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Crash Gambling – Alle Infos, Tipps & Tricks + beste Crash Gambling Casinos

Crash Gambling is a new form of gambling, which spreads particularly quickly in the Bitcoin casinos. Crash games are simply animated mini games in which a constantly growing multiplier prospects attractive profits. It is high time to present the TOP Crash Gambling tips and the best crash gambling providers in this guide.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: At the Crash Gambling Make your hunt for high multipliers! But be careful: it can crash at any time.
  • Chapter 1: Crash Gambling games offer thanks to the Crash game multipliers XXL profit potential.
  • Chapter 2: Die 2 Crash Gambling Variants briefly introduced.
  • Chapter 3: Crash games like Aviator are fair and points with one high RTP value of 97-99%!
  • Chapter 4: Die Besten Crash Gambling Casinos Rabona, Bizzo Casino & 5gringos Casino form our top 3!
  • Chapter 5: We tell you the most important Crash Gambling Tipps.

Recommended online casinos with crash gambling

Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • Crash games such as aviator available
  • XXL game selection + good usability
  • Krypto Casino without new rules
Bizzo CasinoNewcomer Bizzo Casino experience report
  • Ideal platform for crash gambling
  • Aviator, Plinko & other crash games
  • Demomodus without registration
5Gringos CasinoNewcomer 5gringos casino experience report
  • Modernes Bitcoin Casino im Comic Look
  • JetX & Aviator im Sortiment
  • Free payments
Cloudbet CasinoBitcoin Casino Cloudbet Casino experience report
  • Pure Bitcoin Casino with high limits
  • Tool a homegame, Kortian Akatian, , or lass Wunt.
  • Gigantic range of games including Live Casino
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How does crash gambling work?

The game principle of crash gambling could hardly be easier. You just place one assignment and a multiplier starts to climb at the start of the game. Depending on the crash game variant through an airplane, a rocket or other symbol. Or simply in diagram form.

The declaration of the multiplier increases pretty quickly. You can get out at any time and take the profit with you. Your Casino profit calculates from the use and the value of the multiplier at the time of your stop. Depending on the crash gambling game, several bets are possible per game round or there is one Auto-Cashout.

  • Die Crux: The multiplier can do at any time and crash completely unpredictably - crash. Hence the name crash gambling! Those who wait too long and get out too late loses their missions and of course the potential gain in the crash gambling game.
a notice
The goal of playing the crash gambling is to cash before the "crash" and ideally to cancel the highest possible multiplier.
Play surface from the crash game aviator (source: screenshot / lvbet casino)

Each round starts with a crash gambling 1.00x multiplier. This continues to grow and can run over X2, X5, X10 or to a three -digit or even higher value. Sometimes the crash occurs with one Crash Gambling 1.00x Multiplikator a. So be careful.

But exactly in this unpredictability coupled with that enormous profit potential lies the thrill and stimulus this Casino mini -games.

Crash games awaken ours Urin instinct. Because if you get out too early, you can stand in front of the dilemma to miss a huge multiplier! And everyone knows the fear of missing something. However, if you are too high and greedy, you lose everything.

Play crash gambling in crypto casinos

The exciting crash games are preferably gambled with cryptocurrencies. Are accordingly CRYPE The best playground and recommended point for crash gambling. Crash games can be in decent quantities, alongside Ethereum Casinos, in these Discover Bitcoin casinos:

Due to the constantly increasing demand for crash gambling, you can also play these games more in very conventional Online Casinos Find. So if you prefer to gamble for real $ instead of cryptos, you should search in the casinos. However, casinos with cryptocurrency score with one Faster payment and anonymity offered.

How high can the crash gambling multiplier be?

This can dizzying height reach - at least theoretically. In the crash gambling game aviator, for example, the aircraft can fly except for a coefficient of 1 million. The crash game is thus in the best company.

  • Because with most crash gambling games, the multiplier moves on one XXL span from 1.00x to 1,000,000.00x. Sometimes the maximum profits are capped to 1 million $.
Round course at Aviator (source: Screenshot / LVBet Casino)

The truth also includes that the multiplier usually reaches smaller heights and then crashes. Often under the factor X2. A three -digit crash game multiplier is not surprisingly a rarity. But you can already with 5x, 10x or even 20x multipliers make massive profits.

This can be underpinned at least with the screenshot above. It shows the multiplier values of 38 game rounds in the Crash Gambling game Aviator. Of course, these have no generality, since the factor is randomly determined every round. Nevertheless, the results are interesting.

  • Highest multiplier: 99.26x
  • Lowest multiplier: 1.00x
  • The multiplier was smaller than 2.00x 20 times
  • The multiplier was higher than 2.00x
  • The multiplier was higher than 10.00x 6 times
  • Average multiplier: 7.93x

Manual vs. Automatic: The different crash gambling variants

The differences in the individual crash games that are dozen times are marginal phenomena. All are based on the same concept: by reaching a higher multiplier, making money.

