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Poker provider in comparison: serious poker providers in the test

Poker is probably the most popular card game in the world. If you want to play poker online, the right one is Poker provider With an excellent offer, of course, a particularly important factor for you. We took a close look at the best poker providers for you and present the advantages in detail.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: We give you some of the best online Poker provider before.
  • Chapter 1: There are some good ones New Casinos For poker.
  • Chapter 2: Based on these characteristics, you can see Serious poker provider.
  • Chapter 3: We deliver them to you Basics For a successful poker round.
  • Chapter 4: also mobil Most casinos can now be played.

The best poker providers with an excellent offer and great actions

Netbet Netbet experience report
  • Poker bonus: 200% up to $ 1,500
  • 20 $ free cash on the first deposit
  • regular tournaments
WooCasinoBitcoin Casino Woocasino experience report
  • Diverse Live-Pokerspiele
  • Poker games from Evolution
  • Classics like Casino Hold'em
Dreamz Casino Dreamz Casino experience report
  • Stark im Video Poker
  • Among other things, Jacks or Better
  • Over 1400 games in the portfolio
Kashima CityNewcomer Cashimashi experience report
  • Live casino with poker offer
  • Games from Netent and Evolution
  • Approx. 24 poker games available
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There are numerous portals on the Internet on which you can poker to your heart's content. We have for you Checked many different poker providers and checked the most important features.

So now we put ours Top-Pokeranbieter More precisely, which were able to convince in our big test in every way.

Offering poker games is no longer exclusively a pure one Poker provider Reserved.

In the meantime, many online casinos are also presenting you Video Poker-Piele available.

We will also briefly introduce you to the top three of these new providers here.

Netbet Offers you by far one of the best poker offers on the Internet.

It impresses with a fantastic selection of many Poker variants.

At Netbet you will also find one of the most lucrative bonus offers for poker fans.

New players have the opportunity to get one Welcome bonus worth 200% to 1,500 $ to secure. You will also get directly for your first deposit After your registration 20 $ free cash to.

Netbet takes regular tournaments in which you can play for particularly high prize money. There is also an exciting one Loyalty and premium program, which inspires numerous poker players at Netbet.

Here it goes to our Netbet experiences.

If you think of online poker, you will not be directly related to that WooCasino think - wrongly.

Because the provider can drive up some casino games in the live casino and is therefore a first-class address when it comes to playing from Pokervarianten goes.

The main provider in the Woocasino is the live giant Evolution.

Your Woocasino experiences So you can use it with great Casino Holdem or Caribbean Stud collect.

But also the poker games of Evoplay or Wazdan Are ready to choose from here. So you can also play Texas Holdem Poker 3D or Turbo Poker.

That CashiMashi Casino It was only started in 2019 and already has a considerable portfolio.

The young provider works with the largest software operators in the scene and offers you, for example, the games of NetEnt und Play’n GO an.

In the live casino you can even choose between Netent and Evolution.

Also the Casino new customer bonus From 300% to 30 $ is another argument for your removal at Cashimashi.

In addition, Cashimashi turns up very much in the video poker area. 24 poker games are available there, including Live games from Evoution, such as Caribbean Stud or Triple Card Poker.

Here it goes to our Cashimashi experiences.

Hardly any newcomer can come up with over 1000 games in such a short time. That Dreamz Casino offers Over 1400 games.

Of course, some of them from the area of video poker.

13 of the most popular video poker games are offered to you. Here you can Jacks or Better play or at Crazy 4 Poker try your luck.

There is also one 100%bonus up to 200 $ for you.

Here it goes to our Dreamz experiences.

So that you can find a reputable poker provider, in which you can play without hesitation, you should check the following points very carefully.

