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VPN Casinos 2022: The best VPN online casinos at a glance

Among German players are so -called VPN Casinos More popular than ever before. This is mainly due to the new gambling legislation in Germany, which has led to numerous restrictions for German players. In the following guide, we present the best VPN-friendly casinos and explain that we can use your online casinos with VPN.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: These casinos allow vpn.
  • Chapter 1: What is a VPN? We clarify you.
  • Chapter 2: With VPNs you can Use the restrictions for German players.
  • Chapter 3: Read like you one VPN service used in online casinos.
  • Chapter 4: We have that for you Advantages and disadvantages of VPN Casinos summarized.

Use VPN with these casinos

Bizzo CasinoNewcomer Bizzo Casino experience report
  • VPN use expressly permitted
  • Bonuses for new and existing customers
  • First class game portfolio
Casino Casino Casinia casino experience report
  • Allows VPN services
  • Wide casino offer
  • 100% bonus up to $ 500 + 200 FS
Cloudbet CasinoBitcoin Casino Cloudbet Casino experience report
  • VPN is tolerated
  • High BTC bonus for new players
  • No deposit and payment limits
BitstarzBitcoin Casino Bitstarz experience report
  • Use of VPNs allowed
  • Large selection of games
  • 24/7-Support
Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • Play without problems via VPN
  • 100% to 500 $ + 200 FS
  • Over 6,000 games
6 CasinoBitcoin Casino casino experience report
  • Use of VPNS possible
  • Versatile range of games
  • Up to 1 BTC welcome bonus
Volcano vegas Vulkan Vega's experience report
  • VPNS not prohibited
  • Strong casinoportfolio
  • Support available around the clock
7Signs CasinoNewcomer 7Signs casino experience report
  • Playing with VPN services allowed
  • Various welcome bonuses
  • Support available around the clock
22Bet CasinoBitcoin Casino 22bet casino experience report
  • Tolerated VPNS
  • Games from 75+ providers
  • Very wide payment portfolio
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What is a VPN?

DIE Abbreviation VPN stands for virtual private network, so for a virtual private network. This is a service with which you can cover up your personal IP address or your location. That means:

If you use a VPN service, it is online casinos-and also all other website operators- no longer possible to determine your real location.

How does that work technically? Put simply, VPN service providers offer IP addresses from different countries with which a connection can be established. With good providers, you can sometimes choose between more than 5,000 servers in over 50 countries and even run several devices - for example your PC and your smartphone - via an account.

If you then call up the website of an online casino in your browser, the gaming provider will be presented to the corresponding VPN address. As a result, the casino thinks that access from the corresponding country - for example from Austria, USA, the USA or Brazil - he follows.

VPN services are mainly used to remain anonymous and Censored websites through geoblocking Or to be able to call up content. They also make hacker attacks more difficult and sometimes even block harmful content and advertising.

Which VPN providers are recommended?

In the meantime, numerous VPN services can be found worldwide. However, they fall Band width of servers and the connection stability from provider to provider different.

The following overview shows which VPN services we noticed particularly positively in the course of our research:

  • NordVPN convinces with one Strong overall package. The VPN service provides you with 5,300 servers in a total of 60 countries and also scores with an ultra-fast connection speed and advanced encryption technologies. Also worth mentioning: Since the corporate seat is in Panama, NordVPN is not obliged to save your data logs.
  • Cyberghost is one of the the most hotted internet anonymization services. At this VPN service provider you will find IP addresses of over 100 locations in more than 90 countries. Since Cyberghost uses 256 bit AES encryption and other safety functions, you can rely on the fact that your data is well protected here. The service is also well equipped with regard to the VPN speed.
  • ExpressVPN offers you High -speed server at more than 150 locations in currently 94 countries. The application is provided for all common operating systems and can be used on any number of devices. Like NordVPN and Cyberghost, this provider also scores with powerful data protection.

Why are VPNs of importance for online gambling?

With the New Gambling State Treaty have come into force strict regulatory requirements for online casinos, which many Gamblers are not really pleased about. VPNs enable you to avoid the restrictions applicable in this country.