No matter whether you are classics like Crash Gambling Aviator or or Crash Gambling Crash gambles or your luck with crash gambling Rocket Or put crash gambling dino on the test - the games are extremely similar and have identical features. Nevertheless, two variants can generally be distinguished in crash gambling:

  • The manual style of play (crash gambling manually)
  • The automated style of play (crash gambling automatically)

In manual mode, you define your use before each round and decide even during the game whether and when you get out. If you are satisfied with the multiplier level achieved, a click of the mouse is enough to secure the profit. Ideal for everyone who The full game control at all times want to have.

Practical: With the betting function Auto Cashout, a target multiplier can be determined (source screenshot / bizzo casino)

Alternatively, the payment for crash gambling can be automatically initiated. Most players choose the auto-cashout. A multiplier, preferably between x1.5 to x3, or a certain profit amount is defined in advance. If the limit is reached in the crash gambling game, the round is finished and one takes place Automatic payment.

The manual option continues to exist. Especially those who have set the multiplier very high should depend on the chosen Online casino strategy The manual payout is considering - before it comes to the crash.

With the most popular and best crash gambling play like Aviator or Crash, you can also set other automatic betting options in advance. So can be Place several missions per round And choose a cashout to different multipliers. Perfect for strategists! Or automatic increase in operations and loss limits can be set and the autoplay is activated.

Crash gambling games offer high RTP

Crash Games Have a top position in the list of Casino games with high RTP absolutely deserved. Because most crash gambling games offer an average payout rate of 97 to 98 percent, which is far above average Slots lies.

The crash game aviator comes with one RTP value of 97 percent. Some of the crash gambling RTP protrudes even higher. Sometimes even up to 99 percent, such as the crash gambling crash, for example. Crash was one of the first crypto games of this kind. Information about the payout rates can be found in the game descriptions and rules of the individual crash gambling games.

With the help of the payment rates, you can also draw conclusions about the profit multipliers:
  • An RTP of 98%is that an increase in the multiplier to 2.00x or higher is rather rare.
  • Accordingly, it is advisable to collect profits in the range from 1.5 to 1.8 times.

Apart from the tempting payout rates of the crash gambling games - which are known to be only a theoretical value - also pay attention to volatility. However, it depends crucially on one's own game behavior and willingness to take risks.

If you are already satisfied with a smaller multiplier and automatically get off the crash gambling using a cash out function, play with a low volatility and can regularly about small profits be happy.

Mostly, crash games are worthwhile?
Yes, because it should not be kept secret that the crash gambling is demonstrably about fair games acts. The real time of coincidences can be checked at any time and as often as you like.

BEST CRAX GAMBLING CASINOS - Crash Gambling at Reli Failed

Various crash gambling games are offered in almost every crypto casino. Very popular titles are Aviator, Crash and Rocket, but Crash Gambling Dino are also very popular. Sometimes the providers have developed their own crash games of chance.

But which game temple are particularly recommended? We have three very good crash gambling providers from our Casino list Searched out in which you can play the innovative mini games.


Rabona Not only is one of the best betting providers, but also quickly earned an excellent reputation in the online casino industry. In the large selection of the game that Over 5,000 titles include some crash casino games. Among them Aviator, which can be controlled directly on the homepage via an extra rider in the upper menu bar.

In this crypto casino that is operated by the renowned Tranellpo Group and, in addition to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Litecoin, you can not only indulge in the crash gambling, but also benefit from numerous other strengths. This includes:

  • Very good usability with helpful filter functions
  • 24/7 support via chat and hotline
  • Fast and free payments
  • Great bonus campaigns including loyalty program

Bizzo Casino

The Bizzo Casino also belongs to the ranks of the best crash gambling providers. In this New online casino, which opened its gates in 2021, you should definitely take a closer look. Because in addition to Aviator, other trendy crash game such as Plinko is joining a diverse selection of game, which is also provided by around 100 providers.

All games in this casino with crypto can be without registration try out. If you play crash gambling for free and don't want to take any risk at first, the Bizzo Casino is a good address. Especially since the virtual arcade can still breathe with a number of bonus offers at fair sales conditions or a competent customer service that contribute to the strong complete package.

  • Do you want to learn more about this crash gambling provider? Then you can find in our Bizzo Casino Test All important information.

5Gringos Casino

In the colorful, Mexican comic world of the 5Gringos Casinos Complete crash game friends at their money's worth. With Aviator and Jetx, two absolute top hits of this quite new game category also decorate the lavish portfolio in this crypto casino.

If you want to carefully approach the crash gambling first, you can do the 5gringos with the help of the demo mode. In addition, the newcomer spoils you with 2,500 different slot machines, a hand full Rubble and a impact filled Live Casino. More highlights are:

  • Free payment transactions
  • Great bonus program including gamification elements
  • Tournaments
  • Modernes Design im Comic-Look

Crash gambling tips and strategy

Reliable crash gambling tips or a successful crash gambling strategy that leads to safe profits permanently, of course, cannot exist. Because the Casino casino mini -games im Arcade-Stil Are and remain gambling! The course of a round can never be foreseen and the crash can occur at any time.

