golotto is only the intermediary and forwards your ticket to the respective lottery. With a ticket output, you will be automatically directed to the lottery of your federal state. This happens in the background and you will not notice the forwarding.

Goldo also makes sure that your data is securely lifted here. All data between the customer and the server is transmitted encrypted and a transfer to third parties for advertising purposes is completely excluded. Your data is only required for internal purposes. The regulation of the ministry also ensures the payments of the profits.

Costs & fees


Costs & fees

In our experience report of the provider Golotto, of course, we also took a closer look at the fees. Here we unfortunately had to find that the provider moves between 0.60 and 1.60 $ in the upper midfield with fees. There are significantly cheaper alternatives here.

Payment methods


The payment methods at

If you want to fill up your player account with a golotto, Visa and Mastercard, Sofortüberweisung or banking are available. Profits are usually paid out after five days. However, these must be requested in advance. To do this, the account must be verified in advance. Until this has happened, the profits remain in the player account and can of course be used for further missions.

Until the verification can only be played up to a value of 150 $ in the first two weeks. After the verification, you will receive a monthly limit of 1,000 $. No fees are charged for deposits or withdrawals.

Optik & Design


Design and functionality

You will certainly stand out when designing the website that it is very similar to the official lottery offer. The site looks very tidy and you will quickly find your way around here. All points are easy to find and the tip of the tip was simplified. This also applies to deposits and withdrawals, as well as the registration. The costs are also clearly presented, so that you will quickly feel comfortable here.

Registration in a few steps


The golden registration in just a few steps

If you want to register with Golotto as a new customer, this is completely uncomplicated. Even if you have no experience with other lottery providers, this will not cause you any problems.

  • On the homepage you will find the "Register" button. The "Register" point is also located here.
  • Now your email address and postcode is entered. The password must have between 6 and 25 characters.
  • Now you have to enter your personal data such as name, address, a bank account and the mobile phone number.
  • Your information is now compared to Schufa about a query. If no error is found here, a forwarding to your personal area is passed on.

You also have the opportunity to register via your Facebook account. If you choose this method, you automatically forgive a "Like" on the Golotto Facebook page. If this bothers you, you have to remove this manually.

To verify your bank account, you have to request a PIN under the menu item "Player Status". You will now be transferred to 0.01 $ within 2 days. In the transfer text you will now find a five -digit number that you have to enter in your customer account. This should be done within 14 days, otherwise you will no longer Play the lottery online can.

Bonus for new customers


Bonus for new and existing customers

Many lottery providers have a welcome gift ready for their new customers. Most of the time this is a free tip for lottery 6 out of 49. Unfortunately you will not find a welcome gift for new customers or a bonus for existing customers or multiplayer. You will be more lucky if you immediately go to the lottery pages of the federal states. Here you can often find special promotions with material prices. Especially before the holidays, it is always worth taking a look here.

Customer service & support


Customer support

As a new customer, it can be important that support can be reached in different ways. If there are problems with the registration, quick help is required. At Golotto you will find a support that can be reached in several ways. From Monday to Friday you can reach the telephone hotline between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. A free telephone number is offered for this. At the same time, a live chat is also available to you. After this time you can reach customer service using an email form or directly by email. Here, too, your inquiries will usually be answered within 24 hours. In our Golotto test we put the support through their paces and all problems could be solved in a friendly and competent manner.

If a problem arises, it is always worth taking a look at the FAQ. Many things are taken up here and explained in detail. This often makes with customer service.

Mobile offer


Mobile offer

Hardly any provider can still do without a mobile offer today. More and more people want to have access to their customer account on the go or check the lottery numbers. You can also give a tip from anywhere. Golotto also offers its customers an app, even if it is only available for the iOS operating system. All other users find a mobile website and can access the complete offer from there. Includes and withdrawals can be applied for as easily as a tip tax can be made. If you are not yet a customer of a golotto, you can also register via the mobile website or the app. Here you will find your way around as quickly as on the website. If you already know the offer of Golotto, you don't have to change your operation.

Overall rating


Overall rating

We noticed the clear website in our Golotto test. This applies to the mobile website as well as the app. Immediately right here is right and everything looks well thought out, as well as well structured. This also has a positive effect on loading times. It is made easy for you to give a tip and the topic of security is also very important here. In the terms and conditions, it is pointed out that a transfer of your data to third parties for advertising purposes is excluded. The data transmission to the servers is SSL-encrypted. Another is the competent and friendly support.

However, the small number of lotteries that can be played is one of the weak points of golotto. The payment methods were also reduced to the essentials. The high fees that arise when you give up a tip are also negative. The deposits and withdrawals are free of charge for this, but this is far from enough to really convince.