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The Casino Wager - what does Wager Casino mean?

While many of you speak of bonus or sales conditions, some online casinos stay with the English term and call it Casino Wager. We would now like to take all fears of this topic and show you in the following article what a lid in the casino means and how you yourself the best Conditions of the Wage ring recognizes. You can get all the necessary information on the topic of wagers in the online casino and the right bonus campaigns below.

the essentials in brief
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The currently best online casinos Wager

Sugar Casino Sugar Casino experience report
  • 3 bonuses up to 1,500 $ and 100 free spins
  • Sales: at least 36 times
  • Time limit: 30 days
Mr Bit Casino MR Bit Casino experience report
  • 3 bonuses up to $ 500 and 110 FS
  • Sales: 15 times deposit and bonus
  • Time limit: 30 days
Amunra CasinoNewcomer Amunra Casino experience report
  • 4 bonuses up to 1,000 $
  • Implement 30x deposit + bonus
  • Time limit: 7 days to decay
Samosa Casino Samosa Casino experience report
  • 100 % to 500 $ and 121 free spins
  • Minimum sales: 40 times the bonus amount
  • Valid for 14 days
Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • 100 % to 500 $ and 200 free spins
  • Sales: at least 30 times
  • Time limit: 10 days
22Bet CasinoBitcoin Casino 22bet casino experience report
  • 100 % to 300 $
  • 50 times a bonus amount
  • Customer service is available 24/7
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Let's start with the most important question: What does Wager Casino mean?

Which may sound quite complicated at first and certainly for some of you for confusion In truth, there is nothing more than an English term for the terms and conditions.

A wager is basically translated into German nothing more than a bet or a bet.

If we speak of a casino wager, it is the sales conditions and the Casino Bonus.

Fast All online casinos Design your own wager and set Various milestones ahead, which you have to achieve before a possible payment of your preserved bonus.

The Wagering is in two different types divided up. On the one hand in the casino Wager of a classic casino bonus and on the other hand into the wagon of other bonus funds, where, for example, any profits Free spins without deposit this includes.

From our point of view Best online casinos In this regard, try to trigger as little ambiguities as possible and therefore opt for basic conditions that apply to classic deposit offers and can be used for free spins.

Just with New customer offers Problems can occur in some places, since you not only have to achieve a varying of a varying -high wager in the casino, but the temporal limits are also very different.

Our tip:
If profits have been made from the free spins, in our view they enjoy absolute prioritybecause they are to be implemented within a few days. The risk of losing these profits is accordingly greater.

After the Concept of a casino wager should be clarified, we would also like to show you what a good wager should look like in the casino.

To illustrate this as much as possible, we have DIE 5 most important criteria of a good casino wager compiled. We rely on our many years of experience and the customer wishes known to us.

So what you should definitely pay attention to and what immediately from a wager in Online casino comparison You can scare off, you can find out below.

In very surprising, the first important topic is the one to be achieved Height of the Wager. Because as we turn or turn it, in the online casino and especially with regard to the casino wager, everything revolves around bare.

DIE Height of the Wager to be reachedisthereforethefirstandmostobviouscriterionofagoodwager.

Regardless of how high your casino bonus may be, According to our assessments, there is no reason for this to have a 40-fold wager of your bonus and to request your qualifying deposit.

Our tip:
So make sure that your wager Not higher than 25 to 30 times value your original deposit and your generated bonus value.

The goal of successful Wageing should be a as uncomplicated sales as possible be that does not require too long game sessions on the PC or your smartphone or tablet. Ideally, the conditions of the Wager should be solved by both inexperienced players and the experienced players.

In second place they have to temporal restrictions be named that can put a leg at the lag in the casino.

The validity of a casino wager should never be less than 3 weeks.

No matter how little you may be able to achieve, there is in the online casino No reason to sit under unnecessary time pressure.

Our tip:
So make sure that you at least 28 days, i.e. a total of four weeks, to reach the Wager in the online casino are given.

With clear time requirements, you can also make a financial plan much easier and determine how your daily and weekly Money Management has to fail for a successful Wage ring.

In recent years there has been a new introduction that complicated the Wageering again. We are talking about maximum use that is rated per rotation or game round.

Those: Sugar Casino
Per rotary or game round should at least 5 $conditionsarecountedtowardsyourwageing.

It plays a subordinate role in which Slot Or which casino game it is Your maximum use should never be negatively influenced by the Casino Wager.

Our tip:
Especially in relation to the new Gambling State Treaty, which provides for a maximum assignment of 1 $ per slot machine, we will be based in this area in the coming months of serious changes in Germany.

appropriate Casinos without German license We have summarized elsewhere.

