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Crazy Time – Die spannende Live Game Show

Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming combines Live Casino Action with classic game show elements and thus ensures a very special gaming experience. But how does the game work and which Crazy Time Casino is recommended? In one Crazy Time I provide you with all important information.

the essentials in brief
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Recommended crazy time online casinos from my test

N1 Casino N1 Casino experience report
  • Crazy Time is available
  • Serious provider with EU license
  • Huge live casino area
Playzilla CasinoBitcoin Casino Playzilla Casino experience report
  • Crazy Time is provided
  • Varied game selection
  • Strong bonus promotions
Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • Crazy Time available in the live casino
  • Collect up to $ 500 new customer bonus
  • Very good mobile app
Kashima CityNewcomer Cashimashi experience report
  • Crazy time play in the highest quality
  • Safe and serious crazy time provider
  • Strong bonus offers available
5Gringos CasinoNewcomer 5gringos casino experience report
  • Crazy Time available in the portfolio
  • Great game selection
  • Very attractive bonus campaigns
22Bet CasinoBitcoin Casino 22bet casino experience report
  • Crazy Time available
  • Huge range of games
  • Established and serious provider
LocoWin CasinoNewcomer Locowin Casino experience report
  • Crazy Time on offer
  • Large live casino area
  • Many lucrative bonus offers
Casinia Casinia experience report
  • Crazy Time available
  • Play a wide range of casino
  • Strong bonus campaigns available
Joo Casino Bitcoin Casino Joo Casino experience report
  • Crazy Time im Portfolio
  • Strong range of games
  • Very good mobile app
UberluckyNewcomer Uberlucky experience report
  • Crazy Time available
  • Live casino for German customers
  • Attractive bonus action
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Crazy Time - all important information about the game

Crazy Time is a fantastic one Live Casino Gameshow From Evolution Gaming that offers you tension, plenty of variety and the chance of attractive profits. At Crazy Time you will be put directly into an interesting live game show and can be happy to watch live on your screen.

In the Crazy Time Casino you first meet a wheel of fortune that is equipped with different numbers. This may already be from you Dreamcatcher known. At Crazy Time, however, the wheel of fortune is supplemented by a slot.

Those: Rabona

Through the slot becomes Round by round a crazy time multiplier output through which your profits quickly shoot into dizzying heights. At Crazy Time you have significantly more setting options and enjoy a unique gaming experience.

The wheel of fortune consists of a total of 54 different fields and is operated live by a moderator. In addition, there are even 4 different bonus rounds at Crazy Time, in which you can place further bets.

Crazy Time payments, multipliers and chances of winning

If you want to play Crazy Time Live, you will certainly also be interested Chances of winning this breathtaking game. At this point I will now show you in detail which profits at Crazy Time are possible for you in practice.

In this context, there are to distinguish between the individual fields on the field and the possible profits within the four different bonus rounds. The following yields are included in you in Crazy Time Online Casino possible:

  • Play field 1 with 21 fields: Payment 1: 1
  • Play field 2 with 13 fields: Payment 2: 1
  • Play field 5 with 7 fields: Payment 5: 1
  • Play field 10 with 4 fields: Payment 10: 1
  • Crazy Time Coinflip: Up to $ 500,000
  • Crazy Time Cashhunt: Up to $ 500,000
  • Crazy Time Pachinko: Up to $ 500,000
  • Crazy Time Bonus Runde: Up to $ 500,000

This allows you to see at first glance that you can win extremely high sums in the Crazy Time Casino.

  • With a Payout rate of 96.08 % is definitely in the front area of the live casino games.

Crazy Time bonus rounds and special features

Crazy Time offers special Due to the bonus rounds the chance of enormously high profits. This allows you to see how the individual crazy time rounds work in detail. You will also find out which bonus round has the strongest profits ready for you.

Crazy Time Coinflip

With the Crazy Time Coinflip, this game also has something to offer for all friends of classic gambling.

  • The Crazy Time Coinflip is a easier in this context Coarse levy, through which your profits can be multiplied quickly be able.

A distinction is only made between the Blue multiplier and the red multiplier. You can even enjoy the advantage that the coin tale will be carried out again if the multiplier is too low.

Crazy Time Cashhunt

If you want to play Crazy Time, you should definitely deal with the exciting bonus rounds in advance.

  • DIE Crazy Time Cashhunth Bonusrunde offers you the chance to increase your profits significantly through an additional multiplier.

The game consists of A total of 108 different fields. The Crazy Time Slot initially determines a multiplier by random generator. Then all 108 fields are covered.

Then you can draw on the field of your choice with a cannon shot. There is a corresponding one behind it Crazy Time Multiplikator, who reproduces your profits in one fell swoop.

