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Money Back option
Reader evaluation
Money Back option
  • License from Lower Saxony
  • Convincing support
  • PayPal available as a means of payment
  • Problem -free registration
  • Small range of lotteries
  • No welcome gift
  • Too high fees
Consistent website with a strong support team
Lottowelt comes as friendly and colorful as his fellow campaigners, offers the customer kindly PayPal as a means of payment and ensures smooth registration. Customer support is very helpful and competent, which gives you a certain feeling of security. Small downside: The range of lotteries is relatively poor.
Jens, 22, Casino & Sports fan

How we test providers

Registration We the provider and give you a step-by-step instructions!
Bonus We activate the bonus & show all conditions!
Customer service We test customer service with different inquiries & share the service times!
Payments We make real deposits and withdrawals & go through the account verification!

Lottery offer


The offer from

According to our experiences, the focus of Lottowelt is on those licensed in Germany Lotteries and focuses on 6 out of 49, which Gamble spiral And the $ jackpot. Of course, the additional lotteries are also super 6 and Spiel 77. Unfortunately, the popular scratch cards or additional offers such as Keno are missing, which makes the offer very manageable. In our LOTTOWELT test we looked at all the offers and also paid attention to the seriousness or payment methods. This will be the Play the lottery online offered.

$jackpot: There is hardly a provider that does without the $jackpot, which is certainly due to the fact that it is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The guaranteed jackpot is at least 10 million $ for each draw and 5 out of 50 numbers 2 $ numbers must be selected correctly so that it is paid out. If this is not done, the jackpot rises to a maximum sum of 90 million $. With the $jackpot you have the opportunity to play a system license or to take part in a typing community.

6 out of 49: The German lottery 6 of 49 has been one of the most popular games of chance since 1974 and has already created many millionaires. If you want to crack the jackpot, you have to pay 6 out of 49 and type an additional number properly. You have the chance twice a week and the draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Happiness spiral: The lucky spiral is also popularly referred to as a pension lottery (not to be confused with the Nkl interest riots; Here directly to our Nkl experiences). This is due to the main prize of the winner's monthly pension of 7,500 $. To maintain this, the 7-digit lot number must be pulled. Voting only 6 of the numbers awaits you a profit of 100,000 $.

Additional offers at

Our test of the Lottowelt provider was also able to show that there are some additional offers that can significantly increase your chance of a main prize.

Spiel 77: The option game 77 can be selected as an additional option for most lotteries and here too the lot number is the winning number at the same time. If the 7 numbers are drawn on your bill, you can look forward to another 177,777 $. With 6 correct numbers there are still 77,777 $.

Super6: The Super 6 is also an additional option that, like the game 77, cannot be played individually. If the last 6 digits of your lot number match the draw, a profit of 100,000 $ awaits you.

TopChance: Top chance and top chance are the same as the system tip. Here you can select up to 10 numbers in a topping community instead of the usual 6 numbers and increase your chance of winning to up to 52 times. Since you can type an additional field with your own numbers here, you would not have to share your jackpot win with other typing community players.

If you do not make a profit in the first 3 months with this tip, you will get your game used completely refunded. However, the money-back guarantee is only available on the two products top chance and top chance .

Seriosity & security


The seriousness and security

Of course, we also looked at how serious Lottowelt is and whether your data is really safe here. The required license comes from the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior and Sport. The Düsseldorf district government continued to issue the advertising permit, which means that it is a reputable provider. So nobody has to fear that he will be cheated. Data that are transmitted to the servers is always encrypted, so that third parties do not allow access.

The Trusted shops seal of approval was also awarded and before a payment occurs, every player has to verify. This is required by law and you can choose various options for identification at Lottowelt.

Costs & fees


Costs & fees

The fees that are calculated for a tip on Lottowelt are quite different. In our Lottohelden test, however, we were able to capture that the provider is not the cheapest. The fee for a game certificate depends on the lottery and the term. The number of draws and the responsible state lottery company can also make the ticket more expensive or cheaper. The processing fees for Lottowelt are between 0.35 and 2.00 $.

