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Play power stars slot online - game description, tips and strategies 2022

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Details on the Power Stars slot machine

Name Power Stars Minimum use 0,04 $
Software Novomatic Maximum insert 100,00 $
theme fruit JackPot no
RTP 95,54 Bonus game And
Paylines 10 scatter no
Roll 5 Autoplay And

Of the Power Stars Slot combines all classic elements of a traditional slot machine from the arcade next door and therefore stands out strongly from the new slots that place more value on aesthetics than on a reasonable gaming experience. In the following guide, we have summarized our long -term power stars and will give you everything you need to know.

the essentials in brief
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  • Overview: Currently offers you exclusively Stargames den Slot an.
  • Chapter 1: At Power Stars you play one classic Fruit slot.
  • Chapter 2: The slot awaits you with great Symbols Like the Joker Symbol Stern.
  • Chapter 3: We deliver to you Tips Play for more success in the slot.

The Power Stars slot machine: Classic machine game in the style of the 80s!

Let's start with a few edge data for the Power Stars Slot. The Novomatic slot was published in 2014 and is currently one of the ten most popular slot machines in the Austrian provider.

Novomatic is known for a special focus on fun and stays loyal to his slot machines. In addition to Power Stars, the legendary slot turns out to be "Book Of Ra“By Novomatic as incredibly good.


At Power Stars, the focus is also on fun and simple symbols. The symbols consist of fruits and classic symbols, such as theirs from the Casinos of the 1980s knows.

It is not for nothing that the Power Stars Slot tends to speak The experienced generation on players in the casino and thus clearly depends on today's video slots.

In which online casinos can power stars play?

So that you don't have to look for a suitable online casino in which you can play the Power Stars Slot, we have searched for you.

In Germany there is the search for a suitable one Novomatic Casino Unfortunately as difficult out, since with a greentube only after the entry into force of the new state gambling contract the big project from Novomatic will start.

Until then, the residents of Schleswig-Holstein have to make do with the following casino.

Play power stars online at Stargames!

Current is Stargames The only online casino in Germany that is resident in Schleswig-Holstein Legally offers the opportunity to play power stars.

In addition to the legendary slots from Novomatic, you can as a new customer Stargames experiences Collect with the new customer bonus: up to 500 $ and an additional 50 free spins.

Beware of fake slot machines
We know how much Novomatic's slots are missing in Germany and that you can hardly wait until the legendary games are again legally possible in Germany are. Conversely, however, this does not mean that you have to run to every X-like online casino, that claims to offer Novomatic's slots. So make sure that it is Serious online casinos acts and checks whether the respective provider is on our blacklist.

Power Stars 100 - the alternative with 100 winning rows!

Anyone who liked Power Stars should also try Power Stars 100. Power Stars 100 is exactly the same slot, but With a small twist in the paylines.

These are at Power Stars Fixed at 100 And therefore offer you other winning opportunities. Try your luck yourself!

The game description for power stars online

Not only do you like to count the stars in the sky, but also like to catch them on the respective rollers at Power Stars.

Own the power stars slot from Novomatic Five reels and ten paylines. Your winnings will not only be calculated from left to right, but also mirror -inverted from right to left.

Per payline If you set an application valuethat is added up and ends up in your entire use. This is determined automatically, so that you have to set up any complicated bills here before your first shoot. Just make sure that your account balance covers the respective use.

The game structure is extremely simple held. It also addresses the beginners among you, who have so far only dealt with slot machines in the online casino.

You can start every game round and sit directly on the longer lever or the Select the supposedly simpler variant and in the autoplay mode switch. Here you determine a start value that you use as a commitment and the number of automated game rounds.

Of course, the Power Stars Slot can also be easily played on all mobile devices. So look for a suitable one Online Casino from which a corresponding casino app can offer you!

The game symbols from Power Stars - this is how you can calculate your profits!

  • cherry
  • lemon
  • Orange
  • plum
  • grape
  • Melon
  • Bell jar
  • Number 7
  • Stern

The fruits dominate the scene at Power Stars and can bring you an extraordinarily good profit in the right mix. In the following we have a detailed representation of the symbols and the Power Stars profit table for you.


The more symbols you can line up, the higher your winnings, of course.

For example, let's take once The melon as a starting symbol:

  • If you get the melon together three times if you are used 100 $, your profit would in 20 times lie on your commitment.
  • However, if you are lucky and if the melon is displayed at five reels at the same position, your profit grows up the 200-fold value of the use.

However, note the different value of the paylines. With this it is quite common for you to especially with high operations and supposed hits enter a minus must.

The star: the joker symbol

Of course, Novomatic's slot machine does not come without its own WILD-Symbol out. The joker symbol at the Power Stars machine is the star.

The star can replace any prize symbol and thereby form a combination of profits. The star can only appear on the second, third or fourth roller. In contrast to other wild or joker symbols The star influences the entire roller And replaces all other symbols.