For casino players from Germany, virtual private networks are therefore particularly interested in the following reasons:

  • Access to the complete range of games: Many online casinos - especially providers with a German license - only provide users from the Federal Republic. With a VPN connection you can also play jackpot slots, table games and live casino.
  • No low operational and loss limits:InGerman online casinos You can only set one $ per shoot and transfer a maximum of 1,000 $ per month to your player account, which is particularly disadvantage for high rollers. If you use a VPN, the operational and loss limits are significantly higher.
  • No 5-second rule in VPN Casinos: Between two spins, at least five seconds must be passed according to German legislation. With a veiled IP you can escape this artificial delay and the autoplay function also notes.

In addition, with the help of VPN applications, it is possible to also become active with gambling providers who Website blocked for German users to have.

Is VPN use on the part of the online casinos?

As online casinos deal with users that use VPN services, depending on the provider can vary very differently. First of all, it should be noted:

VPNs may be used legally in Germany - as long as no law is broken.

However, the online casinos have to meet various licensing requirements, which usually also provide for geoblocking.

Ultimately, however, the gambling providers decide whether VPNs are permitted or not. Often they contain Conditions of the casino a clausewho are dedicated to virtual private networks - but unfortunately not always.

According to our experience, the providers can be classified in three categories:

  • Real VPN Casinos:

In rare cases, VPNs are even expressly permitted. An example of this is the Bizzo Casino, because in the terms and conditions there states: "The use of VPNs is not limited, but could lead to malfunctions in games and connection problems" (point 6).

  • VPN-friendly casinos:

If no provisions on VPNs can be found in the terms and conditions of the provider, you can hope that appropriate services will be tolerated. This applies in particular to some crypto casinos. It can also happen that VPN services are not permitted even without special terms and conditions. So ask for security at customer service.

  • Casinos in which VPNs are prohibited:

In most casinos, the use of VPN services is not permitted. This applies, for example, to the Pino Casino, which formulates the handling of VPNs in its general terms and conditions:


Is discussed in VPNs in the general terms and conditions, is usually banned to cover up the IP. In practice, however, we found that some providers tolerate the use of VPNS, although their terms and conditions actually rule out this.

The reason for this is obvious: The online casinos do not want players to play with the competition.

Important NOTE:
Even if a casino generally permits the use of VPNs, you can still Do not create a two -time accountto double the welcome bonus.

The best VPN casinos: our top 10

  1. Bizzo Casino
  2. Casino Casino
  3. Cloudbet Casino
  4. Bitstarz Casino
  5. Rabona Casino
  7. Vulkan Vegas Casino
  8. 7Signs Casino
  9. Scatters
  10. 22Bet Casino

Our top 3 VPN casinos in a short review

We have not spared any effort to look for the best VPN friendly casinos for you and Numerous customer services edto find out which providers VPNS are allowed at all.

Below we introduce you to three of the best VPN-friendly casinos.

Bizzo Casino: 2 bonuses up to $ 400 + 150 free spins for new customers

That Bizzo Casino is the only gaming provider that we could find in the course of our research that allows VPN use in its terms and conditions directly. Whether with or without veiled IP: The virtual arcade has secured an excellent evaluation in the casino test and is considered one of the Top-Newcomer.

After our Bizzo casino experiences new players are welcomed to the first two deposits with a bonus.

  1. You will receive the first deposit 100% to 100 $ and 100 free spins.
  2. Then wave you 50% bonus up to 300 $ and 50 free spins.

So you can secure up to 400 $ bonus credit and 150 free spins. However, there is much more to create a user account in this casino.

For example, the provider has the following strengths:

  • The Bizzo Casino offers you a varied game portfolio
  • Existing customers can also repeat bonuses with this provider
  • The online casino carries out slot tournaments every week
  • The support works around the clock, so it is occupied 24/7

Casinia Casino: 100% to $ 500 on the first deposit + 200 Free Spins

Also in Casino Casino You don't have to expect problems if you access the website via a VPN address. Apart from that, ours fall Casinia casino experiences very positive, including:

  • Attractive welcome bonus with up to 500 $ bonus credit + 200 free spins
  • You can look forward to a broad selection of games
  • You can access table games and the live casino without VPN
  • Various bonus campaigns on a weekly basis
  • The VIP program ensures that loyal gamblers benefit from promotions
  • At Casinia, support can be reached daily from 0 a.m. to midnight

Cloudbet Casino: Up to 5 Bitcoin Bonus possible

At the Cloudbet Casino If it is another gambling provider that can be classified in the VPN friendly casinos division. The casino is entirely geared towards cryptocurrencies and provides new customers a unique bonus. You get a 100% bonus up to 5 Bitcoin - more is nowhere in it.