Valid license:
A particularly important factor for a reputable and safe poker provider is a valid license. License from an EU member state Comes. The licenses from Malta and Gibraltar are always a very good distinguishing feature for a reputable poker provider on the Internet. This allows you to be sure that everything goes with right things, since this license exclusively to serious operators be awarded.
In addition to a valid license Certificates at a poker provider always particularly important. This allows you to be sure that the respective operator is checked at regular intervals by an independent test center. regular security controls Make sure that you can play for real money without hesitation and that the payouts of your profits are sent smoothly.
Membership in a poker network:
Membership in a known is also a special feature of security and seriousness Poker networkIn any case, it is controlled by whether the respective poker provider is a skin of a popular poker network. If this is the case, security and seriousness are guaranteed for all poker fans.
Customer support:
A reliable and competent customer service is the business card for a reputable poker provider. In any case, it must be guaranteed that the Customer support quickly responds to your questions and offers you competent help. With a poker provider, there are often many different options for you to transmit your questions and concerns such as via email or live chat.
  1. NetBet Poker
  2. Bet-at-home Poker
  3. Leovec
  4. CashiMashi Casino
  5. Dreamz Casino
  6. Megapari
  7. 888Poker
  8. Pokerstars

You can get enthusiastic about a poker provider with numerous game variants and many special promotions. The diverse and varied offer with a poker provider leaves nothing to be desired and ensures A unique Las Vegas feeling on the home computer Or mobile.

There are numerous versions of Online Poker.

The course of the game is clear:

  1. You win a poker hand if yours The highest sheet at the showdown hold.
  2. The showdown describes the time when all players disclose their cards.
  3. The poker comes to the showdown when the respective mission was included in the last round. At this point there is also talk of the call. Therefore there is also a look at the Use limits of the respective tables important.

If you Poker play for real money If you want, it is particularly important, among other things, that you familiarize yourself with the different versions of this game.

Only if you internalize the regulations, you will successfully participate.

With the poker you can expect the following variants:
  • Cashgame
  • MTT/tournaments
  • Everyway’’t’t’ Go
  • Spin’n’Go
  • Tempest Holdem

The central terms, including other knowledge worth knowing, are described in more detail below.

The classic cash game is referred to as a cash game in a poker provider. With the cash game, you have the opportunity to take part in the game at any time and intervene in the game.

The difference to the tournament poker?

  1. The chips on the cash game have a completely different value than with the tournament poker.
  2. In the tournament poker, the value of the chips obtained must always be considered proportionately in the entire price pool.

If you want to play with a poker provider, the term "Rake“Definitely familiar.

Rake is the game fee at the poker provider
Rake is the fee, which is retained by an online poker provider or in a corresponding poker room.

Therefore, it is obvious that the rake among the poker providers Important main source of income represent.

This is not particularly advantageous for you as a player - because Who wants to pay feesbefore the game even started?

Sharks refers to players who have a lot of experience, have outstanding skills and with Make money online poker.

These players are feared by many customers from a poker provider, because it is extremely difficult against them Exceptional player to pass. If you are not a real professional yourself, you can quickly reach your limits and lose your commitment.

There are particularly many of these Sharks on the PokerStars platform, So that you should do without this poker provider if possible.

Poker tournaments are one of the most interesting game versions. These tournaments will also be MTT Describes what multi-table tournaments mean.

With a poker provider you regularly have the option to participate in various tournaments And to compete against many other players from all over the world.

The poker tournaments are also particularly lucrative, as it is often about very high prize money goes.

If you do it Final Table Create, you can often get a particularly impressive sum overnight.

Daily tournaments also for beginners
The daily tournaments can be very interesting for both beginners and real Sharks. Operations from just 1 $ to several hundred $ are possible.

In this way you will also offer you the option, you Without a greater risk of loss First of all familiar with the real tournament atmosphere and gain a lot of important experiences.

In addition to the classic poker offer or the cash game, the Participation in various poker tournaments particularly attractive for numerous players.

If you are primarily interested in poker tournaments, you should before With the important terms and make special features very familiar.

In the upcoming paragraph we now offer you many important tips and hints, which will make you participate in a tournament New poker sites is significantly easier.