Crazy Time Pachinko

Crazy Time Pachinko offers you another option to significantly improve your profits. This bonus round consists of a large wall in the Crazy Time Casino. There is a puck down from above at the start, which on one of a total of 16 different multipliers country.

If the puck ends up in the double field, the multipliers even rise again. Then the round starts again.

  • In this way you can At Crazy Time Pachinko the biggest profits achieve.

Crazy Time Bonus

In addition, there is also another crazy time bonus round, which of course I don't want to withhold from you. You absolutely have to take a look at that in the Crazy Time online casino Throw off the wheel of fortune that consists of a total of 64 different fields.

There are also three other additional fields (flapper) on the slot, through which the Height of the respective crazy time multiplier is determined.

As a player you can then between the colors Green, yellow and blue decide. In addition to the doubling of your profits, this makes it even possible. It can be seen once again that you can make very lucrative profits in the Crazy Time online casino.

  • Are you looking for the biggest at Crazy Time?

Then I can now deliver very good news to you. The excellent crazy time bonus round gives you one 20,000 times multiplier her.

Play crazy time-step-by-step

Play crazy time online prepares you plenty of excitement and also offers you The chance of particularly lucrative profits in the respective live casino. Participation in the Crazy Time Casino is also very easy with this step-by-step instructions:

  • 1
    If you want to play Crazy Time and use real money, you have to choose a corresponding crazy time online casino beforehand. First register with your own casino account to create the right framework.
  • 2
    As soon as you have started Crazy Time, you can place your missions. In the normal basic game you can choose Crazy Time between the number fields 1, 2, 5 or 10.
  • 3
    On the other hand, you can use one of the four different bonus rounds at Crazy Time Casino: Crazy Time Cashhunt, Crazy Time Coinflip, Crazy Time Pachinko and the big crazy time round round.
  • 4
    The Crazy Time multiplier is determined again in every round. So that the Crazy Time multiplier also becomes active in the game, you have to land a corresponding goal: the horizontal line must match the two rollers of the slot. If, on the other hand, there is no agreement, the round will be played without an additional crazy time multiplier.
  • 5
    After the end of the respective round, your profits will be calculated accordingly with the multiplier. If the wheel of fortune also stops on a special bonus field, the corresponding bonus round is automatically started in which you can achieve further profits.
  • 6
    As soon as all the calculations are complete, the next round starts at Crazy Time. You can also use the comfortable autoplay function at Crazy Time.

Die Top 3 Crazy Time Online Casinos

Crazy Time represents an expansion of the popular Dream Catcher fortune wheel. The provider behind it is Evolution Gaming that is known for many other good live casino games.

In the following section we will give you an overview of the Best live casinos mit Crazy Time.

N1 Casino

If you want to play Crazy Time, that's N1 Casino a first -class choice. Think N1 casino experiences have shown that you can not only use this game, but also benefit from many other advantages.

This Crazy Time Online Casino offers you the highest security standards because a valid Casino license from Malta is present. As a German player, you can register completely legally, play Crazy Time and use real money in the live casino area without hesitation.

In this Crazy Time Casino, however, you can also use many other games and always benefit from a high level of flexibility. You will also be offered a strong bonus that you have for Crazy Time live spielen can use.

Those: N1 Casino
  • New players will be in the N1 Casino for the first deposit with one Welcome bonus of 100 % up to 100 $ rewarded.

In addition, a 10 % live cashback reload bonus is offered every Wednesday. Best conditions to start playing successfully with the Crazy Time.


If you are looking for an excellent Crazy Time provider, Playzilla is also a very good choice. Think Playzilla experiences have proven that exciting game shows such as Crazy Time or monopoly be offered in first -class quality.

If you have chosen this Crazy Time Casino, you will also get a particularly lucrative bonus campaign at the start, which you should never let yourself go through your rags. As a new player you will be with a strong one Deposit bonus worth 200 % up to $ 100 as well as another 500 free spins.

  • Playing Crazy Time is also for you also possible in the mobile variant.

Thanks to the mobile app from Playzilla, you are always on the height of the action and can easily fall back on Crazy Time.


Think Rabona experiences From practice, it also showed that it is a First class crazy time online casino acts, which I can recommend to you without hesitation.

If you are at Rabona Crazy Time online spielen If you only have to switch to the live casino area and you can start the game there directly via the lobby.

Should you be at Rabona that especially as Highroller Casino is known to register as new customers, you can one Lucrative welcome bonus.

Those: Rabona
  • In this Crazy Time Casino, all new players receive an excellent one right after registration Deposit bonus worth 100 % up to $ 500.

