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Play craps online with real money-to regulate everything, best craps casinos & strategies

Craps, also called craps shoot or Seven Eleven, is one of the very classic Casino dice games. Nevertheless, very few casino fans know How to put real money in craps online or as the craps regulate. If you also wonder how you can play craps online with real money and whether you can also play craps online for free, you get craps tips and tricks here.

the essentials in brief
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In these casinos you can play craps with real money

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  • Vegas Craps from Microgaming
  • Also on offer: craps from Betsoft
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  • Craps from Playtech in the portfolio
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  • Very serious Gibraltar license
Turbico CasinoCasino without registration Turbico Casino experience report
  • Craps von Microgaming
  • Pay’N Play Casino
  • 1.000 Slots inkl. Jackpot Slots
Elcarado Casino Elcarado Casino experience report
  • Craps from Microgaming
  • Very serious through Malta licensing
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  • Available: Craps from Microgaming
  • 4 bonuses up to 1600 $
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  • Offers you craps from microgaming
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Basically, if you want to play craps online for real money, a computer -based Real money slot machines Choose or set in the live casino. The latter variant is played by livestream at real tables with real dealers and thus offers a particularly real casino feeling.

At this point we would like to give you an important advice for your craps strategy: Before you put real money live in craps online, you should Learn the game at machines. Live games generally have their own dynamics-and to really score here, you need some experience in the respective game.

No matter whether live or computer -based - The player competes against the bank at Craps. The aim is to achieve certain eyes when dice. The dignity is called shooter and always uses two cubes at the same time. It is optimal if the 7 or the 11 fall as an eye sum. This is the so -called Natural.

Fall a 2, 3 or a 12 this is one Crap. Now, based on the name of the game, one could assume that a crap is a desirable event. However, this is not the case, because A crap means a lost game.

If the shooter creates a 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9 there is a chance to dice again. This result is the so -called Point. The aim of the second throw is to create a point again. If a 7 falls, the game is lost. In all other eye sums, the shooter can dice again.

In addition to the active dice the player can place the operational results on the suspected results, so bet on it. The betting options can be seen directly on the craps. If on "Pass“The bet is predicted that a natural one takes place at the first throw. In the context of the second throw, this use means that the shooter has to roll a point so that you win. "Don’t pass“Describes tips that hope that the player will achieve a 2 or a 3 at his first throw.


This bet is also successful when the shooter throws a point and then a 7 before another point falls.

In addition, you have the option of the first throw in certain situations Additional betting to place. These are the so -called "Odds bets" and "Odds bets don’t pass". Here it is set to certain eye sums, which means that the right tip Big casino profits result.

Admittedly, such rule descriptions - which we have always formulated as catchy as possible - sometimes cannot be fully understood for absolute beginners. We therefore recommend you to really get the necessary overview, First of all Serious online casino To choose where you can play craps online for free. With additional information, legal, serious and safe casinos also ensure that you really understand the rules of the game during the game or within the game description.

Craps is in almost allen Online Casino to be found at least as a computer -based variant. So you basically have a huge selection if you want to play craps online with real money. Here you can find The best online casinos.

The determination of the best craps online casino is of course not just about the presence of the game, but also especially about the quality of the entire game pleasure. If you want to receive the best prerequisites for personally, you should once in our Online casino comparison look around.

The security of the casino plays an enormously important role in every area of online gambling. So you can do another game portfolio and so good bonuses in Online casinos with real money Find - if you ultimately do not get your money obtained through unsafe payment transactions or dubious behavior of the operator, none of this brings you.

As a result, you should exclusively for Well -known, sufficiently tested, demonstrably serious Online game stores decide. In order to filter them out, we recommend that you always read our tests to the eye -catched casino before you register. Nevertheless, it is more than appropriate to be able to estimate whether a game platform acts in the interests of the player or rather not.

  • License

The most important feature of a reputable casino is of course the Official gambling license. This not only certifies the basic legality of the casino, it is also associated with numerous editions, which in turn shows you that you are dealing with a safe game provider.

As a rule, these permits are issued by state regulatory authorities and highly controlled by them. So you can assume that the requirements will also be met in the long term. The best conditions for you or the strictest rules for casinos are available for licenses in europe, for example at the Malta Gaming Authority.

  • Encrypted data transmission

The second, very important point concerns the encrypted the data transmission. You should definitely make sure that the casino website has an SSL certificate and that the cooperating payment service providers also work under the relevant precautions. With the casino and the payment methods, you can easily find out by looking in your browser next to the URL input field whether a lock can be seen that is not (!) Coated.

