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The 888 slots bonus - conditions and tips for the 888 bonus

Only a few online casinos have such a sonorous name and have been able to play such a defining role in the past 20 years as 888 slots. In the following article, we will tell you what effects the upcoming new Gaming State Treaty has on a possible 888 new customer bonus 888 Slots Bonus now occupies.

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Following 3 Alternatives to the 888 bonuses that are no longer availablethat can also be legally perceived with an IP address from Germany and correspond to the current editions.

Invoice belongs to the German online casinos that implement the change in an exemplary implementation based on the legal requirements.

All new customers can be one at Casumo 100 % bonus of up to 100 $ And at the same time received 100 free spins for the Book of Dead. Here it goes to our Casumo experiences.

It goes more tentative Push the legal situation in Germany.

All new customers can still one 500 % bonus of 50 $ Received, but is currently limited by his casino and his game portfolio to customers with residence or ordinary residence in Schleswig-Holstein. Here you read ours Drücklück experiences.

The third casino is Wunderino to call. Here the information and details are similar with pressing luck.

New customers can continue to online Casino Bonus of 40 $ received for an initial deposit of 10 $, but Wunderino has initially excluded all German customers without permanent residence in Schleswig-Holstein until summer. Here you can find our Wunderino experiences.

Everyone who has followed the scene in recent years will be right No doubt about professionalism and seriousness From one of the Best online casinos have in europe.

888 slots can not only be used with the Gibraltar and Great Britain shine, but also fulfilled all current requirements of the new Game State Treaty in Germany. Nevertheless, 888 slots said goodbye to the German market.

If your great value Positive customer resonances and experience reports In the common forums, you will not be disappointed with 888 slots, because the majority of the 888 slots experiences are positive.

In summary, we can state that 888 slots are one of the best and most serious providers who are already the foundation for legal games with his lucky license from Schleswig-Holstein in German online casinos has laid.

In hardly any other european country, regarding the regulations in Online gambling More done in recent years than in Germany.

After the first statutory gaming contract came into force in July 2012, the second and far stricter legislation will follow in July 2021.

With the new state gambling contract (GlüStV), strict rules for player protection come into force that have far -reaching consequences for online casinos in Germany and change the entire industry.

Among other things, you will only one monthly deposit limit of 1,000 $ allowed, with an additional categorical Prohibition of table games, Jackpot Slots and any live casinos it's planned. You will also offer significantly more options for self -closing and strategic break breaks.

For this reason, the 888 group decided months before the key date of the Gaming State Treaty for a complete change in the strategy in Germany. Consequently became 888 slots from the 888 casino in Germany.

With 888 slots you got a significantly smaller selection Real money slot machines Offered that was in no relation to the game portfolio of the old offer. The company had deleted all classic table and card games before the completely farewell.

So you could not play roulette or blackjack with 888 slots-neither in the slot variant nor with live dealer in the live casino.

With the departure from the German market, the good new customer bonus also disappeared. Accordingly, as a new customer, you will unfortunately have no way to have the iconic no deposit Bonus to be obtained from 888 slots. This looked as follows:

After you have completed your registration and additional steps to verify your personal data, you could 888 bonus of up to 200 $ perceive.

You don't need 888 slots action code or other for activation Bonus Code, only a minimum deposit of 20 $ was required.

Because of the narrowed Online casino payment methods If you did not have to consider that you lose your right to the 888 slots bonus through a wrong deposit method. All regular deposit methods could be used free of charge to activate the 888 new customer bonus.

The new 888 bonus offer for new customers also attracted new 888 bonus and sales conditions at 888 slots.


According to our research, these fell through the elimination of progressive jackpot slots and play clearly in the live casino more transparent and more understandable out.

You do not have to observe the application weight and instead, you could place your use completely free of tricky arithmetic games on your favorite slots.

Of the Sales valuethat you before a successful Online casino payout had to reach, was with 888 slots with 30 scheduled.

For example, if you paid 50 $, you have to achieve a sales value of 1,500 $ - only then was a payment possible.

The usual goodwill of the 888 casino was also maintained at 888 slots. You were not put under time pressure when reaching sales and had a total of 90 take Time to release your 888 bonus.

For example, if you paid 50 $, you had to reach your sales value of 1,500 $ within 90 days. This corresponds to a daily sales value of approximately 16.50 $.

