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Multilotto Lotto experiences and evaluation 2022

10 gold lottery rows
Reader evaluation
10 gold lottery rows
  • Worldwide delivery of lottery stones with a view of many millions
  • Boost Jackpot for even higher payouts
  • Subscription function, favorite numbers and topping communities
  • Contact only by email
  • No consistent bonus program
  • Fee of $ 5 from the second payment per week
All -round coherent gaming experience
In addition to playing the lottery, Multilotto also offers a large selection of casino games from various manufacturers. I get my money's worth here and have had very good experiences with customer support via live chat. The website is very sorted, bright and friendly and therefore invites you to linger.
Jessica, 25, enthusiastic casino player

How we test providers

Registration We the provider and give you a step-by-step instructions!
Bonus We activate the bonus & show all conditions!
Customer service We test customer service with different inquiries & share the service times!
Payments We make real deposits and withdrawals & go through the account verification!

Lottery offer


The multilotto established since 2012 combines the largest and best known Online lotteries of the world on one side and also offers you a lot Rubble on. Multilotto with its Maltalzenz is a pure lottery provider and has No casino games on offer. If you are in the desire for lottery in all its facets, including the classic 6 out of 49, I would like to share my positive multilotto experiences with you.

Highly concentrated loto determination

Multilotto has no longer offered its own casino since mid -November 2019. So do not be surprised if you find relics of past days here and there. Even if, of course, the heart of casino fans, of course, breaks away the heart, I like that multilotto with this decision without distraction Clear focus on lotteries and scratch -up lays. And in my opinion, this succeeds excellently. Multilotto is an institution in terms of lottery and conveys practically all relevant lottery tickets in the world. This would also characterize the field of activity, because multilotto is indeed only a mediator of lottery stones and offers no own draws. For a long time you could still complete bets there via virtual appearance, but this too is a thing of the past. So the multilotto is the link between you and the lotteries of this world such as Mega Sena or Irish lottery.

Best lottery selection with boost option

You can display all available lotteries with one click and currently find 60 pieces there, but you cannot all access all from Germany at the same time. The German Lotto 6 from 49 or the $jackpot are certainly known from the kiosk, but With multilotto you get much more. The jackpot at American Powerball attracts with half a billion $, the situation is similar with the Mega Millions out. You will receive euromillions or the Bitcoin Jackpot, Fat, the Gold Lottery, or the American lottery American Lotto. Particularly practical: Each lottery is presented in detail And you get the mathematical payment opportunities. There are also numerous statistics and countless lots of lottery of the past. It is fun to familiarize yourself with something here and find the perfect lottery. With the "Boost Jackpot" you often have the option of playing a much higher jackpot against an additional amount of money. As basic options, you have individual game, system game or the Topping community open. It is best to play a certificate with different rows and pay the price mentioned once or immediately in the subscription so as not to miss a round. You can click numbers manually, set favorite figures in the account or just the „Quick Pick“ activate. With the system game you can then experiment something like in combination sports betting and Different number combinations to allow. With a guideline, not only does the social aspect of a lottery come into play, but you can easily split every betting slip into almost any number of shares.

And many scratch cards

In addition to the actual lotteries, my pleasant multilotto experiences are based on the numerous scratch cards. Just like at the kiosk you can do that In between, unpack the virtual coin and hope quickly for the great happiness. There are currently 30 lots to choose from and thus top profits of up to 75,000 $. It is very practical that you can test all scratched cards for free before you send real money into the race. You do not need a real acclimatization with the very simple game principle.

Seriosity & security


Multilotto is a well -known name in the industry and can be confirmed by the Trustpilot platform. A Swedish license was started on the Nordic market, now there is one License of the Maltese MGA For the entire EU before. However, this is no longer required after the casino abolition. As a pure mediator of lottery cheeks, Multilotto takes over his tasks very conscientiously and provides you with all relevant information in the extensive provisions. The data protection and a few other page content are unfortunately only available in English, but a total of 13 languages are available. About 370 million $ in winning To date, have been released via multilotto, which causes no doubt about the seriousness of the whole. The player protection is delivered a great forum, although the measures against gambling addiction are basically no longer relevant, since everyone from 18 can play the lottery without instruction at the kiosk.

Costs & fees


For the fact that you can become half a billionaire in the event of multilotto, they are Use heights as usual in the lottery with a few $ comparatively low. First of all, multilotto does not charge fees for registration or money transfers (exceptions see the next section), but takes its share from the extra cost Every glow. Basically, you determine yourself how many rows or notes you play and which systems you use, so that you can easily bring four -digit sums into the raffle. With the ordinary German lottery ticket you are already there for 1 $ per row. As in the local lottery assembly point, fees per certificate are charged, so it is worth it, many lines instead of notes at the Play the lottery online to buy. For example, you take part in the Mega Millions with 5 $, but also in the Viking Lotto for 80 cents. The spectrum in the scratch roses is comparable. Here it varies between 5 cents and 5 $.