What arguments after our Cloudbet Casino experiences also speak for the provider? For example the following:

  • Contemporary casino offer that includes more than 65 providers
  • Whether slots, table games, live tables or games shows - everything is at the start
  • Modern and user-friendly design of the Cloudbet website
  • Payout requests are quickly implemented in this online casino
  • The provider waives transaction limits for deposits and withdrawals
  • You can place sports betting at Cloudbet + does not have to switch to another provider

Use online casinos with VPN: It works that easy

You can logically only cover your IP addressif you use a VPN service. Therefore, you first have to choose a provider. Our step -by -step instructions shows what to do to be able to play with a VPN in the casino:

  • 1
    Step 1 - Subscribe to a VPN service: We recommend you NordVPN, Cyberghost and ExpressVPN. Basically, there are also free options, which are not quite as reliable and a little less safe.
  • 2
    Step 2 - Set up VPN application: Next, you download the VPN app to install it on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • 3
    Step 3 - Start VPN service: Now log in with your user data from your VNP provider and select the country you prefer.
  • 4
    Step 4 - Call the casino website: Now you control the page of the VPN Casinos you prefer. Before you start playing, you must of course create an account and make a deposit.

Even if you have probably already noticed it, we would like to make it clear again that you can also play with mobile devices in VPN casinos. Since you can usually use the service on several devices at the same time, you don't even have to Complete additional subscription.

Reading tip:
If you have one VPN abroad To use to play, you should take a look at the linked guide.

What risks does gaming bring with it via VPN connection?

The greatest risk of using VPN services in online casinos is that no legal certainty consists. This means that VPNs are often tolerated, but they are not automatically allowed. Especially with regular profits, the verification is likely to be due soon than later.

If you are unauthorized by a VPN in the casino, it can not only happen that you will be blocked. The online casino also has the opportunity to freeze your money and profits.

Because of spongy terms and conditions In many cases, it remains a matter of interpretation whether it is now allowed to cover up the IP or not. In most cases, it depends solely on the goodwill of the casino, as it does.

In addition, we have often heard of players that the website access via VPN does not work. This can be attributed above all to the fact that the VPN addresses are used by several people who may sometimes have an account in the same casino.

Advantages and disadvantages of VPN friendly casinos in the summary

advantages From VPN Casinos:

  • You can access the complete range of games-such as jackpot slots, table games + live tables
  • The turbo mode is available to you (no 5-second rule)
  • Operations of more than one $ are possible
  • In VPN Casinos there is no monthly deposit limit of 1,000 $

Disadvantages From VPN Casinos:

  • Good VPN services are usually subject to a fee
  • VPNs are only permitted in a few casinos
  • Anyone who uses a VPN usually has to expect to be blocked
  • Problems with payments can occur
  • The data transfer is usually a little slower than without VPN

Questions and answers - VPN Casinos

VPN Casinos is gambling providers who are allowed or at least tolerated to play with veiled IP. We explain to you how a VPN works in detail here.
This question cannot be answered generalized, because there is both VPN-friendly casinosaswellasprovidersinwhichtheipisexplicitlyprohibited.asthegamblingprovidersproceedinthisregard,theydeterminethemselves.
As a rule, it is necessary to ask for support to find out whether the use of a VPN is permitted. The 10 best VPN casinoswelistedyouinourprovidertable.
Do you have no legal certainty.ifthecasinodoesnotexpresslypermittheuseofvpns,itcanalwaysarguethatyouhaveviolatedthetermsofusebecausegeoblockshavenotbeensetupfornoreason.
You have to do that Add VPN serviceorcompleteasubscriptiontoacorrespondingprovider.therearebothfreeandpaidvpns.however,ifyouinvestafew$,youareonthesafesidewithregardtodataprotection.

Conclusion: Better to play without a VPN in the online casino

There may be some VPN friendly casinos, but we still recommend that you waive your IP. Finally you enter one here Gray area.

Apart from that, you don't necessarily have to use a VPN to access table games and live casino games. After all, there are still enough online casinos that don't just offer slots. If you tie you more with such a provider, you don't have to worry about it whether you may be blocked.