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Freely selectable free tip
Freely selectable free tip
  • Low fees
  • Website and app are easy to use
  • Data security through TÜV Saarland
  • Competent and friendly customer support
  • Free tip for the lottery
  • Offer to payment providers not sufficient
  • No real new customer bonus
The website of Lottohelden convinces from the first to the last second: the friendly and bright color design as well as the structured arrangement of all menu items make a very inviting impression. The low fees, the likeable customer support and the protection by TÜV Saarland complete the overall impression of the provider.
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Customer service We test customer service with different inquiries & share the service times!
Payments We make real deposits and withdrawals & go through the account verification!

Lottery offer


At Lottohelden you will find the big one, Best online lotteries Germany and you can also determine your yourself on request. But also Cash4Life, Why the wand Lotto Ireland Are with high profits and curls. Particularly noteworthy are the low fees that are incurred when submitting a ticket. You can find everything important about Lottohelden in the following article.

$jackpot: Hardly any provider can do without the $jackpot. This is certainly also due to the high jackpot, which is at least 10 million $. To win this, 5 out of 50 and 2 $ numbers must be typed correctly. Whenever the jackpot is not cracked, it continues to increase, up to a maximum sum of 90 million $. In addition to the normal license, you can also take part in a topping community or a system license with the Play the lottery online Create to further increase your chances.

euromillions: Lottohelden also offers the euromillions lottery and here too profits in the millions can be earned. However, two draws take place here every week. Furthermore, the euromillions offer special education in which three -digit million profits are almost normal.

6 out of 49: Of course, the popular German lottery is not missing either. To crack the jackpot, 6 out of 49 and an additional number must be typed. There is also a draw here twice a week. The lottery has existed since 1974 and has been able to produce many millionaires in the years.

Happiness spiral: Every Saturday there is a draw at the lucky spiral and the main prize is at a monthly pension of 7,500 $. If only 6 of the 7 digits match the draw with the draw, there is still a price of 100,000 $. But you also win with the lucky spiral with just one final figure.

Additional offers at

The Lottohelden experiences also show that you get even more options where you can try your luck. We would like to show you some of them.

Spiel 77: With some lotteries, the Spiel77 option can also be selected and the ticket number is the lot number at the same time. If all seven digits are drawn on your appearance in the correct order, you can look forward to 177,777 $.

Super6: Here, too, the bill number is the winning number again. However, only the last six digits have to be right here so that you can win 100,000 $. The chances of the main prize here are 1: 1,000,000.

Cash4Life: If you should win at Cash4Life, you can look forward to 1,000 $. And this every day for the rest of life. To do this, 5 out of 60 and 1 from 4 numbers must be typed correctly. In contrast to lottery 6 out of 49, the chances of winning are 7 times higher.

KENO: Keno is a daily lottery, in which 1 million $ are played out every day. In addition, Keno is probably the only game you win even if you don't have a number right. You can select up to 10 from 70 numbers. With the daily draw, 20 numbers are then drawn.

Seriosity & security


It is certainly very important for the players whether Lottohelden is a reputable company. In our Lottohelden test, we found that there is no doubt about the seriousness. Lottohelden is controlled and licensed by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. In order to maintain this license, many criteria for security must be met in advance. Here the protection of customer data is in the foreground. For this purpose, all data that is transmitted is encrypted using SSL technology. Furthermore, the company has committed itself that no data will be passed on to third parties for advertising purposes. The TÜV Saarland checked the technical requirements to issue a corresponding certificate to the provider. There was nothing to complain about here. What also speaks for Lottohelden is that the provider has already been crowned with the test.

Costs & fees

10/10 advertises the fee structure. The provider only calculates its customers for a ticket only 0.20 $. If you also play game77 or the Super6, there are no extra fees for this. However, fees of EUR 0.50 are charged for the euromillions.

Payment methods


Unfortunately, our Lottohelden test had to find out in the payment methods that the provider has limited itself to the essential payment methods. You can choose from your customer account just Giropay, Sepa, Mastercard and Visa. Unfortunately, PayPal is not available to customers. This also applies to e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller.

You can have a profit paid out to your checking account. Of course, you can also leave it on your player account and pay for more tip tickets. In the terms and conditions, it is pointed out that profits can only be paid out in Gibraltar. However, our test shows that withdrawals to a German account are possible without any problems. The provider points out that fees can be calculated for this. In reality, however, this has not yet happened. For you, this means that all transfers are free of charge.

Optik & Design


Immediately when you call up the website, you will notice that it has been structured very well and that you will find all the important points straight away. You just choose the lottery you want to play and give off your tip. The website is designed very user -friendly and inspires with the relaxed design. You can also recognize the costs at first glance and if you are already registered until, the registration is also very quick. New customers will also find their way here very quickly.

