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888 Slots Hotline / Telephone number - Simply establish 888 slots

That 888 Slots Is one of the best known provider worldwide And is one of the market sizes. Already since 1997 the company offers gambling and belongs to the 888 holding. The company is since the year 2005 noted on the stock exchange and owns according to your own statements more than 25 million customers worldwide.

888 is no longer available for players from Germany!

the essentials in brief
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Anyone who has any questions or technical problems would like to reach a support employee. But not every provider offers a telephone number for this. In the following guide we investigate the question of whether there is a 888 Slots Hotline and what this phone number is.

How can you reach the 888 Slots customer support?

Until some time ago, the 888 Slots customer support was with all the important channels like through 888 Slots App or the 888 Poker App accessible. However, it was foreseeable that the Live chat someday is taken out of the offer, because although the button was still present, the support no longer worked.

If you are looking for a personal conversation with an employee of 888 today, you can find the homepage Just a form. Until some time ago there was a free service hotline for German -speaking customers, which was a 0800 number. Unfortunately, this number is no longer valid. Anyone who calls them anyway ends up on a ribbon. However, another telephone number will be announced on the announcementthat can be used by German customers.

The current options are:

  • Use form on the website
  • Call phone number +44-2034781876
  • E-mal the [email protected] write

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How does the 888 Slots Hotline work?

The recent active 0800 number is no longer filled with an 888 slots employee. This can already be seen from the fact that when looking at the website under the menu item "Contact", only one email form is opened. We can no longer find a specific information from a number here.

If you really want to make calls - for example if that 888 Slots down Is - you have to search for a different number. There is An international number, however, which is abroad and therefore goes hand in hand with appropriate discussion fees. You should also assume that the employees there do not understand German and that you are with them communicate in English must.

Remember that you now have to call a foreign number, which means that fees are incurred. On the one hand, how high these are depends on your telephone provider, but on the other hand, of course, how long you call. Of the E-Mail Support And the 888 slots HotLine By the way 24 hours a day and thus occupied around the clock.

Participation from 18. Gambling can be addicted.

Are there any costs when using the service hotline?

Since the telephone number is a landline connection with the countries area code 0044 and thus in Great Britain acts, you have to calculate the corresponding costs. The previously valid 0800 telephone number, which was filled with German -speaking customers, was free of charge if you called them out of Germany.

If you want to avoid the telephone costs, try whether an employee calls you back free of charge. If not, you can still choose some alternatives, such as using the form or writing an email.

Is there a live chat?

Also the Live chat has now been discontinued. Actually a shame, because the 888 slots had so far in ours Online comparison Always get good grading for excellent support. In the meantime, the team is no longer as service -oriented as this was the case. Because not only the free telephone hotline was stamped, the live chat is also no longer available.

While the function was available on the website for a long time and could only be used, the button has also disappeared. So it is Contact with live chat not possible. This is all the more surprising because the live chat has been reputable online provider developed into the most popular .

Finally the Chat can also be used during the game, die Use is free and customer satisfaction is high, because the Answer came immediately. On the telephone announcement, which can still be heard on the old connection for German customers, a chat is spoken, but this is currently not available.

Support by email-how long does the answer take?

If you do the Contact customer service want it, it is actually the fastest if you Simply use the form, to which you are led by clicking on "Contact" in the lower men. There you can describe your concern without being registered for it.

In the upper menu item you choose the category that you have questions about, such as the online Casino Bonus and advertising campaigns. Below you enter your email address and your name. In the box you can explain what questions you have or what problem it is about. It is also possible to send a file attachment. This makes sense, for example, if you have a technical problem and have a screenshot of it. The employee can react faster to your problem.

After that you have to However, expect a waiting timethat depending on the time in which only the question arises, Sometimes several hours up to half a day can take. By eliminating the live chat and the telephone hotline, e-mail remains the only way for German players to achieve a German-speaking employee. The support, which was previously classified as very well, clearly loses its justification at the top in comparison.

How is the account opening in the 888 slots?

If you want to open an account, you can of course im FAQ area look where you are most common Questions and problems listed get described. Of course, this also explains how an account is opened. It is even easier if you are our following Step by step instructions Follow that leads you through the complete process. There are more details in the guide “888 slots registration„.

The procedure for an account opening is as follows:

  1. Call the website from the 888 slots and click on the yellow button with the name "Registration", which is located in the top right corner of the website
  2. A form then opens in which you have to record some data. Incidentally, registration and account opening are not only free of charge, but also non -binding. Use the opportunity to look around the provider a little bit before you then your first 888 slots deposit Culture.
  3. The form is divided into three sides. On the first page you first have to record your first name and your last name. In addition, the country is queried in which you have your place of residence, your email address, your date of birth and you also have to state whether you are male or female.
  4. In the second and third step, you still have to record some personal data. You also have to confirm that you are at least 18 years old and accept the general terms and conditions.
  5. The account is then opened and you can have a lucrative 888 Slots Bonus activate.

If you are dissatisfied, there is the instructions for Delete 888 slots account.

Is there a German -speaking ?

A German -speaking is available, Indeed exclusively via the email or via the form. Because as already reported, there is neither the live chat nor the German telephone hotline. Only English -speaking employees can be ed on the number in England.

So if you absolutely want to communicate in German, you have to use the form or write an email. In another way, no German -speaking employee cannot achieve in any other way.

How are the employees trained?

The employees showed themselves in our tests always friendly and courteous. Even difficult questions were with the necessary Calm and care explained. Standard rates were not used, but each question was answered individually.

The employees are well trained, for example, provide help Problems with gambling addiction And are also at your side with advice and action.

Are your customer data safe from the 888 slots?

Also that The topic of data security is devoted to the provider with great care. For example, payments, but also all other data transmissions with a SSL encryption performed. The SSL encryption is considered very safe and originally comes from the online banking sector. This means that unauthorized third parties are not able to gain access to these sensitive customer data or to the bank details.

In addition, the provider undertakes not to be reselled to advertising companies or to transmit unauthorized third parties. The provider was already Multiple awarded and is considered very safe and serious.

What alternative options are there for the hotline?

Customer support at the 888 slots is not outstanding. It used to be different once, but after the Free service hotline closed became and it too there is no live chat, the support is only possible by email or form. The FAQ area offers an alternative to this, in which the questions that are most frequently asked by customers are listed with the corresponding answers.

So if you prefer to help yourself, you should take a look at it. Because this gives an unbureaucratic and quick help. With the telephone hotline, the number of which is only announced on the tape of the free hotline, there is another option for . However, we assume that the provider will improve here in the near future and that a live chat will probably be offered again.

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