In addition, you will be rewarded as new players with another 200 Free Spins, who you can use couple selected online slot machines.

The best crazy time tips and strategies

DIE Gameshow Crazy Time is by far one of the most exciting play options in the live casino. This gives you the opportunity to experience a fast -paced live action in the Crazy Time Casino and to be inspired by this fantastic game.

However, so that you can participate successfully, I will still Some important crazy time tips reveal. You can easily use these valuable tips and information in the Crazy Time online casino and also implement it as a beginner without any problems.

  • Place solidly on the figure field 1: At Crazy Time, experience has shown that the number field 1 offers you good prospects of winning. You have to keep in mind that the payout rate is lower in relation to other seed patterns. The really high profits are only in this round possible through the crazy time multiplier. Nevertheless, missions on the number field 1 are definitely recommended for players who initially want to start with a moderate risk in the Crazy Time Online Casino.
  • Multiplier hunting: As you have already learned in my article, you can particularly through the integrated multiplier at Crazy Timen particularly high profits achieve. In this context, it is advisable to fill all Crazy Time fields and only leave the 1 outside. For this you can easily proceed according to the following set pattern: All bonuses - 10 cents, 10 field - 20 cents, 5 field - 20 cents, 2 field - 50 cents. This gives you a very good basis to make strong profits with the multipliers. Although there is no guarantee of profit even with this procedure, the risk is always limited.
  • Use Crazy Time CONFLIP instead of Pachinko: In any case, Crazy Time is primarily recommended for casino fans who want to go hunting for strong multipliers. With a closer look at the various crazy time bonus rounds, however, it quickly becomes clear that the chances of winning lying relatively worse at the Crazy Time Pachinko. Therefore, if you have primarily taken a look at the multipliers, you should definitely choose the Crazy Time Coinflip.
  • Use autoplay for longer seasons: Crazy Time definitely ensures plenty of fun, excitement and a lot of variety. For this reason, it is not surprising that a number of players are over longer seasons. If you also stay in the Crazy Time Casino longer, the Autoplay function is recommended. In this way you can sit back in a relaxed manner in the Crazy Time Casino and experience a unique game atmosphere on your computer or alternatively mobile.
  • Note bankroll management: If you want to plunge directly into pleasure in the Crazy Time online casino, I can understand this very well. Nevertheless, you should never ignore the important basics in an online casino at the Crazy Time Live. The right bankroll management plays here For sustainable success A particularly important role in Crazy Time. Always adjust the height of your inserts to the size of your entire bank and do not let yourself be disturbed even if you have a loss.
  • Use variety of evolution gaming: Crazy Time comes from the unique software company from Evolution Gaming. This provider has been the market leader for many years. Evolution Gaming allows you to take part in several live casino tables at the same time. So you can not only play Crazy Time, but also be inspired by many other games of the industry giant.

The biggest crazy time profits

FAQ – Crazy Time

Crazy Time is offered in almost all known online casinos. If you Play Crazy Timeifyouwanttoregisterwithyourownaccountandthenopenthegameinthelivecasino.keepinmindthatyoucanonlyusecrazytimewithrealmoneyandnotbeforeinrisk-freedemomode.
Crazy Time comes from Evolution Gamingandisoneofthelatestandmostmoderndevelopments.itisabreathtakinglivegameshowthatstandsforarapidgamepleasure.inaddition,evolutiongamingasthemarketleaderoffersyoumanymorelivecasinogamesoftheabsoluteextraclass.
A special casino bonus that is only available for Crazy Time is usually not offered. Sometimes you have the opportunity to have a special one with some providers Live Casino Bonus touse,whichyoucanalsouseforcrazytimeafterwards.
In addition to the classic base game, Crazy Time impresses with a total of four different bonus roundsinwhichyoucanachievefantasticprofitsworthupto $500,000.theseincludecrazytimecashhunt,crazytimeconflip,crazytimepachinkoandthebigcrazytimebonus.
Crazy Time will also be made available to you in the mobile variant. For this you can either use the casino app with a Crazy Time provider or also use the mobile app directly in the browser. So you can easily go to the entire offer on the go Crazy Time Casinotofallbackon.

Conclusion: Crazy Time revolutionizes the live casino area

Thanks to our big test report, we were able to go to Crazy Time a very good impression Get and get to know the game with all exciting facets. Crazy Time is particularly impressed by the four different bonus rounds and the lucrative multipliers.

In the bonus rounds you even have the option of making strong profits of up to $ 500,000. The provider Evolution Gaming in the Crazy Time Online Casino is always well taken care of. If you are therefore enthusiastic about ingenious live casino games and game shows and slots, Crazy Time is certainly for you the right choice.

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