Registration in a few steps


If you want to register with Lottohelden, it happens completely straightforward and only the relevant data is queried. Immediately after registration you will get your welcome gift and can get started. You can already find the registration button on the homepage. In the following section we would like to briefly list again how the registration is carried out.

Registration with Lottohelden is very simple and uncomplicated. As a result, you can give up your first game certificate after a very short time and use the welcome gift. Registration is already possible on the homepage. After the button has been clicked, only the personal data such as name, address, date of birth and password must be specified. It should be ensured that the password consists of at least eight characters. Security is displayed immediately. With the data, information is then obtained from Schufa. This is the simplest way to control the specified age. Because, of course, playing from the age of 18 is only allowed here. Registration with the provider is completely non -binding and of course also free of charge. You don't take any risks here. However, the account is automatically deactivated if you have not used it for a year.

  • After you have chosen the "Register" button, you have to enter your personal data such as name, address, date of birth and a password.
  • With the data provided, a query is now being queryed at Schufa to check the age.
  • If your data is all right, you can already hand in your first tip.

Bonus for new customers


Lotteries rarely offer a real bonus. If so, this is usually limited to a free tip for lottery 6 out of 49. Not so with the lottery heroes: Here you can freely choose the lottery where you want to use your free tip. Of course, this also works when you register via the Lottohelden app. Should you be for them Online Lotto App you should not yet decide, you should still install them. Because especially for users of the Lottohelden app, special campaigns are always offered.

Customer service & support


Good support is also very important for many customers. If you are faced with a problem, you certainly want it to be solved quickly and easily. Our test of the provider Lottohelden has shown that support is not only quick and competent, but also very friendly. As a rule, inquiries by email are answered within 24 hours.

If there is an urgent problem, the customer hotline can also be reached by phone or live chat. This is really exemplary. Business hours for telephone support go from Monday to Saturday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

With a problem, it is always worth looking at the FAQ. For many concerns you will already find a solution here.

Mobile offer


Mobile lottery fans can be at Lottohelden Only challenge your happiness using the optimized website. However, the web app is in the Lotto Apps Test Very remarkable. Because the mobile lottery game is not only particularly cheap with this provider, but also very convenient and easy. It is thanks to the high usability and the self -explanatory functions that you encounter in the Lottohelden app. The optically modern and professional presentation is also positive.

The Lottohelden web app convinces in many categories. (Source: Lottohelden)

The same applies to the wide selection of lotteries that you can play directly on the smartphone or tablet at Lottohelden. Apart from the main lotteries in Germany, Lotto 6 from 49, Glücksspirale, $jackpot or Keno, you also have access to numerous international lotteries. So are about US PowerBall, Americanlotto, megamillions or the legendary Spanish Christmas lottery Fat Also along. Each lottery is described and explained in a large scale and easy to understand-exemplary and especially for beginners! You also don't have to do without scratch -ups.

You can get the best overview of the offer in the main menu under the "Lotteries" tab, whereby you can have it arranged according to various criteria such as popularity, jackpot height or closure deadline. Very convenient! The jackpot hunter (called Lottohelden "Jackpot-Cracker"), Quick tips, automatic profit notification and payment or the pre-dating of ticketing as well as a good statistics section are to be mentioned as further comfort functions..

Incidentally, you can not only play system notes and permanent certificates, but also take part in syndictions or the same reasons. Regular players can look forward to a 10 percent discount on constant signs.

The Lottohelden app is also rounded off by the very clear player account, in which you can adjust various settings (including personal limits, communication options).

But you are also offered all sorts of Lotto fields beyond the mobile lottery pleasure. So the online casino guarantee (including Live Casino) and the sports betting additional variety, which can of course be used on the optimized website. In comparison, the provider emerges as a real full supplier.

Highlights of the Lottohelden app at a glance:
  • Many international lotteries, online casino and sports betting
  • High usability and very clear presentation
  • 10% discount for permanent certificates

Overall rating


If you want to play lottery games and are still looking for a provider with cheap fees, you are in very good hands with Lottohelden. The website and the app are easy to use and are very clear.

You don't have to worry about the safety of your data. This was also confirmed by TÜV Saarland. You can rarely find actions here, for this you can already hand in your ticket for 0.20 $. That is hardly cheaper. This is particularly worthwhile if you play regularly. However, it would be nice if there was a few more payment methods to choose from.

Nevertheless, in our test we can confirm that the offer was quite successful and that the customer is still taken seriously here. You can also find your way around as a new customer and you should encounter a problem, the competent and friendly hotline will be happy to help you.

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