For the tournament participation in a poker provider, the Limits und Buy-Ins always particularly important.

We recommend for beginners First with smaller amounts Starting, because a real tournament atmosphere and playing for real money want to be learned.

Don't play through your conditions. Regardless of whether it is a cash game or one of the many different tournaments. You should Always choose use.

The limits and buy-ins are presented very clearly at a poker provider, so that you can see them at first glance.

Use the information and tutorials of the providers
If you have not yet had any experience with the online poker, a visit to the poker school is advisable. Many portals offer you valuable tips and hints, so that you can fundamentally familiarize yourself with this exciting game.

The Sit’n’Go poker variant is particularly popular among many players. Numerous poker providers offer you the opportunity to take part in such tournament games.

Here you have the opportunity to To measure on a poker table with many like -minded people And also to fever attractive prize money.

That's how it's done:

  1. If you want to take part in such a tournament, you just have to enter the corresponding poker room.
  2. The tournament starts directly when the required number of participants has been met.
  3. Depending on the poker tournament in this version, you may have to expect waiting times. In any case, you should calculate this in advance.

However, if you absolutely want to do without waiting times in a poker room, we can Spin’n’Go tournaments recommend.

Only three players take part in these tournaments. Therefore it is easy to see that that In most cases, tournament can start after a few moments.

Here you also have the opportunity to express Attractive prize money to win. Therefore, these poker tournaments are particularly interesting for players who get started directly, win properly and want to be enthusiastic about this excellent game.

If you want to play with a poker provider, you have to familiarize yourself with the rules. They also play common terms in the poker A very important role.

We have therefore summarized many important poker terms for you and explained understandably so that you can already create the basics for the successful online poker.

  • Action: The poker describes the activity of a player when he is on the train.
  • All-in: All-in describes the situation when a player uses his entire credit or all remaining chips.
  • Ante: This is a kind of forced mission that must be provided by every player. Experience has shown that this use is low.
  • Bad Beat: This describes the situation when a player with a weak card sheet has won against a significantly stronger card page.
  • Bankroll: Bankroll is the credit or the money that is available to you at the poker.
  • Bankroll Management: Bankroll management describes the handling of your budget. For example, how much money you use in a cash game.
  • Bet: The chips that hike into the pot at the start of a round are called Bet.
  • Bigstack: Bigstack are called poker players who have a particularly large number of chips and thus clearly stand out from the rest of the players.
  • Blind: The operations that must be handed in in a round are blind. There is a distinction between small blind and big blind.
  • Bluff: For example, the situation is described as a bluff when a player increases his missions, but ultimately has no strong hand. As a result, the other players at the table are to be deliberately misled.
  • Board: The joint cards are understood by board on a poker table that are available to all participating players.
  • Bubble: The game situation is described as a bubble if only one player has to leave so that the remaining participants can safely land with the prize money in the ranks.
  • Call: In the event of a call, a player goes with increased use.
  • Cashgame: With the cash game, the blinds of the players always remain the same.
  • Check: By checking, a player refrains from opening setting in a round. You can only check if there was no use during the current round.
  • Downswing: A longer loss phase is called downswing.
  • Flush: The flush denotes five cards with the same color.
  • Fold: FOLD denotes a player's extinguishing in the respective game round.
  • Full House: The card combination from a drilling and a couple is referred to as Full House.
  • Raise: In a raise, the use of the opponent is increased.

If you want to play for real money from a poker provider, quick and safe payment methods are of course for you A particularly important criterion.

In any case, options such as Clear, Giropay or Trustly are offered so that you can carry out quick and, above all, free deposits on your poker account.

Also e-wallet providers such as Skrill and Neteller should not be missing. Deposits and withdrawals are transferred through these providers in record time.

There are others too Online casino deposit options, to which you can fall back without hesitation.

Paypal is by far one of the most popular virtual wallets.