If a profit combination is formed, you will of course get immediately your profits paid And also another free play with the activated roller in star format.

Risk your profits in the risk function for higher profits!

In addition to the joker symbol, you have with the friend Risk function of Novomatic Another function with which you can drive up your profits.

The risk function can be used by you if you have made a profit and you are not really satisfied with it. You can either accept the profit or with the ‘Gamble’-Button go to risk.

The risk function is a 50/50-Chance. A card is displayed and you have to type whether it is a red or black card. Should you be right your previous profit is doubled.

If you make the wrong choice and the card are a different color, you lose your previous use and your previously achieved profit.

For this reason, we only recommend using the risk function at the Power Stars Slot if you have a corresponding one Money Management Building can be built and a loss can be overturned.

It should also be noted that the Cannot use the risk functionif your game round plays in automated mode. All profits in autoplay mode are therefore regularly inserted without giving you the chance of a doubling.

Power Stars Spielenn: Everything about commitment limits, volatility and the maximum profit

We will now give you more basic information about Power Stars. Because of course you also play a slot in our editorial team that can have a payout rate of 95.54 %.

  • First there would be that Variance or volatility of the Novomatic slot machine. In the case of the power star slot machine, this is rated with medium to high. This means that your profits happens comparatively less, but they are comparatively more financially lucrative. The slot is therefore suitable for those among you who can cope with financial losses and have a certain experience in the online casino. Short -circuit reactions due to the lack of profits are therefore out of place.
  • Before you take your first steps in the Power Stars Slot, you should first play some test rounds and get to know the peculiarities. After the security has returned in your game, you can now make your first power slot real money inserts. These are already off at the Novomatic slot 0.04 $ possible and end per game round at a maximum of 100 $.
  • When it comes to maximum profit, Power Stars cannot necessarily join the top slots of the scene. A maximum of 1739 times the profit of your commitment is possiblewhich corresponds to 173,900 $ with a maximum use of 100 $. Due to the high volatility If this value is cracked comparatively more frequently, it is far from being one of the highest profits in the industry.

These are our Power Stars slot tips

In our editorial team, too, some employees like to play Novomatic's simple slot. Even our most experienced colleagues did not come up with a classic strategy after several minutes of brainstorming, which can guarantee you a profit or increase your chances.

The online casino is and remains a gambling. Therefore, you should create prerequisites to create a healthy basis for your game pleasure.

  • At first you should only be Concentrate on the Power Stars slot. Ideally, the full screen mode is activated so that no use is overlooked or something wrong regarding the paylines. You should be the master of the situation at all times and, if necessary, adjust your missions.
  • During a game session you should keep an eye on your account balance. It is a game of chance, which is why purely mathematically must always be calculated with losses. So set your own financial limits And does not take too much financial risk.
  • Besides, that would be Autoplay. This is ideal to use if you are currently a corresponding one Casino Bonus and to meet its wagering conditions. Make sure you set the correct settings for your car play rounds. This includes not only a loss brake from a certain value, but also a brake if you have made a big win. Even if it is automated game rounds, you should keep control of the Power Stars Slot at any time.

Questions and answers - Power Stars Slot

Since Power Stars is a slot machine from Novomatic, the search for the right online casinos in Germany will be a little more difficult. Nevertheless, you should have enough casinos, Like Stargames,includingdifferentcasinobonusoffers,areavailableforpowerstars.
Since power stars are one Classic 5-roller slottheslotisonlyequippedwithtraditionalfunctionsfromthehouseofnovomatic.thisdefinitelydoesnotincludefreespins,whicharetriggeredbyascattersymbol.ascattersymbolhastobedispensedwithatpowerstars.asanalternative,however,theriskfunctiontypicalofnovomaticcanbeused.
Naturally! In addition to the regular power stars on the PC, Novomatic has also adapted the popular slot machine for mobile use. Accordingly, it shouldn't be a problem, the Novomatic slot also on the smartphone or tablet in mobile online casinostoplay.
Yes, ideally you can do this Try out in demo or test modewithouthavingtotakeafinancialrisk.therefore,checkwhetheryoucanuseaplaymoneymodeinyouronlinecasinoorwhethernovomatic'sdemomodeisavailable.
Even if there is unfortunately no profit guarantee for the Power Stars slot machines and there are no valid strategies, there are still some Basic principlestocomply.thisincludes,forexample,healthymoneymanagementaswellassufficientexpertiseandthechoiceofasuitableonlinecasino.

Conclusion: Power Stars as a classic slot machine that stands out of the crowd with its simplicity

While the new slots on the market rely on exciting graphics or unusual locations, you stay loyal to Novomatic and focus only on the gaming experience.

In combination with The risk function, by which high profits and extremely exciting situations can be generated, the Novomatic slot machine can also make some friends in our editorial team.

We therefore recommend that the to venture one or the other game round, to find out for yourself why Novomatic's slots are so popular among the German casino fans.