Payment methods


How does your money come back to the multilotto account and win from there to you? In the multilotto test the the following payment paths including maximum amounts presented, whereby you always have to deposit at least 10 $:

  • VISA (1000 $)
  • MasterCard (1000 $)
  • Trustly (10.000 $)
  • Zimpler (5200 $)
  • ppaysafecard (1000 $)
  • Neteller (1000 $)
  • Skrill (1000 $)
  • Instantly (1000 $)

Deposits don't cost you anything and are credited immediately. Payments are possible by credit card, trustly, skrill, neteller or bank transfer. Here is the regulation that Winning up to 600 $ directly on your player account flow and then can be paid out, while you will be ed by phone and e-mail for larger profits and the payment with you personally. The lottery fees always contain a small sum insured, so you don't have to be afraid that multilotto can be bankrupt at some point and that the millions do not end up with you. General Payout limits see 15,000 $ per day and 100,000 $ per week. For my terms, multilotto is sometimes a bit too much. Up to three working days are planned before the Cashout is processed, it can take a maximum of one month according to the terms and conditions before anything happens. As a rule, however, one tries in a hurry. Payout fees can arise in two ways: If you have not invested all paid money at least once, it costs 5 % (at least 5 $). In addition, 5 $ fee is due from the second payment per calendar week.

Optik & Design


Multilotto works Modern and fresh, maybe minimally overloaded. The color scheme is deliberately kept simply with a white background and blue or green menu items and buttons. The font also remains in black, white, gray or blue at all times. It is funny that the design changes seasonally and you immediately get a direct line to the provider. the lottery tickets are based on the paper versions and benefit from the recognition value. In my multilotto experience, the page can work wonderfully And I don't recognize any technical errors either. You can quickly find what you are looking for and also recognize directly which lotteries will soon have the deadline or the currently biggest jackpots.

Registration in a few steps


In the beginning, the registration is also due at multilotto, because unlike the lottery at the kiosk, you cannot play anonymously in the Maltese regulated internet acceptance point. Of the Account is quickly created And then also offers you some advantages and documentation options.

  1. No game certificate without an account with multilotto. To do this, start at the top right with the "Register" button.
  2. First of all, personal details are required: title (man/woman), first and surname, including the country (unfortunately USA is not listed, but is approved according to the terms and conditions), then date of birth, address and currency. Then click on "Next".
  3. The last input step is about account details with your email address, twice the password and the telephone number. At this point you can send a bonus code, then only have to confirm the terms and conditions and data protection by checkered and click on "Register" at the end.
  4. You will receive a confirmation code by email and SMS, which you then simply enter in the next window.
  5. What follows now are short settings, which you can also go through later. If you want to do this now, then mark how you want to be informed about the product and determine deposit and operational limits if necessary. Have fun with multilotto!

Bonus for new customers


By clicking on our link you get, for example, of multilotto 10 gold lottery rows. I also got in my test To start for a Deposit of 10 $ a 15 % discount on mega million And a short time later, an unspecified money-back bonus appeared. Similar actions come with you from time to time, but there is no concrete information or a time process. Under the theoretical possibilities, however, a bonus for deposits appears in which you get the same amount as a bonus money that you then have to use in the lottery ticket. So far one has passed me. At the time of the test, however, a generous one appears advent Calendar With daily offers.

Customer service & support


As good as my multilotto experiences are due to the information offer on the page, I am so disappointed with customer service. The numerous info texts with everything worth knowing about every lottery, but also irregular news are positive. There is a strong introduction and many other places where multilotto personality shows and builds up a bond with you. Groß is emblazoned with your own claim that you ""The number one lottery competition in the world“Will and you are practically drawn into the lottery world through conclusive arguments. In any case, it is true that you never lose your bills with online lottery, miss tax offs or do not pick up profits. The process is as simple as in the shop and you don't have to leave the house. The most important questions are then answered in the excellent FAQ and the big lotteries are presented again. Unfortunately, direct support then does not meet your own claims and leaves me at a loss why you are here Report exclusively by email can. The corresponding addresses are [email protected] for general inquiries or [email protected] for questions about your account. Sometimes you are answered after hours, sometimes only after days and always only in English. Multilotto therefore does not have 24/7 support and over No option by phone or live chat. The sometimes appearing button at the bottom right, through which you usually reach the chat, is basically only a search function for the FAQ in which you can leave a message behind.