  • Well -known payment service providers

Can a Casino Trustly, Instant bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill or similar show popular services as a partner, there is definitely sufficient encryption And also to assume special seriousness. These companies do not work with everyone, but with the Best casinos together.

  • Fair bonus conditions

What many players don't know is that the online Casino Bonus Also an essential indication of serious or dubious behavior. The central bonus data such as sum and percentage play less of a role, but rather the bonus conditions. In particular, take a close look at the sales conditions with regard to craps online. Here - as described in more detail below - there can be a pitfall for otherwise very safe providers. Basically, you have to pay attention to it or assess whether the rules are really creative. Individual requirements always play a role here. Because frequent players can fulfill stricter bonus conditions as a average seter.

  • Good service by the customer advisors

Of the Customer service is also very important for the assessment. Ideally, the support 24/7 is available-and in German, via live chat and free telephone hotline.

  • Well -known game providers

Since you can play craps with real money in the casino, but the games themselves do not come from these game platforms, you should also take a closer look at the developers behind it. We always recommend that you only put in casinos that work with known brands, such as playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt or Evolution Gaming. These would also not be involved in unclean machinations.

As already mentioned above, the welcome bonus is definitely an important factor for the quality of a casino. In the context of craps with real money, you should of course first check the general fairness of the bonus conditions. If there are disproportionately high sales requirements or very strict operational limits, everyone is neuer Online Casino Bonus Probably not recommended in general.

If the basic requirements are correct, this is still not a security for the fact that the bonus is really suitable for you if you want to play craps online with real money or in this case you want to set bonus money first. So of course you always have to meet sales conditions for such a bonus - And these actually don't infer a game in craps. This means that if you have used a bonus and then play craps, the sales amount does not reduce it.

Other providers leave craps to pay the Terms of sales To, but only to a certain percentage. If, for example, slots count 100 percent here, Craps may only be 5 or 10 percent.

Therefore we recommend that you always check precisely, to what extent bets in craps to the sales conditions contribute. Contribution rates of 20 percent are already very good here. Unfortunately, such deals are comparatively rare, which makes you very limited when choosing the best online casinos with craps.

Special bonuses for craps are rarely offered. If it does, these are often temporary offers.

How practical all casino games can also play mobile craps today. You usually don't have to download a Casino Software Or even carry out real money app. New online casinos no longer rely on such mobile versions. In order to be able to deliver good compatibility and performance on possible as possible, become so-called web apps preferred - and that has long been the case with customers.

You simply open such a web app via a conventional browser on your smartphone or tablet. To do this, you have to do nothing more than enter the casino address in the URL binp or to press one of the casino buttons directly. The application then loads automatically.

If you want to play mobile craps online with real money, you first log in, invite your account with credit, navigated to the area with the table games or the live casino, start the craps version of your choice and start playing.

With almost every casino game you have the choice of playing online or putting in a real casino. However, we clearly advise you on the virtual arcade - Not only if you want to play craps online with real money. The advantages are so numerous that there is practically no way around online casinos.

First of all, you don't have to throw yourself in shell if you want to play. Even in simple arcades, inserts in the nightgown or pajamas are not recommended, but this is not a problem with online gaming.


One of the undoubtedly the most important advantages is the RTP value or the Casino payout rate, which is significantly higher online in contrast to real arcades or casinos. This is simply because the running costs at the Internet casino are much lower than with a real location.

It is also not to be despised that you can put real money online in the virtual world in craps and benefit from a bonus. New customers are always with one in the online casino Casino welcome bonus greeted, which sometimes also applies to craps. In the real casino this is rather rarity.

The atmosphere cannot be compared to that in a real casino when playing real money. But even here there are with the almost standard today Live-Casinos effective remedy.

Basically, it is very individual whether the use of real money with craps results in actual disadvantages. However, the risk of experiencing disadvantages if you are not well prepared.

The game is definitely one of the more complicated Online casino table games And can cause you to make an annoying mistake. Without real money you don't fall so deep, but if you set your own money, it hurts all the more.

The speed of the game can also be surprised and make the flow of money (away from you, to the casino). Always be aware of this.

Craps is an absolute classic and an all-time favorite of an enormous number of players. Nevertheless - or maybe because of that - there is far fewer craps variants and new craps games As at the Poker Or is the case with other typical table games.