Despite everything, we also have to show a negative aspect of the 888 bonus conditions, namely the financial Limitation of your profit. This was given as 500 $ and was not flexible or negotiable.

For example, if you paid 50 $ and you would have received another 50 $ as 888 bonus, you could have paid you a maximum of 500 $ of your implemented bonus money. All further profits were not considered real money and were preserved as bonus credit.

We also want to take a look at our neighboring countries in which the situation is completely different.

Even if in Austria And especially the USA Strict licenses and regulations have taken place for years, you can perceive the regular 888 slots together with the traditional bonus program.

Accordingly, it is possible to exercise the complete 888 bonus program with an IP address from USA or Austria. The 888 NO deposit bonus of 88 $ is also available here.

You can already get the 888 bonus without deposit if you have completely completed your registration and activated your betting account.

In the regular 888 bonus, which in contrast to the 888 slots bonus limited to 100 $ you have to pay attention to optimized bonus and sales conditions.

This refers, among other things, to the different application weighting in different games in 888 slots and in the live casino. However, the main focus is on the limited deposit methods: deposits by NetellerandefinedandandefinedSkrill Do not activate the 888 Austria and USA bonus.

This article should also help you to properly perceive the 888 slots bonus and not lose time in activation. If this is available again.

Therefore follows one Step-for-step instructionsHow you can reach your destination within a few minutes and, in addition to an account opening, also get and use the 888 Online Casino Bonus.

  • 1
    In the first step you start the Registration process andfirstindicateyourpersonaldata.payattentiontoanytypingerrorsornumberdrivers,especiallywhenenteringyourdateofbirth.
  • 2
    In the second step you select your desired username and also set a suitable password. It also ensures that you determine an accurate security question that also protects your account from attacks by third parties.
  • 3
    In the third step of your registration, you will be asked about your address, which you can either search for or manually enter. Also choose your nationality and your desired Deposit amount per monthandconfirmsyourmobilephonenumber.
  • 4
    Now that you have created your account and verified your data, you can go to the cash register and there your desired deposit for yours First deposit of at least 20 $ determine.
  • 5
    After your deposit has been completed and confirmed, the generated 888 welcome bonus immediately moves to your account. Next you can use a maximum Start amount of 400 $ Try your luck with 888 slots.

In our view, a good new customer bonus is often not always sufficient and should not be the sole reason, which is why you remain loyal to an online casino in the medium and long term.

A good online casino brings you appreciation with attractive offers and reward you for your loyalty, for example with a detailed bonus program.

Ours 888 slots experiences According to this, however, you had to make small compromises: Because because With 888 slots there was no further financial incentives, to operate further and above all high deposits.

You could also get 888 free spins here, which at least remind you of the free spins of the old variant of 888. We therefore recommend that you (as soon as the page can be reached again) to keep an eye on the offer page of 888 slots and also to check your mail mailbox for offers.

A classic loyalty program, in which your commitment plays the central role for your 888 existing customer bonus, was unfortunately not offered beforehand.
Since February 2021, 888 slots have no longer been available for German players. So unfortunately you can't currently one New customer bonususeat888slots.
In direct comparison with others Casino bonus offersthe888bonusconditionsofthe888slotcurrentlyunavailablecouldprovethemselves.thepreservedbonushadtobeused30timesat888slotswithin90days,whichwasarathercustomer-friendlyoffer.onlytheprofitlimitationofamaximumof500$bymeansofan888bonuswasnegative,asthispreventedalargerprofitpayment.
Until the market exit in February 2021, all deposits were by Instant bank transfer,trustly,muchbetterorphonequalifyforthebonus.
Yes, that was quite possible with the old bonus, which disappeared from the departure of 888 slots from Germany. Ours Online casino experiencesaccordingtoit,itwasalsonotaproblemforthoseamongyouthathavesofargainednooronlyafewexperiencesintheonlinecasino.the888bonusconditionswerecomparativelyaccommodatingandsinceallslotmachinescouldbeused,noconflictswithdifferentoperationalweightswerecreated.

Finally, it is difficult for us to give a clear assessment for the new 888 bonus at 888 slots on the German market. Because the old bonus could keep up with the competition or even surpass it. Due to the departure of 888 slots from the German market, we can of course not make a recommendation.

Therefore, we simply recommend that you choose one of the many good alternatives. There you will certainly have a good time in the casino.

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