Mobile offer


According to our experiences, you will no longer miss a good lottery if you play with multilotto. This provider has around 70 draws. However, not all lottery education is always available. The current, upcoming lotteries can be recognized at a glance.

If you open the list of offers, all you have to do is click on the green button "Play now". Then you can immediately use that Play the lottery online getting started. If the offer is not available, the blue button "Read more" appears.

The tip of the tip is very customer -friendly. If you want to call a lottery, you can see the game notes in front of you immediately. You can choose between single and system tips. The numbers can basically be determined yourself. Alternatively, you can also select the random version.

The provider shows the necessary game in the lower area. This amount also contains the fees. If you are satisfied with the offer, you can go to the cash register immediately and hand in the lottery ticket.

We noticed very positively that there are long-term subscription versions on almost all offers. You can participate in this one one after the other. If you choose a longer -term model, you can secure a decent discount on the deposit.

The strengths of the app

Now we come to Online Lotto App. It is of course also important that the users can play lottery on the go. The good news is that the provider also gives the customer this option. With the multilotto mobile app, it is very convenient to play the lottery on the go.

In this way you can shorten the waiting times or simply play during the break or on the way to work. Those who want to play their favorite games on their mobile device must download the app to their device.

Basically, we have found that multilotto's new mobile app for Android and iOS is very user -friendly. The corresponding links can be found on the main page of the provider to get directly to the Google Play Store or App Store.

The casino gives the customer a QR code so that it can scan it and then download the app to its Android device. Alternatively, the casino sends its customers a download link via SMS when the number of the cell phone has been entered.

Which casino games are available?

You can enjoy all games that you would also play on the desktop PC via Multilotto's new mobile app. We tested the app for Android and iOS and have hardly had any significant restrictions.

The only disadvantage when using a multilotto mobile app is that you have to enjoy the casino on a smaller screen. However, this should be clear when using it on a mobile device.

It is crucial that Multilotto's new mobile app gives all players the opportunity to play Mobil Lotto and keep the chance of high profits.

Can you try the app for free?

Multilotto's new mobile app can be downloaded free of charge. Thus, the provider wants to make it as easy as possible to get started with the mobile gaming experience. The mobile app does not cost anything for Android devices or iOS devices.

It is good to know that you are not forced to download an app to your mobile device. Instead, you can also play directly on the mobile website of this provider. For some users, this may be the better option because not all have a powerful smartphone or tablet.

The use of the web app also does not cost a cent. To use the web app, all you have to do is enter the URL in the browser. You will then be forwarded directly to the casino page. The use of the mobile website hardly differs from the use of the mobile app.

The mobile website allows users to do everything they can do on the mobile app. The only restriction is that users cannot secure the 100 percent bonus.

How good is the visual impression of the app?

Visually speaking, Multilotto's new mobile app makes an excellent impression. The menu navigation is very good and intuitive. Even beginners should have no problems using this app. Since the app looks just as colorful as the normal website, you can quickly get into the multilotto world in this way.

After testing this app, we were able to find our way very quickly. This is amazing, because unfortunately we did not succeed so quickly with some other apps. For this reason, we can only pronounce our greatest respect for the developers.

The app makes a colorful impression, as you are used to at an online casino. Due to the colorful design, the casino looks much more lively, which makes you more desire to linger and play here.

How does the mobile deposit and withdrawal work and what options exist?

In our test we found that all deposits and withdrawals can be made on the app. This is a decisive advantage, because with some other apps this is unfortunately not the case.

For the player, this means that he can also use the most common payment methods such as Trustly, Neteller, Skrill and credit card on the way. Payments can be carried out very quickly in this way and waiting times are shortened enormously.

Which bonus can you redeem?

On Multilotto's new mobile app, you can redeem the normal bonus that can be found on the start page of the desktop version. However, we recommend that you register the new customer on the desktop version. You need a larger screen when registering so that you can do everything right.

Too often it has already happened that some players have accidentally made wrong information when they registered. If you are on the go and at the same time enter personal data, mistakes can creep in faster.

However, since this can lead to problems with the later verification of one's own person, you should rather register in a quiet place. In this way you can also provide truthful information and later have no problems with the payment.

Overall rating


So he was, my big multilotto test and we have it for sure one of the best lottery brokers on the Internet to do. If you ignore the fact that you do not get a casino action with a multilotto, then you can take part in all important lotteries in the world and get much more than at the local kiosk. the Conditions are fair and transparent, The Scandinavian provider based on Malta is unconditionally serious and reliable. The bonus offer could be more transparent and it must be at least a live chat, but overall you are in the field of multilotto in the field of Lotto numbers and scratch -in ideal.