However, you should be careful if you want to make a long -term slip. At Lottowelt you will be charged for each drawing fees, which is actually quite unusual. Many other providers do without the complete fee for a permanent license.

The use for the respective lottery does not differ from other providers. A field at the $jackpot costs you 2 $ and 6 out of 49 per field is calculated with 1 $. The lucky spiral costs you 5 $ per lot number.

Payment methods


The payment methods at

If you want to fill up your customer account at Lottowelt, you will have various options available. You can choose between the direct debit, Visa and Mastercard, PayPal and Sofortüberweisung. Every player should actually find something here. As a rule, the amount in the player account is immediately after applying so that you can get started immediately.

If you want to have a profit paid out, the account must first be verified. For this purpose, the amount of 0.01 $ will be transferred to your checking account. If you check the transfer on your account, you will find an activation code in the transfer text. You have to enter this in your customer area. If you would now like to apply for a payment, click on the corresponding button is sufficient. After three working days at the latest, you will find the amount in your account.

Optik & Design


Design and functionality

Due to the few offers you can find at Lottowelt, the website is very clear. On the homepage you will find all lotteries that are offered and a lottery ticket can be filled out without any problems. These are shown in a sufficient size. If you click on a tip field, it will be enlarged again. This increases the clarity. If you have no fixed numbers that you want to type, you can use a quick tip. Here numbers are then used by the system. If you always play the same numbers, you can store a trunk license in the system and call it up again and again.

In the Lottowelt blog you get valuable information about the game and the lotteries. The website is very tidy and well structured, which means that it leaves a serious impression.

Registration in a few steps


The Registration in a few steps

Registration at Lottowelt runs straightforwardly and very quickly. After a few seconds you have already filled out the form and can hand in your first tip. So that you have it as easy as possible, we noted the individual steps again.

  • You can get to the registration form via the "Register free of charge" link. You can find this in the right corner.
  • Now you will be forwarded to the registration form and have to provide your personal data.
  • Once this is done, the registration has already been completed. If you want to hand in tips of more than 150 $, you have to apply for verification using the postident procedure.

Bonus for new customers


Bonus for new and existing customers

Some providers have a welcome gift for their new customers. This is usually a free tip for lottery 6 out of 49. Lottowelt does not offer its customers a welcome gift or a bonus. You will not find a loyalty program here either. However, you will get back chance and top chance your money with the options if you do not make a profit within the first three months.

Customer service & support


Customer support

Even if there is one or the other to criticize, customer service is not one of these points. From Monday to Friday you can reach the telephone hotline from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You will be offered a free number. In our test of the Lottowelt provider, it was shown that the support reacted competently and friendly to our inquiries. If it is not so urgent, you can also reach customer service by email. There is no live chat, but due to the free hotline, it can be avoided. If a problem arises, it is always worth taking a look at the FAQ, since the most asked questions are already answered in detail.

Mobile offer


Mobile offer

If you want to access Lottowelt's offer from your smartphone or tablet, you have to take your way via the mobile website. A special one Online Lotto App It is not made available for iOS or Android. However, this is no longer tragic and you save yourself the download and later updates. The website was specially designed for the smaller displays and you can access the complete offer as usual. Includes and withdrawals are possible as well as a tip or register. You can also state that you will be notified by email or SMS, you should have won.

Overall rating


Overall rating

The Lottowelt is serious and you don't have to worry about the topic of security, since the license was issued by the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior and Sport. Unfortunately you can only find a small range of lotteries here and the additional offers are not very large. Furthermore, you will not be offered a welcome gift. In addition, the fees calculated for the tip tax are simply too high. There are better alternatives here, especially for many players.

However, support was satisfied, which reacted very friendly and competently to our inquiries. It is very gratifying that PayPal is offered as a payment method. Registration takes place quickly and easily, so that there are no waiting times here. Lottowelt offers a solid offer and is recommended despite the weak points.