This payment method is used for many poker providers for both deposits and for payouts very happy to use.

PayPal offers you numerous advantages:
  • You can supply your poker account with fresh credit within a few seconds. You don't have to pay any additional fees for the deposit.
  • Payments are also absolutely certain via PayPal. According to our previous experience, the payment inquiries will be processed at lightning speed.
  • Immediately participation in a poker provider is possible for you through PayPal at all times.

For example, PayPal can be at Betfair to use.

DIE ppaysafecard is one of the best -known payment methods and of course you are also available to a poker provider.

The Paysafecard can now only be used with an account in online casinos and online poker providers. No more as a card that is bought in the kiosk. Then you can use Paysafecard as an ewallet.

Advantages Paysafecard:
  • Deposits via Paysafecard are not associated with any further costs for you.
  • Paysafecard payments are quick and uncomplicated.

With the Paysafecard you can, for example Bet-at-home deposit.

With a poker provider, as a customer, you do not have to do without attractive bonus campaigns. In addition to a classic poker bonus, there is also Numerous other promotionsthat you shouldn't miss.

  • 1
    You will be particularly common Welcome bonus at the startoffersthatyoucanactivatedirectlythroughyourfirstdeposit.
  • 2
    But also freerolls as well Bonus money without deposit are among the most popular bonus campaigns for new customers.
  • 3
    For existing customers, there is a regular intervals Reload Bonus Offers that you can also use for different poker tables.

With many different poker providers you have the chance to take part in a VIP program.

Become Your real money inserts into accountthat you have placed in the cash game or with different poker tournaments.

This is how it works:

  1. In the VIP program you can collect points and gradually climb into your rank.
  2. This woves further bonus campaigns or even real money bookings.

VIP program for regular players
We recommend the Poker VIP program, especially for players who are regularly active at a provider.

Many poker providers regularly surprise you with exciting additional offers.

For example, this can Be freerolls or a mobile bonusthat is offered to you for activation via a mobile device.

Do not miss freerolls and other deals
You should therefore often check the new promotions on the website of a poker provider so that the most attractive promotions and offers are not lost!

Online poker is absolutely flexible and can not only be played on your PC, but also mobile.

Play via download app or web app
In many places you have both one Online Poker App, as well as a mobile Version Ready that you can use directly in your browser.

You can use your smartphone or tablet on Cashgame Participate or compete against other players in a large poker tournament.

The mobile offer includes many other options for you: Mobile deposits and payments can be made at any time, which means that you can quickly poker.

An SEriöser poker providerinanycase,hasavalidlicense.inaddition,thesecompaniesaresubjectedtovarioussecuritycontrolsatregularintervalssothatasafeandseriousgameismadepossibleforyou.
Yes, numerous poker providers also have you Mobile game offer provided.youcaneitheruseapndefinedapporplaydirectlyinyourbrowser.withagoodpndefinedprovideryoucanalsomakemobiledepositsandpayments.
Yes, with a poker provider you can get from many lucrative bonus promotionsbenefit.adepositbonusisoftenofferedfornewcustomers.however,therearealsobonusofferswithoutadepositandfreerollsthatyoucanuseprofitably.
Many players like to pay per PayPal a.safeandquickdepositsandpaymentsareguaranteedbythispaymentmethod.inaddition,thepaysafecardisalsoverypopularwithapndefinedprovider.
And Many poker providers provideyouwithapndefinedschool.thereyouhavetheopportunitytopracticerisksolosandalsoacquiremanyimportantbasics.werecommendthisespeciallyforbeginners.

Thanks to our detailed test, we were able to have very good experiences with the various poker providers.

Especially the tournaments are as extremely lucrative To assess because this is about very attractive prize money.

But the poker providers also have a lot to offer for casual players and beginners. Sometimes even becomes a free one Poker school for customers offered.

We can therefore have a very positive conclusion Draw and definitely recommend participation in a poker provider on the Internet!

100% bis 200$
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