In the end, happiness alone decides on profit and loss!

Nonetheless: The application of one or the other crash gambling strategy makes sense. At least this is how the probabilities of winning can be increased. In the following there are a few practical crash gambling tips.

Tip 1: modesty instead of greed

Greed eats brain! A well-known stock market wisdom that can be wonderfully transferred to the phenomenon of crash games. Because if the multiplier increases from 1.00x, 20x, 50x or even higher in the crash gambling, this can be obscured. Many Gamblers tend to want more and more and so greed takes over the action.

But you will never know when the crash game has the next fat coefficients. One of the best crash gambling tips is therefore To stay modest! Anyone who gets out of the bet in good time will win more in the long run.

  • Therefore, use lower multipliers and regularly stroke smaller profits instead of hoping for one XXL profit.

Who this Minimize risk as far as possible Will, say goodbye to every round with a multiplier of 1.10x. Alternatively, a multiplier is recommended in the range from 1.50x to about 2,60x.

This is neither exciting nor entertaining. But the probability is very high that your credit will slowly and continuously get up. In addition, a game round usually only takes a few seconds. Profits can be generated accordingly quickly.

Tip 2: Be sure to use Auto-Cashout

With crash gambling, you only influence the game by clicking on the cashout button. But instead of the manual variant, you should better use the Auto-Cashout.

  • On the one hand for purely technical reasons. Because until the casino servers receive manual activity of the cash tone by the player, there is one Time Delay. This may be minimal, but in the worst case, the exit takes a fraction of a second too late and you suffer a loss.
  • On the other hand, the greed factor also comes into play here. Rational thinking and acting In view of an increasing multiplier, can quickly fall by the wayside. So it is wiser to determine the computer as an executive organ. Quite simply by setting an automatic multiplier in advance. Once this has been reached, it automatically increases.

Tip 3: Have statistics in mind

With every crash gambling game you can examine various statistics. There are not only priest lists with the biggest money profits or an overview of your personal results - the so -called History. The multipliers of past rounds achieved are recorded in this. A multiplier review is even possible for a month or whole year.

Even if the multiplier history has nothing more than an informative character, you can use it to orient yourself something. These records are particularly interesting for supporters of casino strategies.

  • Because after a longer series of smaller factors, it can make sense to correct the limit for the multiplier somewhat upwards.

Tip 4: Play Crash Gambling for free & use bonuses

Anyone playing games like Crash Gambling Aviator, Crash Gambling Rocket or Crash Gambling Dino for the first time should do a few rounds in practice mode in advance. This is also one of the most elementary crash gambling tips.

  • The mini-games may be so simple and easy to understand, but you should still have something before the real money game Acquire experience And also cheerfully try out the automatic betting functions.

A popular crash gambling strategy is also to use special promotions for this game category. Especially with the crypto casino you can find bonus offers especially for the crash gambling. These often have Free spins an Bord.

So look at the casino of your trust in the bonus section or studies the best online casino bonus Actions. Worth it.

FAQ - questions and answers about crash gambling

DIE How the crash gambling worksisverysimple.withthecrashgames,amultiplierincreasessteadilyat1.00times,butcan"crash"atanymoment,thatis,crash.theplayerdecideswhentogetout.anyonewhostaysinthegamefortoolonglosestheassignmentandprofit.theaimistosecuretheprofitsfromthecrash.
Yes! Specific knowledge, gambling providers or strategic playing styles are not necessary. It is primarily important for good self -control and proper timing. So crash gambling is suitable for all player types, also for Online casino beginners.
This cannot be answered in general, as it also depends on individual preferences. Offer a strong overall package Rabona, the 5Gringos Casino or Bizzo Casino.basically,cryptocasinosareagoodchoiceforwhichthecrashgameswereoriginallydeveloped.inthemeantime,theminigamesarealsospreadinginclassiconlinecasinos.
Yes! It is important that you do not act too greedily, but modestly with the crash games. Auto-Cashout should also be used. If a previously defined multiplier is reached, the profits in crash gambling are automatically paid out. Also is a solid Bankroll Managementalwayssensible.
In most crash games such as aviator or crash, the maximum profit is 1 million $ or one Multiplier of 1 million.butprimarilytheprofitdependsonthedeploymentheight,playingtimeandofcoursehappiness.inthemajorityofthegamerounds,themultipliercrashesintheareaofx1.50tox3.00.

Conclusion on the crash gambling - thrill par excellence

Crash Gambling is very popular and the perfect choice for everyone who loves the thrill. Games like Aviator or Crash are characterized by theirs simple rules of the game and high profit potential from - after all, up to 1 million $ can take off here. However, as a player, you have to master the balancing act between caution and willingness to take risks.

With a view to the crash gambling multipliers, you should at the motto “Less is more" orientate. If you play defensively and cannot be guided by greed, you can easily secure small profits in a crash gambling casino.

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