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Visa casino deposit does not work - Visa online casino alternatives

It is a hard cut in payment transactions in online casinos: Visa has completely withdrawn from the gambling segment and all banks have to apply payments All online casinos to prevent. So is one Casino visa deposit no longer available. In this article you will find out what this means, which alternatives are available to you and how to proceed with payments in online casinos.

the essentials in brief
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That is why visas are no longer possible in the casino

At the beginning of May 2020, it was announced that Visa is withdrawing from the online casino shop in Germany and customers can no longer handle payments through the service provider. Visa itself has confirmed that it has instructed its partner banks, any payments to all Internet casinos - so also on Serious online casinos - no longer to be carried out. Therefore, since then it has no longer been possible in Germany to make a payment with visas in online casinos.


The step came quite surprisingly for most players. Suddenly it was said: the Visa casino deposit no longer works. Even though Visa in online casinos has so far identified a not inconsiderable share of all payments made. Of course, the question arises where this unexpected decision comes from and what effects it has.

The Visa Casino retreat

One or the other will probably be suddenly on the Withdrawal from PayPal from the online casinos 2019 recall. In fact, similar reasons for the decision seem to be decisive for the decision not to cooperate with online casinos in Germany.

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The German authorities are still trying to clear illegal casinos in their eyes. Politicians massive pressure on various payment service providers exercised that are represented in online casinos. At the time, PayPal leaned this pressure and decided not to continue working with casinos. Now it has caught the next provider with Visa, which apparently collapsed under this pressure and voluntarily withdraws from this segment.

Visa itself does not provide any information about the exact reasons, loud daily News However, it was confirmed by the official side that discussions are held with various payment providers. Therefore, it can be assumed that Visa preferred to voluntarily decide on this radical step than to wait for official measures.

Visa retreat with regard to current developments

It remains a little puzzling why a large provider like Visa decided at this time to pay payments for old such as New online casinos no longer to carry out. After all, the long -term dispute between the federal states seems to be a generally valid state agreement to actually have come to an end.

As early as July 2021 - at the end of the previous contract, a new contract should come into force, the online casinos, albeit with some requirements, should fully legalize in Germany. Thus, the example of Schleswig-Holstein could be followed and the tiresome discussion about the gray area of legality in which online casinos are still located.


Payments with Visa

Anyone who still has money on their casino account and paid this with visas before retreating is before the question of how to pay the money in the event of profit. Finally is Also one Online casino payout with visas no longer possible since the beginning of May. But you don't have to worry. Because even if you have paid in with visas and now want to have your money paid out, there is a solution.

As a rule, there are many Online casino deposit options. In individual cases, however, you can also write to the support of your casinos so that the possibly preset automatic payment method can be changed manually. To your Casino win In any case, you will come if you have made your last deposit with visas.

Will other payment providers withdraw from online casinos?

After two large payment service providers are no longer available in online casinos within a little more than a year with PayPal and Visa, It also seems uncertain about the future of other payment methods in casinos. In fact, nobody can say exactly whether other providers will disappear from the online casinos in the near future.

The industry is great. A look at the payment area of most online casinos shows that numerous options such as e-wallets, online banking service providers or the good old Paysafecard are represented there. So it is very unlikely that all of these providers will gradually disappear from the repertoire of the casinos.

Even if one or the other provider is forced soon, its services in relation to deutsche Online Casinos To cease new opportunities for you will be conveniently and safely paid into and safely in your favorite casino.

What does the visa retreat mean for the future?

First it is Especially annoyingthat such a provider can no longer be used. That paying with visas in Online casinos with real money is not possible, but does not mean excessive cuts. The variety of alternatives that are available to you offer enough opportunities to continue playing as usual.

The fact that you can no longer deposit with visas does not have to remain a permanent state. At the latest when the new Game State Treaty comes into force, a lot will happen again in this area. Visa could then be available again, just like PayPal. Until then, there is only the possibility to wait and use the remaining payment methods.

A little tip on the side:
In principle, you can continue to use your VISA card to Online gambling-Hobby to pursue. Finally you can pay Bitcoin or Paysafecards with the Visa card. The deposit of the VISA card for some ewallets is still an option. So you don't have to look around completely again.

Alternatives to Visa in the online casino

Although there is currently no way to pay with Visa directly in casinos, you will continue to have a number of safe and convenient payment methods.

DIE most direct Alternative to Visa is the Mastercard. Deposits work via this credit card just as with Visa, but Master Card is generally not possible to arrange with payouts. You simply have to choose another option for this.

In addition to the Mastercard, you can also use numerous other good payment methodsthat work as easily as Visa. For example, e-wallets Skrill and Neteller represent an uncomplicated and absolutely safe visa alternative for online casinos. If you want to get your money as quickly as possible in your bank account, the payment methods are recommended and immediately via which you are via your online Banking can be deposited and can receive payouts within a few minutes.

In the versatile world of means of payment, a lot of next to each other have been able to establish themselves next to each other. You can now too with Bitcoin with online casinos, Use Apple Pay or simply deposit with the Paysafecard safely and anonymously.

Below is an overview of the best visa alternatives for online casinos:

FAQ - Visa Casino deposit does not work

also Payoutsareaffectedbyvisas.ifyoustillhavecreditinacasinoaccountthatcomesfromadepositwithvisa,youcaneasilychooseadifferentpaymentmethodforthepayment.
Most online casinos offer a whole range of payment methods. So you can as Alternatives to Visaamongotherthings,usemastercard,neteller,skrillortrustlyforyourdepositsandwithdrawals.sotherearesufficientalternatives.

Conclusion: There are enough alternatives to Visa

The sudden withdrawal of Visa from all online casinos in Germany Something surprised us too. It is a shame that one of the large providers is no longer available until further notice, but alternatives are available in sufficient numbers. We are also looking forward to the retreat with a view to the future, as we assume that Visa will be available again in a foreseeable period as a payment option in online casinos.