According to our experience, he plays Maximum casino wager use a central role When calculating your money management and is also essential for the autoplay.

In addition to the financial restrictions on the Wagering ring, you should also percentage restrictions note.

You absolutely have to do so many slots and Game for your wager in the online casino as possible.

It doesn't matter which Provider and slots are preferred. It is important that your favorite games can be used in autoplay mode And other games can also be used to refresh lengthy game sessions.

Our tip:
Also ensure that you are informed and know about your current intermediate status at any time, How high the respective percentage of the used game/slot is counted towards the conditions of the lean.

Ideally you have the Application weighting Write down and read them at any time to avoid problems or any delays during the quarreling.

Finally, we point out that you should in any case be careful, your Wager reach from the smartphone or tablet to be able to.

An online casino should calculate your 100%mobile sales for your Wageing.

Regardless of how the Casino Wager fails, the mobile use equalized with the regular use via the computer will.

Our tip:
Therefore, check exactly whether your mobile Wagering ring has exactly the same value or whether restrictions, such as missing game segments, are known.

Shouldn't your online casino transparent statements Meeting and also do not provide any information in the general terms and conditions, you should inquire about customer service.

You should now be able to assess when it comes to solid and accommodating conditions for a casino wager and When you should rather stay away from an online casino.

Since the search for suitable online casinos is anything but simple and special New online casinos are very difficult to assess in this area, we would also like to give you a few examples of successful casino Wagerings.

The following casino wagers not only withstand our requirements, but are also Serious online casinosthat receive good customer reviews in the common player forums:

We don't start with the best online casino on the market, but with the still quite unknown Sugar Casino. Using the example of this casino, you will recognize that there are also some attractive lean conditions for you.

Since the Sugar Casino is currently still looking for customers, you will be added together for your first three deposits Up to 1,500 $ offered. On top of that still exists 100 free spins For a slot of your choice.


Of the High casino bonus is underpinned by a congranged online casino wager, whereby you should keep an eye on that only slots can be used for the quarreling and the Maximum use at 4 $ is scheduled.

Regardless of how high your ultimate bonus turns out, you have to Pay at least 36 times in the casino wagon. This has to happen within 30 days. On the other hand, all profits from the 100 free spins are completely free for the wagon, whereby it should be noted that a maximum of 100 $ can be paid out in profit. Here it goes to our Sugar Casino experiences.

Finally we would like to Mr Bit Casino Introduce a third online casino that is waiting for you with extremely accommodated wearing conditions and an appealing welcome bonus.

The MR Bit Casino bonus for new customers is staggered on three deposits and can be in the maximum case In addition to 500 $, 110 free spins bring in.


The Casino Wager is the part that ours MR Bit casino experiences according to very positive standing and not least because of his transparent communication in direct comparison with other bonus offers.

You have to have your bonus and yours Deposit amount only 15 times wagonbefore you can request a payment of the profits. This will give you 30 days. A 30-fold wager applies to the free spins obtained, but it can be completed within 24 hours.

We will also be able to recognize drastic differences between the individual casino wagon. Especially established online casinos and new casinos, which are particularly aggressively looking for new customers, usually have big differences. The differences are manifested, among other things, in the given time for the lean and in the actual amount of the necessary cradle. Elsewhere we show you bonuses with special low wagering conditions.
Absoling limits and too strong limits are particularly high in the use of. A casino wager is generally challenging enough, especially for those of you who have not yet gained any major casino experience. Therefore, let the fingers of wagons that put too much pressure on you and make every game session a pain. Are better for that Casinos without limit.
Clearly the time requirements of the online casino. Even if the ultimate wager should be in the area of the possible and you can easily achieve this value, you still have to reach it in the given time. Therefore, try to refrain from the wagons who put too much pressure on you. In the best case, a casino offers one non -sales bonus.
When waving, you have to make sure that you stay disciplined and do not come from your way. No matter which Wager Casino you also want to use, all online casinos have made their lean conditions significantly complicated and designed in recent years, so that you should definitely reach your daily and weekly lids so as not to get under too much time pressure. More tips on Implement bonusthereareinthelinkedguide.

In our opinion, the number of possible traps for the Casino Wager has risen significantly in the past ten years. In the meantime, you have to pay attention to significantly more aspects with your wager as previously. In our editorial team, too, we agree that you should approach every wager in the casino with caution and, if necessary, not perceive a casino bonus. If you want to be on the safe side, look for one of us recommended Casinos with good wagon out.

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