Below you will find some popular craps versions with their specific advantages:

  • This version proceeds without a Don´t pass bet and the pass use winsif an 11 falls. There is no risk of losing the primary throw. Overall, the game is accelerated. With all the advantages, however, the house edge in the pass bet is increased from 1.4 to 5.38 percent.
  • This version leaves Place the players on one litter. The eyes 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 or 12 lead to a profit, all other numbers lose. With this variant, the house edge is 2.8 percent.
  • This craps version knows No pass, don´t passport or place bets. But the table offers very good payout rates for missions on numbers. There is a commission of 5 percent.
  • With this craps variant, only one cube is played. Players emerge from pass bets with a 6 as the winner And lose with a 1st other digits become a point.
  • The shooter rolls until a different number is achieved than a 2 or a 3. The 11 or 12 numbers equal, the other digits become a point. Those who dice more than the point win, among them the game is lost. This craps variant goes hand in hand with a house edge of 2.35 percent.

As with most table games, you can also play some when craps The online casino strategy pursue or apply tactics. Of course there is no guarantee of success, however, they can help you. We give you a few tips for beginners, advanced and professionals.

As basically for everyone Online casino games It is also if you want to play craps online with real money, more than appropriate to set up a clever strategy beforehand. At best, you can reduce the house advantage by some percentages and maximize your profit potential. It is very advantageous that you can play craps for free in almost every casino. Some providers even let you play craps without registration. Here you will find a list of all Online casinos without registration.

The mechanisms are identical to the real money variants, so you get the opportunity to try out your craps strategy in a practical game or even to create it. You learn here, among other things - and this is always an advantage when dice - To keep calm in tension situations and correctly assess your own credit.


The first success of a success for a promising strategy is to know the rules. The summary above is sufficient for the start. However, you do not achieve the full craps profit potential.

Pass bet:
  • As a beginner, it is best to focus on the Pass bet. Many newcomers get on and professionals often focus on this effort. After about five minutes you can make profits here on a simple level And at the same time see how the game works in practice. It is best to note the terms and moves that you may not understand correctly and puts on research in this regard. Ideally, you should always wait for this before you complete a pass bet. The throw is usually displayed in the game using a marker.The pass bet is not only so popular because it is simple. With a house advantage of only 1.41 percent, it is actually one of the most lucrative assignment options in the online casino. No wonder that even professionals like to fall back on it again and again.
Odds laws:
  • But it gets even better: the Odds-Law We only recommend advanced players, but it actually does not go hand in hand with any house advantage. After a pass bet has been done, you have the opportunity to complete a secondary bet. This is directed to ensure that a point is achieved in front of 7. If the 4 and 10 are hit, you get a payout of 2: 1, at 5 and 9 it is 3: 2 and at 6 and 8 the payment is 6: 5.

Source: Cbet.GGDAS is not that easy in theory, so we would like to recommend you here again, Play craps for free. In the practical course, everything becomes much clearer than with the exclusive view of descriptions. It can take a while before you have rehearsed all the rules and the craps jargon. However, it is worth it, because the game offers a lot of profit potential.

The variety of the game also enables some subtleties and strategies in the advanced or even professional area. So you can Use the strategies "Right Way" or "Wrong Way" for you.

In the former you only use the Fields Pass and Come. So you rely on the fact that the shooter wins directly or creates at least one point in the Come Out Roll. So you can also combine more bets with it.

The counterpart offers the "Wrong Way" strategy. Here you play the opposite part, namely that you choose Don’t Pass or Dont’t Come Fields. You win when the shooter loses directly in the Come Out Roll or is punished with a 7 in the next round. After the first point of the shooter, you can also add ODDS bets.

If the online casino of your choice has craps in your portfolio-be it as a computer-based variant or live-you can assume that the games are also suitable for portable end devices. Find out more about the best here Online Casino Apps.
You can in craps in very many casinostoplay.whichisreallythebestprovidercannotbesaidingeneral,sincepersonalpreferencesalwaysimporthere.thegenerallybestgamerequirementsoffercasinoswitheuropeanlicense,contemporaryencryption,goodsupportandpopularpaymentservices.youalwaysreadwhichtheseareinourauthenticreviews.

Craps has a lot to offer for both beginners and advanced players. Due to the low house advantage, the former can already make decent profits with simple bets. Professionals have the opportunity to Various special missions and with differentiated craps strategies Earn money in the casino to be able to. Until you are so far, you have to spend patience and initiative.

Because craps is anything but easy to understand in its entirety. the In this guide, information summarized offers you a good foundation, on which you can not only play a worthy craps online with real money from the start, but also gain more and more experience. At this point we would like to recommend you to play craps for free. Especially with such complex games, only the game practice really brings you forward - and in fact you get it completely without risk.


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